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ok but

how did Lafayette go back to France for money and come back with an army?

bc right now I’m imagining him entering Louis’s throne room and it playing out like this:

Lafayette: Sir, can I have some more money? Please?

Louis XVI: Is this so you can go help your little friends in America?


Louis: and why should I?



Lafayette: it’ll royally piss off the British?

Louis: Take my entire army

The Suitors - Love

Giles’ love is taunting and tempting, it lures you in, and then envelopes you in sweet oblivion, it is irrevocable. 

Byron’s love is obscure, but true, only revealed when another soul bares itself, it is unconditional. 

Alyn’s love is cautious, but faithful and devoted for one so deserving of it, it is enduring. 

Sid’s love is brazen and bold, it is a powerful force to be reckoned with, it is timeless. 

Nico’s love is pure and innocent, it holds no bars, it never judges, it is boundless and freeing. 

Leo’s love is sensual and fierce, it immerses you in ecstasy, it is vivacious.

Albert’s love is reserved, for those so fortunate to receive it, it is honest and unwavering. 

Robert’s love is mature, but raw, it burns bright and hot, is is all consuming.

Louis’ love is hidden and intense, like a secret deep inside, only for someone exceptional, it is everlasting. 


Wysteria Squad / Stein Squad (click images for higher res and captions)

Drew the whole group for this blog’s one year anniversary (07.16.15)! All of you make my otome gaming experience so much better, thank you! :D

Let's date


- Has a list he checks regularly to make sure the date goes as planned

-After an intense inner debate he decides to hold your hand

-Stutters a lot, but still manages to get through you…somehow

-Always has a little present that he gives you at the end of your date (a key holder or a bracelet with your initials)


-Pic-nic, that he prepared with lots and lots of love

-Horse riding or romantic stroll through the gardens

-Rests his head on your tummy to watch the clouds go by

-Loves it when you play with his hair


-Sends Spinner to invite you for a stargazing date

-Also enjoys walking through the town with you 

-At each date he opens up more and more (his childhood, his fears, stein fun facts…)

-Tries to make you smile a lot, because he fell in love with that


-Leaves little notes with hints that you have to follow

-Lots of red roses…Everywhere…and candles

-Cuddles with you, because he loves feeling your warmth

-Says a lot of sweet nothings 


-Chill date at his mansion, since being a noble/royalty is tiring

-Randomly starts dancing with you

-Goes flower picking with you and makes a flower crown (cause you’re his precious babe)

-Gives a shower of kisses (cheeks, eyes, lips…)


-At each date you exchange books and discuss about what you liked, disliked

-Likes to show you off in front of Alyn (like a long passionate kiss, take that little bro)

-Enjoys board games, where the looser has to do everything the other wants (it’s a win-win really)

-Better be prepared for a long cuddles/make out session (that boy needs love and kisses)


-Doesn’t plan anything out… 

-But your dates often turn up to be fun (pranks on the bureaucrats and Albert, knocking on random doors and running away).

-Finds a nice and quiet place to talk with you and play with Chirol

-Feels at peace when you rest your head on his shoulder


-Visits the art gallery with you and then takes you out for dinner

-Shows you his favorite spots in town… Secret places only you and him can share

-Piggy-back ride if you’re tired from all the walking

-Walks you back to your room. Sometimes even stays there (huehue)


-Doesn’t tell you what he planned

-Shares the latest gossip with you and tries to make you laugh a lot

-Once planned some fireworks for your date and pretended it wasn’t his idea

-Makes sure he tells you that you are beautiful at least twice and then goes back to teasing you

Character Profiles Masterlist

Now that they’re all up, here’s the easy way to see them all if anyone’s interested or needs them! Sorry about the mass posting all at once, this is it now, I promise!

I hope they’re helpful to anyone who uses them or has a look!


Mystery of Love - Masquerade Ball event part 1 and 2, MidCinJp

Suitors with masquerade masks. 

I like Byron’s mask the most, and not because Byron wears it. (*▼◡`* ) (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄) I like its shape and design, and of course the color. :D

which one do you like best?