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Your neighbor Christoph Waltz is having trouble with the water pipes in his house so he has to use your shower and he wants you to see him shirtless because he likes you but he gets insecure and rushes away from you :3

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IB/Hans Landa Fic-Chapter 7

Kamila was cleaning the outside windows once the evening rush set in….Hans still had not come to see her, maybe what he had to deal with was certainly important. The rag dripped dirty water on her cigarette. “Fuck” She said as it hung from her mouth. She coughed loudly scrubbing the top window hard….she swore some more under her breath….her frustration was hard to hide.  She wanted to unwind…and that was usually done by killing and now it seems when Landa kisses her neck and stroked her hair it does the trick also.

She began to climb down the ladder when it began to buckle…she tried to grab onto a window ledge but couldn’t and fell along with the ladder, it wasn’t far from the ground but when she crashed down it pained her so….the bucket had crashed next to her soaking her completely. She lay on the pavement looking up at the evening sky….she couldn’t move…from embarrassment and from pain, and just like that who was to appear above her….

“Renée you clumsy little thing” Hans looked down at her blocking her view of the stars. She smiled slightly and coughed more. He held his hand out to her, she grabbed it…very tightly….freakishly tight Hans thought. He pulled her up and held her up straight. “I want you to share my bed again this evening….I have had such an infuriating day and I need your comfort will you do that for me my sweet?” He held the sides of her arms so tight. She began to shake…the chill from the air froze her tiny wet body. She nodded silently. He did look somewhat angry this evening….she smiled at him.

“I will wait till for you to finish your work of course….I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble my dear….are you hurt at all?” He examined her carefully. “No….I’m fine, just my pride”

“Pride?” He chuckled a little. He had no respect for Kamila and this hurt her. She was a strong deadly proud woman….it was things like this that made killing Hans easier….but when he took her hand and kissed it…then pulled her in, even though she was soaking wet….held her close to his warm welcoming body…she wanted nothing more than to lay with him….and to love him. He waited patiently inside the bar until closing time at 11pm. He didn’t offer to help…just sat smoking his German cigarettes, watching the now fairly dry Kamila stack chairs and clean tables. He enjoyed watching her work….sweat and bend over. He took a long drag on his cigarette when she bent over in front of him….he could feel a slight erection grow through his trousers.

“Renée, c’est ok, je vais finir ce que vous pouvez aller avec le colonel” (Renée its ok, I will finish you can leave with the Col.)

“Merci Henry” She walked over to him and planted a kiss on his cheek and stood before Hans.

“You don’t need to bring any clothes….I have some for you at mine” He pulled his coat on and placed his hat on his head tightly. Kamila shuddered from the thought….were they another woman’s clothes….a previous lover. Did he intend for her to stay longer than a night. She stopped him for a moment and bent down and took her knife off her leg.

“You really do keep it on you at all times…” She nodded silently placing it on the bar….she wasn’t going to kill Hans….not tonight anyway; tonight…she wanted his love…

They crashed on his bed…he didn’t care about showing her around the house or even offering her a drink or some food. He just wanted to be inside her quivering small body.  

“Hans …. toucher mon corps … me touchez”

(Hans touch my body….touch me!)

 she screamed for him,  sliding her hands down to her womanhood. He pinned her down on the bed and began to violently kiss and suck on her neck. She let out a loud moan and grabbed his uniform trying to rip it off. He pulled from her neck and looked down at her. His hair a mess and out of breath, he just looked at her…almost in rage.

“Please be careful….” He ordered her to be cautious of his uniform and his medals. Truth was….she just didn’t want to see him in this fucking uniform anymore. It sickened her….but she knew underneath it all he was just human. Who liked it when Kamila…well Renée would pull his hair while he fucked her, who smiled and would shine almost when she looked at him… just a man in love. He dis-robed quickly but carefully, placing each medal in a special box, making sure his precious uniform was kept in pristine manor…. He was wearing briefs and nothing else, and then went back to the matter at hand. The woman on his bed who was stripping down, opening her legs teasing him, biting her lip and pulling her long blonde hair from the bun it was in. He rushed over and rested above her once again…kissing her roughly, biting her tongue and lip. She felt the skin break and taste the irony taste that was her blood. Blood, the taste…the feel of its warmth on her lips and her mouth caused her to become even more aroused than before. She pulled away from him and sucked in her bleeding lip.

“Don’t be sorry” She said before he could. “I want it rough” He smiled evilly and licked the blood from the side of her cheek and gave her the most erotic wink of an eye and grabbed her hair.

“Bend over whore” He whispered in her ear biting the lobe after. She screamed out in pleasure and pain, she didn’t hesitate and bent over in front of him, the moist patch showing through her undergarments. They were thin, and very revealing, not lady like at all. But Kamila she didn’t want to be a lady, she wanted Hans to show her how to be a real WOMAN! She heard him rummaging in a trunk. She was anxious but it felt good. The blood drying across her lips she sucked on it more, trying to break the skin once again with her teeth also.

“AH!” He called out, she turned to look behind and her eyes widened from shock. He was wearing is uniform hat….had a beautiful decanter full of scotch, and placed it on the counter next to his king sized bed after taking a few deep sips, but what really interested her was the paddle in his hands. Something they would use to punish the naughty French school children. Now it was her turn…. Kamila had been whipped across the legs for being insulate once at the factory, and the pain didn’t excite her or pleasure her. It pained her and made her feel worthless. So felt more anxious, she knew he was going to spank her across her buttocks, she feared it would not be good fun, but she played along anyway.  He pulled her up tightly by her neck, almost choking her. She let out a slight yelp and watched him grab the large decanter and forced her mouth open. His grip then tightened around her jaw; keeping her jaw open he poured copious amounts of the alcohol down her delicate throat. She coughed and spluttered but liked what he was doing. Being intoxicated would help with these new experiences she thought. She had consumed a large quantity and it hit her almost instantly. She lulled back down onto her hands and knees and felt him place his hat on her head. She looked up at the peak and felt even dirtier than before. Wearing a piece of Nazi uniform was the biggest insult she could bring upon on herself and her people. She felt a piece of silk wrap around her neck now, his fingers gracing her skin. She shivered once again as his tips brushed against her throat roughly tying a long piece of silken material across her neck….like a dog collar. He pulled on it slightly….making sure there was enough give not too choke her too much. She then felt his grip tighten on the tie and his body tense up. He was about to show her what rough really was.

“Hans….would you like me to speak German to you…will that make you happy?” He moaned loudly and pulled her to kneel up right once again, bring her to his body, she felt his hairs brush on her back they were that close.

“You speak Geman?…..well?” She nodded in fear and sexual excitement.

“Sie werden nie im Stich zu beeindrucken mich mein lieber“

(You will never fail to impress me, my dear)

“Vielen Dank, Hans …. mich bestrafen“ she stroked his face. gently….lovingly and longily.

(Thank you, Hans….punish me)

He pushed her down and wasted no time in slapping the wooden paddle hard onto her pale bare buttocks. She screamed, it was almost piercing, but this did not concern him, in fact he just kept hitting her with it. Each one of her screams of pleasure and pain just made his erection and his feelings for her grow faster.

“Was bist du?”

(What are you?)

He held the paddle across her now red raw arse. She stuttered….still in shock from being punished so severely by the hands of her lover….she wanted more.

“Ein schmutziger Französisch Hure!”

(A dirty French Whore)

She screamed at him, begging for more. He then spanked her a few more times…the pain began to take over….it was becoming almost unbearable…but she didn’t want it to stop in a way….then she thought what it would be like if she was in his position… would be the perfect time to kill. Tighten the tie around his neck until it crushed his windpipe…..this thought made her hurt…in her chest. Don’t think about it now….let him have you…just for tonight…. He threw the paddle across the room. He drunk some more scotch and passed it to her. See needed it to take the edge off her sore arse cheeks. As she drank heavily she stroked her pain….then pulled her panties down…unclipping the stockings attached carefully. She had almost finished it…. He then without warning inserted two fingers inside her….only briefly then removed them. He tugged on her “reins” and she turned to look. He smiled at her, his fingers glistened. She was almost dripping wet between her legs….she could feel it now. He then pulled his underwear exposing his well endowed self to her. She held onto the hat on her head….and gripped the pillow in front of her. She was preparing for him….and good thing she did. His throbbing cock fitting itself inside her tiny wet womanhood caused more pain….but once her pussy relaxed she enjoyed the feel of every inch of the man inside her. He started slowly….pulling at the tie slightly….she smiled closing her eyes….feeling even more intoxicated. Sliding in and out…pushing her back down to get the right angle, and once he found it he didn’t hesitate to speed up, the sound of his balls slapping against her caused her to call out to him.

“Oh Colonel härter, schneller … ficken mich zu bestrafen mich mit deinen großen Schwanz!“

(Oh Col. Harder….faster….fuck me, punish me with your big cock)

She moaned at him….her grip tightened.  He laughed loudly and he began to fuck the poor girl harder than she ever could imagine. Only a few days ago this girl became a woman making love, losing her sweet virginity….now she was becoming an animal…just like him…. He pulled the tie and she felt it across her throat more now….and it was almost too much. But she was too engrossed in his cock to notice. His free hand held onto her hip tightly, now and then tracing something on her skin.

“Fick Hans  … Ich bin cumming!”

(Fuck Hans…I’m cumming)

And boy did she….it squirted all over his cock and his sheets. She screamed and twitched as the hat fell from her head and onto the ground. She couldn’t hear anything but her heart and the sound of his laughter. But he didn’t stop fucking her, he just kept going and going…..she felt like her head was going to pop off. The pleasure began to come too much. She begged him to stop, and lick her wet throbbing bud.  Laughing again he pulled out….but didn’t tend to her bud and inner lips of her woman hood. No no, he untied the tie from her neck… and then tied her hands behind her back….and pushed her to the head of the bed. She was smiling and giggling…but the look on Hans face wasn’t that of a man who wanted to pleasure her… was that of someone who wanted to just hurt her….

“Renée…I want those beautiful lips wrapped around my member….you understand….and I won’t let you pull away until every….last…drop is swallowed….understood” His finger ran up and down her thigh. She felt at ease, she thought something awful was going to happen….but in all honesty…the size of his cock….and her lack of experience was frightening enough….but she obliged him enough. He pulled her by her hair, and was kneeling upright and guided her head to his throbbing cock and forced her gently onto it. She moaned loudly as she began to explore with her mouth and tongue, gliding her tongue up and down his shaft, teasing the top with her pursed lips and tongue. He moaned and grunted loudly as she sucked harder and harder.  Hans had never had his cock sucked so well, and it had been sucked many a time. But having someone…explore it…was another thing, but he grew impatient so he pushed her head down, all the way down the shaft, until he could almost feel the back of Renée’s throat. He moved her head in a quick steady rhythm. It was coming, that immense amount of pleasure which made him forget about losing some men to the Basterds and their tricks today….his soul felt unburdened and body felt set free as his seaman built up in her mouth….then her felt her swallow the load and cough violently as he pulled her away by her hair….he looked down at her….and she looked up at him with the brightest eyes….a slight bit of his cum on her chin. She stuck her tongue down and licked it up…..this made him smile at her widely and stroke her matted hair lovingly….

Picture Perfect - A short story

Just a few things before we get started

the story focuses on Christoph as an actor but in this reality he is not married or with anyone because I wouldn’t have it that he cheated on Judith..NAHUHH! so just keep that in mind :) thanks :)

Secondly this is A MATURE RATED FIC just so you know :)


I had been a professional photographer for 5 years and I’d never met a celebrity who ever interested me or even made time to thank me or speak to me. I just told them what to do, they would do it and that would be it.To be truthful it never bothered me, as long as I was getting paid.

But I met someone who certainly interested me on my last shoot I did.

He wasn’t tall and strapping, he looked fairly older than me, but when he entered the room I only saw him. He had this amazing smile and presence that I couldn’t stray away from. He ignored everyone else and walked straight up to me. I looked awful. My black and blonde hair pulled up in a messy bun. My glasses hanging askew where I had been rubbing my tired eyes, but it didn’t stop him from coming over to introduce himself to me.

“Hello you must be Miss Beatrix Fitch” he stuck out his hand and I just stared at it. He looked at me and laughed.

“You are supposed to shake it and say yes…I am Miss Beatrix Fitch and you are…”

“Christoph Waltz….I’ve been looking forward to this shoot….last one I did I had to photograph…Chris Brown….needless to say it was testing” I placed the camera over my head and hung it from my neck, then took his hand strong and tightly. He winked at me and I giggled like a school girl. I wasn’t too sure what I was doing but it surely was out of character. …

The shoot went great, it lasted late into the evening and everyone had pretty much left the studio by the time it finished. He did everything I wanted to, and whatever he felt comfortable with it worked with me. The suits he wore were magnificent, just like his presence.

“All done….wow late one, again” I sighed placing my camera down on the table. I pulled a bottle of water from my bag and sipped it. I was expecting him to be escorted almost instantly from the building. But instead I could feel him standing right behind me. I turned slowly feeling slightly anxious…then again I always feel like that.

“I would love to take some photos of you…you look like you could be a model” his sudden and almost shocking proposal left me stunned. I chuffed then coughed uncomfortably.

“I’ve always been this side of a lens and don’t intend to be in front of it any time soon” I quashed his suggestion and turned back around.

“Is there anyone left in the building….I would really like an excuse to stay and talk to you” I stood straight up. What the fuck. I looked over my shoulder at him with the most confused look I could give a person.

“You want to talk to me….I’m just a lens and a flashing light to you people, you don’t care about what I have to say”
“I’m not like those people….I actually take an interest in the lives of others and it is deeply sad that you think that of all people who are famous”

“Because it’s the truth….but I did sense something different in you when you walked in….you are very humble and appreciative of all this….and its refreshing” I finally turned and faced him. I leant back onto the table behind me and for once stopped being an uptight cynical bitch.

“Please let me photograph you….just a couple….I did dabble in it as a young man but I was always meant to be in front of a lens so it seems” He shot me a smile that surely would have weakened my knees and it almost did. I wasn’t going to deny this man was attractive, but he wasn’t my type. I pondered for a moment, then sighed away and smiled….

“But I look like a hot mess man…” I scratched my head.

“Did I mention I specialized in nude photography…the human form and such…” he was standing a little closer to me now. My jaw dropped. He was fucking coming on to me, now usually in this type of situation I would have dismissed him…most likely threatened to do something unpleasant to his balls….but, in all honestly I kind of wanted to see where this was going, it had been a while since I had been even remotely intimate with a guy. I sucked my bottom lip and looked at him.

“You sure….I’m hardly nude model material”

“Well why don’t you take your shirt off and I can be the judge of that” He began to pull his blazer off and laid it across an empty chair, rolled his sleeves up and crossed his arms, waiting for my next move. I pulled my glasses from my face, and placed them down hard onto the desk.

“Alright slow down there cowboy I’m not just gonna take my shirt off….not matter how….amazingly seductive and arousing you made it sound….just give me a minute” I rolled my eyes and pulled my hair from the bun and let fall onto my shoulders. I walked over to the door of the studio, locked the door and pulled the blinds down. Then I stood in front of the white backdrop and clapped my hands together.  

“Oh fuck it”

I turned away from him, I kicked my sneakers off, I pushed my hair back and began to unbutton my shirt. I could feel his eyes staring at me from a distance….and it was really turning me on. I let it slip softly off my shoulders and onto the floor. I stood with my back to him, trying to unhook my bra. Suddenly I could hear footsteps, and could feel his fingers against my back.

“Let me help you” He carefully unhooked my bra. I didn’t stop him, even though I should have at least protested. But he had some kind of hold over me. The bra fell to the floor and I covered my chest up with my arms. He then snaked his hands around my waist and began to unbutton my jeans. I felt him push up against me.  the words fuck me crawled from my lips in a soft whisper. I could feel myself getting pretty wet, I hoped he didn’t notice when he got to taking my underwear off. But I’m sure he would just enjoy the thought that he was getting me off. He then slowly pulled my jeans down and guided my legs out of them. Leaving me with just my lace panties on and a red face, I couldn’t contain my nerves and excitement. His hands once again  where playing with the elastic of my underwear.

“I think we can leave these on….for now” He whispered in my ear, his mouth trailed down my neck and his planted a soft kiss on my shoulder. I got serious fucking chills I can tell you for sure. He spun me around slowly and I looked straight at him while he gently moved my arms away from my chest. I kept just staring at his profile while he examined my body. He smiled and then began to position me. He faced me away from him to begin with and wrapped a cloth around my lower torso. He explained how he loved the curves and arches of my back and shoulders. He pulled my long hair down my back and began to shoot. The lighting was a little grainy but I suppose it was to add affect. The nature of this shoot was somewhat grainy. He then moved me onto my back where I lay completely exposed. He spread my hair out and laid my arms in the position he wanted them.  Standing above me the flash and clicks from the camera excited me more and more. I began to bite my bottom lip.

“Perfect” he said smiling behind the camera. He then sat above me. I shook. He began to pull down my underwear, and that was it, I was completely exposed and completely at his surrender.

This Waltz guy really knew how to use a camera, and he really knew how to treat a naked woman. Sitting me up and he told me to sit with my knees up to my chin, so he could get a side shot of me, then a front facing one. I was smiling now, full of complete ecstasy and want. I didn’t feel exposed, I felt…comfortable and safe. He stopped suddenly, placed the camera down and walked over to me and sat down on the cold floor, trust me it was very cold. He moved some hair from my face and examined it.

“Do you think it would be ok if I made you come in your studio Miss Fitch” my eyes widened and once again I was sucking in my bottom lip.

“Well….as you asked so nicely” I leant towards him and helped him take his shirt off. I ran my hands all over his chest and shoulders. It took us no more than 3 seconds to kiss each other; we didn’t need to think about it. He pushed me down onto my back and writhed on top of me begging me to take his pants off. With pleasure I thought as I fiddled with the buttons, ripping them off almost I could really feel, what could only be described as a mammoth cock. To tell you the trust I was nervous as hell, it felt kind of scary.  He tucked his arm underneath my leg and slid inside me, I was so wet it wasn’t forcefull or hard, it slid in there like it was meant to. The backdrop was being pulled down by our motions. He shook me so much I didn’t care though, I could feel it ripping, but it didn’t stop him or slow him down. I’m not sure if he was in pain or pleasure because the noises he was making where incredible. He panted, grunted and moaned and eventually buried his head into the crook of my neck, all the while fucking me like no man has or ever would again. My nails clawed his back so much I could have sworn I drew blood, but this too didn’t stop him. His hands ran down my body and grabbed my ass all the while still thrusting continuously; bring me closer and closer to coming. I had forgotten this feeling, a man’s touch and the way his cock would fit nicely into my tight pussy. I begged to go on top, he abided and pulled out slowly enough so I could feel every inch of his girth. I pushed him down and slowly slid myself onto his throbbing cock. He closed his eyes and moaned my name. This just spurred me on. Rubbing my clit onto his pelvic bone I could feel my throbbing clitoris tingle with pleasure. He lent forward and began to suck my nipples and roughly play with my tits. It wasn’t going to be long until I climax, I could  feel that big as tingle coming….that amazing one that makes me lose my head, my senses…..He took my ass cheeks and moved me faster…..then BAM! Leaning forward I began to orgasm….hard.

 I grabbed his hair and screamed for him. He just gripped me tighter. I grew tighter now….and this pleased him.  I was so far gone I would let him do anything to me now. I’d let him bite me, slap me….fuck me in ass…I didn’t care…I just wanted his cum in or on me….. Laughing sadistically almost, I got off him and bent over. Teasing him, and he took that as an invitation to enter me once again. Slapping himself against me vigorously his grip tightened on my hips, he kept pulling me closer and higher up. Each angle was better than the last I could feel every part of him.

“I want you to come in my mouth” I screamed as I could feel my self coming….I could feel drips of it sliding down his cock and onto my legs…I’d never come like this before, so intently and so…MUCH. He pulled out quickly and I knelt in front of him….as I opened my mouth to greet his warm spunk, I swallowed every last bit, the whole while rubbing my clit, finishing myself off in a real wet finale.  He grabbed the back of my hair and said some incoherent German swear words I guess. I pulled away and wiped my chin and looked up at him. He then quickly took my camera from the table next to us and pictured me….sitting with my legs open, cum on my chin, Hair askew and eyes sparkling with happiness and pleasure. I’m sure I might of looked horrendous in that photo….but he said that’s the most beautiful he’s ever seen a woman, a woman after she has come shines and glows, he couldn’t let that moment go undocumented.He pulled the sheet from a stool and laid it across us, I cuddled up to him and felt his arms wrap around me.

“I can’t wait to photograph you again” I said panting heavily, he laughed and kissed my forehead….

Chapter 19-Prof Waltz Fic

Tom sat at the end of his bed coughing….coughing so loud it woke me up. I sat up…my hair was literally standing up on end. My mouth felt like a carpet…that a dog had pissed on.

“Morning…WOAH” Tom looked at me like he’d seen the crypt keeper.

“I’m dying…again…what’s the time dude” I rubbed my eyes so much he was just a blur to me…

“7…I haven’t slept…what time is the presentation” he rubbed his face hard.

“10…I think you should drink about 12 cans of energy drink get showered…brush your teeth 52,000 times and make sure you’re still not high”

“Oh I didn’t take anything….look I’m sorry about last night….I was drunk though….and you were dancing close and stuff and…”
“It’s ok…Tom let’s leave it ok…we need to impress them today…really blow their minds…I want to be able to get the grant, I actually want a future in History”

“Yeah you and everyone else here…I can only imagine the professor will help you”
“Don’t…Tom don’t be a dick, just go get ready” I ripped the covers off myself. It was hard to get out of this luxury bed. Tom took so long to get showered, so while waiting I smoked what felt like 100 cigarettes on the balcony. You could see the whole of the city from here; the sun rose and gave light to its beauty. The wind was bitterly cold and I tucked my arms into my dressing gown. I loved being on my own you know…as much as I enjoyed Toms company and was dying for Chris’s touch and his love. My own company was always the best. Tom then slid the doors and shouted…
“SHOWERS FREE” I jumped. Stubbed out my cig and walked to the shower…the whole time thinking about if Chris was up…if he was showering…touching himself thinking of me….

I did my make up while watching Tom get ready in the mirror. He looked smart, in a white shirt, navy tie and navy suit jacket. I wore a black jumper, with a white shirt, collar poking out, black short skirt, black tights and super high black heels. I pinned my hair up, I looked like a supermodel according to Tom.

“You look like David Beckham” I smiled at his reflection. Applying dark makeup and blood red lipstick I kept watching Tom drink can after can of energy drink, getting our notes and presentation ready. I stood up, brushed myself off and sighed….

“Need a hand…its only 9 o’clock we can go down for breakfast if you want, get set up early…I know we aren’t first but I’m quite anxious….come here” I held up my arms for a hug. I shuffled into them.

“It’s alright mate…we all make mistakes, I didn’t help the situation by running off….let’s have a nice rest of the trip ok” He kissed the top of my hair.

“Great all I can taste is hairspray” I laughed and grabbed some bags and we went down.

The breakfast hall was empty, I wasn’t hungry but Tom forced fed me a pastry…it was actually really nice. So I had two more while running to the function room, People had already began to set up. I noticed the professor at the front of the crowd, and he noticed me….and he really noticed me. He stopped talking to gaze at me….to just stare at me. If this was a cartoon his jaw would have dropped to the ground. I fixed my glasses and waved at him.  It looked like he was blushing.  I had the upper hand…oh god I had missed this, missed toying with his manhood, teasing him. We sat at the back, me and Tom…I fiddled with the material on my skirt….I was nervous…sick with nerves…just like the night me and Christoph first took the plunge….a fucked like animals. Tom caught the eye of a young lady, she wasn’t from our school…she must have been from around here…she looked too fabulous for Brighton. He waved at her, and she smiled looking down at her lap.

“Go talk to her” I nudged him playfully.

“Oh…I don’t….I”

“Please…it’ll help you forget about last night” he nodded, he bolted over there, Finally alone again.

“Morning Alexis” I looked up from my thoughts…Christoph.

“Morning Professor, sleep alright, sorry about last night”

“It’s the past…thank god you are up, you look…you look”

“It’s ok…I know” I winked at him. He looked longingly at my red lips.

“Well…I think that you will do well so I don’t need to wish you luck, you have all of it in the world” I gripped the material of my skirt, my god I loved him….He looked over to Tom.

“He got over you pretty quickly” He pointed in his direction. I shrugged.

“I don’t feel the same. I need to steer him in the other direction really….” He nodded, he was called over by another man, and he was whisked away….


I could sit here and tell you exactly what happened during that presentation….but it wouldn’t be important to our story it’s what happen after that truly is….all I can say is that I knocked it out of the park…me, not Tom…Tom did help, but it was my front running, confidence and hard work that gave me a standing ovation. I was so overwhelmed I had to dry some tears. Tom looked pleased but not like me, he knew it was all me. He nodded and began to pack things up. I saw Chris in the crowd; I just wanted to jump in his arms. But I had to wait till later….

After all the presentation, the best school was announced as some Belgian University, however I was announced as the most impressive student, I was taken to the side by two elderly French professors. They explained to me that this accolade would lead to me having any profession in history, or any kind of public speaking, my master’s degree would be paid for by the foundation, if I take it in Paris….I was so overwhelmed…in my whole life I’ve just been crapped on constantly. This was the best news I’ve ever received. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was so glad I hugged the two professors…awkwardly I backed away and thanked them greatly. Tom hugged me and swung me around.

“You are one luckily bitch!” He said hugging me back on the ground.

“It’s alright…I’ve got till the end of the year to decide this…this is so scary”

“I knew you would do this I knew you would…you are just so amazing!” Tom couldn’t stop congratulating me.  Deborah and Christoph approached us. She stuck her hand out.

“You are a bloody credit to the University girl” She said shaking my hand violently. I smiled and laughed. I then turned to Chris….He leant down and hugged me…in front of everyone…I froze in complete shock. I pat his back with one hand.

“Well done” He said in my ear. I sighed heavily and coughed.

“I think we should buy you a drink girl” Deborah led me towards the bar…It was lunch time I suppose. Tom and Chris stood there.

“You didn’t have to hug her you know”

“You didn’t have to kiss her last night Thomas….”

“How do you kno….did you see her last night”

“Well done for today, that job is most certainly yours boy” He Patted Thomas back and walked away.  Tom was enraged….

I sat at the bar listening to everyone talk about the formal tonight…they host a ball in that beautiful hall for the students and teachers. Apparently this was a real fancy affair, I did not do real fancy. I drank a couple of glasses of wine, bought by Deb then left to explore the city. I sent a message to Tom saying I needed some time alone to explore my future home maybe….

I looked through shop windows, Chanel and Louis Viton, All these beautiful clothes….so much money though. I sighed and continued walking…I then found a quaint little sex shop. I smiled slyly and walked in…. I may not be able to afford a beautiful dress but I bought some beautiful lingerie, a black and white bustier, suspenders the lot. I also invested in a bullet…a little vibrator which fit perfectly in my handbag. I stopped at a couple book markets, purchased some more wonderful book for my hundreds I already had. Walking with my shopping bags, on the streets of Paris…alone, I felt at home. Even the bitter cold didn’t put me off this place; I liked how people didn’t talk to each other or bother each other, this was perfect. I was sad going back to the hotel….I decided not to go to the formal…and try to convince Christoph not to either. I had another idea for him and me.

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Dr. Waltz Chapter 9

Bit of a short one…just to give you something until I get some decent time to write a nice intense, long chapter :)

He held the top of her arms and moved her away slightly.  A look of confusion was plastered all over his face.

“Sorry…..hearing that in my own head it sounds insane…I just….”

“Let me ask you that question….that very same question”

“Just leave it ok Christoph….I…want to have some dessert…” she turned to walk away but Christoph gently held her hand to stop her.

“I don’t think I would feel comfortable, taking…..that from you without you feeling something for me…”

“So you do feel something for me…if you didn’t you wouldn’t care about my feelings, or about taking my virginity” Erica smiled slyly…..the doctor then closed his eyes and smiled.

“I’ll see you in the guest bedroom…let’s say about midnight?” He let go of her hand and swayed back to the living room. Erica sighed and sat up on the kitchen counter. She began to untie her hair from the ribbon and held it in her hands. She just stared down at it… it was her innocence….her childhood, her past. She opened the draw next to her and laid it in there…..

“Ok…” she hopped down pushed the draw shut with her hips and skipped back to the living room….

Hannah and Erica were helping her mother up the stairs…she had too much wine and was very much ready for rest. Once they got her to the bedroom Hannah insisted she would get her ready for bed. Erica shut the door of the bedroom and stood before Christoph who stood in the doorway of the guest room.

“Hannah will go out as soon as she makes sure Mom is asleep….so I’ll meet you in there” She nodded and walked towards her bedroom door, opened it….paused and then walked in….

Erica listened out for Hannah to shimmy down the drainpipe. She had no need to but, I guess it was a force of habit. She opened the door and walked over to the guest bedroom, he had left the door open slightly. She peered in and saw him throwing his jacket over the end of the bed and take his tie off. Kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning the top of his shirt he was distracted by the door creaking open. She walked in and shut the door then proceeded to lean on it. He wasted no time in striding towards her and taking her gently by the hips with his right arm….and with his left hand softly brushing her hair.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to do this… be with someone who….I feel so connected and who makes me feel….normal….you are the only person who does that….not even Nessa” her eyes shone into his and her warm words made him smile.

“Because you are just misunderstood….your brilliance is feared and mistaken for insanity….and I would have done the same…..if I was surrounded by these idiots” he took her heavily scarred arm and stroked it with his thumb….

“I think I’ll be ok now….thanks to you” She smiled and tiptoed up and softly kissed him. He laid her gently on the bed and began to strip her…..slowly….admiring every inch of her body….running his hands over her china doll like skin and giving it gentle kisses from time to time….all the while staying fully clothed.

“Are you going to get naked…..I’m sure it works better that way” She covered her bare hard breasts and sat up. He ssshed her and signalled her to get under the sheets. She looked confused but did as she was told….

He sat himself at the end of the bed.

“Play with yourself….I want to see….”

“What….doctor….that’s a bit”

“Please Erica….we all have our kinks….I’m sure you may have some someday”

“I can say handsome older psychiatrist is one of them” she giggled and lay down. Closed her eyes and began to touch herself….she was wet….it didn’t take much these days. She rub her clit in circular motions….and moaned loudly….her body wriggled in pleasure….as the doctor watched her he pulled the sheets down away from her breasts and marvelled in her perfection. He then got off the bed and walked up to the head of the bed.  She opened her eyes and looked up at him. He stroked her hair lovingly watching her bite her lip and smile. He took off his shirt and began to remove his pants….she stopped and sat up right….she enjoyed watching him bare all to her…..seeing him in a vulnerable state gave her the best feeling. She grabbed his arm and pulled him under the sheets…..and for a moment then just lay there…..flesh on flesh….caressing one another’s skin. Her womanhood throbbed for his touch and for his only.

“What am I doing….what are we doing?…” He seemed nervous.

“I don’t know….but I know I want to do it” She smiled….but he didn’t.

“I just…..i…” He stuttered and then like a flash of light got out of bed and began to get dressed.

“Christoph whats wrong?”

“I just….I just need some air” He grabbed his shirt slipped his shoes on and bolted out of the door. Erica didn’t waste any time in getting dressed and following him out the front door, but he was walking away…..she grabbed some keys and locked the door.

“Christoph….WAIT….” she ran after him trying to stop him…..but he wouldn’t stop.

“Go home Erica….please…..”

“NO!…what happened I thought we…..I thought we had something arranged…” He stopped and waited for her to catch up. She rested her hand on his shoulder. He turned slowly.

“This isn’t….the way….no….this isn’t….how it’s supposed to…” He flailed about…… askew, looked….annoyed.

“Honestly you sound….crazy Christoph what’s wrong….tell me….” suddenly thunder boomed and rain began to poor. He stopped flailing….then closed his eyes…..then let the rain fall onto his skin.

Erica began to feel….irritated and very anxious….the rain began to pour heavily. Soaking the two, she shivered. He opened his eyes and held her closely, their wet bodies clinging to each other. He looked down at her and crashed his lips unto hers. He stopped and dragged her back to his car….opened it and threw her into the back seat. She gasped and smiled rubbing her hands on the leather. He pulled the door shut and the two began to strip off aggressively. They were soaking wet….holding each other in the back of his car gripping her thighs tightly, he parted her legs.

“Was this what you had in mind?”

“Yes….this is much better” water dripped from his nose and onto her smiling face. She closed her eyes tightly and braced for his monstrous cock to penetrate her tight sex. He slowly entered; she screamed in pain… much pain. Her legs shook as he entered in and out….slowly and as gently as he could….but couldn’t stop himself from going deeper…..her screams in pain did not deter him.

“Please….slow down…” she screamed at him gripping his soaking skin.

“I can’t…..I can’t” He continued his motion shaking the car and their bodies locked tightly together.  However….the painful stage, was passing quickly, and she was beginning to feel….the pleasures of his cock. He cocked her leg up higher and fucked her harder….

“YES….FUCK ME…FUCK ME” she screamed even louder….it almost deafened him. But he continued with pleasure. She was so tight…warm and welcoming….just as he imagined the day he met her….the scenario had played out perfect. He finally had her….like putty in his hand….and a screaming tight picture of perfection around his aching cock….

Dr.Waltz-Chapter 7

This is a good build up chapter ENJOY! 


“You really think she’s improved….I mean I know I am not the expert doctor….but you haven’t known her that long” Erica’s mother sat opposite the doctor in his office while Erica sat outside, on the floor leaning against the door. She could barely hear them, but tried so very hard.

Erica’s mother wore thick rounded glasses and had long matted brown hair. She smelt of paint and sweet smelling perfume. She was short and small like Erica, but the two could not be more different in personality.

“All I am suggesting is that she spend one night away from here… analysis is that she has become dependent on this place….and her friend Vanessa, If we test my theory out for one night……if the results come back inconclusive or she suffers any signs of a struggle to cope outside of here….then we can continue her treatment here….if she however is fine….and she shows great improvement….then we can at least discuss letting her leave” The doctor lent forward and clasped his hands together….his glasses sliding down his nose….he smiled slightly at Erica’s mother and pushed them up. Not breaking the eye contact the two shared.

“She seems a lot more…..calmer….but I don’t know how she will be around her sibling and…” Christoph took her hands which fiddled around on his desk. She smiled and let him speak.

“Trust me….I’m a professional….me and Erica have grown somewhat of a rapport and I guarantee this will work…I can give you a contact number if you have any doubts throughout the trial” his gaze locked Erica’s mother in somewhat of a trance. She blushed a little and nodded.

“ok then doctor…..that would be great” He let go of her hand and flipped open a silver card holder and whipped out one of his tailor made business cards and placed it gently into the mothers hands. She held it tightly and placed it into the top pocket of her paint stained denim shirt.

Erica now banged on the door.

“Come in” she pushed it open slightly and looked at her clearly smitten mother.

“Hello Erica….so you want to come home for the evening?” her mother smiled at her.

“Of course I do….be nice to see my sister….and to catch up with you, and have dinner with everyone again” Erica side smiled and played with her hair nervously.

“You can tell me about your studies and….your books….” Her mother stood up and walked over to Erica and stood before her…looking at her….her eyes filled with some kind of emotion Erica wasn’t used to seeing in those eyes. Her arms opened up for a hug…..Erica obliged and hugged her mother….it started off loosely….then her grip tightened on her mother…..she did miss that jasmine smell in her mother’s hair.

They pulled away from one another and Erica’s mother looked back at the doctor.

“Doctor….would you like to join us for dinner….it would be my pleasure to host for the doctor who might have actually helped my daughter” Erica’s face screwed up and she bit her bottom lip. Her eyes darted over to the doctor who was now standing. He smiled widely and crossed his arms…..his eyes looking over to Erica.

“I would be delighted Ms Fisher” He bowed slightly and winked. Both women blushed from the gesture.

“My address is in Erica’s notes….be over for around 7pm….come on Erica let’s get a bag packed for tonight” Her mother pushed her out from the room and shot one last smile at the doctor. Erica’s mind was in a million different places. The idea of Vanessa still being in that hospital….it being her fault…..the thought of seeing Christoph tonight….in her old home…..her mother treating her like a normal human being. Erica needed some meds and another shower it seemed.

Nurse Alyson was making a cup of tea in the nurses break room sighing heavily, these shifts where exhausting she thought as she stirred her tea around and around….the phone rang startling her almost knocking over her mug….she straightened herself out and grabbed the phone.

“Hello this is nurse Alyson….”

“This is Dr.Thompson from the hospital, I’m currently treating Vanessa”

“Oh yes…”

“It seems I didn’t get Vanessa’s psych paper work….I have a psychiatrist waiting to go over her notes but when I tried to contact Dr.Waltz I had no answer… might have just been a bad time….the 6 times I tried to call….would you be able to see him and get the paper work from him and bring them to me….it would guarantee their arrival”

“Sure….my shift ends soon….I’ll get them now”

“Thank you….just buzz up from reception and I’ll get them from you there” He hung up. A look of slightly concern grew across the face of Alyson. She looked at the phone then around the room. She put the phone down and began to make her way to Dr.Waltz’s office. When she arrived one of his patients were just leaving.

“And remember my dear dream journal tomorrow morning…as soon as you wake up” She nodded and shuffled away towards the rec room.

“Ah nurse Alyson….”

“Hey….doctor, urm I just spoke to the hospital and they said you haven’t sent the paper work or answered any of their calls about Vanessa….is everything ok?”

“OH…silly me I have been so busy with my job that I forgot to send some…..paperwork….” the sass in his tone made her feel uncomfortable.

“Well I can just take it now….if you want to save you the trouble”

“…..well….I’m really busy right now and It’s going to take me a while to find it…..can I just send it myself later….”

“But the doctor said I should…”

“PLEASE…..please nurse….I will deal with it” His voice scared her… disturbed her. His fists were balled in rage and he shook slightly. She didn’t say another word….just backed away slowly and slammed the door. She covered her mouth and quickly walked to find Erica…

“So where is Vanessa then?” Erica’s Mom dragged a duffle bag from under her bed. Erica paused and rubbed her arms…..

“She’s not very well right now…..she….is at the hospital”


“no…..just…..don’t worry about it its cool Mom” Erica slumped down on her bed.  Alyson stopped at the door of the room, out of breath and dishevelled.

“Hey….oh hello….”

“I’m Erica’s mother” She smiled up straightened her glasses.

“Hello….Erica I really need to talk to you”

“ooookay” she stood up and shuffled outside the room and shut the door.

“Ok so….I just spoke to….Dr Waltz and he just….lost it with me….he just went…..totally postal on me over Vanessa’s paperwork”


“Yes….he didn’t answer the calls or send the paperwork….then he avoided giving them too me….it was really unsettling”

“He hasn’t mentioned anything to me…”

“Well he wouldn’t would he….look I’m just worried about….you know”

“I’ll be fine….I’m sure he was just stressed…..”

“yeah….that wasn’t stress….that was….anger”

“I see…I’ll keep it in mind for tonight”

“What happening tonight”

“He’s coming for dinner….with me, my mom and my sister”

“Ok….you have to trust me though…that was just….scary” Alyson bit her nails and tapped her foot.

“I really wanna believe you….but you have been working all night….all day….are you sure you are not over dramatizing this”

“Whatever….” She stormed off. Erica didn’t feel a thing….not at first.  When she entered her room slowly and shut the door, quietly she balled her fists again.

“You ok?”

“I guess so….we all ready to go…I really wanna go….can we go…”

“Are you sure you’re ok?”  Erica nodded violently and grabbed her overnight bag and jacket. She slipped it on quickly and opened the door once again violently.

Her mother stood up and looked worryingly at Erica and said the following.

“Erica fisher…..this is supposed to be the beginning of your new life….you are supposed to be showing me that you can cope….that you can live a normal life…..what I am seeing is the old Erica’s temper….and anger….I can see it… if you are scared just say and we can call this off…..I just want you to be honest with me….you are so smart….I know you’ll make the right decision”

“I’m fine….just a little nervous….seeing Hannah, how’s dad?” Erica turned and began to walk out. Her mother rushed and followed her out, shutting the door.

“He hasn’t been round to see Hannah….I’m guessing he hasn’t sent you a letter in a while”


“It’s alright he’s most likely seeing one his many….many girlfriends”

“Yes, must be…..oh look we are here at the front door….”

“Do we have too…..”

Suddenly Alyson appeared from the family room and began to type the code in. She didn’t say anything…just silently released Erica. She didn’t even say bye….or see ya later….no eye contact….just held the door open.

“Thank you miss” Erica’s mom thanked the nurse and helped Erica to the car. While walking she turned her head back to see if Alyson was still there…..but as quickly as she appeared she disappeared.  Erica began to fell…guilt again. She hated feeling like this….she preferred when she just was crazy all the time. 

It’s hard to put into words how Erica felt when she got back to her old home. Erica couldn’t even describe the emotions. She thought this was just a ploy to get Erica alone all night….but the doctor knew this would make her feel something, and make her rethink her choice to stay longer in the institute. She walked up on her porch and looked out around the neighbourhood. She was surprised her mother stayed here after people began accusing her daughter of being a “serial killer in training” god people were still hung up on that pigeon thing alright. The people next door on both sides kept to themselves…..but it was the people around them that didn’t. Mostly older housewife types….desperate for attention, whether it is sexual of some form of gossip. Their ignorance always upset her more than frustrated her.

“Hey Erica” Hannah, her younger sister pushed the porch door open and lent in the doorway. Hannah had grown….a lot. she was pretty tall and thin these days….Mom let her finally have dreadlocks Erica thought grabbing some of it…it was bleach blonde colour….suited her.

“Your hair”

“I know”

“Cool” Hannah patted the back of her older sister and walked back inside. The two never shared much of a connection or anything. But they respected each other.

“Do you still drink tea Erica?” she nodded and set herself on the breakfast bar in their kitchen. Their home was small but….pretty. It had lovely new doors with a beautiful finish on them. Each room was newly furnished, thanks to the divorce settlement; adultery can either make you a lot of money or lose you a lot in this state. The backyard was huge and was one of Erica’s favourite parts of the house.

“So Erica’s doctor is coming over for dinner tonight, Hannah so make sure you look….just as nice as you do now….what should I cook?”

“I don’t know….but he’s cultured so something…..foreign, you’ll be fine cooking is something you should pride yourself on”

Her mother passed her the freshly made tea and smiled stroking her hair, she just looked at her for a while then turned to her cook books stacked neatly next to the pantry door.

“French….their cuisine is the finest of them all”

“Eh…debatable Mom….but for tonight…I’m sure he will love it” Erica sipped her tea and smiled slightly to herself……then Vanessa came back to mind. The break from her burning guilt was nice while it lasted…..but she was positive that the night with Christoph would ease her guilt….even if it is for just one night….

Erica stood in the doorway of her old bedroom for a while, now and then glancing at the clock. 6:55pm. The sun was still in the sky….not so high….but still there….beaming through her window, casting odd shadows here and there. Hannah walked past then walked back and looked confused on toward her older sister.

“So, you’re better now?”

“It’s more like I want to be… and the doctor believe the problem is that I have felt like I’ve never had control over my life…..and it didn’t help being shoved into that home… being here tonight….I feel my control, I feel….better” Erica nodded and smiled.

“Do you not miss Vanessa…?”

“I do…..but she’s not ready outside of the home yet…..she wouldn’t be able to cope having to share me with others… deal with the general public……” Then it hit her….like a ton of bricks. How did she not see this before, her own stupidity enraged her.

Vanessa felt Erica slipping away… she needed to get her attention, and boy did that work. Erica began to bite her nails.

“You ok?” Hannah placed a warm hand on Erica’s arm. Before she could utter a word the doorbell rang, and Erica stiffened up like a cold corpse. Hannah moved her arm in shock and slight disgust.

“Wow….it’s just a doorbell….oh” Hannah turned quickly and ran down to answer the door. Erica sat on the top stair clutching her knees. She wore faded jeans and a simple tight red t-shirt, low cut. Her hair as always….in her blue bow.

Hannah opened the door slowly and peered out of it.

“hello” she muttered  quietly as she gazed upon the man on her front porch.

“Good evening, is the Fisher Residence?” a cheeky grin grew across Hannah’s face and she nodded.

“Are you our much anticipated guest, Dr. Waltz?” He nodded too and passed Hannah the flowers and red wine. She opened the door to let him in, he paused in front of her and took her free hand softly and kissed it. She blushed, and looked up at Erica.

“Is he always like this” He then looked up at her too, a look of not admiration or happiness, but of burning lust, desire…and want.

“No….he’s never done that before, he’s just trying to make the one girl I’ve never let a man hold a door open for her see what real chivalry is”

“Oh you are good” She laughed and walked through to the kitchen and called her mother. Erica quickly made her way down stairs and stood closely to Christoph….he smelt just as perfect as ever.

“So what’s the plan for later….instead of leaving… stay in the guest bedroom and sneak into my room and make sweet love to my small innocent body or”

He ssshed her and covered her mouth gently with his fore and middle finger.

“Not now….” He moved away from her slightly and waited for Erica’s mother to come and give the doctor the tour of the home….

Alyson was about to finish her shift when a nurse from the hospital called asking for her.

“Yello?” She was just happy to be going home.

“Oh Hi….urm we are just calling to let you know that the doctors are taking Vanessa out of sedation tonight, would you be able to come and comfort her after she wakes up she’ll be rather scared and disorientated”

“Oh god sure….can I bring her roommate…..she’ll appreciate her company a lot more than mine”

“Sure….just make sure you’re here before 9”

“Sure thanks” Alyson hung up and then rang to admin to get the number of Erica’s old home…..

Dr.Waltz-Chapter 6

Finally the update has been completed


They walked the white….sterile halls of the hospital. Coughs, splutters, children screaming, adults screaming were all that could be heard. Erica could not contain her nerves as well as she hoped, she was sweating and shaking like never before. They stopped outside the doorway of the ward Vanessa was laying in. A doctor stood by and watched a tiny male nurse take her blood. She was hooked up to some machine, thus instantly making Erica become more worried and in angst. Erica pulled away from the nurse and ran over to Vanessa’s bedside; she almost collapsed and grabbed her still warm hand. Erica wanted to cry…..but knew too well that Vanessa wouldn’t want that. So as hard as it was…..she held back the tears.

“I’m so sorry….so so so sorry, Sorry” She gripped tightly.

“Excuse me….who are you?”

“It’s ok she’s Vanessa friend….from the institute….” The friendly nurse flashed her ID and helped Erica up into the chair.

“What is her situation?” The nurse asked rubbing Erica’s arms…..the poor girl couldn’t stop staring at Vanessa…..just lying in the bed there….all because of her… was killing her.

“Well she’s hooked up to this machine because we have put her in an induced coma to help her heart get back to normal…..she suffered a severe overdose, we found irregular amounts of sleeping pills, weight gain, anti-psychotics and anti-depressants in her system…..she took twice the amount of sleeping pills…..was she showing any signs of….well you know” He flipped his chart closed and looked at both the girls. Then the Erica’s nurse looked down at her.

“No…..not at all…..she was getting so much better…..I don’t get it so she had high amounts of everything in her system……”

“Yes….like I said….especially the sleeping pills which can be the real kicker…..we pumped her stomach and are now taking blood samples to see what other damage is done…..but it’s not great….she will wake up but….there is a high chance she will have long term health issues because of this…..who is her psychiatrist”

“Dr.Waltz, but she wasn’t seeing eye to eye with him…..she didn’t….she doesn’t like him” Erica stuttered and stammered. Dr.Waltz….it was the first time he had even crossed her mind since finding out about her dear Vanessa.

“I’ll see if he could hand over her notes to another doctor. I mean it would be in her best interest….you can stay for another 10 minutes but I will have to ask you to leave so we can finish our tests” He shot one small smile at them and walked away. Erica felt cold… cold. Her skin itched….specially the scars on her arms. She just stared down at them… that moment….she felt utterly alone….just her….and Vanessa’s still sick body next to her. A buzzing noise was heard…..oh it was just the machine. Erica’s eyes began to glaze over and her mouth became drier than before. She balled her fists and closed her eyes…..then….

“Can we go now…..I don’t want to come back until she wakes up…..” Erica opened her eyes and everyone had returned…..the noises and the smell of the hospital had returned.

“Ok sweetheart”

“I didn’t get your name sorry” Erica was helped up once again.

“It’s Alyson”

“cool…..thank you Alyson” Nurse Alyson smiled at Erica’s friendly gesture and she drove Erica back to her home…..which now once again just felt like a prison. 

Alyson opened Erica’s room door and the two where both surprised at the sight that befell them. Dr. Waltz was standing between the two beds reading one of Erica’s handwritten novels. Erica coughed loudly.

“Oh my…..excuse me ladies…..I was just waiting to hear the news on Vanessa…..and to see if….you were ok” He pointed the book to Erica who just looked completely pissed off.

“Not good….she overdosed Doctor… should be expecting a call from her physician to discuss handing her over to another psychiatrist…..word is that you two do not connect”

“Oh….that’s no surprise….well ok did you give him my cell number” nurse Alyson nodded.

“Fantastic ….may I have a moment alone with Erica please Alyson, thank you” she looked at Erica and nodded reassuringly. Erica shuffled into her room and stood before the doctor.

“Great book by the way….may I take it home tonight and finish it?”

She shrugged.

“If you really want…..I couldn’t care less”

“Is it really that bad?”

“Yes…..fuck me man I really messed up this time…..but it sounds like she actually OD herself….no help with me….drugging her” She whispered to him.

“Do you want me to help you relax…..I know a great way” He walked over to her and threw the book down onto Erica’s bed. He took a strand of her hair and played with it.

“Christoph….as much as I would love this to happen….I really don’t feel like it….I drugged my best friend….who clearly was trying to drug herself…’s too much for even my brain to comprehend….” Erica bit her nails now…..shaking.

“I want to make you feel better…..and there is only one way I know that will…..” He leant down to whisper in her ear. Her heart fluttered and her skin and sex grew warm. She smiled a little to herself….then stopped.

“I want to taste you” He whispered deeply yet softly in her ear. She almost collapsed. He caught her and held her tightly.

“Honestly… have to be kidding me…..I feel cutting my throat open… should be able to see that……if you care about me that much Christoph… would know that I need fucking not just eating out” She pulled him down and pushed him onto the bed. He was stunned….then smiled widely as she began to straddle him. He grabbed her tightly and began to kiss her neck……suddenly he could hear faint crying…..then felt drops of warm moisture fall onto his neck….He pushed Erica up right. My god she was crying.

“Erica…..Erica my dear” He looked up at her….even though her hands covered her face, her sobs where not silent. He held her….close…..soothing her. She now sat with her legs wrapped around him and he finally managed to move her hands from her face. He gently touched her tear stained cheeks and then kissed them.

“I want to hurt myself so bad…..I just….I just want her to be ok doc….I really do…..I can’t live with the guilt and I can’t…..I know I shouldn’t see you anymore but I’m just too drawn to you…..” Her breaths between her sobs where just barely audible.

He nodded silently and kissed her forehead, and then pulled out her blue ribbon from his pocket….then proceeded to tie her hair up. She smiled slightly to herself then sighed.

“I just hope she wakes up ok….I’m going to tell her everything….she’ll forgive me right… of course she won’t….can I just run away with you?”

“Don’t tempt me….but from my experience as a psychologist…..telling the truth to someone you love is the best way… can’t love someone if you keep things from them….its fact”

“Yeah but will she even forgive me?”

“Most likely not for a long, long….long time…..but someday….she would be stupid not to forgive that face….”  Erica blushed and smiled widely.

“Do you feel more in control….now that Vanessa is temporarily incapacitated….”

“Yes…..but more guilt”

“But you feel it don’t you…..the control…..your life has that independency back…..the one your class mates stole…..your family stole when they put you here…..” Erica looked dead into his eyes….paused for a moment….then nodded ever so slightly, she looked down, their bodies were so close…..tight….warm.

“I want you to make me lose it…..just for a moment….” She pulled the long blue ribbon from her hair and held it.

“Tie me up with this……have your way….make me feel that…..anger…..that loss….I need to be punished….I need to feel p…p…punished” She uttered her sentence and closed her eye while the doctor took the ribbon. He wedged the door shut with a chair….closed the blinds and stood above Erica who now was laying on her bed……he tied her hands onto the bed post and wasted no time in removing her shorts and panties. He slid down to her warm moist sex and panted on it heavily. She squirmed around…..moaning. He took his tongue ever so gently and took one slight lick of her throbbing clit.  Erica was already in turmoil. She couldn’t cope with him teasing her….taking away her control. He continued to take little small licks…..some lasting long….some quick. He grabbed her thigh and pushed it apart more….squeezing ever so gently onto it. Erica….eyes closed, bit her lip to contain her moans.

“You taste like perfection” Christoph’s voice called from between her legs, kissing around her labia. He went in once again, this time more aggressively…..sucking and lapping her clit so hard and fast. Erica couldn’t handle the pleasure, she so desperately wanted him to insert his fingers and make her gush like the night before. But this wasn’t about what she wanted….this was about him doing what he wanted….so as much as it pained her….she let him continue to push her towards the brink of sexual insanity.

Her toes curled and throat burned as he didn’t stop…..even after she had an orgasm. He felt her clit twitch and her taste changed…to something spectacularly sweet. Sweeter than before, and he loved the way a woman tasted after she had an orgasm. It was something of a delicacy.

Erica cried out slightly for him to stop….she couldn’t take it, her head felt like it was about to detach from its self. He didn’t listen for a while….but he came short of breath and pulled away. 

Erica’s body unclenched and sighed. Christoph wiped his mouth clean with a handkerchief from his top pocket. He leant over and untied Erica and kissed her head.

“Do you feel better?”

“No….but I enjoyed the orgasm” She sat up and pulled her shorts back over herself. The doctor nodded and stood up.

“Our session still on for tomorrow….I feel we have a lot to talk about….”

“As always” He smiled down at her while opening the blinds.

“Don’t forget the book” She held it up to him. He took it….brushing his thumb onto hers. Electricity ran through them both.

“I’ll see you tomorrow my dear” And without another word left. Eric was then left alone….with her thoughts….and that continuous tingling sensation between her legs. She looked over at Vanessa’s empty…unmade bed. She couldn’t resist climbing into it….just to actually feel her. The sheets were warm with her sweet smell.  She cocooned herself in her quilt and began to once again cry.

“I’m sorry my darling….please forgive me” was the last thing she said….before the warmth….comfort and tiredness took over her body and she fell asleep…..

The next day came quickly…..and still no news from the hospital, Erica stared at herself in Vanessa’s mirror tying her hair up. She then looked down and saw that shade of red Vanessa would wear when she needed…..some self-confidence boost.  Erica hovered over the lipstick, twitching her fingers over it. She grabbed it, popped the lid off and wound it up. The red glistened in her eyes and made her smile. It glided across her lips perfectly, staining her plump lips…..

She slammed her room door, and strode towards her appointment with Christoph. She felt anxious, not just to see him but the thought of Vanessa, just lying there…..helpless. All because of her and her stupid selfish want to see and be teased by Dr. Waltz.

“Hey sweetheart”  Erica found herself standing in the middle of the hallway, she had been standing there for a while, and the smooth, deep voice of Doctor Christoph Waltz brought her back to reality.

“How long was I standing there….how long have you been standing there….man I’m tired”

“You look fantastic today….that shade of lipstick is really something”

“Thank you….can we get started I have a lot to talk about”

“As do I…..I finished your book”

“AlREADY…….it is really long did you not sleep?”

“Not a lot….come on then, let’s get started” He gently pushed her lower back to lead her to his office. She tingled from the touch and sighed.

“Do you want to talk about last night….Vanessa or…”

“What did you think of my book….honestly?”  Erica leant forward and crossed her arms. Dr. Waltz chuckled and leant back, he was getting comfortable in his dominance.

“Your writing is something I have never read before….its unique, fresh, beautiful……my dear you are amazing….your characters mesh well, they develop and in a way undeveloped sometimes. It brought me to tears”

“You didn’t hate the ending….I hate the ending so much”

“No….no no no…my dear it was perfect”

“Really… are the only other person to read it; Vanessa doesn’t even know it exists”

“I see…..why is that?” She said nothing….just looked around the room and tucked some hair behind her ears. She hasn’t let Vanessa read it because she was worried Vanessa would like it….understand it….hate it.  Vanessa was the most important person to her, and her approval was something she craved, but was too afraid to seek.

“mmmhm….” He started scribbling notes down.  This made Erica even more anxious.

“Any news on Vanessa?” Christoph spoke a little while writing his notes.

“No…..I keep trying to take my mind off of her….every time I think I get there….she just pops right back up….”

“You think about her when your with me….did you think about her last night while I performed cunnilingus on you…..did she pop up then?” she smirked a little and shook her head.

“Thought so…..” He smiled this….cheeky….devilish smile and stopped writing, and took his glasses off and just…..gazed at Erica.

“can I see you again….tonight?”

“How…I’ll be trapped in my room, I cannot keep sneaking out”

“What if I told you that I could speak to your mother about giving you one night from here….something like a trial break from the institute… climb down the guttering of your home….and you meet me a few blocks from your house….and I take you somewhere far…somewhere….secluded?” Erica’s mouth hung open slightly….and her body shook.

“Christoph this is so dangerous…..are you sure you could get my Mom to agree to this….she hasn’t visited me in over 6 months….”

“I’m sure she’ll find me charming….you certainly have”

“Right….so you’re going to charm my mom into thinking I’m totally ok with being away from here….I’m so NOT going to hurt myself”

“Only for one night….I’m being realistic here my dear….of course she wouldn’t agree to a week or 2….but one night….well, she’d be foolish not to”

“And how could she say no to that face….” Erica smiled rubbed the back of her neck.

“Then it’s a date” He slipped his glasses back onto his face and continued writing…..

Dr.Waltz-Chapter 5

Erica stood by the door waiting for the doctor to open it for her. She leant on it casually watching him stroll over to her. He stood close to her and slid his hand behind her hair…holding the back of her neck gently. For a while he just looked at her….with a slight smile.

“You make me feel so good” Erica mumbled to him. He nodded once then went into kiss her. She stopped him, not to tease him….but she didn’t want to ruin that moment…it didn’t need a kiss. Just for him to touch her flesh. He opened the door and pushed her out quickly and shut the door abruptly.  She skipped back to her room, she did her best not to get caught but…..

“Erica….Erica come on! You’re  trying to get out again!” a tall female nurse called her. She stopped and held her hands up.

“Ok….sorry, I wasn’t trying to get out I was just….I had a bad moment and needed…air”

“You know you have to buzz if you need help, don’t ever leave at this time again” She shuffled over wearing a cosy cardigan.

“It’s ok Erica, I know you are a good girl….oh you smell like….” She paused for a moment then looked at her closely.

“Where have you been” She smirked at her a little. This nurse knew the scent on her… was the doctor….she must be fond of him too.

“Can I just go back to my room, it’s been a hectic night” The nurse nodded and linked arms with Erica and took her back to her room. She opened the door and saw that Vanessa was still sleeping…heavily.

“She out like a light hey….look whatever you plan to…..just make sure you don’t get in too much trouble and just watch yourself” She rubbed her arm in a friendly manor then bid her goodnight. Erica switched on her little lamp and slumped down on her bed. She pulled out her spectacles and took out a book…..but however Erica never looked at her book. Just looked around the room and then finally looked longingly at Vanessa. It pained her to know she couldn’t tell her all that happened, and express her true emotions. All she could do was lie and hide the truth from her, and that just wasn’t what they were about.

Erica actually spent the next several hours just watching Vanessa breathe deeply in her peaceful although drug induced sleep. She pulled her blue ribbon from under her pillow and tied it in her hair. It was odd how her mind was one minute fixated on her wild sordid affair with the doctor…then the next a dark foggy cloud hung around in her mind. She felt guilt, anger, she felt out of control… god he was right.

Of course he was, he could never be wrong.

Eventually exhaustion caught up with her and she passed out, arm hanging off the bed  and her glasses falling off her face onto the floor. Her sleep didn’t last long…..

“Erica….come cuddle me I have a headache!” Vanessa moaned under her sheets. Erica’s eyes flittered open and smiled at the Vanessa shaped lump under her quilt. She rubbed her eyes and pulled herself up, skipped over and slipped under the sheets with her.

“Morning gorgeous” Vanessa’s croaky voice soothed Erica.

“Hey honey… sleep well?”

“Like a log but fuck me my head…I need head kisses” Erica pulled Vanessa’s head to her soft lips and gave her gentle, tender kisses. Each one she could feel that she was making things better….kind of.

“I don’t even remember going to sleep….” Vanessa trailed off and rubbed her brow.  Erica pulled the sheet off of them….silence, Erica couldn’t find much to say to her darling Vanessa. The guilt was too much; she couldn’t believe how deep it embedded itself inside her brilliant mind. It burnt in the back of her scalp…made her skin itch and her stomach churn.

“I’m going for a cig” Vanessa tried to crawl over Erica’s still body, but she didn’t make it completely over. She was laying on top of her, looking straight into each other’s eyes, souls….possibly minds. Erica’s shaky hands held onto Vanessa tightly.

“What has gotten into you…seriously you have become this…..brand new shiny person and I have no idea how to take it really”

“I don’t either” Erica sighed. Vanessa rolled her eyes and then eventually rolled off Erica.


“If you want to continue this conversation, I will be outside…..smoking and finishing a magazine article stating how some women have become more sexist than actual men…’d love to talk about that, if you actually want to spend time with me instead of him” Vanessa wasted no time leaving, she slammed the door leaving Erica with her bitter guilt.


Erica kicked around outside Dr.Walz’s office for a while, she failed finding Vanessa. She must really be mad at her, but fuck knows why. It angered her, once again Vanessa’s stubbornness and her loss of control drove her straight back to Christoph.

A gentleman coughed behind her. She turned and smiled widely. There he was, hair looking thick and luscious, that smell…that smile.

“Morning my dear” He pulled his keys out of his dark brown pants and began to unlock the door.

“I really have to talk to you……Like now” Erica pulled at her hair hard. His deep eyes looked at her worryingly. Pushed the door open and led her in.

“What’s wrong are you ok, do you think it’s something I did last night……did I push you too far?” He took her hand  and sat her down slowly. She crossed her legs, tightly.  He then placed a warm hand on her bare thigh, Erica obviously wore shorts today, she loved letting him see her flesh.

“Vanessa……I drugged her last night so I could see you, and I cannot cope with the guilt….I feel like I’m in the tell-tale heart…..seriously and Vanessa’s wellbeing is beating under the floor boards……” Erica held her head in her hands and moaned deeply.

“What did you drug her with….sleeping pills”

“yes….but now I think she took her other meds too, the dose I gave her might have been too much…..”
“Erica that’s pretty stupid…..also wrong…..and dangerous….look if seeing me is turning you into this irrational, loose person then maybe I should refer you to someone else”

“NO” She screamed then grabbed his hands. Her grip was tight, it pained him slightly. He looked down at their hands together, then at her face. It was pale…..sad…..desperate, but her lips, where pink and lusting for a kiss. He grew hard almost instantly, and could not resist them any longer. He slowly edged in towards the lips of Erica and planted a soft kiss; while he did this he took her hand down to his bulging crotch and placed her hand there. She didn’t argue, she rubbed softly across his ever growing erection. He began to kiss her neck, up towards her ear and grabbed her tiny shaking body.

“It seems your need for me my dear Erica has….well made me want you more…I want to take your purity right this very moment…..but I cannot in such a brash manor… are just too special for that”

“Doctor I do not need special…..I just need you” she held onto him tightly with one hand….while the other began to unzip his pants…..


The two pulled away from each other so fast they both almost lost their footing. The doctor sat behind the desk, hiding his erection, while Erica tucked the stray hairs behind her ears and crossed her legs on the couch.

“Come in” the door opened and it was the nurse from last night…..Erica blushed and looked away.

“Sorry…Erica…..something has happened and you need to come with me ok”

“well what is it, I’m very busy” Erica crossed her arms, like a disgruntled toddler being told off, the nurses expression did not change and she held her hand out to Erica now.

“It’s Vanessa….” Erica turned her head and looked at the nurse. She turned her head so fast that the ribbon, that she only loosely tied in her hair this morning fell out.  She turned even whiter than before. She stood up slowly, without a word, not even glancing at the doctor, took the nurses hand and was led away…

“She just collapsed….grabbing her head, her pulse is all over the shop Erica; I think she may have overdosed…” Erica stopped dead in her tracks and covered her mouth.

“They’ve taken her to the nearest hospital, I’ve got permission to take you to see her” all Erica could hear was her heartbeat….thumping…over and over and over. Her mouth was dry……this was a panic attack, surely.

“I’ll take your stunned silence as a yes” the nurse wrapped her own cardigan around the shaking Erica and they rushed out to her car…..

Dr Waltz-Chapter 4

 Explicit Chapter…ENJOY! :)

Erica was picking the petals off a daisy when Vanessa walked over slowly….Erica didn’t even notice.

“I need a cuddle” Vanessa held her arms open in front of Erica….she looked up slowly….then abided.

She snuggled into the thin arms of Vanessa and stroked her hair gracefully.

“Wanna sleep in with me tonight….”

“You go to sleep too quickly….”

“True but I thought it would maybe help you get over this…hump you seem to be stuck on….” Vanessa kissed the top of Erica’s head many times.

“Alright….but as long as we go to bed before nine…..that session with Dr.W took it out of me”

“Oh you have already abbreviated his name…what next first name terms… must really see potential in him….I for one didn’t go to my session because I signed us up for Yoga again…they got a new instructor to host the classes again!” Erica smiled up at her friend. Even though Vanessa couldn’t fulfil what the doctor could. She still loved Nessa…..always will.

“Well you shouldn’t skip them…but I suppose I could see past that as you did something good” Erica pulled away and took Vanessa’s hand tightly. They walked together through to the secret garden. Erica felt an urge to kiss Vanessa……but she didn’t know why…..then she looked over and saw the doctor picking some of the flowers in the main garden….perhaps a gift for her later, but the urge to kiss Vanessa only came from knowing that Christoph was now watching the two girls standing close together, almost touching one another’s bodies. She wanted to tease him….to show him she was adventurous…..but Erica had never kissed….well anybody before, only in her stories and wildest fantasies. She sighed and looked up at Vanessa deeply.

“What….you have that look, what…” Erica tiptoed up to Vanessa so their lips were barely touching.

“Oh….right….you ready for me to show you how to….right” Vanessa took Erica gently and rested her against one of the tall walls of green that divided the garden from the secret one. Erica’s eyes glanced over and saw Christoph still standing there.  Vanessa then without warning planted her warm lips onto Erica dry quivering ones. Vanessa hands gripped tightly onto Erica’s arms. Then after 4 seconds she pulled away from Erica and looked down at her.

“That’s pretty much the basics…unless you wanna go over frenching?”

Erica shook her head and tucked some hair behind her ears…

“No thank you….shall we go to dinner then….then go back to our room….I…I”

“You enjoy kissing me?” Vanessa was blunt…Erica was thrown off.

“What…well you are like my best friend….no you are my soul and everything….you are the other part of me….but I just felt like doing it ok….don’t make a big thing out of it ok” Erica rubbed Vanessa’s arms and took her hand once again and led her out of the gardens….but when she looked around….the doctor had disappeared. She hopped he caught that moment. She truly did…..

Erica couldn’t stop thinking about how tonight….would be the most amazing night of her life. She just wanted to touch his skin….kiss his chin and neck….he had the most amazing features.

“HEY! Stop daydreaming!.” Vanessa pushed Erica at the dinner table, Erica looked up at the clock….6pm. Not much longer to wait. She guessed she could give Vanessa her full attention until later that night….Erica had no idea what to wear, she thought about going through Vanessa’s things while she slept.  There had to be something…revealing that she could tantalise the doctor with.

The sun was setting and the girls where tucked into Vanessa’s bed together, once again reading.  Vanessa’s voice kept trailing off and her eyes became heavy…..Erica did something bad. Erica put Vanessa’s sleeping pills in her tea.

This girl isn’t an evil person, or untruthful….well mostly. Erica knew the doctor made her feel…..better. She was just doing what was best for her, but she knew her dearest friend was too sensitive to discuss these matters with. So….while Vanessa was arguing with a nurse….she crushed the pills into her drink. She knew exactly what dose would send her off early enough and leave her knocked out for the whole night. Erica didn’t know what time she would be back. Erica watched Vanessa fall into a deep…long, heavy sleep, she kissed her cheek….then her forehead. She slipped out from under the covers and began to look through Vanessa’s many clothes.  She looked through carefully to find the perfect outfit. Then she found the tightest black dress. It made Erica’s mind wonder to its sordid corner.

She slipped it over her head and it hugged her body….she looked at her reflection and smiled. The dress extenuated each curve of her body, her breasts almost bursting out of them. She pulled out the black pumps she wore earlier that day, slipped them on slowly and spun around quietly. She opened her door slowly looking down the corridor. Lights out wasn’t till 10 but it still felt….well naughty. She tiptoed as quickly as she could to his office, she didn’t want anyone to see her, they would ask too many question and it would just frustrate her. She would hate for Christoph to see her…upset. She made it just before 9 and knocked gently. She could see light coming from under the door, she just couldn’t stop smiling and shaking. He opened the door abruptly.

“Come in” He pulled her inside and shut the door just as quick as he opened it. She stood just by and looked around. The room was lit by a soft candle light and a roaring fire. She always thought the fire place was unusable. He pulled the blinds down, and laid a blanket on the floor in front of the lit fire place. He turned to face her, only wearing tight black pants and a pale blue shirt, no tie and a few buttons undone at the top, some grey hairs poking out from the top. Erica wanted nothing more than for him to rip open his shirt and take her then and there.

He stood by the blanket and took his glasses off…and just looked at Erica. Watching her pull at the bottom of her dress nervously, and looking around the room in a shy, coy manor.

“You want to join me over here Erica?” She skipped over happily, kicked off her pumps and stood on the soft blanket. He then ran the back of his hand down her bare pale arm. He could feel her hairs stand up on end from his kind, loving touch. He then took her hand and led her to sit down with him. He then pulled the flowers out he picked early and passed them to her. She took them carefully….blushing.

“I thought of you….whenever I see these, I just think of you” He smiled at her as her eyes lit up with joy.

“Thank you Christoph”

“And when I look at them…it also reminds me of how aroused I was watching you and Vanessa kiss today behind the bushes” She stopped smiling and looked right at him.

“Don’t act stupid Erica you know I saw you….you wanted me to see” He smirked at her while she placed her flowers down beside her. She flicked her hair from her face and bit her quivering bottom lip. She then lent back exposing her curves to him more.

“I actually I wanted to relieve myself, but I am a professional”

“You and I have different ideas of professional”

“Do you and Vanessa…interact like that often?”

“No….but I can more often…if that’s what you like, would you like me to tell you about how we cuddle and share the bed some nights” He lent back now too….watching her body, her chest raising up and down, the fire shadowing parts of her perfect frame.

“Lay down…” he told her and she did, without question. He moved closer to her and sat above her. He was sitting down between her stomach and thighs, and he placed his hand on her midsection. He then traced his fingers down over her belly and towards her pelvis. It tickled her slightly, she looked at him, and he just looked down at what he was doing.

“Does it make you feel better, knowing how much I think about you…what you do, how you look, smell….how I want to be near you all the time”


“And does it make you happy to know you have power over me and Vanessa?”


“Well that confirms my initial ideas, so you see that  is all you have ever wanted… have just wanted people to worship you, to admire you, because you are brilliant, and beautiful and the only reason you ever hurt yourself because you knew it was unlikely to happen….well” He began to pull up her dress, she froze. She begged for him to touch her…her underwear began to soak as her ever growing need for his touch became almost too much.

“Well….I think it’s only fair to make you feel even better, now we have discovered the real cause for your mental turmoil” He pulled it up quickly exposing her panties, now almost dripping wet. He placed his index finger hard on her clitoris, feeling it through the moist material. It was practically throbbing. He pushed and rubbed it harder….and harder. She began to move and snake around in pleasure. Her eyes tightly closed as she let him make her feel…..worshiped….

Christoph then began to slowly pull her panties down. Erica covered her face; she couldn’t cope with the tension and the lust almost exploding out of her. He placed them neatly beside them and continued to rub this time with his thumb. Her toes curled and legs shook as he continued to play with her.

“Kiss me” rolled like a tiny whisper from her lips. Dr Waltz looked up at her and smiled.

“Soon….” Was all he said, and then what he did was something of a pleasant surprise to Erica, but he slowly inserted his index finger inside her and pushing down on her clitoris began to gently finger her sex, pushing up and around, doing things Erica had never thought to do herself.

“You must remain quiet my dear….and I know this will be hard, but I know you can handle cumming, I’m sure you’ve done it silently plenty of times”

She nodded, covering her mouth as moans tried to escape her throat. He inserted another finger, and focused solely now on making Erica feel fantastic. He gained speed and a rhythm that could only be described as perfect. Erica could feel it….that warm sensation just before her pussy becomes a warm wet mess. But as she reached this point he stopped. Removed his fingers and wipped them on the blanket. She sat up and looked at him with nothing but pure anger.

“And how does me doing that make you feel”

“Pretty pissed doc” began to bit her nails and her knee shook. “Look stop playing games….i’ve thought about this, and I need this, please make me cum”

“I want to make you cum in a more….interesting way…I want you to feel good, but also want to test a theory out on how you don’t like losing control, I mean right there you thought I was just going to pleasure you because you were close and ready….so” He then pulled out a small silver vibrator from under the couch. Erica’s eyes lit up with excitement…maybe a little worry too.

“Lay back down please”

Boy did she lay back down fast. He switched it on and the whirring sounds filled Erica with anticipation she had never felt before. He teased her clit with the end, it was breathtakingly good. This toy was massaging her clit better than the doctor was….maybe too much. The pleasure very quickly became too much. She began to let out sounds of….well moans of a mad woman. She wanted it to stop but then…she didn’t. The doctor sssh’d her as he increased the speed. Her eyes widened and her back arched up high. Her feet twitched and as did her legs. She covered her mouth with one hand as her screams had become too much, and with the other gripped tightly onto the blanket. Then without warning…warm liquid came gushing out of her….and her head tilted back as she cried out in ecstasy. The doctor laughed and watched the young lady submit to her orgasm. Her body glowed and trembled. He threw the vibrator to one side then made his way to the top of her body. He ran his fingers across her chest, up her neck and onto her lips. Where he ran them across the bottom lip, her tongue slid from between them and licked the top of his fingers. She then took two of them in her mouth and licked, and sucked them in an aggressive manor.

“Easy there…don’t get too lost” He pulled them out carefully and just looked down into her eyes. They sparkled, just as he had hoped. He lent down and began to kiss her, their lips smacking together gently at first, but he couldn’t resist slipping his tongue into her warm mouth. Their tongues danced around one another’s mouths in a graceful way. Erica’s hand touched the side of Christoph’s face, a sign of deep affection. They stopped and just looked at one another.

“I can’t wait to talk about that tomorrow Dr.Waltz” She grinned and laughed gently as he found himself…holding her in his arms, stroking hair from her face.

“Yes…..neither can I” he then went in for another kiss, much to Erica’s joy…..

Dr Waltz-Chapter 3

Vanessa sat and watched Erica’s silhouette writhe around….she was masturbating again….and Vanessa was incredibly intrigued. She sat crossed legged on the bed….cigarette burning. Erica slid the doors open smiling, once she saw Vanessa sitting there it faded.

“Have fun?” She laughed a little blowing smoke out. Erica shrugged and slipped a dressing gown on.

“You need to be more quite if you’re going to be doing….that more often….do it when I’m not here!”

“Oh you love it” Erica teased and giggled.

“Maybe…so who are you thinkin’ about….another book character?” She stood up and took a brush and began to brush out Erica’s tangled hair.

“Ye….ah” Erica smiled…breaking her words. She was just excited to see the doctor again.

“Right….so what you wearing today….another t-shirt jeans ensemble?”

“Actually….can a I borrow that lovely long checked shirt of yours….it comes up just to here”

“…..why” Vanessa looked down at her with a little frustration in her eyes.

“I just….felt like a change”

“You hate change….you hate that new doctor and you hated it when they moved our rooms….why now”
“I never said I hated the doctor, that was you, now can I borrow it or not” Erica’s tone was…..irritable, she just wanted to see the doctor….that was all.

“If I can find it….why not….” Vanessa turned quickly on her heel. Erica fumbled around putting underwear on, she could feel the cold come off her friend. Vanessa wasn’t stupid; she had to sense that something was askew.

Vanessa pulled it out of a plastic box and handed it to Erica. She snatched it quickly and slipped it on. It fit tightly around her chest and in at the middle.

“Should I wear…like pants or something…”

“No….just the shirt…and these pumps….you’ll look…sexy” Vanessa shook as she took out another cigarette. She was visibly upset, but Erica knew she wouldn’t admit it….not right away anyway….

By the time Midday approached Erica’s hair was dry…thick and waving down her back.

“Your ribbon….don’t forget that” Vanessa attempted to tie it in her friends hair. But she dismissed her, abruptly.

“I wanna….wear it down” she began biting her nails….

“I see….” She slammed it down into her lap and sat on the window sill, back to  and Erica silent. Erica grew tired of Vanessa’s childishness. But she didn’t have time, she had somewhere she needed and wanted to be. She walked out of the room. Her pale skin, porcelain like almost….glistening. The nurses looked at her peculiarly.

“Erica….you look nice today” she heard on her way down to the doctor’s office.  She enjoyed the praise. She had never been bothered by her appearance….but it was nice to hear these things from time to time. She reached his door, paused for a moment….placed her hand on the door and pushed it open…..

“Hi” she said standing in the doorway….she shut the door and lent on it. The doctor was sitting behind his desk writing something….he looked up and just…studied her. She pushed herself off the door and skipped over to the couch.

“My, you look stunning” He took his glasses off and studied her more. She sat, once again cross legged and played with her hair.  He took his time to make his way to his chair. Erica now began to study him. He wore a dark brown tweed jacket. Earthy toned shirt, very tight brown pants a beautiful shiny shoes. She imagined running her hands through his hair…kissing his neck….

“So Erica, did you think much about what was said yesterday, despite how little was mentioned”

“I did….I appreciate your….interest but….I think I would at least get to….let you get to know me better….i mean those are just….his notes….and I believe that when you get to know me better, you may…well let’s find out…you wanna get deep inside…”

“Deep inside what” He smirked slightly tapping his pen on his pad….his knee bouncing up and down slightly…Erica didn’t reply straight away, her lip quivered…then turned into a smile.

“My mind of course doctor…what else”

“I could think of something…..” He looked into her this time…..its like he was looking for something to make her tip over the edge. Well whatever he was doing it certainly was working. Erica let out a small gasp and gripped her hair in her hands.

“Dr. Waltz….” She placed her hand on her chest and blushed.

“Please….I’d rather you called me Christoph…..”

“I think I’d like that too….Christoph” She loved how his name purred from her lips. It was such a beautiful name.

“I want to hear it all….from the start…every detail, every emotion, every grazed knee…..the pigeon story sounds a like it will be a riot…..i want to know about…..your loves….any….deep thoughts, violent or sexual…..usually in most cases they are linked….but most of the time I want you to just come and talk to me…..I think I’m really going to like talking to you” He lent forward as did she.

“Great….can I ask for one song request before we get started….Mozart .symphony number 41….in of course C minor” These words filled the doctor with true happiness. He stood up quickly, fumbled around with the old record player and the sounds of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra filled the air.

They sat for the hour, Erica talked and talked….this was the most open she had been in years….well at least to someone other than Vanessa. However she didn’t talk about Vanessa….at all, which the doctor picked up on…but did not mention to the girl sitting in front of him. He nodded….responded….then for the last 10 minutes of their session spoke of books, art and history.

“I would love to read some of the things you have written my dear; I can imagine….romance but lots of death…”

“How could you tell” She giggled and stood up. He stood up too….just like yesterday.

“I better go…you’re already running over” she pointed to the clock then looked down. She could feel nothing but disappointment now…..her session had ended and she had to go another 24 hours without seeing his face….or smile….or hearing his smooth Austrian voice. She could see slight disappointment in his eyes…but nothing….once again too noticeable.

“Yes…so it seems…well please bring me something to read tomorrow and….and of course your beautiful self….”

“Is that appropriate to say to a patient Dr…..”

“Maybe not…..but I can’t help myself….it’s hard to deny you such a strong truth….” He turned away and placed his notes on his desk. Erica said nothing….she just walked over to him….she was standing so close….she could feel the heat on her skin and the aftershave drowning her sense. She then placed on hand gently on his back.

“Thank you…..” she removed the hand quickly and bolted out of the door, slamming it shut. She didn’t pause or hesitate for a moment….just went straight back to her room…Vanessa wasn’t there…..most likely smoking and reading a book in the rec room. Their room, although their special place could get boring from time to time, Erica began to feel excitable again. He obviously found her attractive and flirted with her almost the entire time, but still took in what she said. Unless the whole time they were talking he just wrote down sordid ways he would fuck her senseless. Erica wanted the doctor….she wanted him more than her and Nessa to have a future together, hopefully out of the institute.  She wanted him to take her in every way possible. She wanted him to fuck her hard….slow….rough….soft, to spank her, to tie her up… sexually torment her with vibrators and to role play with her. She wanted to give him her purity. Her flower, she just wanted him. She grabbed her hair and closed her eyes, took a big breath out and smiled to herself. In years for years, without meds or treatment….Erica’s head was clear. She didn’t have the dark fog inside her head at that moment…she knew what she wanted and she knew it would make her….happier.

She had to have him….no matter what….

Vanessa didn’t return for a while, so Erica decided to take a walk in the gardens, Erica had been studying for university grade exams for months….and decided she need some time….to mainly plan her way into Dr Waltz pants.

On her way to the back door she felt his hand touch her….she could tell it was him….it was just dripping with warmth.

“Erica….i need to apologise for earlier today…”
“Please don’t…..I love your methods….and I … how you make me feel” He blushed a little it seemed and grinned.

“Well….in all honesty I do treat you….slightly different from the others”
“You can’t tell me that” Erica rubbed the back of her neck and looked around awkwardly.

“Of course…..but it is true….here….I have this for you….just a list of relaxation methods I personally use myself….they should help with the anger….although….its hard to imagine you frustrated….or even remotely angry” He passed her a folder piece of paper….she thought nothing of it and took it gratefully.

“You’re too kind”

“Well….I ‘ll let you continue out into the gardens….the bluebells are coming in wonderfully” He continued walking as Erica paid attention to the note she was unfolding in her hand. Once she fully unfolded it….she was shaking and gasping.

All it said was.

I will be in my office at 9pm. Knock 2 times. Wear your hair down and something shorter…..

She took that as her clear sign, as her beacon of hope…..despite the legal and the mental complications…..she knew she couldn’t refuse him. She smiled cheekily to herself and shoved the note into the top pocket of the long shirt….

Dr.Waltz-Chapter Two

Erica didn’t wait for Vanessa’s session to finish….she just wanted to be in their room, their sanctuary.

She shut the door slowly and calmed her breathing. She began to undress slowly; she needed to shower….cleanse her body and mind. She opened the wet room door and slammed it shut. The water ran cold at first…then heated up quickly…warming her blood, soaking her skin of all her thoughts and feelings…..

The water burnt her skin a little but she liked it….she began to run her hands down her neck and to her breasts. She found herself running them slowly over them…..suddenly her mind wondered….wondered to a bright….warm place in her mind….her hands were then covered by a gentlemen’s hands.  It was a particular gentlemen’s hands….she noticed the slight wrinkles in his hands…she slipped her hands from under his and those hands began to gently caress her small but perky breasts.  Moans crept from her throat…loudly. The doctor was in her head….after 10 minutes….she was already fantasizing about him….she hated herself….but couldn’t help herself. The doctor was kissing her neck as the water and steam engulfed them. Simple…gentle kisses sending her body spiking up into sexual heaven.

His lips then trailed up to her earlobe and began to nibble on it. She let out a slight scream and almost fainted. His hands then slid down to her womanhood. It was delicate and untouched. The only person to ever lay their hands on her sex…were hers actually, one time Nessa nearly did…..but right now her mind was fixated on Doctor Waltz….her mind made the doctor rub gently on her clitoris. Her eyes tightly closed, she bit her lip so hard she almost broke the skin.

Her back hit the dripping wet wall as Dr.Waltz’s tongue traced her lips and slid into her open mouth. And his fingers made their way inside her. Thrusting hard and fast, un-relentlessly their wet bodies rubbing closely against one another…..

“HEY” Vanessa banged on the door of the wet room. Erica was against the wall….her eyes opened and she saw her hands between her thighs. Erica pulled herself up quickly, turned the water off and called for a towel waving her hand out of the door. Vanessa pulled her arm instead and had Erica standing before her naked…wet and blushing.

“He is….a huge ass….I preferred the old guy….how long where you in there….you look prune…like” Vanessa began to wrap her in a towel.

“Hey….I don’t need help ok….” She snatched the towel and wrapped it around herself. Vanessa stood in shock. Looked oddly at Erica who now was slipping on a long Ramones t-shirt and black leggings, she still felt warm…everywhere.

“What’s got into you?”

“Nothing….its ok just feel…weird today”

“Did you take your meds” She nodded and threw herself down on the bed, with the book they were reading and read it silently. Vanessa was upset, real upset. What had that doctor done or said to her. She sat down on her own bed and watched Erica carefully, her body language and her eyes flicking through the words on the page…..this was the first time in a long time, that Erica had kept something from her….

In the dining hall the girls sat opposite each other….they had shared silence for hours….Vanessa had enough.

“Please talk to me….this is torture…what have I done?” Erica’s eyes looked up from her plate.  She sighed and put her fork down.

“Sorry I just…had a moment in the shower and it kinda took it out of me….it won’t happen again sweetheart” She grabbed Vanessa’s hand. Vanessa’s beautiful smile crept on her face once again.  She didn’t want to be cold or secretive with her….but she knew how Vanessa would react….Erica was hers in a way….and she wouldn’t want Erica to have these thoughts and feelings towards someone else. But she can’t stop these thoughts and feelings. If you find someone attractive…you just do.


Vanessa ate all she could, and Erica barely touched her food, her mind was fixated on her fantasy she had in the shower today. She chewed bubblegum linking arms with Vanessa, blowing bubbles and each one….her mind falling deeper and deeper into thoughts about the Doctor and his….busy hands. She blushed slightly as she spotted him locking his office door, he was done for the day it seemed.

“Good Evening ladies” He said, folders bulging from under his arms and briefcase barely hanging from his fingertips.

“Evening” Erica said ever so quietly. She didn’t look at him right away….but once her gaze made its way to his eyes…..she smiled, so widely….so…..naturally. It’s like time had slowed down….as Vanessa pulled Erica passed she could feel her smile more and more.

“You should smile more often Erica….you look wonderful” She just nodded as Vanessa had successfully dragged her away.

“What an ass” Vanessa said pushing the big wooden double doors to get to the stairs. Erica found herself…just giving him one last glance….as he fumbled around once more….then darted for the exit.

Vanessa smoked one last cigarette in bed before lights out. Erica lent her head on the wall drawing circles on it over and over. She wanted to finish what she started in the shower today….she felt tense….all over. Her body and head ached for more.

“The new doctor is unreal….his methods are unorthodox and shitty, he’s comes across pervy and obviously has no idea what he’s doing really…I mean he just assumed I was only here because of you…that I could leave whenever I want…like I NEEDED this place….”

“He said that to me….weird hey….I’m sure he’s building up to something….I guess”

“Yeah a fat load of nothing!” she snorted to herself, stubbed her cigarette out and laid down flat.

“Night then” Erica mumbled turning her head seeing Vanessa already fast asleep. Her type of meds helped her sleep at night, and they knocked her right out. Erica began to take her clothes off….she laid under her soft sheets, bare and moist ready for her own touch. Her eyes flickered under her lids, the first thing she imagined was his sent, then he appeared  with her….they were in his office….he grabbed her and threw her down onto the couch…the long white shirt she wore in her thoughts popped open and the doctor ripped the rest of it open, exposing her naked body. His hand trailed down hard her body and parted her legs roughly….she rubbed her clit in a violent fashion. She just wanted to orgasm….she needed the release. Her breathing became extremely wild, her head tossed and turned as her fantasy drove her to cum….she covered her mouth with her free hand as her other hand was soaked…her fingers slowed down and her back arched…she smiled….and couldn’t stop. She turned on her side and shook….her body was in pleasure….something she rarely felt…she couldn’t wait for her session tomorrow, to feel this pleasure again….to feel….warm….

The next morning Erica sat in the family room looking at the parking lot. Waiting for the doctor to arrive, Vanessa didn’t know what Erica was doing, and she wanted to keep it that way. She loved Vanessa, so much….but Erica had to do this.

She saw a beautiful Mercedes pull up in the parking space the old psychiatrist use to….they hadn’t even taken his name off the spot. Erica sat closer to the window as she watched intently, Dr Waltz had a large briefcase today…..and a large black leather bag. Her curiosity went wild. She bit her bottom lip imaging all the sordid things he would keep in that back. In reality its most likely files….his lunch maybe….but Erica couldn’t help herself. She undid the ribbon in her hair and let her hair fall down her shoulders. She wrapped the ribbon tightly around her hand and watched it turn slightly purple. He adjusted his thick spectacles and strolled to the front door. Typed in the passcode greeted the front desk lady in the most charming manor. Erica bolted up….hoping she would catch his eye. Walking past….bingo…his head turned and smiled widely. Erica waved; he entered the family room, and stood before her and looked at her…up and down then straight into her eyes.

“Morning Erica…what you doing in the family room….I wouldn’t have put you down for building blocks” He put down his things and sat down. He patted the space next to him. She felt her mouth go dry and her palms go sweaty.  She sat down….not close at first…and rested on the arm rest.

“Are you looking forward to today’s session?” She nodded silently….she couldn’t look at him….she was coy….but in her mind….the things she wanted to do him….were indescribable.

“I hope to get inside you….”

“Excuse me?” she turned her head….cheeks red….eyes glazed over with excitement.

“I said I hope to get inside your head more today, it’s my accent isn’t it…even the administrator had problems” he laughed to himself then continued.

“….you seem too quite….I actually prefer it when my patients spill out to me….it makes me feeling like I’m actually working” did she imagine him saying that. Selective hearing…another thing to tick off in the crazy box. She played with her hair and bit her bottom lip….looking away once again.

“Is midday still a good time?” he looked over at her….desperately trying to make eye contact.

“Yes Dr.Waltz that will be just fine….thank you” She turned her head slowly, flicked her hair from her face and gave him the eye contact. It was electrifying. Imagine your whole body being massaged by soothing vibrations. That’s exactly how it felt. He seemed a little over whelmed….but nothing too noticeable. However Erica couldn’t contain her joy.

“Wear your hair down….I like it down” He stood up slowly….picked his things up and left the room without another word. Erica then threw herself down on the couch and stared up into the ceiling.

“I need to take a shower” Erica mumbled to herself and ran back to her room….

Dr Waltz Fiction-Chapter One

Erica never thought people become crazy….she always thought people were just born that way. Born with something broken inside of them…and some people just hide it better than others….she wasn’t one of those people.

She never cried much as a child or wanted attention from people. She liked being alone.

At age 5 her mother saw her dissecting a pigeon….in asking Erica why she was cutting into the pigeon she replied.

“I killed it for scientific purposes I want to know if there were the same as I am inside”….her mother found this to be most disturbing. Obviously thinking that your child is going to become some kind of serial killer would push you to do the extreme.

She ended up being subjected to extensive and deep psychological treatment from then on. Her parents feared that she would become a serial killer or something. Now between us…that usually is the common mannerisms of a murderer. But Erica didn’t want to kill people….just that pigeon…that one time. Erica felt…as she got older that the treatment made her worse…caused her to have hallucinations….dark thoughts…burst of rage. One time when she was attempting to get through middle school she tried to smash up the class room because the teacher didn’t believe she knew the answer to a high school grade question. Erica is extremely intelligent. What she lacks in sanity she makes up for in IQ.

The final blow was when Erica tried to commit suicide in the class room in her senior year of high school. She sat there….listening to the girls sitting behind her, planning some elaborate prank to pull on Erica to totally humiliate her, Erica had enough of fighting the fools of the world….she decided to leave the world for the morons to destroy. Unfortunately she had no oven to stick her head in or lake to drown herself in like her heroines Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf. So she wrote a quick note in her notepad.

Dear Mom, Dad and Kendra

This world is far too ignorant and foolish for me

It pains me too much to live in it

So long

She pulled out the razors from a large pencil sharpener….and as her teacher drawled on she sliced her arms in quick deep fashions….the girl next to her screamed in panicked and watched Erica collapse out of her chair as blood poured from her arms….Erica cannot remember much about that day…just waking up in a hospital bed with 27 stiches and her family surrounding her.

This was the final straw her mother said. It’s not fair what she puts her family through. She had no choice. Oh she had a choice….she was just too damn scared to help her eldest daughter through this. They put her on meds and sent Erica Fisher, 18 years old to a mental institute, where she would stay until the doctors saw fit. But she had to stay till she was at least 21.

Erica is very short and small. Her skin, since her suicide attempt has been a ghostly white shade. Her hair is long and mousey brown, nothing glamorous. She usually puts it in a tight pony tail and has a bright blue ribbon tied around her head.

The bright blue ribbon was a gift from her grandfather….someone she could relate to…could depend on…if he was still alive. Pesky cancer got him when she was only 9.

The institute allows patients to wear their own attire. But Erica’s wardrobe was always that of simple jeans and t-shirts….shorts in the summer as the old building would get so warm it was almost unbearable, and so cold in the winter she wished for death some times.

Erica has a roommate. It is required that patients who suffer from depression and such to share accommodation. Erica’s roommate had been at the institute for a year before her arrival. When Erica entered the room, Vanessa Gallagher, model and upcoming actress sat on a bed reading, none other than the Bell Jar. Erica smiled.

“Miss Gallagher, your new roommate is here….don’t be rude say hello” a face in scrubs patted Erica on the back and called out to the long thin figure behind the book. She lowered it slowly. Her face was drawn but striking. Her hair flowed in beautiful peroxide locks. Her eyes a striking green almost took Erica’s breath away.

“Hello new roommate…I’m sure you have a name….”

“Erica Fisher, 18 and currently suffering from mental disorders…plural”

“Well Hello Erica Fisher, whom is 18 and suffering from mental disorders….plural” The words dripped with sass and confidence. How can someone who speaks so….confidently, be in a place like this….the she saw the scars on her wrists. She placed the book on her nightstand and stood up. Really exposing her tall graceful body and the way she stood in the room…she owned it.

“Well….if you don’t know who I am….which by the look of you, you don’t” Vanessa stared at Erica’s large old fashioned glasses and pale, bad complexion.

“I am Miss Vanessa Gallagher….shamed model and actress, I suffer from depression and an eating disorder” Erica’s eyes scanned her bony arms and legs. The t-shirt she wore was hanging from her tiny frame. It was easy to see though how frightfully thin this woman was.

“I’m surprisingly 23…..didn’t think I would be here at this age….but it is what it is…” She pulled a packet of cigarettes from her sweatpants pocket and pulled one out with her blood red lips. Erica watched intently and bit her bottom lip…..

The man left Erica packing her things away, while Vanessa watched her. Erica could feel her piercing green eyes staring at her.

“So…why are you in here”
“My mother seems to think I’m going to either try kill someone or myself again” Erica then turned around and showed Vanessa her arms.

“Not bad….mine aren’t as hard-core as yours kid….”She held her wrists up and smirked and shrugged her shoulders while a cigarette burned in her mouth. “Don’t forget their  your battle wounds…be proud of them, they will be a constant reminder that you won whatever fucked up war was going on in your head….”


“Don’t mention it….don’t worry I’ve been here for a while now….stick with me and you’ll survive….” She held out her hand for Erica to shake it….Erica sighed and shook it….

Erica never had a friend, guess she does now….

2 years later.

No suicide attempts to date.

Vanessa is everything to Erica at this point.

Erica lay with Vanessa as she read from an old dark red book. Vanessa stroked Erica’s long brown hair and her voice trailed softly as Erica drew circles on Vanessa’s collar bone. Now do not confuse this with something sexual. Erica found this place to be too much…..Erica couldn’t cope with being shut away….unable to leave whenever she want, but Vanessa helped her see past all of that. Help her get through the hard long nights….the difficult psych sessions. Erica owed Vanessa everything. They were just so close….closer than sisters….closer than lovers could ever be. They were just….them, and nothing hurt them.

Suddenly the door banged loudly and opened. A man in scrubs stood in the door way.

“Erica…..your new Dr is here…..he is very eager to meet you….sorry to tear you two apart but it’s the rules” Vanessa moved her arm so Erica could sit up. She tied her hair up in her blue ribbon and walked out silently to the office where Dr Rogers used to speak to her. For two years he was her councillor and she eventually grew to like him. But he suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago and died. They have only just found a replacement.

She looked at the door and saw the Name.

Dr Waltz.

God she said to herself and pushed the door open. She didn’t knock…this technically was her home…she did what she liked. But her attitude changed greatly when she entered the room. A man stood by the window….smoking a pipe…..glasses sitting on the end of his nose and Mozart played from a record player. The smell of strong aftershave and sweet tobacco filled her senses….and her heart. He turned slowly blowing out smoke from his pipe….he then shot her a knee weakening smile. No character in any book she had ever read or written could match up to him. He wore great earth tones and had beautiful blonde hair and wonderful eyes; he had this incredible presence about him that made any dark thought or pain from her psyche just…disappear. He put his pipe down and walked over to Erica as she shut the door.

“Erica Fisher….my lord what a vision” He took her hand gently and shook it…then brought it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand. She felt a tingle shoot through her.

“You must be the new Psychiatrist”

“Indeed I am…you must be one of my new patients….wow…you are…”


“You just don’t look mentally deranged” He laughed a little. She laughed back, nervously….despite his amazing looks and presence….he made her slightly nervous.

He sat on a large red chair in front of the most amazingly comfy couch she had ever sat on. This was new….the old one was so stiff…lumpy…

“Miss…” Erica’s attention was grabbed once again by him.

“Sorry….nice couch Dr” Waltz”

“Only the best for my girls….” She laughed nervously and made herself comfortable; sitting crossed legged on the chair and began to tap gently on her lap.

“You seem….uncomfortable my dear”

“No…well I was so used to the old Doctor he wasn’t anything special or interesting….he listened to me and to be honest just didn’t seemed to interested really which I liked…”

“Well he is no longer with us….and you have me now…and I take on this….more personal approach because I KNOW it works….and I know you are an intelligent girl so I don’t have to repeat myself” He began to flip through his notes adjusting his glasses. She swallowed her nerves. She began to sweat a little and shook.

“Good…..I take it by your silence that you understood me shall we proceed…..So you haven’t shown any recent violent or aggressive behaviour in the past year….you have been eating normally, drinking, haven’t indicated any need for suicide watch in over 20 months…. You respond well to medication….well when you take it…..why are you still here?”

“Until I’m 21 I have no choice but to stay here”

“Oh…is that what Dr Rogers suggested, and your parents?”


“Miss Fisher….like I said he is no longer with us….and I could give you a new diagnosis…contact your family”

“Oh I don’t think that’s necessary, I mean I think… would be beneficial if I stayed for just one more year…I could take a turn at any moment Dr…you’ve only known me for 10 minutes, and don’t want to seem….rude but I think you should at least have a couple sessions before you do….anything brash”

“You seem fairly attached to this place….”

“I wouldn’t say attached, it’s just been….like a home to me I guess”

“So it’s nothing to do with Vanessa then?”   He looked up at her finally, his eyes darting into her….but not as much as his words. What the hell did he mean by that she thought….clenching her fists. As much as he interested her…..his looks and presence made her excitable and….curious, she didn’t appreciate his tone. She wasn’t embarrassed by her relationship with Vanessa, but she didn’t like how The Dr seemed….judgmental towards it….like he was teasing her about it.

“I can see what you’re doing Dr Waltz but come on…like you said yourself….I’m an intelligent girl….can I be excused I want to finish my book” She stood up abruptly. He followed her lead and threw his files down on his chair. She froze.

“Shame…..I thought we were getting along” He crossed his arms and stood closely to her. She looked up at him….he heart beating fast with arousal and fear. He did smell and look great she thought as her breathing became erratic.

“I was being civil; you were the antagonistic one Dr Waltz….” She tightened the ribbon in her hair and stared right into his eyes. Her mouth was dry and her eyes glazed over a little, his were bright….full wisdom and his own curiosity.

“Well I do apologise Erica but I was only doing my job….but I guess I have done all I can with you today….same time tomorrow” He backed away from her and she let out a large sigh and exited quickly. She pulled the door shut and leant back on it and covered her mouth. She couldn’t breathe…..she hadn’t felt so many emotions run through her…ever….she couldn’t stop shaking and her hands sweating.

Vanessa ran over to her and grabbed her shoulders.

“Erica….look at me….you ok”

“Yeah….just….he’s intense Nessa….really intense….and rather attractive…and scary….”

“He sounds like a treat…..I’m kinda looking forward to seeing what his deal is” she kissed Erica’s forehead and lead her to the seat in front of the office.

“Be careful….he’s…..something” Erica began to pull at her hair nervously and sat down slowly. Vanessa stuck two thumbs at Erica and knocked on the door loudly and then burst in, in typical Vanessa fashion. 

The Final Chapter-Damaged

Ramona pulled her hood down while sitting in a darkened room. She could hear the moans and screams from people either getting fucked or fucked up. Another woman came through, she was wearing some kind of kinky shit, chains and leather. She stuck her palm in front of Ramona’s pale sad face.

“We need upfront payment before we get started….how much you got”

“Enough to kill me I hope”

“Whatever” She took the money counted it and looked down at Ramona. This woman suddenly felt paternal….like in an instant she became….human.

“Go…Go home…I’m not letting you inside” Ramona looked up in anger.

“WHAT WHY I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY….JUST LET ME IN” She jumped up and tried to push past. The woman had some strength behind her and almost clotheslined poor Ramona. Caught her and sat her down. She held her tight.

“What the fuck is going on so bad that you wanna jack up till you aren’t breathing no more….it can’t be that bad…seriously” The woman looked deeply at her, Ramona twitched in pain and squirmed to get free from her grip.

“I’ve given enough hand jobs to warrant this upper body strength….don’t fight it, why are you here?”

“I want to die….just let me die….I can’t live in a world where I fuck EVERYTHING UP, I fucked things up with my dead mum, I fucked things up with the man I love and I’m sure I fucked things up with my friends…I’m like a fucking virus” Ramona unclenched and lulled.

“Look….what ever happened you can come back from it…..look at my life, it’s pretty fucking crappy…but I get through it, because I have people who depend on me….and by the sounds of it even though you think you’ve “fucked” these people up, they clearly care about you and it would fuck them up more if you topped yourself….stop being a pussy and go home”

“But he kicked me out”
“Don’t take that, make him accept your apology, if he loves you like he says he does…he’ll forgive you”

“But I don’t think he will….I want to be with someone else and he can’t accept it”

“Trust me….or don’t I am a whore who works in a drug den, look kid….just get out of this shitty place before they make you like me” She pulled her up and threw her out of the door. Ramona smiled to herself. You see, Ramona was a big believer in fate. She came here to die….but fate has given her a reason to live on, in the shape of a full-figured prostitute. She flung her hood back over her head and began to jog the bus stop grab the bus back to her home.  She wasn’t going to say she wanted to be with him. She was going to remind him the reasons why he can’t turn his back on her, she’s going to tell him how she went to a drug den, almost took enough smack to kill her, all because she couldn’t live in a world with him hating her….

Martha was straddling Christoph; they had managed to drink two bottles of wine within such a short space of time. Martha’s guilt had been clouded by alcohol and the touch and tongue of Christoph. Their kisses where passionate and intense, she rubbed herself against his growing erection. She was in complete ecstasy; all her fantasies were coming true and she had completely forgotten about Ramona, her problems…she was having fun. She began to slip her t-shirt off and he smiled up at her perfect curvy figure. His hands grabbing her breasts tightly and she let out a scream of pleasure.

“CHRISTOPH” Ramona’s voice echoed throughout the house, Martha jumped up of his lap and tried to pull her t-shirt over her head before Ramona walked through…but it was too late.

“What the fuck….”Ramona stopped dead in her tracks. She saw what she saw…there was no denying that, Christoph clearly had a hard on and Martha had her t-shirt on backwards.


“Get the fuck out of my house” Ramona pointed calmly to the door…..

“Let me explain” Martha began to walk towards Ramona. She grabbed her and pushed her towards the door.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!” She pushed her into the door. Martha didn’t hesitate again. Christoph was now standing before Ramona in the door way of the living room.

“You know what I came here….to make you see how much you mean to me, I wasn’t going to fucking kill myself….thats right going jack up nice and good till my eyes rolled back into my skull and I was just a lump of flesh and bone….but a lovely whore told me I had people who to depend on me….but I see you two got on fine without me…..been nice to think while I could have been convulsing on the floor of a whore house you would have been fucking her doggy style on the sofa I used to sit on and open my fucking Christmas presents…..I came here to show you that I couldn’t live in a world where you hated me….I couldn’t….i see you were doing all you can to get back at me….well congratulations you broke my fucking heart….just like I broke yours….happy now…do you feel satisfied…”

“Don’t do this…I was going to forgive you its just we had too much to drink”

“haha OH I SEE TO MUCH DRINK…I do believe that was the excuse we used when we kissed that first time…remember….you know what I can’t believe I felt bad for what I did, but actually I feel pretty ok about it”

“Ramona I’m sorry…..this is just…”

“Bullshit you’re sorry…..New plan urm….I’m not going to kill myself now….but I’m going to go to back to America with Max….and you can stay shacked up with Martha for all I care….just as long I can see the back of you and her and this whole fucking place….Just let Martha keep all my shit I’ll just buy new stuff once I get out there” Ramona started to walk away…Christoph grabbed her and begged her to not go and asked what happened to them.

“WHAT HAPPENED WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO US? I’LL TELL YOU WHAT, I LET MY GUARD DOWN AND YOU CAME CRASHING IN I THOUGHT YOU WERE SO PERFECT AND AMAZING BUT REALLY….YOU WERE ALWAYS A WORHTLESS ASSHOLE WHO RUINED MY LIFE” Ramona screamed in his face. He grabbed her face and looked in her eyes….this calmed her soul. She watched the light in his eyes dance around….she was mesmerized.  Their breathing was heavy….tears rolled down his cheeks.

“I wish we could go back” Ramona said in a whisper as his hands moved from her face to her hands, grabbing them. He nodded and more tears poured from his beautiful eyes.

“Let me go….I need to go…you know I need to go….it’s too late now Christoph…because I know we can’t go back….not ever” he didn’t protest. His heart had stopped fighting….he had stopped being so angry or sad….he just felt nothing. He let her go….and she nodded and walked out once again. Martha sat in her car crying. She hadn’t even noticed that Ramona had left the house and once again was running away from her problems. She called Max and told him everything, told him that she wanted to go back with him as soon as they could and that she was sorry to make him waste money on a flight here then back but if he could understand the situation she was in. He did, he was just happy she was coming back with him.

She had enough money to grab a cab from Martha’s to the hotel where Max stayed, she didn’t say a word, just took her things up to his room where he and her made love….all night, intense aggressive sex that made Ramona forget about not only the last 24 hours but the last 10 years….She lay there with Him thrusting inside of her, stroking her face gently with each one. She looked at him…..she smiled, and could only see him, the last time they had made love she could see Christoph….it was hard for her not to think about him before, but now….all she could see, feel and all she wanted was Max……

Christoph walked outside into the rain and sat in Martha’s car. He comforted her and told her everything that Ramona had said. Martha begged for him to go after her, but he protested, said it was best if he just let her go, things were never going to get better only worse. She was truly heartbroken, as was he. So they just sat there, holding on to one another, feeling each other’s sorrow and pain, they had made a mistake, everyone had made mistakes….but it had come down to it, letting Ramona get out, let her be free because nothing but sadness and heartbreak surrounded her in this town. Martha looked into his eyes and touched his cheek, kissed him once again.

“I don’t want to be alone” she said so quietly he barely heard it. He nodded silently and took her to his bed….

The next day Ramona was sitting naked on the hotel bed smoking, the room was non-smoking but so were a lot rooms she had smoked in. She never cared, and never will. The sun came through, like it was an august day, but it felt so much more colder, she felt cold…..she felt nothing.

“You still want to shoot the scene?” Max came through in a towel putting product into his hair.

“Yeah might as well….did you book the tickets?”

“Yes you need to send some emails booking an appointment with the citizenship people so we can get you at least a working visa?”

“Ok…I’ll do it now give me your laptop, I can’t wait to go” She smiled and took his laptop from his grip and signed on. He watched her and smiled rubbing his sticky hands onto his towel. He pulled it off and began to dress, much to Ramona’s disappointment. She stubbed out her dying cigarette and almost seconds after lit a new one. She still had a strong urge to get high, but she knew she could supress it long enough with nicotine. She kept glance over the laptop and watching the new man in her life worry around getting his equipment sorted. The way he rushed around and was sometimes a little clueless made her happy, gave her butterflies and made her tingle with excitement. Even though she missed the ways things were with Christoph….she liked how she felt with Max, she liked how it felt so perfect. But still it niggled at her, what he was doing….how was he doing…will he come after her. She just couldn’t shake the thoughts off.

“Get dressed then” He threw her a clean towel hurried her along. She wasn’t in a rush, she never will be again. She just didn’t want to worry about anything anymore. She’d spent her whole life doing that….

Ramona and Max shot a great compilation of Ramona’s tricks and run’s on the local skate park. And surprised her with next day tickets back to JFK, she screamed loud enough she imagined Christoph could hear it….whatever he was doing….

Christoph’s eye’s shot open, and for a brief moment, had no idea what happened the day before. He felt someone in his arms. He looked down and saw Martha….sleeping like a baby. He stroked her hair and felt nothing but sickness overcame him, then the pain and regret. Then he remembered that Ramona had left him….left everyone behind. His life was completely….Ramona…less. He sat up and woke Martha. She looked around confused. Then looked up at Christoph and covered her mouth.

“Don’t” he said rubbing his head in pain. He hadn’t drunk for so long, his hangover was too much.

Martha reached over and grabbed her phone from the nightstand. She looked at it….she gasped as she had ONE message from Ramona.

Martha….It still pains me to think you would do such a selfish thing…but then it doesn’t surprise me…so I forgive you because you can’t help being….the WAY YOU ARE, I’m going back to New York tomorrow morning at 9am…..I’ll forgive you but I think I can forget you too.


Martha eyes welled up once again.

“Ramona’s leaving tomorrow….and she fucking means it” Christoph snatched the phone from her and read it. He then slammed the phone down and began to get dressed.

“I have to say goodbye, I can’t let her go without her knowing that I’ll always be here for her….I have to see her one more time” He wasted no time in washing, cleaning his teeth and making himself look perfect for her. Looking in the mirror he saw Martha standing behind him, the bed sheet wrapped perfectly around her body.

“Just let it go man…I have” Martha held her head in her hands, she felt delicate too from the night before.

“NO….You may have given up caring but I’ll never stop…” He replied looking back at her. He straightened his tie and his hair.

“Where is she?”

“She’ll be with Max….I assume at the hotel, good luck….tell her I love her and I’m sorry” She kissed his cheek and stroked it. He nodded and left Martha left her with her thoughts and ultimately her guilt…

Ramona wanted to stay behind at the skate park for a little bit while Max packed the hotel up, just for one last time. She always liked this place best. The wind was blowing through her hair but not hard enough to throw her off her boarding. She ran her hands across the wood of the half pipe and looked intently at the clean graffiti scrawled across it. She smiled sweetly to herself and sighed.

“Ramona” she heard a voice she never thought she would hear again. She paused for a moment….the clouds had gathered over the sun now and it had become so dark over the park. She turned slowly and saw him standing there, hands in his pockets and strands of his perfect brown hair blowing in the wind. He smiled slightly and nothing more. She began to walk towards him and spoke.

“How did you know I’d be here….”

“I’ve told you….I know you better than you think my dear”

“I’m not changing my mind…I’m still going…I have to for me….”

“I know…I’m not here to stop you….I just want to let you know I am truly sorry, for my hateful words….my actions….and that I’ll never stop loving you, and I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you”

“I know that….I never doubted that for a second…look yesterday is…YESTERDAY….lets make our peace just in case we never see each other again” Ramona was now just a foot or two away from him. Her arms firmly crossed across her body. He pulled out her bracelet from his pocket, the one he had bought her months ago for her birthday. She decided not to take it with her to New York in case it was stolen. She smiled and uncrossed her arms.

“I thought you would want to take this to remember me bye” He held it out for her. She didn’t hesitate for a moment and took it, but when she had hold of it, that very second her pulled her by her hand and pulled her to her close to his chest. She let out a slight cry, but she wasn’t afraid. The rain began to come down almost suddenly, and hard. She looked up at him and touched his face.

“Goodbye Christoph” She said holding onto him. The rain soaked their bodies; they tightened their grip on one another and she buried her face into his neck. He then pulled her head from his neck and made sure he was looking deeply into her eyes.

“No…. Auf Wiedersehen Ramona…” He pulled her hat off and pushed her hair from her face he then gave her the most amazing kiss of her entire life….not even Max would kiss her like this. Her left foot cocked up once again and she fell weak into his arms. You couldn’t see the tears through the immense amount of rain pouring on them, but the two cried deeply through their kiss, knowing this was going to be the last one was hard, but it was never going to work. Their love was never going to work. Ramona knew that all along, and so did he, but hell didn’t they have a great run…..

Chapter 10-Prof Waltz Fic

I found myself watching him cook, intently….every movement made me smile and sigh heavily. I broke the comfortable silence.

“As long as I’m being honest….can you be honest with me” I leant forward on the breakfast bar taking in the smell of the food.

“Of course” He smiled from his chopping board, damn that smile. So nice…

“You promise you’ve never done this before with a student?” I brought my hands together and gripped tightly.

“My wife was my student, does that count” I swallowed spit…it almost instantly got uncomfortably warm in the room, I looked away. How old was she? Why? How?

“I was in Berlin at the time, teaching at the city’s university, and she was 19 like you. so I was about 28, she walked in with this long blonde hair and her eyes were like ice…and they caught me straight away, she would never turn up for her classes, she would be juvenile and had no respect for me. It so happens that it was her independence that made me fall in love with her” the way he would tell stories was like verbal sex. Even if it was about the woman he loved.

“Wow…she sounded cool what was her name?” My hands were now situated under my chin. Story time with the professor was almost as good as fucking him.

“Anna, oh she had this fire inside her, one that not even I could tame. One evening I had gotten some extra time with her and I tried so hard to get her to study and focus, she then suddenly stands up, banging her hands on the table and says. How can I concentrate when I have a professor like you, I find it too hard to sit in your class because I love you so much” He looked off distantly thinking about her.

“So did you have to keep it a secret?”

“Yes… but we didn’t act on anything until she finished her course, the day she graduated I took her to the most romantic spot in Berlin and asked her to marry me”

“Why did you act on me then, what made you want me” I sat back, his story was so romantic….just made me love him even more.

“I’m not getting any younger, and I saw you and in you….I saw her fire, her strength. I couldn’t resist” He shrugged and looked back down. I didn’t really know how to react to that. Does he just want me because I’m like his wife?

“And don’t think for a second, that I’m only showing any interest with you because you remind me of my late wife, it’s something inside you that I’m attracted to…very much like what Anna had” I smiled and blushed….man he had turned me into putty, just with his words. How could someone be so charismatic?

“Ok…sorry if I upset you”

“Not at all, you couldn’t upset me” He smiled and finished preparing dinner. I grabbed a class of whiskey and walked over to the balcony to once again fill my lungs with smoke….


Dinner was ready and it looked fantastic, I don’t usually eat a whole lot but when I do it’s only for the best.  He poured me some wine and sat down, silence, it was perfect.

“Danke” I said, I think it meant thank you in German, that’s pretty much all the German I knew. He smiled widely and laughed.

“You should learn to speak German; it’s not that hard, well it wouldn’t be for you”

“Ok…be nice to understand some of the stuff you say when we fuck” I began to eat, I ate so delicately, I didn’t want to look stupid, I didn’t want to look anything else but magnificent. To be honest he was too involved with his meal to notice me.

“So the course outline this Semester is revolution and conquer, your favourite revolutionary moment?” he became my professor again, almost in a flash. I loved it when he spoke about history…I could sit here and listen to him for hours, but he asked me a question.

“The Suffragettes, they were by far the most passionate, driven women in history, in my eyes anyway, I liked how they blew up men” I laughed and put more food in my mouth. Christoph then held his hand out on the table, asking for mine. I grabbed it tight. It felt so welcoming….it felt like home.

“I love it when you talk history” He winked at me and I once again couldn’t contain my blushes.

After helping him clean up I took another glass of whiskey and gathered my stuff, I didn’t want to stay late, traveling back was going to be so hard, but I guess I only had to wait one night to see him again. I kissed his cheek, hugging him turning away; he had hold of my arm and pulled me back in for another more passionate kiss. He let me go and watched me leave out of the fire exit once again. While walking from his house it started to rain. I’ve always liked the rain, it made people miserable and I liked seeing people miserable. It didn’t bother me that I was soaking wet. I felt pretty fucking good right now.

It seemed almost sudden but it was Monday morning and I was once again smoking, on my way to class. I felt different today, I felt like I was walking with my head held up high.

“Alexis!” I turned to find Tom once again following me, wanting to make some kind of contact with me.

“Tom” I turned back around and took a long drag, and blew the smoke in his face when he reached me. Enjoy.

“Dude, thanks” He coughed and waved it away from his face.

“You are welcome, what do you want now!”

“I wanted to see if you…your hands were ok” he looked down and went to touch them. Flinching away, I couldn’t believe he was trying to fucking touch me.

“Why is it so hard for you to accept the fact I don’t want any contact…friendship…anything, but my hands are fine”

“I’m going to wear you down I know it!” he then ran off ahead of me to class. Fuck head. I opened the door to the class room and I must have been the last one to arrive. Having 30 eyes fixate me on me was the worst. I had people looking at me. I was wearing black knee high socks and a short black dress. Great now they were looking at my legs.
“So nice of you to join us Miss Dreyfus” Professor Waltz was sitting behind a desk looking at me over his glasses.  Oh what I would give to be spanked right now….

“Sorry” I walked slowly towards my seat. He looked at me like the last few days never happened. Like we were strangers, that hurt, but I decided it was for the best. I sat down slowly and looked beside me to see Tom just staring.

“Please stop, you look weirder than me right now” I muttered to him while sitting down preparing my books and laptop. Today felt weird, I think it was because I had this big secret, we had this big secret, me and the professor. I watched him work; I started to write notes, concentrate, and all the while the images of me whipping his bare back. I had to maintain composure. I looked over at Toms work….he wasn’t writing anything…but he was drawing a picture…of me. I looked back at my screen, coughed loudly.

“Something to say Miss Dreyfus” Oh great, everyone’s eyes on me, included the professors.

“Dry throat…cough…” Why did he keep bringing attention on me…I didn’t understand. I just wanted to study, and keep our, situation off the radar. I was still freaked out a bit about Tom’s drawing. Maybe he is interested in me. Great, another thing to worry about, I didn’t think I would ever want the class to end so quickly. I kept coughing and sighing. I could see Christoph looking over, maybe he was concerned. Finally it was over. I shot up, packed up and left almost straight away,

“WAIT!” He shouted I froze in fear.

“I need to assign you an essay, I forgot. 4000 words on why the Russian revolution has been important to modern history, now go, enjoy the rest of your day!” he shouted and everyone left with me. I had to make my way through the crowd, just let me go please before Tom tries to catch up with me. I hid behind the back of the history building, pulled out a cigarette shaking. I tried to light it, eventually it lit and I slid down the wall and took in the smoke. I kept hitting my head on the wall. Over and over, I felt so tense and angry, suddenly the last smack on the wall broke the skin on my head, it was a deep cut and I felt the back of my head was wet…and warm, I took my hand to my face… it was covered in blood. This amount of blood made me feel sick and dizzy. I put the cigarette in my mouth and tried to stand up, and that’s the last thing I remember….

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Lookin’ For Freedom

You know you want to…

What are you waiting for?

Chapter 2 of the Prof Waltz fic...

 I quickly ran back to my student accommodation and slammed the door. I managed to get my own room by playing on my mental health, well “mental health”. I leant back on the door and slid down. Ripping off my black jeans and tight black panties, I stared at it. My moist unknown, I licked two of my fingers. Then I wiped them on my shirt. I wasn’t sure how to do this…all I knew is that I wanted to satisfy this throbbing need to touch. I started gently rubbing my clitoris. Suddenly the throbbing turned into a gentle pleasure. I bit my lip hard, so hard I drew blood, but the pain just helped along with my horn. Did I like pain? It would make sense.I decided to get a little more adventurous and insert two of my fingers. And I didn’t wait around I went in hard and fast, licking the blood from my lips…Then professor Waltz was licking the blood from my lips. Wow. I could see him and feel him, smell him. In my head thanks to my erratic masturbation, the professor had pinned me up against the door and instead of my hand…it was his. He was pulling my hair, biting my ear and telling me I was being punished. My neighbours, people outside…the world had no idea what was going on in my head.

“FUCK” I screamed as my head professor pulled two of the fingers out and pushed me over to the bed and bent me over. In my head he was hitting me so hard across my arse, pulling my hair once again. I was close….I could feel the pressure building up like bottle rocket was about to explode all over my fingers and bedroom floor. Then without warning I was cumming, over my fingers and hands…and arms…it’s going everywhere…like a warm watery liquid gushing, releasing

“YESSSSS” I scream, convulsing almost. I came and it was the best thing to ever happen better than reading my first history book….my mom brushing my hair and taking care of me….I slid down even more lying on the floor. I lay looking around my room, nothing apart from some photos of my mom and dad and hundreds of books and DVD’s and CD’s I sighed and sat up. I pulled my panties and jeans back up and pulled myself to the bed….


The time was about 6:30pm…it took me a few hours to get over these new feelings I was having…I don’t feel anything….I smoke, drink and read about people being slaughtered but now…I want nothing more than my history professor to fuck me silly.I sat on my laptop for the rest of the night looking up BDSM and S and M I sat crossed leg in my bra and black bed shorts. I opened a gate, and very hot tight wet one. Just seeing these pictures of women being tied up and being dominated and vice versa was making me feel hot again. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I stood up slowly with a cigarette in my mouth….it wasn’t an inspector…it’s too late now, but who else can it be…seriously I have no one in my life. I opened the door slowly and my mouth opened widely and my cigarette fell out. “Evening Alexis” it was him…The Professor….it’s like he was a character in my own dirty book. He bent down and picked up my cigarette and put it back in my wide open mouth. I let my lips purse round it and he then pulled out a lighter and lit it for me. I drew on it and blew the smoke downwards.

“What you doing here?” I asked….frightened

“I needed to see you…well I needed to talk to you because I was so excited I couldn’t wait till tomorrow…can I come in?”

“You know you’re not aloud here after hours…unsupervised”

“Why….what could they possibly think we are going to do…have sex….do drugs” I then looked at him with a tilted head.

“Oh right” He laughed slightly and waited till I invited him.

“Alright don’t let anyone see you” I turned around and grabbed the burgundy sweatshirt from my bed and pulled it on; I then sat at the windows edge and smoked.

Professor Waltz was the first person I’ve willing wanted in here….I willing wanted him to cum all over my tits while tied up. He turned the lights on. I covered my eyes.

“You shouldn’t go on your computer with no lights on…” He said while walking over to my screen…shit the page I was on wasn’t the best.

“So…It makes a little sense why you enjoy the darkness especially the dark parts of history”
“All of History is dark professor” I took a long pull on my cigarette. He kept scrolling and scrolling.

“What did you want then…seriously you shouldn’t be here”

“I know…look…I wanted to tell you in person, I know you’re going to be the one straight A student in my class…you are attentive, you are so switched on…even if this is what you look at in your spare time” He laughed nervously and took off his suit jacket and laid it on the bed.

“You’re point being”

“After this school year…I will be appointing you as my new TA….no questions don’t argue, it’s happening” I threw the butt out of the window and smiled.

“So I’ll get the next 2 years free”

“Yes…and I’ll personally make sure you get any position you want in the field of history”

“What do you want from me…you don’t just give…someone like me all this…after knowing them one day”

“Well the fact that I couldn’t stop looking at you today in class might of swayed my choosing, however I thought you might of sensed that when your name was the only one I wanted to know” He crossed his arms and leant back on my desk. I stood back nervously. Crossed my arms and looked down.

“You don’t look happy I thought you would be” He now looked puzzled. I then looked up…almost in a menacing way.

“You have a thing for younger women”

“No…only you” oh my god his stance…the way he just said that….I did quiver slightly.

“I bet you say that to all your vulnerable students, look I’ve never had a single friend…I’ve had two boyfriends and no family. I can imagine I’m on your bucket list”

“You’ll have to enlighten me and tell me what a bucket list is my dear”

“Something you want…to do before you die” I began to really close off with my body language…I know I wanted him. I just wanted to feel what it was like to be in that pure ecstasy…I knew he could give it to me.