Tis the season of gift giving, and here’s an easy one! The cool cats @abramsbooks made this rad calendar for 2017 of some of their favorite poems from my Typewriter Series. Considering they make products for folks like Wes Anderson, I knew I was in safe hands. Head to to snag one up, and I know they are available in local bookstores as well.
What’s even cooler is, they want to have a giveaway contest in which they give away 1 calendar and 1 copy of my Love Notes Postcards, to two people who comment on this post. So leave a groovy comment and you could win!!

the signs as christmas things
  • Aries : Christmas songs
  • Taurus : Christmas food
  • Gemini : Christmas lights
  • Cancer : Christmas family
  • Leo : Christmas gifts
  • Virgo : Christmas calendar
  • Libra : Christmas pictures
  • Scorpio : Christmas fire
  • Sagittarius : Christmas party
  • Capricorn : Christmas tree
  • Aquarius : Christmas wishes
  • Pisces : Christmas hoodie


Because tomorrow’s the 24th and I actually have a thing to attend that I’m actually looking forward to and I wanted to leave a little greeting for you guys! I am also helplessly biased with John - I’m so sorry.


‘Merry Christmas!’ 

My gift in @onceuponanadvent calendar! 

So what do we have here? 

- OutlawQueenPeanut first Christmas

- RegalBeliever ‘Santa Baby’


- A very wintery and christmas-y Outlaw Queen wedding!