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“Dramatic Wedding – Bride that stole the heart”, event, 100DP, details about the event

Byron Wagner/Xeno Gerald (my love  (*▼◡`* ) (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄)) 

“If I please you and hug you, will you be my wife?”

It appears that the parents decided the engagement…!? You must marry Byron in order to fulfill your parents’ promise…?

Louis Howard (Narsi’ love ;))

“You are clumsy… Tell me you do not feel like giving up on being the bride”

There is a rumor that the letter you wrote is carrying good fortune. But, did you anticipated that, to come to the mansion as Louis’ bride…?”

Noah Leonhart (sleepy dragon :D)

“If you open your mouth beyond that, I will lock you in the dungeon”, Noah, who was a regular customer, you had a good relation with, always had a gentle smile. But, since you came to the mansion, his attitude changed, became cold…?

Giles Christophe 

“If you marry me, when everything will be over… you will die.”

The nobles that oppose Giles, wanted you to become the bride, Giles kidnaps you…!?


@narsi-dafna-blog​ Noah’s and Giles’ stories seem they will be very dramatic.

I will marry Byron, but not to fulfill the parents’ promise ….but because I love him so much, and he loves me too, I stole his heart  (*▼◡`* ) (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄) (he stole mine too  (≧◡≦) ♡)

Okay but you can not deny that Rose had a special relationship with the Doctor, one that was different and so much more important than any of the New Who companions. Yes, they were all important and special in their own way, but Rose was something so, so different. She was there for him when he came back from one of the most horrifying experiences of his long long life. She made him smile again. She made him happy. She made him want to save the world, even when he didn’t want to himself. And that is so important and it lives on with him even when she’s gone and he’s changed again and again. He still remembers Rose and how she made him feel, how she brought him back from those dark places time and time again. And maybe it had nothing to do with Rose herself. Maybe it was because she happened to come around at the right time, a coincidence. But maybe, just maybe, the universe knew that Rose Tyler was exactly what the Doctor needed most at that time. His Rose.


Midnight Cinderella Suitors: 


-Wedding (Clean) 

-Thunderstorm (Clean)

-Runaway Horse (Clean) 

-Picnic (bath time smut) 

-Christmas Cuddles (Clean) 

-Valentine’s Date- Prologue (Clean)

-Valentine’s Date- Sugar Ending (Clean)

-Valentine’s Date- Honey Ending (NSFW)

-Alyn’s Precious People (Clean/ Sweet)

-Alyn & the Injured Princess (Clean/Hospital triggers??) 


-Emma’s Fussy Morning (Clean) 


-The Attacker (Caution: Sexual Assault– Giles to the rescue!) 

-The Lesson 


-Louis & the Drunken Noble (Clean, and angsty) 

-The Charity Gala– Part 1 of 3 (Clean)

-The Charity Gala– Part 2 of 3 (Clean)

-The Charity Gala– Part 3 of 3 (Clean)


-Sid & the Missing Cat (Clean, angsty) 

-Behind Closed Doors (NSFW, angsty) 

Midnight Valentine: Soulmate Soiree (Event w/ Mid-Cin Bloggers):

-Chapter I: Part I, Part II

-Chapter II: Part I, Part II

-Chapter III: Part I, Part II

-Chapter IV: Part I, Part II

-Chapter V: Part I, Part II

-Chapter VI: Part I, Part II

-Chapter VII: Part I, Part II

-Chapter VIII: Part I, Part II

-Chapter IX: Part I, Part II

-Chapter X: Part I, Part II

-Chapter XI: Part I, Part II

-Chapter XII: Part I, Part II

-Chapter XIII: Part I, Part II –To be added at a later date– 

-Chapter XIV: Part I, Part II

-Chapter XV: Part I, Part II 

Otome moments: Hey Jealousy

These two handsome derps. Every. Single. Time:

His pet bird’s cockblocked him one too many times:

Takasugi dgaf about puppy love. Competition is Competition:

Toramatsu should probably never take his armor off:

Dark Byron appears:

You okay there, Kyo?:

Did Leo steal his girl once, back in high school or something?:

This epic meta-jealousy:

Yandere logic: Completely hypothetically, I may not be able to best this one particular guy in a sword fight. So he’ll probably steal my girl:

When your own job cockblocks you: