I’ll throw my voice into the stars and maybe the echo of my words will be written for you in the clouds by sunrise.

All I am trying to say is:
I will love you through the darkness.

—  Christopher Poindexter

The Sexy Lumberjack archetype better than Colby Keller​, photographed by Christopher Logan for Next Magazine!
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Alan Becker Tutorials Does The 12 Principles Of Animation

I’ve read and seen demonstrations of the 12 Principles of Animation many times, but this is one of the best demonstrations I’ve seen. Alan Becker Tutorials illustrates it in such a simple way that also covers everything. I encourage you to check out the series both to get yourself inspired and also to help you really understand the animation basics. He has several other tutorials as well, including working in Flash, so be sure to check out his youtube channel

- Christoper