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friend what is the asgzc christmas excitement gradient (from the one who pulls out all the stops to the one who's like "why is everyone so excited whats so special about december 25th) it is essential

I was purposefully holding off on this because I kept thinking “no, it’s too early, it’s too early.” Fuck it. Happy Holidays everyone!

Genesis doesn’t really care much about Christmas outside of all the desserts now available (i.e. pie). He didn’t really want for much growing up and very much treats himself all year. However…there is something special about seeing the bf’s faces light up as they unwrap gifts. He treasures that more than getting free stuff. 

Angeal loves Christmas as an excuse to bake. His gifts are cakes and pies to the bfs and they look forward to them every year. SOLDIERs know Commander Hewley has a never ending tub of cookies if they ask nicely. Angeal just hands them out willy nilly too. A lot of people like Angeal around Christmas. A lot. 

Cloud celebrated something similar in Nibelheim…but it never was a very big deal (considering what sort of gifts were available to give). He usually just made stuff for his mom and they stayed up late watching cheesy movies. When he got to Midgar and saw how commercialized it was…he was a bit overwhelmed. He was embarrassed on the morning of and watched the bfs unwrap his crappy handmade trinkets after opening his pile of really expensive gifts. They loved them. They wouldn’t stop talking about them and asking “you really made this? For me?” 

Zack was the same, but he really picked up the Christmas spirit very quickly. He was always quick to ask if anyone had any plans and go out with them when they didn’t. Cloud took up this offer once or twice before they got in a relationship. He knows he can never match Genesis, Angeal or Sephiroth in gifts, so he tries to make up for it in company and necessity. He notices what they’re missing and replaces it. Plus he keeps the eggnog flowing.

 Sephiroth loves Christmas. The instant he realized it was a thing, he was hooked. He tries to be more lowkey about it in his professional life, but the bfs know. The tree goes up the first week of November. He has all the christmas movies. He begins blaring the music when the day approaches. He starts humming it long before. He doesn’t need to believe in Santa, but he likes the whole mystique about the presents. He goes all out and the thrill of it lasts well into February…where he begins planning again.