wait guys

Chris and Kat are in Paris 


same hotel

Paris = City of love 

you know what happens in the city of love 

with 2 people in one hotel … together

city of love - they make love 

lol I need a life i’m just super bored and being delusional af

I’ll throw my voice into the stars and maybe the echo of my words will be written for you in the clouds by sunrise.

All I am trying to say is:
I will love you through the darkness.

—  Christopher Poindexter
5 reasons I would and wouldn't watch Cordon

5 reasons I would watch Cordon
1. Chris Wood
2. Chris Wood
3. Chris Wood
4. Chris Wood
5. To support Chris Wood
5. Reason I wouldn’t watch Cordon
1. Julie Plec
2. Julie Plec
3. Julie Plec
4. Julie Plec
5. It will help Julie Plec


The Sexy Lumberjack archetype better than Colby Keller​, photographed by Christopher Logan for Next Magazine!
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