Title: Confession

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,686

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: After a long few days of research, Sam takes the reader out on a cold night for a warm drink. 

Prompt: Hot Chocolate

A/N: This is day 2 of 25 Days of Christmas. If you would like to be tagged in this fun little thing I’m doing, please send me an ask. This is not a series. Feedback would be much appreciated! xoxox


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You sat at the far table in the library, your feet propped up on the table with a lore book in your lap. For three straight days, you had been researching everything there is to know about a symbol the boys saw carved on the skin of a little boy and you had come up short of nothing. You were exhausted, you were frustrated, and better yet, your body was so sore from sitting in those uncomfortable chairs for days.

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December birthday


Harry forgets a very important December birthday 

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What You Need

Newt Scamander x Reader

AN: Why would I concentrate on my assignments, if I can spend my time happily writing about Newt? There is absolutely no reason for me to panic because I still have plenty of time left till I have to hand in my essays, right? 

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Newt and you were sitting in the library. It was around Christmas time and the both of you were drowning in assignments. You had a 2500 word-long research proposal due the following week and you had no idea how to finish it in time. You had been in the library for practically the whole day the last couple of days and you reach a point where you couldn’t take it anymore. The research wasn’t going anywhere and you felt even though you were trying your best. To make matters even worse you were about to get a cold which was not at all helping with your already limited concentration level. The last week or so had been the worst due to all the deadlines you had to meet and there were still 3 weeks and a hell of a lot of assignments till Christmas break.

Close to tears and a mental breakdown you looked around you.

Newt was sitting next to you, totally lost in the research he had to do for whatever assignment he had to hand in next. You were pretty sure it was about some weird animal or whatever otherwise he wouldn’t be this lost in it.

He was so passionate about them. The way he talked about them and treated them was fascinating to watch. If you were honest with yourself, it was like watching a totally different person. All of a sudden, the shy and rather awkward Newt that you loved so much was gone. He wasn’t worried about being judged anymore and you could clearly see it. He stood taller and the confidence was practically dripping off of him. You loved this version of him just as much as the sweet, innocent guy you met in your third year at Hogwarts.

He felt so much better around his creatures than any other human being; you weren’t sure if you are the exception to this because over time Newt started to relax and enjoy himself around you. He was able to understand the behaviour of his creatures so much better. You didn’t want to say that their behaviour was any less complicated than the human one but in a way it is less cruel and a lot easier to read.

When you first met him, you asked if he ever was afraid of getting hurt by any of the fantastic creatures he worked with. He told you that he wasn’t because he had managed to survive the worst and cruellest one for so long now.

At first you didn’t understand what he meant but after a while you understood. The chance of seeing the world through his eyes made you understand.

Newt had been talking about humanity.

Once your friendship started to develop into something else, something more than friendship, he opened up to you and told you why he wasn’t too fond of humanity. He had been an outsider all his life and because he was a bit different than others people used this difference to make fun of him.

Thankfully, this was over and in the past now.

You shook your head, trying to return back to the here and now.

You looked at Newt who was still hunched over his book. He was smiling to himself, obviously enjoying what he was reading. He looked so happy and at ease with himself. Seeing him like this made you feel so much better. You were so happy that the two of you had found each other despised of all the things that were going on in your lives. It was in a way a miracle and you were so damn thankful for it.

The panic you were feeling minutes ago was gone and you couldn’t stop yourself before you leaned towards him and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at you a bit confused on what was going on.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“I just wanted to thank you” you answered.

“For what?” Your answer had confused him even more.

Instead of giving him an answer, you smiled at him and tried to focus on your assignment in front of you. He would never knew how much he meant to you. He had this calming effect on you without doing anything. The fact of him just simply being there was enough to calm you down and stop you from worrying because in a way you knew that everything would be ok eventually. You knew that Newt had your back no matter what. He would always be there to catch no despite of what would happen. This is all you needed to know.

Christmas Special

Good News!! With December here, a special Christmas series is on its way!!

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Burnt Christmas - Michael Clifford [FLUFF]


Summary: Michael suggests using real candles for the tree this year despite you being unsure and things don’t go as planned…

Word Count: 917

The week before Christmas was always incredibly festive for you and Michael. Of course, all of December was festive for you, but the week before Christmas was pretty intense.

You always made it your mission to do as much as possible to make Christmas even cooler than the year before. For example, this year you delved into the wonderful world of christmas cookies. Not normal christmas cookies though. You and Michael decided to have a cookie making competition which resulted in fighting over who won and calling your neighbor over to judge the cookies you made. (You won of course.)

You’d never been into most of the apartments in your complex but the two of you were positive you had the best christmas decorations in the entire building.

This year, christmas was on sunday and you two decided to decorate your tree on thursday while watching your favorite christmas movies. A bit of an argument came from that as well but you decided to let Michael watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

After a few trips to and from the storage closet in the basement, you had all of your tree decorations ready and you began taking things out. 

Michael sat on the floor unraveling christmas lights before widening his eyes and looking over at you, “I have such a great idea.”

“Oh god,” you sighed, turning your attention to him, “is it an actual good idea or a Michael good idea?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he pouted, gently throwing a plastic ornament at you. 

“Let’s just say you don’t always come up with the best ideas…” you murmured.

He rolled his eyes before speaking, “I think we should put real candles on the christmas tree this year!”

“Michael that’s…. that’s the stupidest idea ever” you responded, “the tree could catch on fire and there’s no way we’re going to find another one before sunday”

“No trust me I got this,” he said getting up, “I’m going to find candles I think we have some in the storage closet from last christmas” 

You got up as well, stepping in front of him, “ Michael.”

“Y/N” he responded, crossing his arms.

You sighed, “you’re not going to listen to me are you?”

“Nope” he smiled, opening the door and walking out.

“Fine,” you called after him, “ but if you burn this building down it’s your fault!”

He continued walking as he gave you a thumbs up causing you to roll your eyes again and walk back into the apartment. 

You continued to pull ornaments and tinsel out of the boxes and began to put them on the tree. 

Michael came back about 10 minutes later with a box and you groaned, “there isn’t anything I can say to talk you out of this?”

“No way this will be great” he answered, pulling candles out and setting them on the thicker branches. 

You sighed and sat on the couch, pulling your knees to your chest and pre dialing 911 because at least you had some common sense. As you watched Michael put the last candle on the tree you bit your lip, “okay but we’re not going to light them right?”

“Wrong” he replied as he grabbed a lighter from the kitchen and lit one candle. 

You held your breath, feeling yourself become more anxious as you took the lighter away from him “okay you lit one now put it out” you stated, putting the lighter in one of the kitchen drawers. 

You turned back to see him facing you and your eyes went wide, “Michael the tree is on fucking fire” you yelled, scrambling to find a dish towel in the drawers. 

“Oh stop messing with me Y/N it’s fi-” he was cut off as soon as he smelt smoke, “shit shit shit” 

“This is why I don’t listen to your ideas, Michael” you yelled, hitting the tree with the dish towel until the small fire finally went out.

Moments later you were both sat at opposite sides of the couch, your arms crossed over your chest as you stared angrily at the television and Michael staring at his hands while fiddling with his thumbs as he tried to think of something to say.

It was silent for about 5 more minutes before he sighed, “okay I’ll admit I guess that wasn’t my smartest idea ever”

“Yeah, you think?” you murmured bitterly.

“Y/N I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking you know we both get crazy every year trying to top the year before sometimes we don’t think” he rambled, now completely turned toward you.

You were silent for a moment before biting your lip and exhaling, “I guess it was kind of funny…” you said softly, smirking a bit.

“I have a better idea now,” he said, getting up as you glared at him, “no it’s not stupid. I’ll be right back” he laughed before leaving the room, causing you to be alone again. You quietly watched the movie on tv for several minutes before Michael came back out with a piece of printer paper and a christmas tree printed onto it.

“What’s that?” you asked, getting up and laughing slightly.

“It’s our tree, duh.” he answered before taping it to the wall and walking back over to you to look at it from a distance.

“Remind me why I love you again?” you laughed.

He laughed with you before wrapping his right arm around your shoulder and laying his head down on yours. “Merry Christmas, Y/N”


Masterlist // Request

Marcel One Shot part 2

You run your fingers through your hair and fumble with the hem of your skirt in nerves. Your hall is flooding with guests but there is only one who is getting all your attention.

The house was full of guests, your relatives and friends. Christmas songs playing in the background and your drunk uncle is seranding along with it. You can see the ladies gossiping under the fairy lights at a distance but your eyes are set on the spectacled face in front of you.

You are sitting opposite to Marcel, who in festive spirit has chosen to wear a fine peacock blue shirt with silver tie and grey-blue checked full sweater. You were on the other side of the hall, hiding behind your coffee mug as he sipped on his eggnog throwing you sly glances.

It has been weeks since your ‘tutorials’ with him, all ending the same way. You have come to realise that you were in fact progressing with your studies and that made the reward even more deserving.

He was sitting on the corner of the couch, clinging to the armrest as your cousins made a havoc on the rest of it and your mother just stood behind yelling at them to get down. But nothing could have deterred you two from the staring contest going on.

At last you decide to take the first step, as always, and leave for your room leaving your mug there. You made sure he saw you walk away with lips parted as you turned and winked at him. It was really surprising how far you’ve come from the time when you couldn’t even talk to him straight and this surprise was an additional reason to get a high out of your “arrangement”.

You walked into the room and within seconds hear the door lock as Marcel enters behind you. Your smirk is more than suggestive for him to lean and press his lips below your ear and pull you in with his lean arms.

“Merry Christmas, love” he rasps in your ear.

“Is that all?” You ask biting your lower lip as you bat your lashes at him.

The way his face lights up with his dimple popping smile makes your heart leap but at the same time hold your breath as you feel the wheels in head spinning. His hands raised to remove his thick glasses from between the two if you and deposit them on your table.

“I think I got something for you” his excited nasal voice was back which just made you want to hold him even closer but before you could have thought over that your back was pressed against your bed with him lurking over you.

Your eyes lock on his as his hands travel from your knees, over your thighs and under your skirt. You slightly nod in approval and yet gasp when you feel his cold fingers slid over your covered slit. When they reach your clit your back archs in anticipation but the smirk on his face makes you hold back.

He takes his time teasing you with you involuntarily jerking a bit each time he passed over your aching button but didn’t pay any attention to it. You were on your verge to beg when you felt his fingers push away your panty, giving long strokes and at last drawing circles over the sensitive nub.

Your lower lip was already soar with your teeth sinking in it. Your hooded eyes set on the green ones giving out a mischievous glint. The way he licked his luscious lips each time you mewled pushing you further. But it was nothing like when his thick, long fingers slid in you. Two at once, and you nearly jumped off the bed. And you would have if it wasn’t for his huge palm of the free hand settling on your knee soothing you. “Shhh… I gotcha”

With a sweet slow rhythm, you lost yourself to his fingers. Your breathing pacing as his thumb circling on your clit increased and decreased the pressure. Your head thrown back and eyes squeezing. With heartbeat so loud that you could have easily missed the “Am I doing fine?” But you didn’t.

You were screaming in your head, “FINE? You’re doing fucking great. Just go on” but all you managed to say is, “D-d-don’t stop!

But he does. Your eyes fly open at the sudden emptiness and you whine. You are too engrossed in your plight to hear the shifting noises. That’s why when you lift your head to check on him but feel his hot wet tongue on you before meeting the now dark eyes staring back, it takes you by surprise.

An instant gasp leaves your lip before you can even register what’s happening.

“You’ll have to be quite, love” he whispers with lips lingering over your thigh and you look up momentarily to take in the sight of him being in awe with you, face buried on the cushion of your thigh, nose nuzzling and lips pressing kisses. You nod still shaken from his fingers as you reach out for your pillow and cover your face with it. You would have loved to talk to him through this and grip at his hair messing the perfect hair-do, but the fear of getting caught prevailed, which you weren’t complaining about either, it was another additional reason to get you off.

His amateur tongue started of with long strokes, from your entrance to the hooded button, once, twice and then the speed increasing and length decreasing as his broad tongue flatten over your soft flesh to take it all in at once. Your moans were muffled by the pillow but didn’t disappear entirely when his tongue was at last introduced to your clit and the kitten licks frequented.

His lips wrapped around the bundle of nerves, sucking and licking on it greedily. His inexperience was evident but that didn’t hinder the spark spreading through you. His moans vibrated through your core and you arched away from the bed pressing against him. His brows drew close in concentration, eyes shutting devouring in your taste. The room was filled with your muffled cries and his slurping and moans and somewhere in the back of your mind you were scared to death of the houseful of peopel downstairs. But when his puckered lips pull on your bundle in his desperation, you were not in your sane mind to think anything but his name.

Your voice was lost in the pillow but he somehow knew what you were saying and that just got him more despearte to take you in. The grip on the pillow was so tight that you could feel your fingers on your face through it, but it didn’t seem enough as you felt the tension building in your stomach.

Your body tauts under him, legs stretching, nearly closing on him if it weren’t for his hands holding on your thighs, and back arching. You’re there you could feel it, just a little more. And just at the moment those long thick fingers are reintroduced to your opening as two of them stretch your wall. Sucking on your clit greedily, giving occasional licks and fingers pumping in you drives you to your end, as your legs at last overcome the restraint of his now single hand and close around him and you nearly choke with the pressure with which you are smothering yourself in your pillow. But you are oblivious to all of it as your orgasm come crashing on you, wave after wave. Body spasmic under his relentless tongue and merciless fingers until you couldn’t take it anymore and had to push him away.

“S'enough s'enough” you breathe into the pillow but you don’t think it came out right.

You feel him shift to lie beside you but are too exhausted to acknowledge him. He has to struggle a bit to get the pillow off your face with your hand still griping it but he pulls it throwing it away. You are welcomed with a waft of strong smell of you as he buries his face in your sweaty neck. You can feel your wetness on his lips and chin when he kisses on your exposed skin. You are still breathing heavily, eyes slitted against the dim light of your room, swollen lips parted gasping for air, but you can make out his face staring at you through your glassy eyes.

“Look at me” he whispers but it sounds more like a demand which you oblige to as you struggle to focus in the barely green eyes.

He is panting too like it was him getting a benefit though you doubt if he didn’t.

“Next time… Next time I’d like the shirt off too” he pants as his tired face lights up with a smirk tucking your shirt.

You couldn’t help but smile at the boy who a few weeks ago was blushing and getting awkward because you happened to fall over him and wonder that he has come a long way too.

  • Santa: What would you like for Christmas?
  • Me: Luke Hemmings
  • Santa: *takes off glasses*
  • Santa: *wipes tears*
  • Santa: Me too
How To Give A Writer A Christmas Surprise [one shot]

TITLE: How To Give A Writer A Christmas Surprise


AUTHOR: winterheart17


GENRE: Romance, Drama, Comedy

FIC SUMMARY: This is a one shot for my series starting with ‘How To Seduce A Writer’. It’s Christmas and the game of love and seduction continues.  Loki decides to give OC a little surprise but things clearly do not go as plan.  So what will it be, folks?  Will they wrap up this festive holiday happily or in tears?

Rating: T

Author’s Note: Mild swearing. Takes place 2 weeks after ‘How To Seduce A Writer Part 2’.  While it is not compulsory to read the other one shots, it would give you a better understanding. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you enjoy this one shot! I would love to hear what you think as it would mean a lot in me continuing this.

 How To Seduce A Writer    How To Seduce A Writer Part 2     How To Make A Writer Blush


‘Aahh!’ I yelped as something brushed my arm. 

What the?

I looked down at the object that had seemed to have fallen from above, right outside my room.  Frowning, I bent down, fingers outstretched as I picked up what appeared to be a bundle of leaves tied together with a red bow that seemed somewhat familiar.

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More About Christmas - It’s About Balance Holiday One Shot

Surprise. ;) 

This isn’t Kansas City – obviously – but that’s coming sooner rather than later. I was struggling with whether or not I’d do Christmas-y things since not everybody celebrates but… I just… I have to. Apologies to those who don’t partake, for whatever reasons. I wish you a joyous holiday, and a stress free season. 

It’s for our Teenage Dirtbag, but it can be read as a standalone without a problem.

Oh, yeah. Smut. x

Gemma and Anne are trimming the tree in front of you. It’s a beautiful thing – huge, full, and dripping in ornaments and lights that are casting a soft glow around the darkening room. They’re mumbling to each other as they coordinate where to place what – there’s two Baby’s First Christmas ornaments, a wobbly looking snowman that had been handmade for some Christmas past, and shiny baubles that reflect your worried frown even from your spot on the couch.

“Love, would you like to help?” Anne asks you warmly as she searches for the perfect branch to place her next ornament. She’s got a thick Christmas jumper on that is the opposite of ugly and tasteful snowmen adorn her socks.

“Thank you,” you manage a smile. “That’s alright. I wouldn’t want to interfere – seems like you two have a plan.”

“Not really,” Gemma says as she reaches on her toes. “Whoops!” she exclaims under her breath when she nearly teeters a bit too far to hang her bauble on a prized branch towards the top. “We’re actually better at it when Harry’s here. He’s all chaos for the first part of it until he settles down, so we’re able to organize when we’ve got to beat him back.”

You laugh, but it’s fleeting, his name reminding you of his present absence. You chance a glance down at your screen, but somehow you feel more deflated than before when you find nothing new from him.

“You might as well help, you know,” Gemma says as she picks up another ornament before replacing it in favor of a new one. “Wallowing isn’t going to bring him here faster.”

“Sweetheart,” Anne warns Gemma gently. “We’re all worried and we want him to be here.”

Gemma is silent and you feel hot and uncomfortable. Both she and Anne have been nothing but kind to you since you’d shown up without Harry, a lump in your throat when you told them that he’d gotten delayed in Los Angeles because of the weather in New York and his flight had been pushed out a day. London, too, has been earning a snowfall that they’d previously assumed he’d miss, and the roads to Holmes Chapel had been covered in a thin coating of fluffy flakes on your drive over. So far, you’d heard of no cancellations to Heathrow, but….

“What one can I have?” you ask as you set your phone down and pull your feet from under you to stand. Anne hands you a star ornament and you stand as tall as you can and place it on the highest branch you can reach.

“Funny,” Gemma remarks as she pushes an icicle so it twirls back and forth. “That’s where he puts it, too.”

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Christmas time with the Devil.

Requester: @merrychristmasdeanypieavengers

Request: Maybe the reader could be Luci’s soul mate and it’s their first Christmas together?

Warnings: Um, Lucifer hating angels and Christmas…?

Word count: 1,001

A/n.: Okay, here it is! I’m sorry that it’s sort of short, but I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting!

Originally posted by spnfans

Originally posted by magicalseasonsofthewitch


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ever since that one ask, I just had to.

I Saw Mommy Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

The entire house smelled like Will’s favorite cookies. The perks of being Santa Claus. Lily was running around in her princess onesie, jumping onto the couch as she watched Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas and ran back every two minutes to check the microwave timer for the cookies.

The front door opened, letting in a draft of cold air into the warm house. Nico peeled off his beanie and smiled as he took in a deep breath. “That smells good, are those for me?” he asked.

“No, silly they’re for Santa!” Lily shouted, the excitement bubbling in her voice. Nico gave Will a knowing glance and a sly smirk.

“Come on Lilypad, sit down and watch the movie,” Will said as he caught his daughter mid-run and hefted her onto his shoulders. Nico left his shoes and coat in the front and came to sit beside them, greeting Will with a kiss and his daughter with a ruffle of her hair.

When the cookies were finally ready, Lily pulled out a special plate she’d made in class with a rough doodle of Santa and a Christmas tree. Will piled the cookies onto the plate as Lily began to make chocolate milk to go with it.

“It’s already nine thirty, young lady,” he said. “Set that up for Santa and then go to sleep okay? Or else Santa won’t be able to come inside.”

She nodded quickly, her wavy hair falling in her eyes and face in a tangled frizz. Nico gave her a smiled and gestured her over. “Doesn’t Daddy know how to do your hair?” he said.

“Um, Daddy hasn’t had time to watch YouTube videos for that,” Will said, defending himself. Nico raised an eyebrow. “I don’t understand braids.” Nico snorted and finished fixing Lily’s hair so she could sleep. “Here you go, darlin’ fresh out of the oven,” he said as Lily bounded back.

She took the plate and set it on the coffee table beside the Christmas tree. Then she took the glass of milk. As she set it up perfectly, Nico walked over to Will and wrapped his arms around him. “You’re sharing right?” he whispered.

“Those are for Santa,” Will answered.

Nico hummed. “Oh yeah? Well what about Santa’s little helper?” He pinched his arm lightly, making Will jump.

“Okay I’m going to sleep,” Lily announced. “You too, Papa and Daddy, you have to sleep too. Santa won’t come if you’re awake.”

Will chuckled and nodded. “We’ll go to sleep too, honey no worries.” She smiled and bounded up the stairs. Will and Nico followed to tuck her in and Will sang a soft lullaby until she fell asleep.

They crept out of her room quietly and went to their own. Nico put an alarm for midnight since Lily had a bad habit of waking up several times shortly after being tucked in. As they got into bed, Will asked, “You put the gifts in the closet right?” Nico nodded.

Nico scooted closer and smiled. “You’re wearing the Santa suit this year right?” Will felt his cheeks redden and nodded. They always traded off the suit; last year it had been Nico wearing beard that was long and white and boots and a suit of red with a cap on his head. It was their way of making sure that if Lily happened to come downstairs, she’d see Santa and not one of her fathers.

Still the suit felt embarrassing to wear since it had added fluff for that big jolly Santa belly. Nico got a kick out of it and seemed to enjoy playing Santa, but not enough to do it every year. Will secretly believed Nico enjoyed seeing him so awkward in the suit.

“There are so many dirty Santa jokes going through my head right now,” Nico chuckled, his voice muffled into Will’s arm.

“Is there one about the naughty list?” Nico nodded. “You’re a horrible person.” Nico laughed and Will rolled over on top of him. “I know a way we can pass time,” he whispered. Nico raise an eyebrow and smiled.

“Mm, eating cookies?” he suggested.

Will considered it as he held himself over his husband. “That’s good too. But that can wait.” He leaned down to kiss Nico and the concept of time melted away.

When Nico’s alarm rang, both Nico and Will were catching their breaths. “Alright Santa, dress up time,” Nico panted, a mocking smile plastered on his smug face.

Will groaned and got up, pulling out the red suit. “When do we get to tell her this isn’t real?”

“Not for a long time, William.”

Will put on the suit and went to the closet to grab the gifts. Once Nico got dressed, he helped him with the others. “If she comes downstairs, she’s going to see you,” Will warned.

“I can hear her snoring from here,” he whispered back. “She’s fine.” He handed Will another box and he arranged them under the tree while Nico helped himself to cookies.

“One, if she’s fine, why do I have to wear the suit? Two, those are my cookies, you jerk.” Nico shrugged and continued to eat, a mischievous smile on his face. “That’s why you’re on the naughty list every year.”

“Oh really?” he smirked. Will snorted and took a cookie from the plate as he looked at the tree. “Come on do the laugh, it’s fun. Especially in the suit. The padding jiggles.” Will frowned as Nico tried to stifle his laughter. “Do it, come on,” he insisted.

Heaving a sigh, Will put a hand on his belly and let out a, “Ho, ho, ho!” Nico laughed, muffling the sound with a cookie. Will enjoyed seeing him so happy and carefree. He laughed again and Nico beamed. He was right. It was fun.

Will let out another playful Santa laugh and Nico rushed to cover his mouth, laughing. “Sh! You’ll wake her up,” he whispered. Will smiled and wrapped an arm around his torso. “I told you it was fun, Mr. Grinch.”

“I’m not the Grinch, I’m Santa,” Will pouted. Nico laughed and tugged on the fake white beard. Will leaned down slowly, until his lips met Nico’s. Nico threw his arms over his shoulders and pulled him closer, the smile still lingering on lips.

“Now Santa, what would my husband say?” Nico said with mock disdain.

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” Will whispered. Nico tilted his head back in a silent laugh and nodded. Will huffed, but Nico pulled him into another kiss and sighed contentedly. “You taste like my cookies.”

“And you are leaving strands of plastic white hair on my lips.” Will smiled, with his tongue between his teeth and bumped his nose against Nico’s. “I never thought I’d say it… but I love the holidays.”

Will gathered the remaining cookies and the glass of milk. “Let’s finish these in our room. I keep worrying Lily will come downstairs.” Nico nodded and followed him to the room. They ate the cookies and before going to bed, Nico put the empty glass back beside the cookie platter.

The next morning, Will woke up before Nico, as always.

But that was wrong. It was Christmas Day. Lily should have been the one dragging them both out of bed before even Will would’ve woken up. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was seven in the morning. He frowned and leaned over to wake Nico.

Amore, wake up,” he said as he shook him. “Nico, hey.” Slowly, Nico’s eyes fluttered open. “Lily hasn’t come downstairs.”

Nico glanced at the clock and yawned. “She’s probably still asleep.”

“On Christmas Day?” Will questioned. “This is the one day of the year when every child wakes up before the sun is fully out.”

“Love, maybe she’s just tired. Come on, enjoy the extra sleep.”

Still, Will couldn’t shake his uncertainty. He laid back down and rested his head against Nico’s chest as it rose and fell with his slow breaths. He dove into a sort of half sleep before starting awake. Something was wrong. When he looked over at the couch, he saw that the clock read nine thirty.

Okay, that just wasn’t right. Even if it wasn’t Christmas, Lily was as much of an early bird as Will. She was always awake by eight. “Nico, come on, she’s not up yet.” Nico groaned and opened his eyes as Will got out of bed.

He left the room and started up the stairs to Lily’s room. Halfway up, he heard Nico rushing to follow. Lily’s door remained closed.

“Lily? Wake up, darlin’ it’s Christmas. Aren’t you going to open the presents Santa brought?”

“I don’t want anything from stupid Santa!” Lily shouted back immediately. Both Will and Nico stared at the door in shock.

“Lily, what-.” Nico tried the knob as he spoke and was shocked to find it locked. “Liliana open the door.”

“You go away!” she shrieked. “Go away, go away!” Will held up a hand to stop Nico from answering and pressed his ear to the door.

“Lily, why are you crying? What’s wrong? Why are you talking to Papa like that?” Through the door, he could hear Lily’s sobs, heartbroken and filled with grief, her breath stammered and shaking. “Lilly, open the door.”

After a few long seconds, the door opened. Lily crashed into Will’s legs, shaking with sobs and a miserable look on her face.

“Lily, love what’s wrong?” Nico asked leaning down.

Suddenly, Lily lashed out and began to hit Nico, her tiny fists not causing any damage but her face twisted with enough anger to make up for it. “I hate you, I hate you!” she screeched.

Nico seemed frozen in shock and Will leaned down to pull her away. “Liliana, we do not say that word, you know that. Why in the world are you talking to your father like that, huh?” Lily wouldn’t look at him, but her eyes were bloodshot and tears continued to streak down her face. “Liliana, look at me,” he said sternly. Her blue eyes flickered to him guiltily. “What is going on?”

Her face crumpled and she began to stutter over her words involuntarily. “P-Pa-Papa d-d-oes-sn’t l-love you no m-m-more!” It took Will a moment to register her words. His mouth opened and shut, confused. “I s-saw him.”

“Saw him what?” Will prodded. Nico had finally unfroze and sat cross legged behind her.

Lily seemed like she wanted anything but to say whatever she was about to say. Then:

“Kissing Santa.”

A very long pause ensued after which Nico burst into nervous laughter. “It’s not funny!” Lily screeched at him, more tears falling down her face.

Nico covered his mouth and shook his head. “Oh my gods. Oh, Lily.”

Nico,” Will hissed.

Nico looked over at him and groaned, a relieved smile still on his face. “I think we have to tell her now.” Will stared at him blankly. “Unless you want her to hate me for the next few years, I really think we should tell her now.”

“Tell me what?” Lily asked, her eyebrows furrowed. Will looked at Nico and nodded. Nico left and Will pulled Lily into his arms and carried her back into bed.

“Lilypad, you’re not supposed to talk to Papa like that. Understand? Now I get that you were upset, but… I promise you, Papa didn’t do anything bad.” Lily started to protest, but Will put a finger to his lips. “I need you to listen to me, honey. Papa and I weren’t going to tell you because we didn’t want to make you upset, but I think we have to now.”

“Tell me what?” she asked, aggravated.

Will sighed and took her hand. “Santa Claus isn’t real, Lily.”

Lily stared at him in disbelief for a few seconds. “Yes he is, I saw him last night, kissing Papa.”

“That was me,” he explained.

She frowned. “Nuh-uh. He was fat and had a beard. You’re skinny and you don’t have a beard.” Nico whistled and held out the red suit.

“True, but look. The suit comes like that.” He gestured for Nico to bring it over. Then he started putting it on again and held his hands out in a presenting gesture. “See?” Lily stared at him in surprise.

Nico sat beside her and she glanced at him, without the hatred and betrayal in her eyes. “Why did you tell me he was?”

“It’s just something fun for kids,” Nico said. “It makes it more exciting to believe and to make cards and cookies.”

She looked from Nico to Will and back. “So… you kissed Daddy last night? Not Santa?” Nico nodded.

Will sat on the other side of her awkwardly with the suit still on. “I love Daddy very much, Lily.” Nico looked up at him and smiled. “Very, very much.”

Lily looked at them and started crying and laughing nervously. Then she threw herself onto Nico and wrapped her small arms around him. “I’m sorry, Papa, I’m so sorry! I don’t hate you. I was scared. I’m sorry. I love you, Papa.”

Nico rubbed her back soothingly. “I love you too, babygirl.” Will smiled and pulled both of them toward him. Nico and Lily laughed as Will pulled them onto his lap. Nico kissed him lightly on the lips and Lily had a vice grip on both of them.

“Why don’t we go see what your presents are, Lilypad? We can make pancakes for breakfast.”

She nodded and hopped to the floor excitedly. She ran down the stairs and squealed with delight when she saw the amount of presents under the tree. Nico chuckled and stood, pulling Will along with him.

At least he wouldn’t have to wear the suit anymore.

The Grinch

Title: The Grinch

Pairing: Dean and Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,195

Warnings: Basic Fluff.

Summary: Stuck in the bunker all alone is enough to bring the kid out in you.

Prompt: How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

A/N: Today is day 1 of 25 days of Christmas. If you would like to be tagged in these posts, please let me know. Feedback is always appreciated. This is not a series.

x x x x x

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December 1st. When you were a kid, it was one of your favourite days of the year. You knew the second the calendar changed and your mom brought out the advent calendar that Christmas was on its way. It was always your favourite time of year. Everything was so bright and cheery. You were the happiest this time of year.

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Like You Mean It (Michael Clifford)

Request: Nope

A/N: I thought of this while watching a movie and thought it would be cute. And the music video I imagine them shooting is Vapor. So enjoy! -Gabby

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It must’ve been the mistletoe | Tłumaczenie PL

Tytuł: It must’ve been the mistletoe
Pairing: Larry Stylinson
Autorka: itjustkindahappened
Wyrazy: 2213
Opis: AU, w którym Harry nosi z sobą jemiołę, aby zawsze mieć wymówkę do pocałowania Louisa.
Banner: Mini
Beta: sherriane! ♥
Zgoda: Wysłana, bez odpowiedzi

Mówiąc szczerze, nie ma niczego, co sprawia Harry’emu większą przyjemność niż całowanie swojego chłopaka.

To nie tak, że możecie go winić. Każdy wykorzystałby szansę posiadania przywileju całowania Louisa Tomlinsona kiedy tylko się chce.

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all i can think about recently is an au where the marauders host a blue peter type show and james is in charge of arts and crafts (and also sports) and he comes back after his paternity leave and says “here’s something i made earlier” and just picks harry up from out of shot and puts him on the table