I’m still so lost for Hardy/Hannah and I have written many words of this new Christmas one-shot. I’ve figured it out why I’m so attached with them, but it involves some personal revelations that I’m not up to putting on blast right now.

(I’m Hardy basically)

I keep seeing this cute Dad Might picture in my head – clear as a photograph, I tell you.

Just imagine: It’s winter, and cold, and for some reason, Izuku and Toshinori take the train to get home from wherever they have been. It’s already late, the train almost empty, and Izuku is freezing up. So in search for some warmth, he cuddles against Toshinori’s side. Toshinori, you have to know, is a living, walking heater. So he’s the perfect source of warmth for the freezing, tired boy.

Speaking of tired: Somehow, Izuku manages to fall asleep on Toshinori.

Toshinori startles when he realizes that Izuku is literally using him as a pillow, and spits blood in embarrassment and flustered surprise. But once he sees how content sleeping Izuku looks, he can’t bring himself to move the boy away. Instead he adjusts, making sure that the boy is comfortable leaning against his bony shoulder and not going to slip off, and proceeds to watch the lights passing by at high-speed outside.

(Or at least, he pretends to. He quickly comes to realize that watching Izuku sleeping, breathing evenly and scrunching up his nose and murmuring from time to time, is way more interesting.)

Masterlist (avengerofyourheart)

Marvel Reader inserts listed by character, currently Bucky, Steve, Tony, Sam, Scott, and Thor. A huge thank you to @beccaanne814-blog for the gorgeous character banners! 

Accidents Happen Series (reader x Bucky):

Summary: Reader is accident prone, comes from a sheltered background, and has been with the Avengers almost a year when Steve finds Bucky and brings him to the Avengers Tower (post CATWS, pre CACW). Bucky takes an interest in the reader’s quirkiness. (mostly fluff)

Accidents Happen Series Masterlist (FINISHED)

In the Arms of Justice (Bucky Drabble Series):

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later. (drama, angst, fluff)

In the Arms of Justice Masterlist (FINISHED)

Leave This Town (Mechanic!Bucky AU Series):

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Leave This Town Series Masterlist (FINISHED)

The Lucky One (Movie Challenge Bucky fic):

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

The Lucky One Series Masterlist (in progress)

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Office Christmas | An AU Bill Skarsgård One Shot

Imagine bill being your co worker but your paths don’t cross because you work in different departments. This all changes when you meet at the office Christmas party

Requested by; anonymous

Tw; mention of anxiety, kissing, light flirting, fluff

Word count; 1312

Here it was again, that time of year where everything was lights, presents, cookies and jingle bells. Christmas was fast approaching, as was the office Christmas party. Every year was the same thing. All workers from every department got together, ate food and drank alcohol in the office that was the largest. Every year people got insanely drunk and made a fool of themselves, whether this be through throwing up, drunkenly breaking something or themselves or simply by getting it on with a co-worker they would never ever see again. Oh how Christmas traditions were fun. Not.

You were sat at your desk, aimlessly typing up email after email and meeting minutes after meeting minutes. Your job was dull and boring, and days went by excruciatingly slow. You would constantly clock watch like your life depended on it, wishing the days away so it would once again be the weekend and you could relax. You saw above your divider that your colleague was coming around with a clipboard, which meant only one thing; she was checking attendance for that night’s Christmas party. You groaned to yourself knowing that you would never get out of going to the damn thing.  

“Well then Y/N, are you coming tonight? Why am I asking of course you are,” she said with a cackle ticking the paper that was on top of her clipboard.

“Wouldn’t miss it…” you said with a fake smile, turning back around to concentrate on your computer screen. You got along with the co-workers in your own office but the idea of having to socialise with people you didn’t know made your anxiety flare up. You hated socialising at the best of times, never mind with people you only saw once a year, if that.

The working day went by as slow as you could have expected. You shut your computer down and headed to the parking lot, throwing your bag onto the back seat.

“See you tonight Y/N!” called your co-worker. You gave them a smile and a little wave before getting into your car and driving back to your apartment. You flung open the front door and threw your bag down on the counter top. You had an hour and a half to shower and get yourself looking presentable enough for a Christmas party. With a sigh, you pulled you hair out of its limp ponytail and stripped yourself of your clothes, leaving them in a line behind you. The hot water ran down your skin, soothing your aching muscles. Who knew sitting straight up right at a computer for nine hours a day could give you such pain?

Your eyes scanned your wardrobe as you stood there in nothing but a towel. Your hands strummed along the edges of your dresses, before settling on a floaty red number with capped sleeves. It had a small but subtle cut out just above the chest. Showing a little can still show a lot you thought to yourself. You pulled it from its hanger and threw it on your bed. Spinning to throw your towel towards a radiator, you opened your underwear draw with your free hand. You pulled out a red lace bra and matching panties, slipping your legs through them and pulling them up. You put on your bra and slipped your dress on over your head. You ragged a brush through your hair and quickly put some make-up on your face, finishing your look with some statement red lips. You grabbed your keys and ran out of your apartment.

You pulled up to your offices, the bass blasting out from the building, you rolled your eyes as you slammed your car door, tottering up to the doors in your heeled boots. As you walked through the doors, some of your colleagues squealed and welcomed you, commenting on how you scrubbed up well or how different you looked not dressed in your drab office wear.

Drinks were flowing and you were starting to slightly enjoy yourself. You walked over to the table where the bottles of alcohol were neatly stacked up. You leant over to pick up a bottle of your favourite cider when your hand clashed with someone else’s. You quickly pulled your hand back and looked up ready to apologise. Your eyes met some wonderfully green orbs, the person who they belonged to smiling down at you.

“Sorry …” you both said at the same time, before laughing at the coincidence. For what felt like a life time, you both stood there just looking at one another, hands remaining frozen in mid-air. You held yours out in front of you, reigning your smile back so you weren’t stood grinning like an idiot.

“Y/N,” you said simply. The man before you took your hand as if to shake it but moved it up towards his lips, placing a kiss to the back of it. Your heart gave a slight flutter. Who still does that?”

“I’m Bill, I work down in IT,” he said, almost shrugging as if he knew his job didn’t spark too much interest. You smiled, not pulling his hand from his, which remained against his chest. The tingling sensation from his kiss running up your arms like an electric shock.

“I work in HR, can’t get any less glamorous than that,” you said with a shy smile.

“I bet you light up the whole room when you enter though,” Bill said in response. This man was so charming he could probably sell snow to someone in the Antarctic. Your eyes met his, a charge running through your entire body. Inside, you were scared. You’d never felt something so instantaneous about a person before. The fear was mixed with raw attraction. He was tall with dark blonde, almost brown hair. His features were soft except for his cheekbones which stood out sharply from his face. To her, he was the definition of perfection.

“Shall we go somewhere and talk?” he said, picking up the bottle you had been aiming for and the bottle he had chosen. You nodded, allowing him to take your hand and lead you to a quieter seating area. He passed your drink and you sat, talking to him for what seemed like hours. You had so much in common. You liked and disliked pretty much the same things. You found out he came from Sweden and a large family, that IT was not what he wanted to do but it paid his rent. He lived not too far from the office and he drove a vintage car.

Time went by and the party started to dwindle down; either people were leaving to go home, or they were passing out in corridors from too much drink. You were still sat next to Bill, except now you were so close to one another there was barely any breathing room. His hand rested on your thigh, just above your knee; high enough to cause electricity but not too evasive. A pause in conversation happened briefly, a period just long enough for Bill to lean in, placing a kiss to your lips. You were taken aback but allowed yourself to kiss him back, your hand rising to land on his etched cheek bones.

Bill slowly pulled back, just far enough so he could look into your eyes, a big smile on his face.

“I’m so happy we knocked hands over the beer table. I’ve not felt something like this for someone I’ve only just met before,”

“Me neither, I’m quite surprised by it …” you said in nothing more than a whisper.

“Want to get out of here? This parties a bit dead now, we should start our own,” Bill said with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Sure,” you said, a grin coming over your face as Bill took your hand and led you away from the office.

(I really really enjoyed writing this AU fluff so if anyone wants a part two please let me know!)

Every Moment (ffn)
Rated T
Summary: Christmas Eve is not a tradition Loki is familiar with and sees no reason to participate in such affairs. Forced to attend a party of most annoying frivolity by Thor, Loki is shown just how magical Midgardian traditions can be if one is willing to open their heart. 


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Christmas One Shots🎄

  1. Christmas Gift - Namjoon


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Lee Minhyuk


A/N: This is a repost of an old story that I deleted from my other blog. But it’s wintery so therefore kinda Christmasy? I do intend to write a Christmas one shot at some point.

Oh and it’s smutty…

“Y/N, we should go. The snow’s starting to get heavier.”

“But I’m having so much fun!” You whirled to a stop on your ice skates, in front of your best friend and colleague Spencer Reid.

You’d been driving home from lecturing at a college a few hours away when you’d spotted a deserted frozen lake that just called out to you. It looked beautiful, it had snowed over the last few days and it looked like a winter wonderland Christmas card. In your youth you’d been a budding figure skater until a shattered ankle had put paid to your dreams of pursuing it professionally. You still kept a pair of skates in the trunk of your car in the winter and you’d driven off the main road and found the entrance to the lake, begging Spencer to allow you to skate for a while.

He’d agreed and had found a log to rest on for a while, shoving his hands into his pockets as he watched you with a smile on his face.

You must have been out there for an hour before he called you back, snow starting to fall again quickly and the sun setting in the sky.

“I know you’re having fun, and I’m enjoying watching you. But I’m cold, and it’s getting dark. And we’re still at least two hours away from home. Plus… The snow is coming down pretty quick now.”

It was. You couldn’t skate very fast without feeling the force of the snowflakes against your face. He was right. And he’d been a really good sport about sitting in the cold. You carefully walked over to where he was waiting with your boots and plopped down next to him on the log, swapping your skates for more suitable footwear.

“One day, I will have you out on skates Spencer.”

“Sure you will. Probably on the same day you manage to beat me at chess.” He smiled at his joke and you nudged him playfully.

You trudged through the snow back to the car, your heads down against the falling snow. Now that you’d stopped moving on the ice, you were quickly cooling down.

Spencer dug in his pocket for your keys and pressed the button to release the central locking. Instead of the lights flashing and a bleeping you got nothing.

He pressed the button again.



Approaching the drivers side door, you took the keys off him and unlocked the door manually, leaning over and opening his door. You both shut yourselves in away from the cold as you inserted the key into the ignition, turning it to start the engine.

Nothing happened. You and Spencer looked at each other as you tried again, pumping your foot on the gas pedal and jiggling the wheel in case you’d accidentally engaged the steering lock. Still nothing.

“Fuck.” You muttered trying again.

“Y/N. It’s no use. I’m pretty certain the batteries dead.” He pointed to the cigarette lighter which had his phone charger plugged in, his phone still attached. “I’m sorry. I thought I’d disconnected it.”


“Pop the hood.” Spencer told you and you shot him a look.

“Do you know anything about cars Spencer?”

“I know a lot about a lot of things… Just do it. You might be surprised.”

Sighing, you did as he instructed, grimacing as he opened the door again and moved around to the bonnet. He stood there for a few minutes, bent over and you opened your door calling out to him.


He dropped the bonnet securing it again, and got back in. “Yeah…. No.”

“So that was a pointless exercise and only ended up letting more cold air in.” You spat out.

“Hey, don’t get mad at me. We all make mistakes and I apologised. You’re the one that wanted to stop remember?”

You guessed he was right. It was both of your faults.

He pulled out his cell and dialed a number from memory, mouthing ‘Triple A’ at you.

You only heard one side of the conversation but it wasn’t sounding good. When he ended the call he shook his head.

“There’s been a huge pile up twenty miles down the road. Caused by the snow. What we’re getting here is just start of it. Apparently there’s a huge storm setting in. There’s no responding vehicle available for at least four hours.”

“You are shitting me.”

“Afraid not.”

“What about Derek? Could he come out?”

As soon as he started talking again, you realised what a stupid question that had been. “We’re still two hours away from home anyway. If there’s been a pile up he’s not gonna be able to get through either unless he goes the long way around. And if the snow is that bad….”

“I get it, I get it. We’re stuck.”

“Yep. They said to leave my cell on and they’ll call as soon as a vehicle is on its way.”

Right. You both switched your phones into ultra power saving, turning off all apps after quickly sending the team a message informing you of the situation in case you were needed. You and Spencer weren’t going anywhere for a while.

Climbing between the seats into the back, you leant over into the trunk and pulled out the emergency sleeping bag you kept in there. It was a bit musty, but nothing too bad. You always kept some emergency things in the trunk after you’d had to spend a full night at the side of a road when you were nineteen. Hopefully this wouldn’t be that long. You unzipped it and spread it out over you and Spencer looked back at it longingly.

“Fine… We can share. Come back here then.”

He struggled to fit between the gap in this seats, cracking his head on the roof of the car and causing you to giggle.

“Not funny, Y/N. Now share the warmth. Do you have anything else back there that could help us out?”

He wriggled next to you and you fit the sleeping bag around you both.

“I’ve got a couple of bottles of water and some protein bars. And some chips.”

“Well at least we won’t starve.”

Ninety minutes passed and you were starting to feel extremely cold. You and Spencer had sipped a bottle of water between you and shared a protein bar. Both of you had eaten a fairly large meal before you’d left for the journey home so you weren’t too worried about going hungry, you were just cold.

You and Spencer had talked for a bit but now you had your head resting on his shoulder, your arms linked together for warmth. You’d both zipped your coats up as high as they’d go and burrowed your head down into your scarves.

You fidgeted, your hands were freezing. You’d left your gloves at home and typically Spencer had misplaced his too.

“You okay?” Reid asked, his breath showing in the air.

“My hands… ”

“Here.” He took them into his and rubbed them, the friction helping a little.

“Spencer, I’m starting to worry. I’m really, really cold.” You told him and he looked down and away for a second.

“I’m not worried as such… But I’m freezing too. Erm… There is one thing… Actually. No. Forget it.”

“Tell me.. If it’ll keep me warm, I’d literally do anything right now.”

He looked unsure and you nudged him. “Spencer. Seriously. I need to get warm.”

“Okay.” He looked around the car and then back at you. “This will probably work better if you sit on my lap. It’s either that, or we collapse the seats.”

“Theres too much crap in the trunk to do that.” You started to shift your weight, getting ready to climb onto him, not even questioning him until he started to unzip his coat, removing it along with his sweater and scarf. As he started to unbutton his shirt you realised why he’d hesitated before telling you.

Body heat.

But it worked better when it was skin on skin.

Fuck it.

Lowering the sleeping bag, you followed suit; removing your coat and outer layers, stopping when you got to your bra. That was staying on.

“Trousers too?” You asked and he nodded, already slipping his off. Again you copied him and when you were both down to your underwear you climbed onto his lap, feeling slightly self conscious.

He shrugged his thick coat back over his shoulders, not putting his arms through the sleeves and you pulled the sleeping bag back around you.

“So…. I guess we snuggle right?”

He nodded, giving you an apologetic look.

Okay. Whatever.

You leant in, pressing your chest against his and resting your head back on his shoulder. Spencers hands went around your back, rubbing up and down your bare skin as you cocooned you both in the thick material.

As uncomfortable as you felt sitting on your colleagues lap, this was tons warmer. You wriggled, shuffling your knees closer to the back of the seat and pressing as close as you could.

“Don’t wriggle. Please.” Spencer sounded choked and his hands gripped your waist.

“Sorry. Just trying to get warmer.”

“I know. But….just don’t.”

“Shit, am I hurting you?” You asked.

“It’s.. not that.”

“Then what?”

He coughed, clearing his throat. “I don’t want to make this awkward because I’m finally starting to feel warm but…. Well. You’re a very attractive female. And you’re on my lap wearing very little.”




“You think I’m attractive?”

“I’m not blind, Y/N.”


You wriggled again, his fingers digging into your hips this time.

“Stop it.” He hissed at you.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Y/N. I’m not in the mood to be made a fool out of.”

“What? Spencer, I’m not trying to make a fool out of you. I just find it amusing that you’ve just admitted to finding me attractive and I sure as hell think you’re hot. And like you say, I AM sat in your lap, semi naked.”

You pulled away from his shoulder so you could look at him, grinning at the confused and shocked look on his face.


“You heard. Don’t act so shocked either.”

When you shifted this time, he didn’t grasp you so hard, his hands still on your hips but no longer in a vice like grip.

“You think…. Me? Really?”

“I’m not blind, Spencer.” You echoed his own words.

Thinking quickly you asked him. “Triple A said four hours right?”

He nodded.

“And that they’d call when they were on their way?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I can think of another way to get warm… A lot warmer than this. And a hell of a lot funner than this too. If you’re game?”

He gulped before licking his lips.

“I’m game.” He whispered.


Lowering your head to his neck, you started to place gentle kisses up and down, nibbling softly on his ear lobe and rolling your hips lightly. He stopped trying to still your movements and instead started trailing up and down your sides, tickling your skin.

Slowly dragging your lips across his jawbone, his light stubble chafing your lips, you stopped just shy of his mouth.

“Sure you’re game?” You asked once more.

He nodded in response, his lips parting as you placed yours against his.

Oh god..

Your kisses started slow and then quickly built into passionate urgings, your mouths moving against other in a way that you’d never thought you’d be doing with Reid. Sure, you thought Spencer was attractive, and you got on extremely well with him. You’d even go as far to say that you harboured a small crush for him.

You just never thought you’d act on it.

You rolled your hips again hearing him groan, a deliciously low sound that you wanted to hear again and again. Sliding back and forth gently you ground your pelvis against his lap, feeling him hard beneath you, another groan escaping his throat as you kissed.

You repositioned yourself slightly so that you were on the receiving end of the friction you were creating as you rocked your hips to and fro. A gasp caught on your lips and you felt him grin against you mouth.

Feeling bolder, he slid his hands around to your front, palming your breasts through your bra.

It was good job you were in a relatively secluded area, the windows of the car were now completed misted over.

Spencer tugged on your bra straps, sliding them down your arms and reaching behind your back for the clasp. You allowed him to remove it, making sure the sleeping bag was positioned so that if anyone did suddenly appear, you wouldn’t get shopped for publicly indecency.

Reid broke the kiss and pulled back to look at you, his eyes raking over your chest. He breathed in deeply, his eyes darkening.

“Like what you see?” You asked cockily, trying to break some of the tension.

“What’s not to like?” Spencer leant forward and pressed his warm lips to your breastbone, his hands moving over your thighs, sliding higher as you continued to grind gently against him.

“Stop moving for a second.. ” His whispered, his breath tickling your skin as he kissed his way across your chest to your nipple, lightly circling it with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth, flicking your hard bud.

“Oh fuck” You whimpered. You could no longer feel the cold, only the warmth coursing through your body. Spencer sucked harder, his tongue teasing you and sending shivers down your spine straight to your groin. His fingers moved higher up your thighs, stroking against the fabric of your underwear which you were sure had to be wet now.

“Spence… Fuck.”

His thumb grazed over your clit, making you shudder lightly. Realising he was in the right place, he started to rub over the fabric, glancing up at you as he did, biting down softly on your breast.

You started to pant lowly, biting on your bottom lip as Spencer massaged your clit through your panties.

“Oh god….oh sweet fuck… ” You gasped, starting to grind on him again. He moaned loudly biting down harder and you cried out.

“Shit. Too hard?” He pulled away.

“No… But… ” You lifted yourself off him slightly and reached for his boxers. He got the message and raised his hips and slid them down.

Resting back down, you reached between your bodies and pulled your panties to one side, using your hands to position him against your lips.

“Do we….. ?” He asked.

“Pill.” You breathed out, allowing him to slide in slowly, wincing slightly at the new sensation.

“Fuck.” Spencer groaned out.

“Yep.” You agreed and started rocking against him, his hand slipping back between you to resume it’s ministrations on your clit.

Resting your forehead to his, you moved. Rolling your hips against his and clenching around him as jolts of pleasure shot through you. He bucked underneath you, pushing himself deeper inside as you both soon fell into a perfect rhythm with each other.

Spencers fingers kept up their motions on your clit and you slowly felt your orgasm start to build, your legs trembling when it started to overtake you. You started to grind harder and faster on him, his own moans coming faster now. You came a few minutes later, crying out his name as you did. You shuddered on top of him, your thighs clenching as you continued to move up and down, Spencers hands now moving to your hips to help with your pace.

“Oh fuck… I’m gonna… ”

He didn’t need to finish, you felt him releasing himself inside of you in short bursts. You slowed your movements, bringing them to a halt.

“Well…” You breathed out. “I don’t know about you, but I’m a hell of a lot warmer.”

“Same… Almost too warm, not that I’m going to complain.”

Just then, his phone started to sing and you scrambled for it, feeling a warm sticky fluid running down your thighs as he slipped out.

“Sorry….” He said hurriedly, grabbing for his cell and answering it.

It was Triple A. They had a vehicle ready and he was on his way. He’d be about fifteen minutes, they told Spencer.

You hurriedly pulled your clothes back on and wiped down the interior windows so you watch for their arrival.

“Y/N?” Spencer asked, nerves in his voice.


“Was that…. Was that like a one time thing?”

You glanced back to see him looking away quickly.

“It’s an as many time as you want it to be thing, Spencer. ”

“Okay, good.”

“But Reid? Next time… You really don’t need to break my car. Just ask!”

“I didn’t… I… I… Y/N, I swear…”

You laughed at him, seeing headlights approaching in the distance.

“I know Spencer… I know. ”

It’s Perfect

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Gif not mine.

Hey, guys, it’s like two in the morning for me and you know what that means it, Christmas Eve! This is also fair warning that if this is bad I’m sleep deprived I think this might be one of the last holiday specials I’m going to try to post one, later on, today maybe one with Steve but shhh it’s a secret. Enjoy!

Word Count: 627

You walked up the stairs to the small apartment you and Pietro had moved in just a few months prior. It was close enough to the tower so that you and Pietro were ready for any mission that springs upon the Avengers but far enough that you and Pietro had some privacy. 

Nearing the door you heard Pietro’s tone deaf voice singing along to It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Chuckling to yourself, you open the door into the living room. You were stunned, the apartment was ravished with Christmas decor. The problem with the decorations is that Pietro had no idea what he was doing. Tinsel was thrown everywhere while the lights were poorly distributed around the room. The tree was a mess; ornaments clumped together leaving large spots empty. You wouldn’t have had it any other way everything was perfect.

“Y/N?” Pietro called rushing to greet you at the door. Picking you up, he spins you around. “Do you like?” He asked setting you back on the floor

“Of course.” You smiled, placing the bag of gifts down. Pietro got a curious eye looking down at the bag. “No peeking these are for the party Friday.”

“You didn’t have to buy me any prințesă. The only thing I want for Christmas doesn’t even have a price tag.” He purred wiggling his eyebrows.

“These are not for you; these are the team’s gifts you can’t see ‘cause you can’t keep a secret.” You claimed, covering the bag in case he decided to peek again.

“What are you talking about? I’m great at keeping secrets.” Pietro cried crossing his arms.

“On Wanda’s birthday, you flat out told her what I was giving her. Bruce’s you actually showed him what he was getting.”

“Okay, maybe I’m not the best with secrets. But I did keep my secret from you.” He smirked picking up your left hand and rubbing his index finger over the small diamond ring.

“Yes, you did.” You smiled pulling his face to yours. During your kiss, you started to smell something burning. “Pietro, are you cooking something?” You asked pulling away.

His eyes widened.“La Dracu.” He cursed speeding to the kitchen. Following him you watched while he pulls out a tray of blackened sugar cookies, placing them next to the other batches. “I’m sorry these are a little overdone.”

“A little?”

“Maybe they’re burnt, but the others are fine. I was hoping you, and I could decorate them.” He said taking out the frosting and other toppings of the sugar cookies.

“I would love too.” You laughed picking up the light blue icing and a snowman shaped cookie, as Pietro took a ginger bread shaped one. 

You spent a good hour decorating the excessive amount of cookies he baked, finally finishing them off. “So are we going to test our lovely creations, or what?” You asked picking up an adorable Santa gingerbread cookie Pietro had crafted. Taking a bite you cringed, the cookie was bitter and unsweetened. Sparing his feelings, you forced the disgusting food down your throat. “Piet, what did you put in the cookies?”

“Flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, butter and a couple of other ingredients.” He listed, but the taste didn’t add up.

“What sugar?”

“This sugar.” Handing you the container you inspect the contents, tasting the white substance.

“Pietro, this is salt.” You laughed placing the jar down.

“Crap, I’m sorry we’ll just have to redo them.”

“No, how about I give you your Christmas present early?"You coyly smiled moving towards your room once Pietro caught on you were swept off your feet and rushed to the bed.

Was it any good? Tell me your thoughts and I will see you next time with hopefully a Steve special

It must’ve been the mistletoe | Tłumaczenie PL

Tytuł: It must’ve been the mistletoe
Pairing: Larry Stylinson
Autorka: itjustkindahappened
Wyrazy: 2213
Opis: AU, w którym Harry nosi z sobą jemiołę, aby zawsze mieć wymówkę do pocałowania Louisa.
Banner: Mini
Beta: sherriane! ♥
Zgoda: Wysłana, bez odpowiedzi

Mówiąc szczerze, nie ma niczego, co sprawia Harry’emu większą przyjemność niż całowanie swojego chłopaka.

To nie tak, że możecie go winić. Każdy wykorzystałby szansę posiadania przywileju całowania Louisa Tomlinsona kiedy tylko się chce.

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Christmas: Tree Hunting

Summary: after a hunt, Dean surprises you by stopping at a tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,100

Warnings: none, just so much fluff

A/N: IT’S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS FICS! I hope you all like them. I’m hoping to do a bunch, and if you have any requests, feel free to send them in! Also I’m really proud of myself, because I made that collage up there all by myself. The individual pictures aren’t mine, I got them on pinterest.

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Christmas time with the Devil.

Requester: @merrychristmasdeanypieavengers

Request: Maybe the reader could be Luci’s soul mate and it’s their first Christmas together?

Warnings: Um, Lucifer hating angels and Christmas…?

Word count: 1,001

A/n.: Okay, here it is! I’m sorry that it’s sort of short, but I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting!

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Full Masterlist 1D Imagines

Behind The Album- Harry Styles Mini Series Harry Full Series:

Watched (Completed)
Y/N and Harry’s relationship is put to the test when someone from Y/N’s past comes back. Will they be able to stay together or will they lose everything? 

A New Chapter (Completed)
Companion series to Watched. Harry and Y/N’s new chapter of life being new parents. 

Daddy Harry (Completed) (still working on the links)
Two Friends. One Night. One Baby. Their story. 

Be With Me So Happily  (Completed)
After years of broken promises and hearts, two lovers find their way back to their heart’s owners, despite one of them already being in a relationship.

Are We Friends or Are We More? (Almost completed/Hiatus)
Practically forbidden to be together, two friends, who fall in love find a way to be together. 

Spaces  (Hiatus)
A complicated relationship turns into something more. 

Hey Angel (in progress)
Harry Styles, member of the biggest band in the world and single father, meets Y/N, a local LA stylist, who is also a single mother. This is their story of falling in love and merging their broken families into one. 

The Soundtrack mini series (in progress)
A set of companion series based off a song from each One Direction Album. Y/N, just getting over a painful breakup, meets Harry and he becomes her temporary fix as she moves on, but what happens with the both end up wanting something more. 

Flashback Friday Imagines (in progress)
send certain scenarios or anything you want me to write about since a lot of them ended with Writers block so that maybe this will help give them a proper ending!
A New Chapter
Daddy Harry
Daddy Niall
Are We Friends or Are we more?
Happily Parenting
Give Me Love

The ‘mini series’ series (in progress)
A set of companion series based off a song from each One Direction Album. Y/N, just getting over a painful breakup, meets Harry and he becomes her temporary fix as she moves on, but what happens with the both end up wanting something more.

Harry Mini Series:

Give Me Love (Completed)
Two best friends in love, who struggle with their feelings and moving towards a relationship. 

Hello  (Almost completed/Hiatus)
Two former lovers say hello to a new relationship. Based on Hello by Adele. 

Happily Pregnant (in progress)
Companion mini series based on my Be With Me So Happily  series. Harry and Y/N’s are ready to finally have a baby, this is their journey. 

Yes  (in progress)
After years of make-ups and break ups, Harry and Y/N have been desperately trying to make their relationship work. However, after a year apart, the two met up one night and agreed to give their shot at love on more chance. But will their love for each other be enough or will they finally find out that sometimes people just aren’t meant to be?

Secret Love Song(in progress) 
Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall for one another, but there’s a catch. In order to be together, the two must keep their relationship a secret because of Y/N’s job as a journalist. But will the secret relationship be too much for them or will Y/N have to ultimately choose between her career and her love for Harry?

Fireproof An Alex Mini Series (in progress)
An Alex, Harry’s Character from Dunkirk, fic was highly, highly requested. For the most part, this is an original story simply based around his character and there will only be a few references to things that happened in the film – just in case some have yet to see it, there won’t be any spoilers.

Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series  (Completed)
You had just arrived in Jamaica for your next job. You had been hired to come to Jamaica to film the recording process for an artist. Apparently, things were to be kept secret, which is why you didn’t know beforehand about who you’d be working with. Not that you really cared because you were just looking forward to doing what you loved and the fact that you were getting paid to be in Jamaica wasn’t a bad thing either..

Behind The Tour (in progress)

Other Series:

Daddy Niall - What happens when Niall falls in love with a fan, only to find out she’s a single mother. (in progress)

Imagines, Prefences en request:

12 Days of Christmas 2015 - Christmas based One shots. (Completed)
12 Days of Christmas 2016 - Christmas based One shots. (Completed)

Preferences(in progress)
Preferences based on songs/scenarios. Features all four boys. 

Personal (in progress )
Link for personals I’ve done and Imagines based on certain gifs. Features all four boys.

One Shots
Small ones

One Shot Serie - What A Feeling (in progress)
Y/N and Harry are famous, they both are huge fans of the others music with a bit of a celebrity crush towards each other. They finally end up meeting one another and soon a relationship blossoms from there. My one shots will be about different milestones in their relationship and other ideas that you all send in or that I come with. It WILL NOT be written like a  story, but as separate one shots that can be read alone or has one big story.

**Key to what the following means:

Finished story. I will not be updating it again. The story either ran it’s course or I could not longer come up with suitable ideas for it.

This simply means, that I have run out of ideas, but plan on picking up the story at some point soon. This also could mean a possibly monthly update as I get more ideas for one, but no weekly post.

Almost Completed/Hiatus
Means that this story is currently in hiatus until I figure out a proper ending to complete the story. Once that happens, the story will officially move into Completed.

In Progress
Means the story is still being updated on a weekly-biweekly schedule. I plan on coming up with a posting schedule soon, so everyone will know what story or specific updates will be.

Also, if you believe I’ve missed a series or  link to something, please let me know! :)

Ichihime: the Day Before Christmas


-also: this takes place when the gang is around 19, so some hints are foreshadowed in this fic

~please excuse any grammatical errors, it’s 1 A.M. here heh~

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First Christmas


(not my gif)

Characters: Bucky x reader

Summary: It’s Christmastime, and Bucky wakes up from a nap to find you baking cookies and singing along to Christmas carols. A glorious amount of cuteness ensues.

Warnings: So much fucking fluff holy lawd sweetness galore also bad edit (it’s a given sorry)

Words: 1848

A/N: Because why not have a cozy!bucky christmas fic in summer? ALSO FCKN REQUEST THINGS WOULD YA I NEED INSPO SLIDE INTO MY DMS

Bucky woke up from a nap on the living room couch, a spot he seemed to frequent whenever he was feeling sleepy. He yawned, blinking a few times to let what was left of the sunlight of the day filter through his eyelashes as he sat himself upright and stretched. He straightened out his warm jumper and smiled at the coziness of the room he was now looking at. 

It must’ve been sunset outside, he could tell that much from the fading light coming in from the partially closed blinds. Soft Christmas music played on the Victrola across the room, causing a hint of nostalgia to prickle under his skin. A bare tree sat in the farthest corner, boxes of decorations just waiting to be hung at its feet. Fairy lights were strung along the staircase leading up to his bedroom, and the smell of gingerbread and fresh pine hung deliciously in the air.

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Christmas Masterlist

Basically just a Masterlist of all my Christmas related One Shots  because why not. These one-shots are all x reader.

  1. Snow - Maximoff Twins
  2. Forever -Bucky
  3. Wonderland - Steve ft Bucky
  4. Skating - Sam Winchester 
  5. Cold - Bucky
  6. I Love It - Dean Winchester 
  7. Merry Christmas - Deadpool 
  8. Mistletoe - Bucky 
  9. Our Christmas - Natasha 
  10. Tradition - Pietro
Master Fanfiction List | July 2017

For those of you who have been asking me for my updated master list, ask and you shall receive!

Here is the Master List for all of my current completed and works in progress Fanfictions for Outlander.  All of my stories can be found on AO3 under the same name of WrittenThrough Time. I do NOT write about real people, so please don’t ask or expect to find those on here.


My Blog Prompts

A Life Unseen - An AU, Frank cheats on Claire story. Frank cheats right before Claire falls through time and how her relationships/experiences will differ from the books since she doesn’t have that anchor of Frank trying to get back to.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Mo Chridhe - Modern AU of Claire and Jamie’s lives
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Briste - Modern AU where Claire believes she is unlovable and will never find love. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way she believes it will… Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

The Crook Chronicles - My half is set for Mr. Crook Part 1, Mr. Crook Part , Mr. Crook Part 3, Mr. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

@lenny9987 and I have paired up for this series and she has written Mrs. Crook Part 1,Mrs. Crook Part 2, Mrs. Crook Part 3, Mrs. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

Endlessly - Story based on @gotham-ruaidh‘s Endless Loop Theory
Part 2

For the Love of a Soldier - Also known as 1940s Claire and Jamie, it’s an AU set in the 1940s with Jamie a Scottish soldier and Claire a nurse meeting during WWII.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 COMPLETE

A Second Chance - Yet another AU where Claire goes back through the stones with Bree, 2 years after leaving the past before Culloden.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Changing History - One shot AU where Jamie and Claire were successful in getting the Bonnie Prince to go back to Italy and not start the rebellion. Their experience after with a certain Captain of Dragoons. COMPLETE

Just a Man - Currently a one shot, but soon to be multi-post, from Jamie’s point of view. Current post is set (book world) right after the wedding when Claire faints. COMPLETE

25 Days of Outlander - Posts are tagged with 25 Days of Outlander, Gotham-ruiadh,& Lenny9987. There are a series of 25 “Favorites” that I’ve chosen to writeshort fanfictions based upon. Currently there are 11 posts for that particular set.
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11

Claire’s Not a Fetch - Completed AU where Claire goes back and stops Jamie from marrying Laoghaire in Voyager. COMPLETE

The Sorcerer and the Stones - Master Raymond based story (currently complete. Future chapters possible) COMPLETE

A Flurry of Green and Red - Bree goes through the stones before Claire. deviation from Voyager

Christmas Faith - Christmas themed one shots based with Faith Fraser as a main character.
Alternate Christmas Faith    COMPLETE

Christmas on the Ridge - Fluffy Christmas day story COMPLETE

From One to Another - Frank has a child with another woman, abandoning Claire hours after giving birth to Brianna. COMPLETE

Ma Famille - Fluffy Fergus AU at Lallybroch with Claire & Jamie. COMPLETE

Mutually Beneficial Pleasure - Fic based on an image and the caption “Imagine him looking down at you like that.” SMUT COMPLETE

Untitled Ramblings - Meet cute for Jamie and Claire set in an unidentified Modern Universe. (completely separate from Mo Chridhe.) This fic could also be continued for now marked complete.
Untitled Surprise COMPLETE

La Bibliotheque Parisinne - Modern standalone piece of Jamie and Claire in Paris. Smut for Smut’s Sake.SMUT COMPLETE

Forever and A Day… - Rewrite of DiA where Claire stays in the past. Written for @mybeautifuldecay

A Whole New World- JPOV s2ep13: Dragonfly in Amber AU

Scottish Sun - Sweet Jamie and Claire moment COMPLETE

Outlander Drabbles - Collection of Drabbles based in any setting of Outlander
Wedding Night Drabbles, The Newsroom, Smut Drabble, Motorcyclist, Drunken Night, Obedience School, Anniversary Gift, Trouble, First Night Alone, Puppy Days, Walks, Ring Bearer, The Halloween Party, Happy Second Anniversary, Happy Halloween

Singin’ in the Rain - ONE SHOT: Roger and Bree moment on the Ridge.Book 9 setting SMUT COMPLETE

A Kiss a Day Keeps the Whores at Bay - Claire saves Jamie from Laoghaire COMPLETE

Life Drawing - This would totally be an AU fic but I would love to see Claire teaching a figure drawing class and Jamie being one of the students draws her.

Letters For Christmas - Secret Santa 2016 for @akb723. For Christmas Jamie writes a letter to his wife remembering different moments in their shared history.  Letter One - 1944 Letter Two - 1946 Letter Three - 1949 Letter Four - 1953 Letter Five - 1957 Letter Six - 1959 Letter Seven - 1969 COMPLETE

Prompts for Imagine

Always With Me - Imagine Jamie going all proud poppa mode with baby Faith if she had lived COMPLETE

Born Out of Time - Bree is sick in the 20th Century and Claire has to bring her back to the 18th Century to heal her.
Part 2: I Need A Healer, Part 3: Return of the Red Man and Red Child COMPLETE

Main Du Chroi - Faith asks Jamie if Claire is really a faerie Part: 2 COMPLETE

The Darkness That Leads to Remembrance - Sir Fletcher allows Claire to see Jamie. (Endlessly Spin-Off) COMPLETE

The Steam Rises - The hot baths did win….for both of them. SMUT COMPLETE

Oidche Math - AU where Jamie has premonitions/dreams of his Sassenach before they meet in person.
Part 2: Et Somniatores    COMPLETE

An Aching Wish - The stones failed the second time around and Claire goes to France. Chapter 2 COMPLETE

Lallybroch’s Newest Healer - Rewrite of Always With Me where Faith Lives and is NOT a dream. COMPLETE

There Can Only Be One (aka Legwhore Smackdown)- Claire goes back slightly earlier just before Jamie leaves for Edinburgh and he still lives with Laoghaire COMPLETE

Together in Paris - Life for the Frasers had they stayed in Paris instead of fighting in the uprising. (AU where Faith lives)
Part 2: Older Brother, Older Sister, Part 3: La Petite Mort

Wanting to Be….A Daddy’s Girl - Fic about Brianna never bonding/having that fatherly relationship with Frank and her reaction when she finds out who her father really is. AU with wee Bree and Frank dies early,
Part 2 COMPLETE (for now)

Petit Mircale - Multi-part rewrite of what I believe should have happened in ep. 207. *Spoiler Alert* FAITH LIVES.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5  COMPLETE

Neighboring Love - Set in the 18th Century. Young lovers Jamie and Claire.
Prompt: So there’s this post on tumblr that’s like “the most beautiful man in the world lives in my building but every time I see him I’m a mess” and I was like OMG THIS NEEDS TO BE A FIC, so imagine Jamie and Claire in this situation.
Part 2: 362 Days…, Part 3: Unwanted Affections, Part 4: Since the Very First Day, Part 5: Hidden Letters

Èirigh na Grèine - Set in the 18th Century where Bree is born and grows up then. Jamie talking to, showing, and explaining things to a baby Bree. Part 2  COMPLETE

Away with the Faeries -  In season 2 finale, Bree said Claire is always away with the faeries…Coult you do a prompt of instances of Bree at different ages like 5,9, 14 and 20where she notices Claire is far away (thinking about Jamie and such) and at those different ages what Bree thinks of her mother because thoughts change when you get older :)  COMPLETE

Of Innocents & Voyeurs - Imagine if Mary and/or Louise walked in on Jamie and Claire in the throws ;) SMUT COMPLETE

Sticky Fingers - #5 Claire catches a bairn in her surgery. (this is a multi-fic post where each of Imagine’s mods wrote a piece based on a list of prompts. You’ll find Stick Fingers as number 5 on the list) COMPLETE

Cruinne Malartach - Imagine there are stones that don’t send you through time but into alternative universes.

Owl Post - Imagine Bree explaining Harry Potter to Jamie. Gotham graciously let me borrow her Modern Glasgow world and add this little gem to the universe. Gotham’s Modern Glasgow

Tales From the Past - Claire and Uncle Lamb are folklorists and discover a Scottish Legend deep in the North Carolian Mountains Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV COMPLETE

Angel Baby - Anonymous submitted: Could you please write a prompt where little Bree asks Claire for a sister, Claire tells her about Faith but Frank overhears and confronts Claire? Thanks :) COMPLETE

Guardian Scotsman - What about a story about Claire as a child or a teenager and somehow gets raised by Murtagh?

Baking Disasters - Imagine Claire trying to be the perfect WI wife for her husband doing baking and crafts and gardening and she’s kind of awful at it. Chapter 1, Chapter 2

A Shock to the System - Hi, could You write a Fic where Jamie managed to avoid Geneva´s blackmailing (that never happened) and later she met Frasers and SEE THEM TOGETHER (gladly with bairns)? Love to see Claire give her (G) a hard time – kill that little brat!!! COMPLETE

Separate Beds- "Do you wish for us to live separately?“ What if Claire wasn’t ready to forgive Jamie yet? How would he gain back her trust? COMPLETE

The Laird’s Foster - Because I am missing my favorite characters of late, can I get some Roger and Bree story? I’d like to see the evolution of them falling in love with each other. Too much? Anything from you will do. Pretty please? Thank you!

On the Road - Could you do an story where Claire and Jamie return to Castle Leoch before going to the colonies. Bonus points for one where Jamie never married Laogherie :) (up to you!!) COMPLETE

In the Eye of the Beholder - Using a mirror, Bree paints a picture of her and William together and they give it to Jamie for his birthday. Jamie is so touched he tells them a dream he had in the cave of the two of them playing together. COMPLETE

The Arrangement - Christmas Special with @mybeautifuldecay  This little fic is a combined work from both of us with no chapter separation or author separation. We wrote this in tandem, inspiring one another as we went. We hope you will enjoy this Christmas Wedding Bells edition of The Arrangement!

The French Frasers - Imagine a French family (couple, kids and a granny) arriving to the Ridge. They recognised the gran as Suzette, the Paris maid and making counts about her son age they noticed he could be also Murtagh’s son. COMPLETE (for now)

Maman’s Boy - Fergus making his way from the battlefield, just wanting to see Claire and Jamie. He realizes that he thinks of them as his parents. COMPLETE

Drunken Nights - Write a scene where Jamie returns home in Paris, completely drunk and the effort Claire has to put in just to get him into bed with him fighting all the way because he wants his Sassenach. COMPLETE

SAWNY -  Jamie’s first meeting with Fergus in the tv show where you find out he’s the one who took Sawny so I thought a story about Jamie actually giving it to him either just before Culloden or before he arranges to get himself arrested would be really nice. COMPLETE

With Unseeing Eyes - What if someone had told Claire that Jamie was in love with her when she was first staying at Leoch? Chapter 1, Chapter 2   COMPLETE

The Cat’s Delight - Drabble on Imagine for the 2nd Anniversary of the Wedding Episode. COMPLETE

The Historian, the Healer and the Warrior - Imagine Frank had already remarried when Claire came back.

What a Christmas Coincidence | Larry One Shot

Tytuł: What a Christmas Coincidence (Cóż za Świąteczny Zbieg Okoliczności)

Autorka: sherriane

Banner: świetna robota Mini, serdecznie dziękuję!

Ilość słów: 10 104

Opis: - Och, stul dziób. Jest tak zapracowany, że sam domyśliłem się, iż po prostu… najzwyczajniej w świecie potrzebuje dobrego odpoczynku. – Uśmiechnął się promiennie i zanim zaspokoił ciekawość wchodzącej mu już niemal na głowę trójki, sięgnął jeszcze po swój kubek i siorbnął cicho, biorąc chyba najdłuższego łyka gorącej czekolady całego wieczoru. Oblizał wargi i spokojnie odstawił naczynie. – Kupiłem mu małe wakacje w Weronie.

Albo po prostu świąteczne AU, w którym Louis i Harry są małżeństwem, jednak za nic w świecie nie mogą zrozumieć, co tak bardzo spodobało im się w sobie nawzajem, gdy byli nastolatkami. Louis, aby tylko pozbyć się Harry’ego z domu, w ramach świątecznego prezentu kupuje mu lot i trzydniowy pobyt w Weronie - mieście Romea i Julii. Nie jest świadomy, że jego mąż przygotował dla niego dokładnie taką samą niespodziankę. Prawdą może okazać się to, że ten głupi zbieg okoliczności pomoże im zakochać się w sobie… na nowo.

Od autorki: W ostatniej chwili zaczęłam pisać i chyba w ostatniej chwili publikuję… Generalnie są jeszcze święta! A akcja dzieje się w znacznej większości po Wigilii, więc uznałam, że będzie to z mojej strony jeszcze dopuszczalne. Bardzo chciałam to już zrealizować, gdy zaczęłam, no i… swojej opinii na wszelki wypadek nie zostawiam, żeby nie zniechęcać :D Serdecznie zapraszam do czytania i będę wdzięczna za Waszą ocenę - bo ja już sama nic nie wiem :P Mam nadzieję, że spędziliście cudowne święta :) xx

Na ulicach wcale nie było mrozu, a śnieg już nie prószył . Niewielka jego część widoczna była na chodnikach, jezdnia nie była tylko i wyłącznie jedną wielką pluchą, z kolei światła… one rozświetlały każdy ogromny plac, a jednocześnie każdy najmniejszy zakamarek. Potrafiły sprawić, że od zawsze ponury róg ulicy, którą Louis aktualnie spieszył się na spotkanie, w tym akurat okresie mienił się każdym kolorem tęczy.

Hah, tęcza.

Typowy odgłos dzwoneczka i spory, chłodny powiew wiatru, który wpadł do lokalu razem z szatynem, naprawdę musiał świadczyć o tym, że był spóźniony. Czy był? W najgorszym wypadku z pół godziny.

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A Little Bit of Christmas Cheer

TITLE OF STORY: A Little Bit of Christmas Cheer
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics
CHARACTERS: Moira and Bishop - Twin AU
GENRE: Fluff
FIC SUMMARY: After a long day at the office, Bishop finds himself agreeing to spend a Christmas filled evening with Moira and Izzy
WARNINGS: Minor swearing
AUTHOR NOTE: Stand alone one shot in the twins universe featuring Moira and Bishop. Read more about the twins here

Bishop turned up his nose at the sound of Christmas music loitering in the office. It was just after five, and most of the non cartel employees would be making their way home and he would have his favourite moment of the day. Pure silence. At least, as close to silence as he could get. And it wasn’t the time of day for Christmas music, of all things.

Grumbling, Bishop stormed down the hallways until he discovered where the music was coming from. But his intentions of demanding the noise be turned off diminished the closer he got to the office at the end of the hallway. Giggling and laughter met his ears and he sighed. No, he really couldn’t demand anything anymore.


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