A surprise in the morning.

Angela woke up Christmas morning. It was still dark out at this time because it was about six am and still winter but she was up within a moment’s notice. Sitting bolt upright in her bed she gave a huge grin to the darkness and flicked on the light. She ran downstairs to a surprisingly stocked fire, a filled stocking and presents under a beautifully lit tree. See? All those non-believers and here I am, living alone with presents under my tree. Trying to pace herself she made hot chocolate with the milk and candy canes that Sara had given her with some mix she had in her cupboard. Sitting down with her hot chocolate in front of the fire she took a deep breathe and slowly started going through her stocking, taking out each item and examining it carefully and ripping open her presents under her tree because that was the fun way of opening them.

Angela spent the morning happily running around, doing her chores and admiring her gifts. Molly’s sweater proved to be extra warm and Carl and Daisy’s cookies super delicious. Angela loved Christmas and was happy spending it with Ben and Chris.