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"Merry Christmas, Ulquiorra-kun!" Orihime smiled, holding out a present for the pale-skinned male. "I wasn't sure what to get you, so I just made something myself!" It was wrapped in white wrapping paper with a minty green bow. It was a simple gift, really. A Christmas ornament styled after one of her beloved hair pins. She'd even made it into a little picture frame, having cut pictures of the two of them together. "I hope you like it!"

Ulquiorra had never understood Christmas at all. It’s definition clearly stated that it was supposed to be a holiday in which Christ was born. He couldn’t understand why people would be giving other people presents on such a day. The white box with a beautiful mint green bow in front of him seemed to further dig into his confused state. A present for him especially was shocking after all but it was from the woman so he couldn’t say that he was entirely shocked by it.

Something about this little gesture made his insides scramble. Never in his life had he received a gift like this before. And the fact that it was given by the woman seemed to intensify this peculiar feeling even more. It was pleasantly foreign but it bothered him so much.

Ulquiorra unwrapped the paper and opened the present, slightly intrigued by the unknown content inside. He held it up and examined the picture of both of them causing his heart to warm up at the genuine exchange. It was a shame that he didn’t have anything to give her in return. If he had known beforehand that she would be giving him a gift, he would have searched for a gift for her as well. But it seemed that it was too late to go Christmas shopping now. Yet, he still wanted to give her something in return; something as equally genuine as what she had given him.

Ulquiorra placed the gift back in the box gingerly and closed it. He then wrapped his arm around the woman’s waist and hugged her tightly. Ulquiorra was never one to engage in such actions but due to his current situation, it seemed that it was necessary enough to let it be an exception.

“Thank you. Merry Christmas, Onna,” he said.

|| the reed family christmas ||

Lacey was running late on Christmas day. She’d been up all night with Isaac preparing Jordan’s gifts so that they’d be ready for when he woke up, and she hadn’t had a nap since then. She was running on coffee and the four hours sleep that she’d had the night before. However, she’d promised her parents that she’d drop in before she went to the Sullivans’ for Christmas dinner. Pulling up outside the house, she jogged up to the porch and let herself in, kicking off her shoes as she called out “Mom, dad, I’m home!”

Joyeux Noël || Deanae

“That card has been denied, M'am." Renae closed her eyes and pressed the pay-phone receiver closer to her ear. The evening rush was noisy, and maybe she’d misunderstood.

"I paid the minimum balance,” she said, determined as she turned toward the wall and away from the watchful eyes of bar customers and the few coworkers. “I sent it a few days ago." Did yesterday count as a few?

"I’m sorry, but I can’t process your order. Do you have another credit card?" Yes, and it was even more overdue.

"How many do you have left?” Renae asked, biting the inside of her cheek and shutting her eyes in a last stretch of hope. If there was a God somewhere up there… "They’re going fast, M'am. We expect to be out of stock by midnight tonight.“

Renae’s heart dropped like Santa on a chimney free fall. There’d be no Mighty Motor Remote Control Stingray under her Christmas tree. No Mighty Flight Remote Control Viper under there, either. She choked back a dry cough. Who was she kidding? She’d be lucky if there was a tree.

Which, normally, would have been just fine. But this year, this black-and-blue and bruise year, was supposed to be different. "Thank you for shopping with Kincaid Toys,” the woman added cheerfully, as though Renae had actually shopped instead of choke on her hopes and dreams for her little boys.

She hung up the phone, thumping her forehead against the wall beside it and taking a deep breath to recollect herself. Peering back around to the bar, she spotted several new customers having settled themselves in at the bar counter. Behind her, a pointed throat clearing yanked her around as effectively as if her boss had put his hand on her shoulder and spun.

“Done shopping, Renae?” Ben Censky’s cold blue eyes hardened to silver beads as he stared down at her. “Think you might be able to take a customer’s order now? I mean, if it’s not too inconvenient.”

She snagged the rag up from the table beside him and narrowed her eyes back at him. “They’re all just talking, I’ve been watching them. They’re fine." 

He pointed to one man in particular, who sat himself at the farthest corner end of the counter. "Not him,” Ben hissed. “Now go sell some alcohol to these people. Tipsy customers order food. Get to it.” She opened her mouth, but snapped it shut. It just wasn’t worth it to argue with the man who controlled her hours or her paycheck. Not this close to Christmas. She needed every dime to keep her promise to the boys. Maybe she could find the toys on eBay and pay cash… If she had any cash.

Renae let out a long, heavy breath and turned away from Ben to gauge the man he’d pointed out at the end of the bar. She swallowed and took a few steps, paused when she saw the sour look on his drop-dead-gorgeous face, and started to try and think of an excuse to work the kitchen tonight. Ben gave her shoulder a shove. “Move it.”

She continued her way over toward the man, grabbing an empty mug on her way to wipe clean with the cloth in her hand. She approached him, taking in the way his eyes glinted in the low bar light, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth just added to his good looks, and that rough stubble that lined his jawline. He was the kind of man that worked in show business, the kind of man that women much prettier– much bustier –than her got to spend maybe one night with. Don’t say anything stupid

“Can I get y’ anythin’, sugar?” She asked quietly, trying to force a smile past the solemn expression painted on her face. 

Christmas 1 | Jiyeon

Jiyeon walked into her room after work to find a purse on her bed. She blinked looking at it then around her room to see if someone had taken anything or something since she couldn’t remember whether she had locked the door or not. Slowly walking towards it Jiyeon picked up the purse and took off the post-it note that said ‘Open me~’

Sitting down on the bed Jiyeon slowly opened the purse slightly afraid. Opening it she dumped out the contents to find a key, mittens, and another note. She stared at the items trying to figure out who it would be, but the only on in her head was Sehun since he was the only one that would actually give her something. She grabbed the note and folded it open. She began reading it.

“Jiyeon-ah~ ♥ “

Just by reading that she knew it was Sehun. She smiled brightly and kept reading feeling touched by his words and his gifts. Finishing the note she pulled on the mittens and took her phone. she took a picture of her doing bbuing bbuing with her mitten covered hand and sent it to him with a message 'Thanks Oppang<33’

She put the key on her landyard and smiled happily at the gifts she recieved. Laying down on her bed she stared at the ceiling and began thinking of what to get him in turn now. She looked down at Horang who had climbed onto her. She had grown so much since the day Sehun had given her to Jiyeon. She loved her so much and she kept her company. Petting Horang she continued to think until she wondered a few things.

'I think I got an idea!’