One last Christmas-related post: Christmas is a day for giving, and we made sure to give to our shell friends! I wanted to send friend Waffles Christmas toast for his Christmas dinner, but Mommy said it wouldn’t mail well. Instead, we sent friends Waffles, Mango, and Zoya Pants tortie-sized mugs to help them all toast to the holidays and the New Year! Waffles and Mango use their mugs for lettuce, and Zoya Pants likes hibiscus in hers!

(These photos were naturally taken before we mailed the mugs, so I was still not opening my eyes then.)

Krampus Beer Stein

Saint Nick may not be paying you a visit this year but fear not for Krampus has your back. He’ll reward your naughty ways by allowing you to get inebriated using this distinguished beer stein masterfully carved and painted with a rendition of his iconic image.


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