christoph wolff

hey so i made a masterlist of fcs for comic characters sorted by marvel and dc, not including their tv/movie actors/actresses. i hope this is helpful since i spent a while on it. if you want anyone added to this fc-wise or character-wise, just pop me a question. i was shooting for a bit of diversity with fcs as well as canon-compatible fcs, so there is a mix. there’s also a good mix of popular characters and lesser known ones, as well as underused and overused fcs. that’s it and if this helped you reblog or like this so i know, thanks. last updated 6/1.

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Sound has a profound effect on the senses. It can be both heard and felt. It can even be seen with the mind’s eye. It can almost be tasted and smelled. Sound can evoke responses of the five senses. Sound can paint a picture, produce a mood, trigger the senses to remember another time and place. From infancy we hear sound with our entire bodies. When I hear my own name, I have as much a sense of it entering my body through my back or my hand or my chest as through my ears. Sound speaks to the sensorium; the entire system of nerves that stimulates sensual response.