Support | Maybe a little bit of tmi.

Last night, he came over and we spent 95% of the time in each other’s arms. There was a clear distinction; we needed each other. And more over, he needed me. He really needed me. He both needed that support that I could provide and I know that after a day such as yesterday, it was absolutely necessary to be close.

We watched ‘Ashes to Ashes’ before we went to bed. We just stayed close for w while and then we had very passionate sex and we both climaxed and came together. I’ve never experienced that before, it left me feeling breathless. We didn’t part from each other from the entire time that we were sleeping either.

He left for work, reluctantly. And I watched him walk out of view from my window. My heart felt heavy. It still does.

I’ve now got to get ready for work and I’ve got my psychotherapy first. I hope he comes to stay tonight. It’s such a wonderful feeling waking up, pleasantly, in the arms of the person you are loved by. It’s so much better knowing that the intimacy (and I’m not just referring to sex, I’m referring to closeness in every form) is just so natural and easy between us.

He’s got me thinking that maybe he’s the one.


The Sexy Lumberjack archetype better than Colby Keller​, photographed by Christopher Logan for Next Magazine!
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