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Are requests still open? If so thanks in advance! ^-^ I was wondering if you could do a head cannon or scenario (your choice) of the ADA Christmas party.

Yep!!^^ they’re very much open!!^^

I did headcanons, hope ya don’t mind^^


~it’s a lot of fun.
~like ALOT.
~maybe too much.
~president Fukuzawa is calmly sipping alcohol, wearing a party hat and watching everyone with a straight face.
~beside him is an extremely drunk Yosano-sensei with a very flustered face and an almost empty bottle of alcohol while slinging an arm around a sweatdropping Kunikida who can’t escape.
~on his other side is a very engrossed Ranpo-San stuffing his face with sweets, and a mountain more in front of him.
~Dazai-San is sitting nearby, staring at the party decorations that were hung up and thinking if he can strangle himself with them.
(I guess he’s HUNG UP on the idea hahahahahahahahahaha-//slapped)
~Kenji is already asleep with a full stomach and a happy sleeping face.
~Naomi is trying to undress Tanizaki as usual.
~Atsushi excuses himself politely from the scene despite Tanizaki’s pleas for help.
~he then spots Kyouka-Chan and goes over to join her.
~she is stuffing her face with cake, and demon snow watches her from behind, like an overprotective parent.
~Atsushi is intimidated by its aura.
~meanwhile Kyouka-Chan is oblivious to the situation, and continues to eat her cake.
~Haruno observes Kyouka-Chan very closely from afar, like she is thinking about something very deeply.
~Finally approaches her and produces cat ears from behind her back.
~Atsushi sweatdrops at the scene and decides not to interrupt.
~he turns back to join Fukuzawa-San and the others, but instead comes face to face with a wild Dazai trying to hang himself with the hung up decorations.
~chaos then ensues.


~meanwhile Allan Poe is sitting at a dark corner with his pet raccoon, forgotten by the only person he knows and invited him in the first place, Ranpo-San.

S.T.A.R. Labs Christmas Party #1

Characters at the party: Leonard, Mick, Barry, Iris, Caitlin, Cisco, Harry, H.R., Joe, Lisa, Jesse and Wally

Love Interest: Leonard (my OC is a detective)

Theme: Fluffy, sarcastic and funny

Incident: Lisa and Cisco kiss and the reader puts her arm gently in front of Leonard to stop him from hurting Cisco

“You invited Snart to the S.T.A.R. Labs Christmas party?” Joe demands.

“And the other Snart,” you remind him.

“Lisa and Leonard?” Barry looks at you incredulously, running a hand through his hair.

“Relax, they’ll behave. You guys have worked with them before, right?” you say casually.

“And he betrayed us,” Cisco mutters. He’s walks past with a tray of Christmas cookies to set on Caitlin’s desk.

“Nice Santa hat,” you call after him.

All of you are gathered in S.T.A.R. Labs, waiting for the final guests to arrive. Wells is out to pick up Jesse, and H.R. is talking with Caitlin in the corner. Wally stands beside Joe, looking a little confused.

“Who’s Snart?” he asks, looking between you and Barry.

“Dude, what planet have you been on?” Cisco asks, rejoining your group. “Snart’s Captain Cold. And his evil if admittedly very pretty sister is Golden Glider.”

Wells walks into the room with Jesse, making his way towards you. “What’s this about the Golden Glider?” he asks.

“Someone-” Barry gives you a pointed look. “-invited the Snart siblings to the Christmas party.”

“Woah, really?” Jesse asks. Her face seems to be saying, ‘Wow, cool!’

“And someone,” Wells says. “Is going to cancel the invitation.” He looks at you, expression similar to Barry’s.

“Too late for that,” says a drawling voice. Everyone looks at the doorway where Leonard stands, his sister on one side and Mick on the other.

“Woah, woah, why is he here?” Barry points at Mick.

“Where I go, they go,” Leonard says… well, coldly.

“Detective, tell them to leave,” Joe mutters, walking past you for a Christmas cookie. You flash a smile to let Joe know you have no intentions of doing that.

Things go too smoothly to be true. Caitlin passes out some amazing apple cider, and Cisco’s cookies are gone in five minutes. Wally turns up the radio, blasting Christmas songs, H.R. annoys the hell out of Wells, and Iris passes out gifts to everyone except the three unexpected guests. Mick doesn’t set anything on fire, Lisa gets to more or less seduce Cisco, and you get to talk to Leonard.

“Thanks for the invite,” he says, eyes scanning the Christmas party. It’s a strange sight. The cold villain among all this warmth and good cheer. You chuckle to yourself, leaning against him.

“Thanks for coming,” you reply, passing him a mug of apple cider.

“Wait. What is that boy doing?” Leonard demands. You look over to see Cisco kissing Lisa, then throw your arm out in front of Leonard.

“Woah, woah, no killing anyone during my party,” you command.

Leonard crosses his arms and leans against a wall to pout maturely.

You grin, giving a small wave to Joe, who has raised his eyebrows as he watches. It’s going to be a very merry Christmas.

Thanks to @phoenix-storm for customizing a party!