Sorry for the radio silence, but we’ve been busy having a glorious time in beautiful Seattle. More posts will follow in the next few days about our time there.

We stayed on Post Alley, one block south of Pike Place Market. This view is from our window one morning when we saw one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever witnessed. The light was rapidly changing and I ran for my camera. It was one of those fleeting experiences where you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing. The ferry going by was just icing on the cake.

Christmas With Spencer

I got an anonymous request for Christmas with Spencer headcanons, which I accidentally deleted. 

So here you go, anon! 

Christmas with Spencer would include: 

  • Spencer spending an inordinate amount of time deciding what to get you
  • Eventually consulting Emily, JJ, and Garcia for help
  • Spencer spouting facts almost constantly about all things Christmas
  • His sweet tooth coming out when the two of you start making Christmas treats
  • Carols
  • Spencer hesitating whenever you see mistletoe
  • Sweet kisses that taste like Christmas cookies
  • Learning the origins of every Christmas tradition you partake in
  • Spencer methodically choosing your Christmas tree so that it fits perfectly where you want to put it
  • Spencer coming home from a case to find that you’ve decorated your place
  • Him being slightly disappointed until he realizes you left the tree for the two of you to do together 
  • Begging him to read you A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve
  • Him agreeing willingly
  • Drinking hot chocolate together
  • Waking him up on Christmas morning
  • His sleepy hair and messy pajamas stumbling into the living room
  • Watching his eyes light up when he sees what you got him
  • The most thoughtful gifts ever
  • Eating French toast for breakfast after opening presents
  • Spending the morning/afternoon laying around the house together
  • Going to Rossi’s in the evening to celebrate with the whole team
  • Feeling like part of a big, beautiful family