Following the Road Trip Adventures of @into_theworld

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Traveling the world in a car and taking photographs on the road was Christof Schoppa’s and Marcus Hofschulz’s (@into_theworld) dream. The idea came up during a phone call. “The same night we decided: We’re going to do this!” says Marcus.

Since starting the adventure in February, “Kalli,” a transformed Kia Carnival van, is equally vehicle and home to the duo. The brave decision to leave everything behind – apartments, jobs, studies – has been rewarded through unforgettable moments and memories along the way. “It was a starlit night, and we drove along the coast to find a place to sleep. Eventually we found a small sandy path that led to a cliff, offering a vast view over the moonlight-flooded ocean.” So far, Marcus and Christof have visited 13 countries, and there’s no plan to stop any time soon. “We are currently focusing on Europe and then the rest of the world. Into the World is a global photography project,” says Christof.


Anyone who has followed my blog since the beginning knows that I was a VERY strict band blog and that these bands were all I cared about. Things have changed, and don’t dress this way anymore but these bands were such a huge part of my life, I can’t just throw them away. I want them to go to someone who will appreciate them as much as I did.

So I’m giving away merch from:

  • attila
  • motionless in white
  • pierce the veil
  • sleeping with sirens
  • of mice & men
  • asking alexadnria
  • miss may I
  • nevershoutnever
  • the devil wears prada
  • bring me the horizon
  • and some batman stuff

These are mostly old shirts that you can’t buy anymore, and things from tours that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Some shirts have been cut into tank tops, and they’re mostly mediums, but there are smalls and larges as well. It’s free clothes, guys.

You don’t have to follow me but if you do that would be sweet. Just reblog this, likes don’t count. I’ll pick a winner on July 6th 2015.