Mistletoe Kiss~Sherlock x Reader

Sherlock Holmes is a very logical man. He simply doesn’t have time for things such as making friends and having a girlfriend. He has two close friends, who have live with him in 221B Baker Street for about a year now, the twins, named John and (YN) Watson and they are the only two people that he will ever need.

    As it is winter, things that are important to Sherlock start to slow down, like cases, and the things he dreads most start to enter their way into his life… Christmas and being bored. He has never been fond of Christmas, never, especially not after… Redbeard. He never had a reason to celebrate the annoying holiday and always tried his best to ignore the obvious attempts to get him into the holiday spirit.

    He watched as the children played in the snow at the park as he waited for a cab to pick him up from one of the only cases he has had this season, as it was Christmas Eve the cab service was very busy. He felt the cold breath of winter nip at his face, kissing at his sharp cheeks as he flipped his collar to protect himself from it. He watched the children throw snowballs at each other as a cab finally pulled up to save him from the chilly air.

    Once he arrived to the flat, he opened the door and was instantly greeted with the smell of fresh cookies. He walked up the stairs and opened the door to see the female Watson twin in the kitchen taking a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. Sherlock looked around the flat to see that she had done some decorating, too. There were lights hung by the curtain rods in the living room, 3 stockings with each of the flat’s inhabitants names on them, and a mini tree in the corner of the room, decorated with lights, glass ornaments, and some tinsel. Sherlock stood in the doorway, admiring what (YN) had done with the place, while (YN) sat the cookies on the counter to let them cool and turned off the oven.

    “Oh, hello Sherlock, how was the case?” She asked cheerfully.

    “It was fine, the husband did it, the wife’s side of the family is taking him to court, and the prostitute and her “friends” are going to jail,” Sherlock replied, “is this the reason you didn’t go on the case with me?” He finished while point at the decorations.

    “Yeah, and John is out getting a ham for dinner, so we are going to have our own little feast as soon as he gets back,” she said as she started to make mashed potatoes for their mini feast.

    Sherlock simply sat in his chair and watched her put the mashed potatoes in the boiling water and try to get the mixer off the top shelf by herself. For a woman with a height of only 5’4” she was determined to get the mixer by herself. He watched as she rolled up the sleeves on her brother’s jumper that she was borrowing and tried to jump up onto the counter. Sherlock then quickly got up to aid her. He came up behind her and put a hand on her waist to stop her from potentially injuring herself and reached up above her head and got the mixer for her. She blushed as she felt his large hand brush her waist and his chest up against her back. Sherlock sat the mixer down on the counter and stood still for a bit more. The position he was in right now felt so natural, yet so strange at the same time. He slowly took his hand off her waist and stepped backwards. He then looked down and muttered a small apology to her as a light crimson blush peeked onto his cheeks. (YN) stood silently as she watched Sherlock struggle with his words and rub the back of his neck. ‘Is Sherlock Holmes flustered because of me?’ She asked herself as she watched Sherlock leave the kitchen and lay himself out on the couch in his normal thinking position.

    After a while, John had came back from the store and could instantly tell that something had happened between his two favorite people while he was gone. He tried to ask his sister what was wrong but all she did was blush and mutter “nothing” and he was not about to ask Sherlock what happened while he was in his thinking position. John probably didn’t even need to ask, he knew. (YN) had told him a while back that she had feelings for the consulting detective and he could just tell that Sherlock had to of felt the same way because of the way he was acting. Around (YN), Sherlock was careful with what he said and did, he would always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever she did something for him and open the door for her and pull out her chair when the group when out to eat. John knew they had feelings for each other, hell, everybody knew they had feelings for each other! John finally decided that he would be the one to get them together because it needed to happen, right now! John would be the one to get everyone’s OTP together no matter what it took.

    ~ two hour time skip brought to you by Graham Lestrade’s hair line~

The mini Christmas feast was finished and 221B was getting settled down to open presents. John got a new jumper from (YN) to replace the one she “borrowed” because they all knew that he wouldn’t be getting that back anytime soon. (YN) got all the Harry Potter books from John and a new pair of simple diamond earrings from Sherlock. (YN) got Sherlock a new music book for his composing  because he was running out of paper and patience to make some composing paper for himself. Sherlock got John a couple new ugly jumpers and a new computer because he set both on fire one day when he was bored, and John got Sherlock a new scarf and a gift that was to be named later. Sherlock looked at John with his deducing face on but could only deduce that John was excited about something.

(YN) had started to pick up the wrapping paper mess in the living room and Sherlock insisted on helping. They then both went to the kitchen to throw it away in the garbage when they stopped to talk for a bit.

“So… Thank you for the amazing earrings. They’re beautiful!”(YN) said thoughtfully.

“Yes! And thank you for the music book, it will be a relief to everyone for me to have that. I know for a fact that John was getting tired of me using up all of his note paper,” Sherlock replied. (YN) giggled because she knew that this was very true.

“Well it was no problem, really.” She said. Silence Followed as they just stared into each other’s eyes. She had no idea how she liked Sherlock until that moment. She’d could feel her heart rate increase and she could see sherlock’s pupils dilate, all the signs she had heard Sherlock mention to a client one day when the client brought them a painfully easy case. Just then, Sherlock pointed up and (YN) Watson followed his finger to see what had caught his interest. Mistletoe. She giggled a bit but then was silenced by lips she had wanted to feel on hers for so long. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck to pull him down farther so she could reach easier and prevent him from going anywhere even though Sherlock put his hands on her hips because he knew that he didn’t want to go anywhere anytime soon. They broke away from each other after a while but still stayed close, with Sherlock’s hands on her waist and (YN)’s arms around his neck and their foreheads resting against each other, and if you listened really close, you could hear chuckling to himself and quietly thanking himself for stopping and getting mistletoe from the shop down the street on the way home.

His lips formed a small, insincere smile at the people who passed him by. Another boring Christmas party. Merlin, hadn’t he gone on break to get away from these people? He raised an eyebrow moving around the room, his cup pressed to his lips as he sipped at some unholy combination of muggle alcohol. Rolling up the sleeves of his grey sweater, Jed found his gaze falling upon the most extravagant person in the room. The most extravagant person in any room probably, he thought. Alaric Stearns. He was laughing and as he did, threw his arm over someone’s shoulder in the process. The slytherin clicked his tongue and turned his head in the other direction, chewing on the inside of his lip. He was sure he had seen him staring.