Monsta X and Mistletoes

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  • well this papa bear wouldn’t be able to notice the mistletoe right above him
  • you’ll probably surprise him by just making stop for a second
  • and he’ll look at you with curious eyes
  • wondering what the heck were you doing
  • you’ll circle around him, jumping to see if it’s really a mistletoe
  • by the second you confirmed that it was a mistletoe
  • you’d excitedly peck him on the lips
  • making him flustered and shy right away
  • he couldn’t help but giggle as he try to look away
  • hiding his blushing face from you
  • he’ll then shyly scratch the back of his head and faces you
  • what’d you kiss me all of a sudden, babe?”
  • “mistletoe.”
  • “oh, should i bring this mistletoe everywhere?”

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  • the two of you would be probably strolling around the park when he see’s a mistletoe
  • he’ll probably be dragging you towards it
  • yes, he’ll drag you all the way to that freaking mistletoe just to get some lip action with you
  • he’ll put both of his hands on your shoulder 
  • and position you under the mistletoe
  • when you get what he was trying to do, you’ll roll your eyes 
  • and try to leave your spot when he starts to whine
  • babe, don’t move.”
  • “why? i know what you’re trying to do hoseok.” 
  • “pleaseeeeee.”
  • “no.”
  • despite all your protests and stuff, he’ll still ask you to stay still
  • he wouldn’t care about the stares and all as long as he gets a kiss from you
  • well, you’ll probably give in and make him kiss you since you can’t resists his sexiness- i mean uhh….. did i say something?

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  • oh boy, the meme in him would come out
  • the two of you were at their dorm when he saw a mistletoe decor 
  • at first, he wondered what it was and decided to search for it on the net
  • by the second he finds out what it was, he’ll be laughing to himself
  • since you’re busy cooking with kihyun
  • he’ll start to think of strategies
  • just by think about what he’s going to do makes him giddy
  • giddy to the point that he can’t contain his feels
  • but he’ll have to do his plans after dinner
  • and when that time comes, he’ll wait for the boys to leave and walk up to you
  • placing the mistletoe above your head before planting a kiss on your lips, catching you off guard and he’ll be laughing his ass off.
  • “ehehehehehehe.”
  • “what are you holding?”
  • “a mistletoe hehehehehehe.”

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  • say the two of you were shopping for some decorations
  • at first, the two of you would just pass by the mistletoe decor
  • eyes busy looking for the right item on the list
  • and again, you’ll just pass by the mistletoe
  • it will be the same cycle for the next thirty minutes
  • and finally, you’ll be looking at the last item
  • the last item is a mistletoe and the two of you would make a bet
  • he/she who finds the mistletoe first will get a free from the loser
  • and the race begins with the two of you frantically searching for the mistletoe
  • both of you found the mistletoe at the same time but had to get it before the other does
  • and you got it first, placing it above him and placing a kiss on his lips
  • unfair!”
  • “why is it unfair? i got it first and even gave you a kiss! now buy me ice cream.”
  • “it’s unfair since you’ll be getting a free ice cream from me. *pout*”

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  • since christmas was fast approaching, kihyun became busy af
  • he’s got to wrap all the presents since the boys won’t help him
  • list down possible dishes to cook during christmas
  • decorate the house by himself since he doesn’t want you to work
  • he’ll be cleaning the whole house and you’ll be sitting there watching him
  • since he doesn’t want you to freaking clean and ruin your pretty hands
  • and he wouldn’t have any time for you anymore
  • which made you think of a special idea and that is buying a mistletoe from the mall
  • and when you visited him, he was busy wrapping Shownu’s gift
  • you would creep up behind him and wrap your free arm around his waist, only to receive a “hey babe.”
  • and with that you’ll put the mistletoe above his head
  • and start showering him with kisses, making him laugh while you tackle him down on the floor kissing him
  • omo, what’s gotten into you?”
  • “i missed you and your lips and everything about you! *mwuah mwuah mwuah mwuah*” and the kissing session would continue for 1 hour.

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  • this boy would be busy running around the snow
  • throwing snowballs at you, only to laugh at your priceless reactions and screams
  • and when it’s time for you to throw a snowball at him, his girly scream would come out right away
  • and the whole thing with you and jooheon would be just be running around the snow
  • making snow angels and make random treasure hunts
  • and while searching for that specific item, his eyes lands on a mistletoe
  • an cheeky idea popping out from nowhere
  • he’ll pick the mistletoe and search for you 
  • when he finally sees you, he’ll put snow on his lips making it icy cold
  • he’ll tap on your shoulder and when you turn around, he’ll crash his cold lips onto yours
  • making you squeal, pulling away from the kiss to glare at him while he laughs out loud
  • how was the kiss?”
  • “it’s not funny, jooheon.”
  • “should i give you another icy kiss?” 

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  • it was during the christmas party when everything happened
  • being the playful souls they are
  • they gave each other funny costumes to make everything more lively
  • and there you are having a white thing on your nose 
  • while changkyun had this wig on
  • everything went smoothly until the hyungs decided to pick on the maknae
  • it was during the truth or dare
  • spinning the bottle for fifteen times, it finally landed towards you
  • and, as i said, being the playful souls they are
  • they pulled out the mistletoe out from Changkyun’s back when you said “I choose dare.”
  • the boys starts to howl when you got the idea of their dare
  • when you went to Changkyun, you took a deep breath and was about to plant a kiss on his cheek 
  • when the boys turned his head, making you kiss him on the lips instead.
  • omo…. *so speechless* *covers mouth in shock* *looks at the hyungs then at you* *so shook*” -changkyun

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Too early?
Maybe? But I couldn’t resist sharing this lovely #Christmas idea. I noticed all these beautiful holiday #wreaths last year on my Pinterest feed and honestly, I’m a huge fan of #fir arrangements. I simply believe that there’s no #christmasdecoration more classic and charming than #firdecoration. If you’re interested in a little #chrismasinspiration, feel free to check out my #Pinterest on
Photo by @boligpluss –> instructions can be found in their November issue.


[ it’s crazy how fast the seasons change.
days before november even began andrew
spotted tinsel and christmas lights showing
up around the city, and now that halloween’s
over they’re practically everywhere. though
andrew’s past christmases were not always
great, he’s gained a new appreciation for the
holiday since coming to this universe, and the
sight of the decorations has him thinking about
what he’ll be getting his friends for christmas. he
decides to go downtown and scope out the shops
on one of his days off, but finds himself stopping
outside julius’ door as he goes to leave. if anyone’s
going to be excited about new york’s christmas
decorations, he thinks, it’d be someone who’s
never seen them before. what is it that lucien says
about first times? he gives the door a knock and calls:

Uh, Julius? Do you want
to go shopping with me?

[ julius hasn’t been out much thanks to
his healing injuries, but andrew hopes
he’ll be well enough to accompany him
on this little outing. he thinks they could
both use a little happiness after all the
heaviness they’ve been through together.