christoper hayden

It bothers me so much that when Christopher reads the character witness thing Lorelai did for Luke when he was fighting for custody of April, he accuses her of writing a love letter to him.

He had no right to get upset at Lorelai for helping a friend and ex-fiance who’s been the most active example of a father in Rory’s life than he ever was. 

Lorelai admitted in season 1 that she may have feelings for him so yes that’s bound to come through when talking about his redeeming qualities and Christopher had to know that he was the rebound from Luke even if he’s so crazy about Lorelai that he doesn’t care. 

It’s like he’s saying ‘how dare you write nice things about this guy who’s been nothing but an amazing friend and support to you and my daughter when I couldn’t or wasn’t ready to be!’. 

If he was disappointed in himself for not being there that’s one thing, but it was his choice not to grow up and get his life in order until he met Sherry after numerous attempts and failures with Lorelai since she knew him so well and she wanted the best possible partner and father figure for herself and her daughter.