Anyways fuck terfs, you’ll get left behind with the neo nazis and the christofascists after this period of backlash is over. And society will be dragged kicking and screaming to a better place where “morally mandating an entire people out of existence” is an ethically abhorrent position to take and given the hatred and scorn it deserves.

We don’t need you.

democrats in congress are so fucking dumb like do they honestly think that impeaching trump is a good idea when

a) pence is literally a christofascist, anyone who would impose moral law (closing planned parenthood clinics, stopping clean needle exchanges, conversion therapy, etc) on a populace without concern for public health is far more dangerous than somebody making a financial deal with the russians

b) democrats have the ability to completely rebrand their party right now, they see trump voters are disappointed in the health care bill, the budget proposal, the rumors abt the tax plan, etc so they should be proposing actual common sense legislation (like medicare for all, $15 federal min wage, federal decriminalization of weed, etc) even if they cant pass it through congress rn because thats how to be an opposition party!!! they’re turning into republicans who ran around in circles for years screaming BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI!!! and trying to repeal the aca 60 times with no actual common sense solution

c) even if trump is impeached he WILL STILL HE PRESIDENT because impeachment is just a TRIAL in congress which is currently CONTROLLED BY REPUBLICANS, none of whom are willing to stand up to trump bc their constituents are rabid trump supporters

d) those supporters will support him 100000% more once this bullshit impeachment process ends because THATS WHAT HAPPENS! so youre just aggravating the VERY DANGEROUS political climate we live in right now and giving them more reason to believe the whole government is conspiring against trump

e) there are so many actual scandals in the trump admin like we just made a $400 bill deal with the saudis that includes $110 bill in arms which WILL BE USED AGAINST CITIZENS IN YEMEN, not to mention the fact that saudi arabia is THE LARGEST STATE FUNDER OF TERRORISM IN THE MIDDLE EAST and over 90% of terror attacks on us soil since 9/11 have been committed by people from/associated with saudi arabia so…..we LITERALLY gave those arms to TERRORISTS while trump is still trying to ban muslims from other countries!!! but the democrats think thats a great fucking idea they love that shit!!!! trump berated clinton for taking money from them and now we are giving them the tools to carry out their many human rights violations!! WHY DONT PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THAT MORE THAN POSSIBLE COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA LIKE WE ALREADY KNOW TRUMP IS A WANNABE DICTATOR
US Senators on Muslim Ban

now you know who to call to thank and who to call to chastise and demand better of.

PLEASE call! I hate calling too but I’m gonna do this, the christofascists have been an organised and vocal grassroots party for decades doing exactly this (among a lot of other organising) and we have a LOT of catching up to do in terms of making our representatives KNOW that we are watching and that they are accountable to us.

THEY work for US.