christoph sanders


“Hey Kyle, do you ever think about the future?" 

"Yeah, sure. All the time. I think we’ll have cars that hover not fly and we’ll make contact  with aliens and finally discover which is more accurate, Star Wars or Star Trek.”

“No, I meant more with us, like you and me.”

“Oh, of course, I’m sorry. We’ll be dead by then.”

Kyle & Mandy - Last Man Standing

90 Favorite TV Characters l 12. Ned Banks

<> Show » Ghost Whisperer

<> Played By » Christoph Sanders


Delia Banks: Isn’t your shooting clinic on Mondays? 
Ned Banks: Okay, promise you won’t get mad? 
Delia Banks: Well, I promise I *will* if you don’t start talking. 
Ned Banks: Mom, there’s no shooting clinic on Mondays
Delia Banks: What? 
Ned Banks: I used to meet Jim there on Mondays to practise, but I didn’t tell you it was just him and me ‘cos I was afraid that if you knew you’d make me come and work at the store instead. 


Old Hollywood Actors and Actresses Born in Surprising Parts of the World:

Christopher Plummer born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada;

Alida Valli born in Pola, Italy (now Croatia);

George Sanders born in St. Petersburg, Russia;

Claudia Cardinale born in La Goulette, a neighborhood of Tunis, French protectorate of Tunisia;

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine born in Tokyo, Japan;

Merle Oberon born in Bombay, British India;

Omar Sharif born in Alexandria, Egypt;

Vivien Leigh born in Darjeeling, British India;

Errol Flynn born in  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Michael: the fuck is this shit no one uses these anymore what the even fuck Chase do you even know what year it is I know I just told you what Zoey said in that time capsule but what the fuck I didn’t expect you to whip this shit out when you said you had to text Zoey