I’m going to regret this. But I know that Mirraflex girl cleared out your room and took everything else that was in there, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt if you got one replaced… 

*still doesn’t see the point in wrapping paper and hands him a plain box*

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[Oh God, Kosch is getting used to the Earth obsession. This is bad. Also. ITLEVITATES.]

“How…How did you know about what Serenity did?” He tilts his head a bit. before opening the box carefully pulling it out with the strangest childish amazement, poking very carefully at the globe before squeaking. “KOSCHEI THIS IS AMAZING!!! INCREDIBLE!!! How….” He just squeaks, grinning at him brightly.

[ooc: How is it bad?]

From Gabriel

“Hey, Thete~! Gabriel sent this since he couldn’t be here during Christmas,” he lifted a wrapped box with a sigh for emphasis before plopping it down on the floor as gently as he could. “It’s pretty heavy.” He sat back, looking at the box. Gabriel had packed it with as many books on vampires as could possibly fit. He had said something about remembering Theta saying he had been interested in them.

“He’s going to spoil me rotten.” he murmurs softly looking at the wrapped box. His fingers go to the sparrow pendant underneath his shirt before nodding. “Sorry…it was so heavy…I hope it wasn’t any trouble!” He pokes at the box gently.