What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Jim wrote Pam a Christmas card telling her how he felt in season 2 and was too afraid to give it to her then but kept it for 7 seasons and gave it to her in season 9 when he needed to prove to her how much she meant to him wow I’m actually not fine.

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #3
  • Slytherin to any other house at a Christmas party they're hosting: "Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of no where and leave you for dead?"

I thought of headcanons for a Cuphead Christmas party (because this is what happens when you’re listening to nothing but Christmas music for 5 hours)

- it’s less of a “party” and more of a sleepover for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. It’s all at Elder Kettle’s house (bless that poor man, it’s a mess)

- Brineybeard is the one dressed as Santa, because everyone agrees he already looks the most like him

- despite Wally’s son being a genius, he’s still a hardcore Santa believer. He makes a new contraption every year to trap Santa and force Santa to give him the world. None have worked yet, but this time he’s got Cuphead and Mugman’s help, and they’ve beat the Devil. Getting Santa will be a piece of cake

- Werner Werman and Dr Kahl team up to make mechanical reindeer together for the occasion. They also make all the Christmas lights. Dr Kahl’s Robot also ends up eating all the fruitcake (not that anyone else liked it anyway)

- Hilda Berg brings by a lot of clouds to make it snow just for them, and make a very rare thing she can only make one season a year; aurora borealis

- Grim shows up with chestnuts and wearing little reindeer antlers. He and his little fire buddies help to keep everyone warm (all his little fire buddies wear tiny little elf hats)

- The Root Pack, Cagney, and Cala all hate winter (it’s too cold for them) but Weepy is pretty good at knitting. He makes them all a bunch of winter clothing they’re bundled in, and everyone a stocking

- Baroness LOVES Christmas. Sometimes even more than Halloween. She brings over all the candy canes and figgy pudding and a bunch of cakes and her castle is DECKED OUT. Even her little cone hat is changed to a red Santa one.

- Phantom Express runs a holiday train like the Polar Express. They aren’t as big of fans of Christmas (they believe Halloween is the superior holiday) but everyone else loves it either way

- Beppi is a menace running around with his mistletoe and fishing pole. No one is safe from his wrath. He’s also the one to take all the Christmas photos (catching everyone at literally the worst times of course)

- Cala Maria, when seeing everyone make snowmen, would freeze them with her stone gaze, especially after seeing Mugman’s fall over.

- Baroness, Beppi, and Djimmi get into an eggnog drinking contest. No one knows who won, but all 3 end up pretty smashed.

- Wally Warbles makes these amazing gingerbread houses, he even dresses like one himself. He also doesn’t have it in him to tell his son the truth about Santa

- Djimmi makes everyone all the ugly Christmas sweaters. He wears them proudly and his friends…not so proudly but he tried hard so they won’t complain

- Mugman tries in vain to get a mistletoe kiss from Cala, but he doesn’t get one. He becomes the only one Beppi avoids because of that (what a troll). Well, him and Grim who was hoping to get a smooch from Baroness (I ship it, I can’t help it)

- Sally Stageplay tells all the Christmas plays and stories, like The Night Before Christmas. She’d also be the one to bring all the Christmas movies.

- Ribby and Croaks provide all the music (I think they’re all actually good jazz musiscians in their spare time)

- Rumor Honeybottoms becomes the queen of ice. She makes all these great designs in the ice with her stinger

- despite not celebrating Christmas, Hilda still joins in the party aside from making the weather (I headcanon her as Jewish, idk why but I think she’d be Jewish). Everyone else takes some time before the party to have a Hannukah party with her.

- even Goopy le Grand’s grave (or what’s left of it) has a little wreath put around it

- Cagney DOMINATES the Christmas dance floor, despite not having any feet. No one can touch his moves. Everyone else varies. Cups and Mugs are pretty good (from watching King Dice). Grim is rather clumsy at it and trips on his tail the whole time (usually landing on Beppi). Sally is almost as good as Cagney, but not quite (she swears she’s going to beat him next year). Phantom Express starts a conga line. Baroness is terrible at dancing and just looks like a spastic chicken having a seizure (I imagine it looks something like this). Beppi would probably be good, if he would stop being in the way of Grim’s falls.

That’s all I’ve got

Feel free to add more :)