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Dr. Waltz Chapter 9

Bit of a short one…just to give you something until I get some decent time to write a nice intense, long chapter :)

He held the top of her arms and moved her away slightly.  A look of confusion was plastered all over his face.

“Sorry…..hearing that in my own head it sounds insane…I just….”

“Let me ask you that question….that very same question”

“Just leave it ok Christoph….I…want to have some dessert…” she turned to walk away but Christoph gently held her hand to stop her.

“I don’t think I would feel comfortable, taking…..that from you without you feeling something for me…”

“So you do feel something for me…if you didn’t you wouldn’t care about my feelings, or about taking my virginity” Erica smiled slyly…..the doctor then closed his eyes and smiled.

“I’ll see you in the guest bedroom…let’s say about midnight?” He let go of her hand and swayed back to the living room. Erica sighed and sat up on the kitchen counter. She began to untie her hair from the ribbon and held it in her hands. She just stared down at it… it was her innocence….her childhood, her past. She opened the draw next to her and laid it in there…..

“Ok…” she hopped down pushed the draw shut with her hips and skipped back to the living room….

Hannah and Erica were helping her mother up the stairs…she had too much wine and was very much ready for rest. Once they got her to the bedroom Hannah insisted she would get her ready for bed. Erica shut the door of the bedroom and stood before Christoph who stood in the doorway of the guest room.

“Hannah will go out as soon as she makes sure Mom is asleep….so I’ll meet you in there” She nodded and walked towards her bedroom door, opened it….paused and then walked in….

Erica listened out for Hannah to shimmy down the drainpipe. She had no need to but, I guess it was a force of habit. She opened the door and walked over to the guest bedroom, he had left the door open slightly. She peered in and saw him throwing his jacket over the end of the bed and take his tie off. Kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning the top of his shirt he was distracted by the door creaking open. She walked in and shut the door then proceeded to lean on it. He wasted no time in striding towards her and taking her gently by the hips with his right arm….and with his left hand softly brushing her hair.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to do this… be with someone who….I feel so connected and who makes me feel….normal….you are the only person who does that….not even Nessa” her eyes shone into his and her warm words made him smile.

“Because you are just misunderstood….your brilliance is feared and mistaken for insanity….and I would have done the same…..if I was surrounded by these idiots” he took her heavily scarred arm and stroked it with his thumb….

“I think I’ll be ok now….thanks to you” She smiled and tiptoed up and softly kissed him. He laid her gently on the bed and began to strip her…..slowly….admiring every inch of her body….running his hands over her china doll like skin and giving it gentle kisses from time to time….all the while staying fully clothed.

“Are you going to get naked…..I’m sure it works better that way” She covered her bare hard breasts and sat up. He ssshed her and signalled her to get under the sheets. She looked confused but did as she was told….

He sat himself at the end of the bed.

“Play with yourself….I want to see….”

“What….doctor….that’s a bit”

“Please Erica….we all have our kinks….I’m sure you may have some someday”

“I can say handsome older psychiatrist is one of them” she giggled and lay down. Closed her eyes and began to touch herself….she was wet….it didn’t take much these days. She rub her clit in circular motions….and moaned loudly….her body wriggled in pleasure….as the doctor watched her he pulled the sheets down away from her breasts and marvelled in her perfection. He then got off the bed and walked up to the head of the bed.  She opened her eyes and looked up at him. He stroked her hair lovingly watching her bite her lip and smile. He took off his shirt and began to remove his pants….she stopped and sat up right….she enjoyed watching him bare all to her…..seeing him in a vulnerable state gave her the best feeling. She grabbed his arm and pulled him under the sheets…..and for a moment then just lay there…..flesh on flesh….caressing one another’s skin. Her womanhood throbbed for his touch and for his only.

“What am I doing….what are we doing?…” He seemed nervous.

“I don’t know….but I know I want to do it” She smiled….but he didn’t.

“I just…..i…” He stuttered and then like a flash of light got out of bed and began to get dressed.

“Christoph whats wrong?”

“I just….I just need some air” He grabbed his shirt slipped his shoes on and bolted out of the door. Erica didn’t waste any time in getting dressed and following him out the front door, but he was walking away…..she grabbed some keys and locked the door.

“Christoph….WAIT….” she ran after him trying to stop him…..but he wouldn’t stop.

“Go home Erica….please…..”

“NO!…what happened I thought we…..I thought we had something arranged…” He stopped and waited for her to catch up. She rested her hand on his shoulder. He turned slowly.

“This isn’t….the way….no….this isn’t….how it’s supposed to…” He flailed about…… askew, looked….annoyed.

“Honestly you sound….crazy Christoph what’s wrong….tell me….” suddenly thunder boomed and rain began to poor. He stopped flailing….then closed his eyes…..then let the rain fall onto his skin.

Erica began to feel….irritated and very anxious….the rain began to pour heavily. Soaking the two, she shivered. He opened his eyes and held her closely, their wet bodies clinging to each other. He looked down at her and crashed his lips unto hers. He stopped and dragged her back to his car….opened it and threw her into the back seat. She gasped and smiled rubbing her hands on the leather. He pulled the door shut and the two began to strip off aggressively. They were soaking wet….holding each other in the back of his car gripping her thighs tightly, he parted her legs.

“Was this what you had in mind?”

“Yes….this is much better” water dripped from his nose and onto her smiling face. She closed her eyes tightly and braced for his monstrous cock to penetrate her tight sex. He slowly entered; she screamed in pain… much pain. Her legs shook as he entered in and out….slowly and as gently as he could….but couldn’t stop himself from going deeper…..her screams in pain did not deter him.

“Please….slow down…” she screamed at him gripping his soaking skin.

“I can’t…..I can’t” He continued his motion shaking the car and their bodies locked tightly together.  However….the painful stage, was passing quickly, and she was beginning to feel….the pleasures of his cock. He cocked her leg up higher and fucked her harder….

“YES….FUCK ME…FUCK ME” she screamed even louder….it almost deafened him. But he continued with pleasure. She was so tight…warm and welcoming….just as he imagined the day he met her….the scenario had played out perfect. He finally had her….like putty in his hand….and a screaming tight picture of perfection around his aching cock….

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Lookin’ For Freedom

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Dr.Waltz-Chapter 7

This is a good build up chapter ENJOY! 


“You really think she’s improved….I mean I know I am not the expert doctor….but you haven’t known her that long” Erica’s mother sat opposite the doctor in his office while Erica sat outside, on the floor leaning against the door. She could barely hear them, but tried so very hard.

Erica’s mother wore thick rounded glasses and had long matted brown hair. She smelt of paint and sweet smelling perfume. She was short and small like Erica, but the two could not be more different in personality.

“All I am suggesting is that she spend one night away from here… analysis is that she has become dependent on this place….and her friend Vanessa, If we test my theory out for one night……if the results come back inconclusive or she suffers any signs of a struggle to cope outside of here….then we can continue her treatment here….if she however is fine….and she shows great improvement….then we can at least discuss letting her leave” The doctor lent forward and clasped his hands together….his glasses sliding down his nose….he smiled slightly at Erica’s mother and pushed them up. Not breaking the eye contact the two shared.

“She seems a lot more…..calmer….but I don’t know how she will be around her sibling and…” Christoph took her hands which fiddled around on his desk. She smiled and let him speak.

“Trust me….I’m a professional….me and Erica have grown somewhat of a rapport and I guarantee this will work…I can give you a contact number if you have any doubts throughout the trial” his gaze locked Erica’s mother in somewhat of a trance. She blushed a little and nodded.

“ok then doctor…..that would be great” He let go of her hand and flipped open a silver card holder and whipped out one of his tailor made business cards and placed it gently into the mothers hands. She held it tightly and placed it into the top pocket of her paint stained denim shirt.

Erica now banged on the door.

“Come in” she pushed it open slightly and looked at her clearly smitten mother.

“Hello Erica….so you want to come home for the evening?” her mother smiled at her.

“Of course I do….be nice to see my sister….and to catch up with you, and have dinner with everyone again” Erica side smiled and played with her hair nervously.

“You can tell me about your studies and….your books….” Her mother stood up and walked over to Erica and stood before her…looking at her….her eyes filled with some kind of emotion Erica wasn’t used to seeing in those eyes. Her arms opened up for a hug…..Erica obliged and hugged her mother….it started off loosely….then her grip tightened on her mother…..she did miss that jasmine smell in her mother’s hair.

They pulled away from one another and Erica’s mother looked back at the doctor.

“Doctor….would you like to join us for dinner….it would be my pleasure to host for the doctor who might have actually helped my daughter” Erica’s face screwed up and she bit her bottom lip. Her eyes darted over to the doctor who was now standing. He smiled widely and crossed his arms…..his eyes looking over to Erica.

“I would be delighted Ms Fisher” He bowed slightly and winked. Both women blushed from the gesture.

“My address is in Erica’s notes….be over for around 7pm….come on Erica let’s get a bag packed for tonight” Her mother pushed her out from the room and shot one last smile at the doctor. Erica’s mind was in a million different places. The idea of Vanessa still being in that hospital….it being her fault…..the thought of seeing Christoph tonight….in her old home…..her mother treating her like a normal human being. Erica needed some meds and another shower it seemed.

Nurse Alyson was making a cup of tea in the nurses break room sighing heavily, these shifts where exhausting she thought as she stirred her tea around and around….the phone rang startling her almost knocking over her mug….she straightened herself out and grabbed the phone.

“Hello this is nurse Alyson….”

“This is Dr.Thompson from the hospital, I’m currently treating Vanessa”

“Oh yes…”

“It seems I didn’t get Vanessa’s psych paper work….I have a psychiatrist waiting to go over her notes but when I tried to contact Dr.Waltz I had no answer… might have just been a bad time….the 6 times I tried to call….would you be able to see him and get the paper work from him and bring them to me….it would guarantee their arrival”

“Sure….my shift ends soon….I’ll get them now”

“Thank you….just buzz up from reception and I’ll get them from you there” He hung up. A look of slightly concern grew across the face of Alyson. She looked at the phone then around the room. She put the phone down and began to make her way to Dr.Waltz’s office. When she arrived one of his patients were just leaving.

“And remember my dear dream journal tomorrow morning…as soon as you wake up” She nodded and shuffled away towards the rec room.

“Ah nurse Alyson….”

“Hey….doctor, urm I just spoke to the hospital and they said you haven’t sent the paper work or answered any of their calls about Vanessa….is everything ok?”

“OH…silly me I have been so busy with my job that I forgot to send some…..paperwork….” the sass in his tone made her feel uncomfortable.

“Well I can just take it now….if you want to save you the trouble”

“…..well….I’m really busy right now and It’s going to take me a while to find it…..can I just send it myself later….”

“But the doctor said I should…”

“PLEASE…..please nurse….I will deal with it” His voice scared her… disturbed her. His fists were balled in rage and he shook slightly. She didn’t say another word….just backed away slowly and slammed the door. She covered her mouth and quickly walked to find Erica…

“So where is Vanessa then?” Erica’s Mom dragged a duffle bag from under her bed. Erica paused and rubbed her arms…..

“She’s not very well right now…..she….is at the hospital”


“no…..just…..don’t worry about it its cool Mom” Erica slumped down on her bed.  Alyson stopped at the door of the room, out of breath and dishevelled.

“Hey….oh hello….”

“I’m Erica’s mother” She smiled up straightened her glasses.

“Hello….Erica I really need to talk to you”

“ooookay” she stood up and shuffled outside the room and shut the door.

“Ok so….I just spoke to….Dr Waltz and he just….lost it with me….he just went…..totally postal on me over Vanessa’s paperwork”


“Yes….he didn’t answer the calls or send the paperwork….then he avoided giving them too me….it was really unsettling”

“He hasn’t mentioned anything to me…”

“Well he wouldn’t would he….look I’m just worried about….you know”

“I’ll be fine….I’m sure he was just stressed…..”

“yeah….that wasn’t stress….that was….anger”

“I see…I’ll keep it in mind for tonight”

“What happening tonight”

“He’s coming for dinner….with me, my mom and my sister”

“Ok….you have to trust me though…that was just….scary” Alyson bit her nails and tapped her foot.

“I really wanna believe you….but you have been working all night….all day….are you sure you are not over dramatizing this”

“Whatever….” She stormed off. Erica didn’t feel a thing….not at first.  When she entered her room slowly and shut the door, quietly she balled her fists again.

“You ok?”

“I guess so….we all ready to go…I really wanna go….can we go…”

“Are you sure you’re ok?”  Erica nodded violently and grabbed her overnight bag and jacket. She slipped it on quickly and opened the door once again violently.

Her mother stood up and looked worryingly at Erica and said the following.

“Erica fisher…..this is supposed to be the beginning of your new life….you are supposed to be showing me that you can cope….that you can live a normal life…..what I am seeing is the old Erica’s temper….and anger….I can see it… if you are scared just say and we can call this off…..I just want you to be honest with me….you are so smart….I know you’ll make the right decision”

“I’m fine….just a little nervous….seeing Hannah, how’s dad?” Erica turned and began to walk out. Her mother rushed and followed her out, shutting the door.

“He hasn’t been round to see Hannah….I’m guessing he hasn’t sent you a letter in a while”


“It’s alright he’s most likely seeing one his many….many girlfriends”

“Yes, must be…..oh look we are here at the front door….”

“Do we have too…..”

Suddenly Alyson appeared from the family room and began to type the code in. She didn’t say anything…just silently released Erica. She didn’t even say bye….or see ya later….no eye contact….just held the door open.

“Thank you miss” Erica’s mom thanked the nurse and helped Erica to the car. While walking she turned her head back to see if Alyson was still there…..but as quickly as she appeared she disappeared.  Erica began to fell…guilt again. She hated feeling like this….she preferred when she just was crazy all the time. 

It’s hard to put into words how Erica felt when she got back to her old home. Erica couldn’t even describe the emotions. She thought this was just a ploy to get Erica alone all night….but the doctor knew this would make her feel something, and make her rethink her choice to stay longer in the institute. She walked up on her porch and looked out around the neighbourhood. She was surprised her mother stayed here after people began accusing her daughter of being a “serial killer in training” god people were still hung up on that pigeon thing alright. The people next door on both sides kept to themselves…..but it was the people around them that didn’t. Mostly older housewife types….desperate for attention, whether it is sexual of some form of gossip. Their ignorance always upset her more than frustrated her.

“Hey Erica” Hannah, her younger sister pushed the porch door open and lent in the doorway. Hannah had grown….a lot. she was pretty tall and thin these days….Mom let her finally have dreadlocks Erica thought grabbing some of it…it was bleach blonde colour….suited her.

“Your hair”

“I know”

“Cool” Hannah patted the back of her older sister and walked back inside. The two never shared much of a connection or anything. But they respected each other.

“Do you still drink tea Erica?” she nodded and set herself on the breakfast bar in their kitchen. Their home was small but….pretty. It had lovely new doors with a beautiful finish on them. Each room was newly furnished, thanks to the divorce settlement; adultery can either make you a lot of money or lose you a lot in this state. The backyard was huge and was one of Erica’s favourite parts of the house.

“So Erica’s doctor is coming over for dinner tonight, Hannah so make sure you look….just as nice as you do now….what should I cook?”

“I don’t know….but he’s cultured so something…..foreign, you’ll be fine cooking is something you should pride yourself on”

Her mother passed her the freshly made tea and smiled stroking her hair, she just looked at her for a while then turned to her cook books stacked neatly next to the pantry door.

“French….their cuisine is the finest of them all”

“Eh…debatable Mom….but for tonight…I’m sure he will love it” Erica sipped her tea and smiled slightly to herself……then Vanessa came back to mind. The break from her burning guilt was nice while it lasted…..but she was positive that the night with Christoph would ease her guilt….even if it is for just one night….

Erica stood in the doorway of her old bedroom for a while, now and then glancing at the clock. 6:55pm. The sun was still in the sky….not so high….but still there….beaming through her window, casting odd shadows here and there. Hannah walked past then walked back and looked confused on toward her older sister.

“So, you’re better now?”

“It’s more like I want to be… and the doctor believe the problem is that I have felt like I’ve never had control over my life…..and it didn’t help being shoved into that home… being here tonight….I feel my control, I feel….better” Erica nodded and smiled.

“Do you not miss Vanessa…?”

“I do…..but she’s not ready outside of the home yet…..she wouldn’t be able to cope having to share me with others… deal with the general public……” Then it hit her….like a ton of bricks. How did she not see this before, her own stupidity enraged her.

Vanessa felt Erica slipping away… she needed to get her attention, and boy did that work. Erica began to bite her nails.

“You ok?” Hannah placed a warm hand on Erica’s arm. Before she could utter a word the doorbell rang, and Erica stiffened up like a cold corpse. Hannah moved her arm in shock and slight disgust.

“Wow….it’s just a doorbell….oh” Hannah turned quickly and ran down to answer the door. Erica sat on the top stair clutching her knees. She wore faded jeans and a simple tight red t-shirt, low cut. Her hair as always….in her blue bow.

Hannah opened the door slowly and peered out of it.

“hello” she muttered  quietly as she gazed upon the man on her front porch.

“Good evening, is the Fisher Residence?” a cheeky grin grew across Hannah’s face and she nodded.

“Are you our much anticipated guest, Dr. Waltz?” He nodded too and passed Hannah the flowers and red wine. She opened the door to let him in, he paused in front of her and took her free hand softly and kissed it. She blushed, and looked up at Erica.

“Is he always like this” He then looked up at her too, a look of not admiration or happiness, but of burning lust, desire…and want.

“No….he’s never done that before, he’s just trying to make the one girl I’ve never let a man hold a door open for her see what real chivalry is”

“Oh you are good” She laughed and walked through to the kitchen and called her mother. Erica quickly made her way down stairs and stood closely to Christoph….he smelt just as perfect as ever.

“So what’s the plan for later….instead of leaving… stay in the guest bedroom and sneak into my room and make sweet love to my small innocent body or”

He ssshed her and covered her mouth gently with his fore and middle finger.

“Not now….” He moved away from her slightly and waited for Erica’s mother to come and give the doctor the tour of the home….

Alyson was about to finish her shift when a nurse from the hospital called asking for her.

“Yello?” She was just happy to be going home.

“Oh Hi….urm we are just calling to let you know that the doctors are taking Vanessa out of sedation tonight, would you be able to come and comfort her after she wakes up she’ll be rather scared and disorientated”

“Oh god sure….can I bring her roommate…..she’ll appreciate her company a lot more than mine”

“Sure….just make sure you’re here before 9”

“Sure thanks” Alyson hung up and then rang to admin to get the number of Erica’s old home…..

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Heyyy, you know the post about Eli Roth and Christoph Waltz reading fanfiction? Is there an article about it or a video etc? Also, what fanfic was it? Thanks! :)

[X] this is the link to the kinky fan fiction Eli Roth provided.*nsfw,18+*

He showed that page to Christoph on Sept. 26 2009, so if you’re wondering which ff they read, it could have been anything written by that date. If you’re looking for Eli’s tweets about the whole thing I faved them on my twitter page. Here’s a screen cap:


Your neighbor Christoph Waltz is having trouble with the water pipes in his house so he has to use your shower and he wants you to see him shirtless because he likes you but he gets insecure and rushes away from you :3

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