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Dear Mom iii.

[A little note: Sometimes all the stress that Freshman leaves me with comes out in the form of a letter. This is one of those times. For those of you like myself, maybe it’ll give you some sort of peace too. Here’s another one of those Dear Moms that you wish MC could say to her mother face-to-face.]

Dear Mom,

Two weeks have passed by. I hadn’t realized it until I checked my calendar this morning. I think it’s because a lot of these days are beginning to blur together. Sometimes it feels like a day overstretches and lingers, then before I know it’s the middle of the week. Sometimes, I’m left wondering where the rest of the time went. It’s the worst it’s ever been. I’m having trouble sleeping. I can’t focus. I can’t write. There’s an insistent ticking in my head. I’m behind but I barely can lift a finger to write. It’s all too much. “This is narrative gold!” That’s what Professor Vasquez’s probably say if he could see me, chastise me. I’d kick myself for ever thinking he’d give me some sort of sympathy. I’d roll my eyes and yell at him. And then he’d kick me out of his office. Rinse and repeat. It’s the only cycle I miss. I know I talk about him a lot mom and don’t get me wrong - you have nothing to be jealous of. No one can replace how much you mean to me. You’re my mom. I know you and dad did your best. It’s just that he’s helped shape this version of me. The adult me. I’m not the same girl I used to be before Hartfeld.

Chris tried to apologize for not coming to Kaitlyn’s concert. It’s a start but it’s not much. He doesn’t realize how much his words hurt me. He apologizes without any real meaning. It feels like he’s just saying it to - well say it. He doesn’t realize how much everything hurts. Ugh, just writing about it frustrates me. I want to lash out at him because it just isn’t enough. Not this time. Apologies are a good start but nothing’ll ever change if we don’t make the effort to. And right now, it feels pretty one-sided. I know he’s doing something important Mom, something special - something worth remembering when we’ve all moved on from this place. I know it, our suitemates know it - Hartfeld knows it. But who exactly is Christopher Powell? I don’t think even he knows the answer to that anymore. He’s doing something important. That’s what I keep telling myself, that’s what I keep saying to convince myself that I shouldn’t be so angry. I’m fed up with the state we’re in and I usually try to hide behind a smile or some misplaced joke just to ease some of the tension, but It doesn’t work all the time. I know being supportive is what he needs right now - but these days it barely feels like I know him.

Kaitlyn and I are on a break. Our friendship’s hit the pause button. She’s really mad at me and I’m really mad at her. It’s like the concert just proved how far apart we are. I never wanted to admit it to myself, but I couldn’t shy away from it when she threw those ugly words at me. She said I never supported her - like I thought the Gutter Kittens wasn’t worth my time. Well I think I did - I think I’m always the only one trying. She’s upset that I brought Zig along to her concert, her big break. And get this Mom, she even says I sabotaged the whole thing - made it sound like we purposely ruined her night. She says it’s because I can’t stand her having new friends. My hand shakes at the thought but she’s not entirely wrong. I don’t like them. I really tried to the first few times, but I just don’t. They bring out the worse in her. Me? Hurt her? I would never - not if I can help it anyway. That’s not the kind of friend I am. She means a lot more to me than that. And despite what she thinks - I’ve tried being there, being a shoulder for her - a listener. But I can’t justify her friendship with them any longer - I’m convinced they’re a bad influence. I’m convinced they’re trying to drive a wedge between us because she’s not the Kaitlyn I made a pact with at the beginning of freshman year. I know I’ve mentioned it, except I can’t let go. I can’t let go of the old Kaitlyn, because I miss her so damn much. Why can’t we just go back? Why can’t we just pretend these last few months never happened?She says she needs her own space, she says she has to figure herself out -  whatever that means. She says she we need a break. It all sounds like a giant excuse to me. An excuse to push everyone away, to push me away. I don’t want to leave her alone; I feel like that’s the worst thing I can do as her best friend. A lot of darkness can creep up on you when you’re alone. But I also don’t want to keep pushing. I don’t want to push and push until there’s nothing left. Now that I’m writing how I feel and I’m not as angry anymore, maybe I am too involved in her life. Too involved in everyone else’s. I know how much you liked her mom, and I used to talk about her all the time but maybe this break will do us both some good.

I’ve mentioned Zig in passing before Mom, and the night at that concert wasn’t the beginning of our friendship. Oh boy, Mom. You used to warn me in high school to stay away from people like him. The people that follow their own crowd, that has a chip on their shoulder because it feels like they’ve got something to prove. You’ve always insisted that they bring trouble, that they’re fun until they’re no longer fun. But there’s just something about him. I can’t put my finger on it, and I’m not sure if I entirely understand it myself - but there’s something there. He’s been good for me. Sometimes we hang out in his car with our legs propped up on the dashboard, listening to music. Sometimes he just listens. Sometimes we go by that bar he likes so much and play pool till it’s really late. We flirt but it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s easier to just be friends. He’s almost perfect except when his temper flares up at the most unexpected times. It’s the most frustrating thing about him. I don’t know how to handle it and it baffles me how much it changes him. Truth is; it scares me a little - I don’t handle people flying off the handle well and I don’t condone violence. It’s another layer of him I don’t really understand. I want to, but it’s just that there’s so much going on right now. All I want to do is go back to when we just sat around in his car and talk.

I spent the weekend by James. Surprise, surprise. I know I didn’t mention it before but it just kind of happened. I just packed up some stuff and left. I flew to meet James in California and after the crappy week I had I figured I deserved it. Don’t worry, I didn’t spend a lot of money. James bought the tickets for me weeks ago, and they were non-refundable. Besides, I needed to get away. James told me he’d be there when I needed him to, to help me make sense of everything. And it started off the way it was supposed to - a good weekend, until it wasn’t anymore. We toured the set of his movie and I even got to see some of my favorite actors from the Crown and the Flame, and Most Wanted. It’s weird because I ship them so much in their tv shows and seeing them be regular people…..It’s like realizing for the first time that they aren’t who they are on camera. They’re real people that like hot yoga classes and can’t go off set without their favorite drinks. It’s just a little sad seeing your idols become real people right in front of you. After we left the set, James and I spent the rest of it lounging at the beach. Finding things that we thought we’d never find. We chatted about silly things for awhile and some of it felt like the way it used to; simple and easy. It was a nice change of pace from being in Hartfeld and worrying about everyone else. We caught up in each other’s lives. I told him about what’s been going on. I told him how much I miss him. He told me how different Hollywood is from what he expected. He told me he enjoys it except the smile doesn’t reach his eyes when he does. I’m really worried that Hollywood isn’t good for him. The play he’s worked his entire life around isn’t the same play that’s being turned into a movie. I see so little of him in it, and so much of the blitz and glamour of Hollywood. He confessed to me he still misses Professor Vasquez and I admitted to missing him too. It’s hard not to when he’s had such a huge impact in our lives. Those were some good moments and I wish I could say it got better once we headed back to his room. It didn’t. One word ruined it, or better yet a singular person. Yasmin. She’s the woman that’s supposed to lift his career off the ground in Hollywood except it feels like she’s holding him back. She’s chaining him to what she thinks is better and erasing the James I remember. It starts off with the little things until they become something bigger. She’s manipulative and I don’t think her feelings for him are real. But try telling James that - he wants this thing to work out so badly that he doesn’t see how destructive she is. I’m worried that it’ll be too late when he does. He’s so caught up in this movie deal that he’s blind to everything else. Hollywood tries to hide all its ugly with all the things it offers to you. But from the bits I’ve seen; the glimpses of the ugly - terrifies me, and I don’t want James to end up like that. But how can I help him when he doesn’t think he needs any help? 

Becca and I had a serious heart-to-heart this week. I know - it surprised me too. But when all my friends let me down - she was there. We sat around and complained about life while gulping down shots of liquor. With every shot it got easier to talk to each other, to laugh even at the the most tragic things. I saw a side of her that I never thought she had. It’s honestly the most fun I’ve had in weeks. I stayed at her sorority that night and shared a room with her. I told her about my crumbling friendships and she told me about her parents divorce. There was no liquor to drown out our sorrows this time, and all I could do was listen. She listened to me too. We’re supposed to hate each other, but suddenly I can’t remember why. That night we were just two friends having a sleepover. Two girls just talking about the crappiest week they’ve had. Did we really grow up that much in one semester?  

Abbie and Tyler are still going steady in case you’re wondering. I still can’t believe out of all this - they’re still the only good thing. To be honest, it baffles me at this point that they can keep it so together when the rest of us are struggling to. I guess that’s what happens when you can rely on someone and pour your heart out to them. I’m jealous and happy for them all at the same time.I can’t help it. When I see them being all romantic and sweet to each other, I feel guilty because of how envious I am. I want what they have, but I don’t think I’ll ever find it here.

And Zack is still Zack, not as mopey anymore because of how much he skypes with Brandon. But there’s still moments when I see it, the sadness in his eyes - the loneliness. I can understand those feelings like they’re my own. I never thought I’d feel like that, be more depressed than he is. But when I’m home I feel it clawing at me, trying to get in. I have my walls but they’re crumbling and I’m afraid that soon there’ll be nothing left. Suddenly, he’s the one watching over me, keeping tabs and forcing me to do things. He makes up some lame excuses to go to our favorite cafe, and sometimes he’s adamant to venture out to Hartfeld’s local cinema and watch a movie. I roll my eyes in the moment but when I think about it now - he’s really the only thing that’s keeping me sane.

I was wrong Mom. I was so very wrong. I thought I could fix things, I thought could mend everyone back together. I thought the invisible ties between us could withstand everything - all the drama, all the ups and downs. Hell, I thought we could go back to the way we used to be. But these past weeks proved to me that we can’t. We can’t go back to the way things were. Things change, and they always change whether we want them to or not. 

Yours truly,


Hiroko calls Yuuri:

Yuuri: Can you guys be quiet for just a second? *answers phone*

Victor: *making sex noises*

Yurio: Hide the drugs!

Phichit: Don’t worry we were using condoms!

Christophe: *making sex noises with Victor*

Otabek: Hide the porn!

Yuuri: *sighs* Hi Mom.

Christopher Kerze (born February 19, 1973) disappeared on April 20, 1990. He was an excellent student, who’d been invited to join the National Honor Society and was a National Ment Scholar semi- finalist. His hobbies were playing clarinet, swimming in the school’s swimming team, camping, skiing, reading and laser tag.

Christopher, 17 years old at the time, stayed home from school, and told his mom he was suffering from a bad headache. His parents left him alone in their house and went to work. When they later came home they found out that their family’s car was and Mossberg 20-gaige-bolt-action shotgun were missing but there were no bullets gone. There was a note left behind on the kitchen table from Christopher. The note read:

Mom, Something important came up + feeling somewhat better. Back by six. (Unless I get lost.) Love, Chris.

The word lost was underlined twice.

Christopher never came home. The next day a handwritten note arrive at his parent’s home. The note said Christopher lied about being sick so he could take the family’s car. He also noted that he didn’t know where he was heading. He said he was going to commit suicide and that he was sorry for the pain he was causing to his family and loved ones.

Two days later the car was found, abandoned on the roadside of Itasca Country. Christopher had left a note behind explaining who owned the car. The gun he had taken with him was later found by hunters. What happened next is unknown. The entire locations was being searched, but nothing was found. It is possible that Christopher hitchhiked further on.

The police received an anonymous letter in 2004, indicating that they should stop trying to find Christopher and that he would return home when he is ready. There has been some renewed interest in this case at the start of 2016, after the Jacob Wetterling case got resolved.

I love being from a screwed up family because nothing bothers me anymore.  Once you’ve driven a drug addict father to Mom’s parole hearing, what else is there?
—  Casey Jones, probably

the staff have given the supernatural fandom a dangerous new power with this whole gif thing

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it’ll be fun to see how this ends…

Me: *watching Yuri!!! on Ice subbed, then dubbed, on the living room TV with my sisters, with our dad in the next room*

Me: Hopefully he won’t come out during…Chris.

My Dad: *walks in as Chris’s short program starts*


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Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Chapter ½

Rating: PG-13

Words: 3,623

Summary: Darren Criss is your average, run-of-the-mill gay guy with a beard. Chris Colfer is your average, run-of-the-mill seventeen year old fanboy. When the chance arises to win a phone call from Darren, Chris hastily gets to it. He just hadn’t expected to hit it off so well with the man of his dreams.


@darrencriss LISTEN UP!!! First ten people to donate to the Trevor Live Project will get a phone call from me. No shit. 100% serious.

Chris reads and rereads the words. When they finally process, he realizes that he doesn’t have much time. He scrambles around to find his credit card—it’s out in the kitchen. He practically flies out there to grab it.

“Watch where you’re going, Christopher.” Not now, Mom. He pushes passed her—she’s in the middle of chopping carrots for dinner—and grabs his wallet which always sits next to his keys. He then runs back to his room. He hopes that, since he’s always stalking internet-,sensation-turned-movie-star-overnight Darren Criss, he will still be one of the first. He quickly clicks on the link provided and hastily fills out the information.

Enter the amount you wish to donate






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The young generation of swedish royalty  “The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name” -  Theodore Roosevelt

  • Each of the children of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia are married now. And the family grows and grows. As of July 2015, may I introduce the younger generation of swedish royalty: Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Västergötland, and her husband Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland, are the parents of Princess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland. Her uncle, the King and Queen’s second child and only son, Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland, married Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland, in June. Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, finally found her Prince in Christopher O'Neill, Mom and Dad of Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland, and the newborn Prince Nicolas, Duke of Ångermanland (Photo: Kungahuset; royalcourt).                


Chris stared at her in horror as she had a blank look on her face. “Robyn said she gives you water for your meds in the morning….are you getting something els-”

“MA, please!!” Chris begged. He was so embarrassed and knew how Robyn felt about meeting parents. He looked over at her, picking apart her bread and keeping her eyes on the white tablecloth.

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“I needed you.” I sobbed heavily against his chest then pushed him once again.“But you weren’t fucking there for me!”

I looked up at Chris who had an infinite amount of guilt and sadness etched on his face. My heart hurt and my head pounded seeing that he took his ass five years to realize what a piece of shit he was to me. How he was so desperate to be cool, he didn’t realize how much he was hurting me.

Or maybe he just didn’t care.

Chris spoke up narrowing his eyes at me.
“What do you want from me?”

I stepped back looking at him. What do I want? Is Chris really asking me that? I want him to suffer like I did. To fucking apologize and realize what he did to me, to us and try to mend our broken friendship. I want him to care and be there for me like I was for him. If Chris really doesn’t know what I want, it’s proof that he really doesn’t know me anymore. Somebody that I used to know.

I sighed looking down at my feet as tears rolled down my cheeks. I wanted to kick myself for crying in front of him. Chris doesn’t care about me so why am I showing him that I care? I looked into his pathetic eyes as my anger returned.

“Nothing!” I hissed. “I want nothing from you. You forgot about me once, I’m pretty damn sure you can do it again.”

I wiped my tears as I continued my way out of the cafe. It was hard trying to ignore the burning eyes of Chris’s eyes into the back of my head but I succeeded. I didn’t respond to his calls for me, and sped up to avoid him for coming up to me. I finally made it outside and exhaled as the cool autumn breeze hit me. There were a few kids outside waiting for the late buses. I found myself standing by the concrete pole and pulled out my Beats. Someone tapped my shoulder which angered me even more since I do not like to be touched. I turned around sucking my teeth hard and rolled my eyes.

“August, what the fuck do you want? I questioned, making it obvious that his presence irritated me.

August placed his hands up in defense stepping back. “Calm down, ma. I just want to apologize.”

I stuck up my index finger. “One, my name is not “ma” *sticks up middle finger after* and Two, for what?”

"I used to bully you in middle school and for that, I apologize.” August licked his lips looking me up and down. “I sincerely apologize. ”

I rolled my eyes once again. “Thanks but I don’t care.” I pulled my beats over my head and then he removed them. I silently prayed to God to give me the strength not to slap his ass. August slowly placed his arm around my shoulders.

“Come on, Kae. You fine as hell now. Drop that stank attitude and let a fine sweet nigga take you out sometime.”

I removed his arm glaring at him. “You tell me when you find one.”

He gaped at me. “Kae-”

I continued.”Come on, August. You’re a douche. Drop that cocky attitude and leave a blasian girl alone.” I finished mocking his previous words. Before August could, the bus pulled up and I boarded it taking my seat, putting my beats, and staring at the window. Jhene’s voice flowed out of my headphones as the unwelcome thought of Chris appeared in my head and I allowed my tears to flow this time.

And don’t take this personal
But you’re the worst
You know what you’ve done to me
And although it hurts I know
I just can’t keep runnin’ away

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Karrueche stormed away from me in so much anger. Damn can
She at least let me talk to her before she hastily draws up this fucked up conclusion about me? Now that I remember her and how we used to be, it hurt seeing her like that. That’s not the Karrueche I remember.

“Karrueche, wait!” I shouted way too late because she was already out of the cafe. Not only do I need to talk to her, we need to get to working on this project. Should I chase her? I’m Chris Brown. I don’t chase girls. I sighed and began to move my feet. Looks like I’m gonna have to chase this one.


Shit, I can’t keep my shit in the library. Niggas will steal anything nowadays. I went back inside the library fueling stares from everyone who’s supposedly studying.

“Aren’t you guys here to study? Get to studying.” I scoffed grabbing my cherry red Jansport bag, swung it over my shoulder, and walked out. Karrueche’s ass don’t have a license so she should still be here.

Once I reached outside, Kae was nowhere in sight. I sighed realizing she had left. August walked up to me and I dapped him up.

“What’s good, nigga?”

August sucked his teeth. “Nigga, I had detention. And on top of that, Karrueche’s ass still aint giving me a chance.”

“She was here?”

“Yeah. She just left on the bus. She needs to let that shit from 7th grade go.”

“You have no idea.” I breathed.

August chuckled. “I remember, you and her were best friends. Now look at y’all now. She hates your ass.”

I glared at him about .5 sceonds away from punching him when he held hands up in defense.

“Hey I might’ve treated her like shit back then but you’re even worse because you did the same thing and you were supposed to be her best friend.”

I contained my mug on him but deep down inside, I knew he was right. August may be an dick and annoying. but he wasn’t lying. That’s what makes me on the top of Karrueche’s shit list. I treated her like a doormat. At what cost? Popularity.

I walked off the school property and into my Toyota which was waiting for me. Me and her have a lot of talking to do. Drake’s 0 to 100 brought me out of my thoughts and I pulled my phone out of my pocket looking at the caller ID.


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“Bitch I’m bored.” I spoke as I laid my head on Heather’s lap. Heather, Jasmine, and I were chilling at my house. We haven’t hung out in a grip due to school and our boyfriends. Speaking of boyfriends..

“Let’s talk about our boyfriends.” I got up from her lap cheesing at both of them. Jasmine, with a high bun on her head, looked at from her iPhone that she was staring at the whole time. Heather laughed looking from Jasmine to me.

“Am, you’re funny. You know damn well Jasmine’s ass is single.”

Jasmine rolled her eyes glaring at Heather. “Shut up, cow. Just because me and Chris aren’t official, doesn’t mean something ain’t going on.”

“Ok so tell me why he’s hanging around my girl Karrueche.” Heather kinked an eyebrow. Heather and I got closer to Karrueche and under all that bitchness, lies a sweet cool girl. Lord knows why she’s hiding that girl and being a bitch to the guys.

Jasmine scrunched up her nose. “Fuck that Kangaroo looking ass bitch. She’s just his partner for some dumbass project. Chris knows who he wants.”

My phone buzzed and I unlocked it revealing a text from August. Can’t he take a hint? I’m done with his ass. I groaned loudly forgetting I had company over.

Heather smirked at me. “Having a text war with Trey?”


“Let’s see then.”

Before I knew it, Jasmine took my phone out of my hands and began reading my texts to August.

“Jasmine! Give me my phone back!” I demanded ready to jump her lightskin ass

She gasped loudly dropping my phone on the couch. My heart dropped as I took it and looked at her fearful of how much she read.

“You had sex with August?!?!”

Too much.

“A long time ago, it was before Trey but you guys gotta promise you aint tell ANYONE. Promise?”

“Promise.” Heather said immediately nodding. I heard no response from Jasmine. I looked at her intensely. She was reluctant but eventually spoke.


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What am I doing? This is beyond stupid. Once Karrueche sees that it’s me, she’s just gonna swerve me like she did ever since she moved back in. We obviously had some unresolved issues but unlike her, I’m willing to talk about it. I sighed deeply as I stood on the Trans’ doorstep. This is completely pointless but it’s worth a shot.

I brought my right hand up to the mahogany door and made a fist pounding on the door politely. A few seconds later, no one answered so I knocked again.

“Come on, come on, come on.” I whispered to myself as I knocked.

The door opened revealing a miniature Asian woman with long dark hair. She must be Kae’s mom.

“Christopher! Look how much you’ve grown into a fine young man!” She cheesed looking up at me.

“Thank you, Mrs. Tran. Is Karrueche home by any chance?” I questioned.

“Uh she is but she isnt feeling well, honey.”

Of course she isn’t.

“Oh ok. Can you tell her that we really need to talk?” I looked in her mother’s eyes.

She smiled warmly. “I will.”

I turned around making it back to my property. My phone buzzed and I looked at the caller ID. I groaned loudly. Jasmine again. Damn, if she was my girlfriend, would she blow up my phone this much?

“Hello?” I answered trying my best not to sound annoyed.

“Hey boo!” I heard her smile on the other line. I sighed and replied.

“Hey Jas. What’s up?”

Once I asked that, I regretted it because she went on and on about her day and it wasn’t that I didn’t care, its just that- well yeah I didn’t care. I pretended to listen as I moved to my background. I squinted my eyes looking through the small creaks in the fence seeing a short female figure moving and sitting by the pool with her knees pulled to her chest. Kae.

“So I got us tickets to the Drake concert!” Jasmine stated happily diverting the attention back on her.

My eyes grew big. “You did?! That’s awesome, bae! I can’t wait to go!”

Jasmine giggled. “So it’s a date. See you tomorrow, bae.” She put emphasis on the “bae”. No lie, that was cool of her to do that, but she never struck me as a Drake fan. I realized I was still in front of the gate door to Kae’s backyard. I opened the door and walked slowly up to her. She looked at me with tired eyes and looked back down.

“What do you want, Chris?” Her tone was full of hurt causing me to feel even shittier.

“I want to talk to you. You yelled at me, cursed me out, and even hit me but never talked to me.”

She sniffled not giving a response and staring at the clear blue pool, so I continued.

“I’m sorry for ditching you for my friends. You were my best friend. I’m shit for dropping you like that and ignoring you.”

Karrueche looked at me scoffing and shaking her head.

“You just don’t get it, do you?”

I furrowed my eyebrows. I thought I did.

Kae stood up in a fury. “They made my life a living hell! They made me hate myself! I hated myself to the point that I tried to kill myself!”

I walked over to her as tears sprung out of her eyes. She put her hands up.

“No! Get away from me! This damn pool is where I tried to drown myself! What you’re not understanding, Chris, is that I was going through a deep depression and what I needed was my best friend!” Her face twisted as she broke down. “But he wasn’t there! You weren’t there for me!”

Feeling my heart break even more seeing her break down, I ignored her previous command and wrapped her in my arms. Surprisely, she didn’t fight me this time. She just sobbed in my chest and I felt a tear or two release from my eyes. Damn, I was a dick.

“I’m so sorry, Karrueche. Please. Please forgive me. Please.” I kissed the top of her head and continued begging her for forgiveness. Karrueche finally pulled away looking up at me shaking her head.

“No, Kae! Say you forgive me!” I stared at her as she looked away. My tone softened. “Please. Pikachu…..I just want my best friend back.”

She said nothing. Just walked past me going straight to her back door.

“Kae!” I yelled desparately and she looked back at me. “Please.” I softly whispered.

Karruehe shook her head mouthing “No.”

And with that, she made her way inside her house shutting the door behind her.


Tiger cubs Connor & Christopher & mom Mek by Penny Hyde

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Random headcanon: Eli loves soccer. Whenever she has a game Arthur is the biggest soccer mom out there. Seriously he's worse than the other kids real moms. Chris and Alfred are basically her designated cheerleaders. (minus the outfits xD)

I like this headcanon maybe too much –

Also he pushed Al and Chris out of the way to scream at her teammates. 

me: you’ve been shitposting so much Yuri on Ice lately, you should cool it before people get sick of you and unfollow and block you

inner me: NOTHING ELSE MATTERS bc Yuuri and Victor got engaged, Otabek got introduced and is a badass, he sought out Yurio and now they’re friends, Chris and Victor’s friendship is beautiful and Chris is finally getting more love, Phichit is still perfect, Yuuri got super drunk and was POLE DANCING WITH CHRIS, VICTOR FELL IN L O VE BEF O RE-