DreamWorks Animation’s Home Takes First Place At Weekend Box Office

This weekend, DreamWorks Animation’s Home surpassed everyone’s expectations, making $54 million in the box office. This was well above even DreamWorks’ estimated $35 million.

This is excellent news for DreamWorks and for fans of the company. DreamWorks hasn’t had a hit in several films now, despite having some pretty good ones. If Home could make money for the company it would halt the downward trend. 

This is good news for fans of animation in general, because if DreamWorks had continued its downward spiral there is no telling what would have happened to the company’s animation division and what would have happened to the greater animation industry overall as a result. 

Are you a DreamWorks fan? Did you like Home? Do you think the company has gotten a bad rap? Tell us your thoughts and favorite DreamWorks films by replying or reblogging.

- Christopher


The Sexy Lumberjack archetype better than Colby Keller​, photographed by Christopher Logan for Next Magazine!
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