It was my first day of sixth form. I had to interrupt the teacher to ask for a new exercise book, as the one he’d given me was fully used (by me, even though I’ve never studied that subject before), and my best friend got really angry at me and hated me (I had a text from her this morning irl and I was afraid to open it because I was afraid she genuinely hated me). After the disastrous day, I went to help at the Reception (ages 4 - 5) class that I help in irl, but we were in a different classroom than the one in which we usually are. We celebrated Christmas, even though it was Easter in my dream. The teacher had my Christmas stocking from home and had filled it up with bad chocolate for me. I went home really upset by the drama of the day, and got picked up by my mum, and my aunt who lives in Wales (I live in England) who came for me in some battered old car I didn’t recognise.

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Do you celebrate thanksgiving ? Either way I hope you have a lovely day x

omg this is so sweet, thank you so much! my family does a fun fusion version of thanksgiving w a few vegetarian interpretations of classic thanksgiving foods and a lot of indian food to go with it! we don’t have a lot of family in the US but the few us who are here all get together and then we set up our “christmas” tree in the evening and it’s generally always just been such a lovely day. i kind of love the practice of actively expressing gratitude and a whole holiday dedicated to that, and valuing the good in your loved ones and your life in general, bc i’m a cheesy bitch. as i’ve gotten older and more aware, i’ve also found it so important to conscientiously reflect on the violent histories of the land we live on, and the people from whom it was stolen. i try to show more active solidarity with first nations groups and causes around this time of year usu by giving (and in the past couple years when i was living in more liberal areas, joining protests against DAPL and the keystone pipeline). for a great compilation of active and critical indigenous rights organizations that are all accepting donations this year, check out this amazing link

i’m really thankful for all of you still following my trainwreck of a blog, for all of the love and support so many of you have shown me over the last year or more, for the space you’ve given me to be more authentically myself in my queerness, my mental illness, my politics, etc. than i’m ever able to be out in the real world. i hope everyone reading this has had and will continue to have a beautiful day. i hope you hold the things that bring you happiness as closely as you can, and that whatever your struggles may be, you remember that you’re bigger than them, and that you really can make it through anything. sending all of you so much love!!! happy thanksgiving <3

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remember a few months ago how you came up with the whole idea of what an anti around christmas may look like? and now the countdown timer on the anti shirt apparently ends on the first day of the twelve days of christmas?? and now i'm very worried your 'what if' post turns out to not be so 'if' and i don't know how to feel about this

Isn’t it wild??  

Its funny because I posted about Christmas Anti in the tag and then a little while later posted that I worried that sometimes Jack would see an Anti ‘what if’ and think “Fuck, I can’t use that now.” He liked that post which led me to think we probably wouldn’t get Christmas Anti (if he even actually saw the orig post) because I’d spoiled it by spelling it out and making it obvious. 

But here we are.

I’m SO excited.

I still don’t know if the 2 games have been coincidentally Anti-like (doubtful, but possible). I don’t know if they’re related to the shirt sales. I don’t know if the shirt now makes a Christmas build up too obvious. I don’t know if it’s gonna be part of a bigger Christmas campaign.

I don’t know.  But I’m SO excited to find out.

wolf-fang666 said: Ophiel with number 8 for the Christmas drawing?

I stole the outfit design from the 1964 Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer claymation cartoon since that was one of my fave movies as a kid and I still have the entire movie memorized. 

Also! Gif! Because why not. It’s not even Christmas yet, but I Am Ready and so is Ophiel! 

[Click for full resolution] 

Sebastian Lund & Snow

This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy! :)

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

You somehow convinced Sebastian to accompany you to your family’s Christmas dinner.  Even though you would rather be eating with Pride and the rest of the team, this year you had no choice.  Not only did they want to meet Sebastian, but they wanted to see you too.

As you pulled up to your mother’s home, you glanced over at Sebastian.  He was staring out of the window and up at the sky.  Snow was falling from the sky and he seemed to be mesmerized by it.

“Sebastian, have you ever seen snow,” you asked as you placed your hand on his arm.

The forensic agent glimpsed over at you before looking back to the sky.  “Not like this,” Sebastian replied.  “[Y/N], this is amazing!  Why don’t you like coming back home more often?”

You sighed heavily as you took the keys out of the ignition.  “Oh trust me,” you muttered.  “You’ll find out by the end of the night why I don’t like coming home.”

Sebastian looked at you with confusion as you got out of the car.  Not only was your town quaint, but it was especially appealing with the addition of snow.   He couldn’t imagine how your family could ruin such a nice town.

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How would the assassins spend christmas together? Would they even spend it together or go to their families?

Prosciutto goes home (albiet last minute) to his secret wife and little poodle.

Risotto has no where to go, but he does have traditions. He likes reading Lovecraft during the solstice, singing weird takes on Christmas songs to himself, and getting drunk on Christmas eve. Whoever is around HQ at the time can join him if they wish.

Illuso may be with old friends On the day of he spends his time with Risotto, and maybe his s/o if he has one at the time. He doesn’t like spying on old loves anymore, but he use to.

Formaggio is normally at someones house and stumbles into HQ in the afternoon hung over. He is loud and full of stories from the previous weeks.

Ghiaccio likes to be alone. Hes made peace with things for the most part, but hates thinking about Christmas. Anything can trigger those bad memories back and he’s just rather not.

Pesci is with Risotto or Prosciutto for Christmas. He gets and gives many presents.

Melone is the one to pass out presents and make people smile for Polaroids he takes. His pictures always come out creepy, and he hides them somewhere in his room, never to be viewed upon again.

it isn’t a season of stranger things without:

  • The Christmas lights even though it’s not Christmas
  • Steve beating someone
  • Will almost dying like 400 times
  • Mike figuring something out and then screaming about it and running off.
  • Mullets
  • Lots of mullets
  • The Byers house being decorated somehow in a weird way
  • Them being crowded into that bus at the dump yard and being surrounded
  • Some ginger girl
  • The boys screaming like girls
  • Eleven getting makeup put on her
  • Everyone thinking Joyce is insane
  • Nancy with her boom boomm gun
  • A lot of nose bleeds
  • Eleven getting a makeover
  • Eleven flipping some sort of vehicle
  • Dustin saying “oh shit” a couple million times
  • Steve starting off as the bad guy but everyone loving him at the end
  • Bromances that are almost homo but no homo
  • Steve gettin beaten the fuck up
  • Jancy tension the whole time

Add more dudes!

Polaroids : Jonathan Byers x Reader

Originally posted by gillijacobs

A/N: Oops, I went a little crazy on this one, but I hope you like it!

“Happy Holidays, Byers family!” You shout throughout the little house, all decked out in a cheesy Christmas sweater and Santa hat.

“Jonathan! Your favorite weirdo is here!” Will yells from the couch. You just give him a playful glare and he laughs. “You know you’re my favorite, (Y/N),” he says with a smile.

“I better be, Byers.” You point your finger at him and toss a box into his chest. Will reacts just in time and catches the box upright. “You’re welcome.”

Will’s eyes go wide and he jumps up to hug you. “Thank you so much, (Y/N)!”

Presents were a rarity in the Byers’ house, so you made sure that you would bring gifts for every holiday. Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, or even weird ones like Arbor Day. You started doing that when you first spent Christmas with the Byers’ two years ago. There were maximum 8 presents to split between everyone under their little Christmas tree, and it made your heart hurt. 

“You’re welcome, Will. I have some more for everyone in my car if you want to grab them,” you pry him off and present him with your car keys. He eagerly takes them from your hands, dashing to the driveway. Jonathan finally appears in the living room with his hands behind his back, obviously holding something. 

“Hey, babe,” you say, greeting him with a small kiss. “I have a present for you.”

“You know you didn’t have to get me anything, (Y/N),” he starts. “You always get me gifts, even for pointless holidays.”

“What?” you pout. “I can’t spoil my boyfriend?”

Jonathan places the little box on the couch before his arms snake around your waist, pulling you closer. You wrap your arms around his neck and give him another kiss. “It’s just that…I feel like I need to spoil you. You’re so amazing and you deserve everything, which I can’t give to you.”

“Hey, Byers, I don’t need any gifts. You are the best thing that I could have.” You smile, looking straight into his eyes. “Plus, I enjoy spoiling you guys a little. You all work so hard, especially your mom, and you all deserve it.”

Jonathan touches his forehead to yours gently. “Wow, I love you,” he whispers before attaching his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You start to melt a little when you hear the front door slam, prompting you both to pull away. Will stands at the door with a pile of presents in his arms, trying not to topple over. Jonathan just shakes his head at you, knowing that all of them were from you.

“What?” you attempt to look innocent but just end up smiling. You go over to help Will place all the presents under the tree as Jonathan takes a couple off the top of the pile. You all make your way over to the tree and set them down gently. Joyce walks in on you three, drying her hands on a towel, completely puzzled with what was taking place.

“Um, hello?” Joyce suddenly says, startling all of you. You’re the first to stand, followed by Will then Jonathan. “What’s going on?”

“Hi, Mrs. Byers!” You say, rummaging for one of her gifts. You find the one in gold wrapping paper and hand it to her. “Merry Christmas!”

A small smile forms on her face and she pulls you in for a hug. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). You have no idea how much this means to me. I feel like I need to repay you.”

“It’s really no problem, Mrs. Byers. I promise.” You hug her back and when she finally lets go, you can see a few tears in her eyes.

“Oh, wait! Let me go get the camera!” She quickly adds, wiping her eyes. She comes back a few seconds later with an old Polaroid camera in her hands. “Alright, all of you get together!”

You three arrange yourselves in front of the tree and smile wide, arms wrapped protectively around one another. “One, two, three!”

Joyce snaps two pictures and grabs them one by one as they slide out of the camera. She hands one to you and holds on to one for herself. 

She smiles at the scene in front of her, content for once in a long time. “My beautiful little family,” she whispers to herself. “My beautiful, little family.”

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I need help! My sister in law is a huge fan of the band, and I know nothinggg about BTS. I literally just searched for BTS and you popped up, so I’m taking it as a sign. I want to get her a BTS related gift for Christmas or maybe even get something custom made, but I have no idea what to do😭😭 any ideas/suggestions??

TOP 7 BTS GIFTS TO OFFER AN ARMY (according to Mimi):


  • An album or a DVD. Try to learn which one they don’t have and get them something HERE
  • You can offer them a Concert DVD and watch it with them, I am sure it will mean a lot to them

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  • If they do not have an ARMY Bomb Vers.2 (BTS’ official lightstick) this is what they need and this is what they want. Get them the latest version HERE

Originally posted by yoonmin


  • BTS had just recently a collab with VT cosmetics for a collagen Pact. It’s like a moisturizing foundation. It comes in two models: Black and white and it’s such a cute present to show them you did enough research to know about this collab HERE

Originally posted by nochujungkookie


  • If they don’t have BTS x Puma Court Star shoes, and you buy it to them. Even if you were their sworn enemy they will start liking you. That’s how impressive is this gift for an ARMY. It’s only available in Korea but this account ships them everywhere HERE

Originally posted by visualseokjin


  • BTS performed on the AMAs and they literally made history. There is now a limited merch of BTS x AMAs (patches and pins). Every ARMY thinks of this as the start of a new path toward bigger dreams. This gift will make them smile even in the hardest days as they recall the greatest memories HERE

Originally posted by jimiyoong


  • What’s the thing that will keep their body and heart warm? A BTS LOVE YOURSELF hoodie (Black/white are the best) HERE

Originally posted by ksjknj


  • I am saving the best for last. BTS started the LOVE MYSELF campaign with UNICEF (learn more HERE) and by buying the merch you will both make the world a better place and turn them into this happy ARMY that owns something helping that cause (They will be hella proud of you too). It will be available starting Dec 1st HERE

Originally posted by almostsurprised

I included official merch so that they can be even happier.  

I think the best gift though is if you showed interest in an ARMY’s music taste and bear up with them talking to you about BTS for hours with sparkling eyes ^^. Good luck and thank you for being such an amazing person and going the extra way to make an ARMY happy <3

T.N: If you like the present ideas above you can send the post to a friend or a parent … so they get a hint about what to get you for your birthday or Christmas. 

Jungkook Ship Fic Rec 2

Since so many of you asked me for another Kook ship fic rec, here I am! All smut will be bottom Jungkook as always. I’ve gotta admit, it’s really hard to find recently but I’ll pull up as many as I can because I know the feeling of wanting more bottom kook but finding none haha. These will be separated by ship! Oh my god it was so hard to find anything for jikook OTL well to be honest, I don’t know why it was so difficult to find fics this time.


Resonance AO3, Oneshot, I already know it’s good because it’s by Rix. AND IT’S SOUL EATER AU. I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THIS BUT YASSSS. This is actually one of the hottest things I’ve read in awhile. Like O_O wow.

I Just Had Sex (ft. Jungkook) AO3, Oneshot, first time bottoming and Tae is kind of angry because Kook almost missed his bday but things work out. 

Sugar and Spice AO3, Oneshot, Daddy Kink but the love is sooooo real, soft affectionate Kook (I honestly can’t tell who actually has the power anymore between these two). 

Night Winds AO3, Oneshot, Alpha Tae and Beta Kook, they could never work out but they did. 

Suit and Tie AO3, Complete, I’m still not over how good this is, the power struggle of two hot CEO’s, and then the budding cuteness.

I Can Make You (Cry For Me) and Empty Spaces Don’t Talk About It AO3, Complete, Taekookseok with taekook end game, there’s junghope but it’s not as present as Taekook, the second part is ANGST GALORE but it ends well.

Fuck the Rules AFF, Oneshot, Taekook think the new PDA rules are stupid, it’s not exhibitionism in case you were wondering lol.

I’ll be a man (of you, you, you babe) AO3, Oneshot, Tae always bails Kook out of arranged dates.

After School AO3, Oneshot, canon compliant with Tae at the dorm and Kook at school, this is actually kinda cute at the end lol.

Topsy-Turvy AO3, Ongoing, hate to love, stepbrother au.

The Smell of Peaches AO3, Ongoing, THIS IS SO FREAKING GOOD, abo au, taekook are ex’s but Kook gets his heat and they become friends with benefits but with hidden feelings, and oh my god the angst and smut is A++++++. This is my current obsession lol.


it must be fate (or you’re stalking me, who knows) AO3, Oneshot, this was actually quite cute, Jimin is the definition of cutie in the streets and senpai in the sheets (lol I love that tag)

Restrictions and Rewards AO3, Oneshot, Kookie needs the proper motivation. 

See Through (If You Will) AO3, Complete, Mpreg Kook, hurt/comfort, I love the hurt.

Will You Stop Time AO3, Oneshot, Jungkook loved Jimin even if he pushed him away (but he always apologizes at night), the feels were real.

Bloom AO3, Oneshot, First Times, a little bit of angst.

No Strings Attached  AO3, Complete, recently finished camboy Kook au and wow was it good, go read it you won’t regret it. 

In Your Eyes (I’m the Best/I’m the Worst) AO3, Oneshot, fair warning this may or may not be your cup of tea, it’s humiliation kink well more like Jimin legit gets angry at Kook for being a brat all the time and insults him but Kook likes it (?), if you don’t like this kind of stuff, don’t read it. 

power struggle AO3, Oneshot, Omega Kook and Alpha Jimin, i really really love the jealous hurt/comfort.

Becoming Bad AFF, Ongoing, Subscribers Only, Jimin the bad boy taints Innocent Jungkook.

Don’t Hesitate Any Longer AO3, Oneshot, Adult Ceremony dance practice into something more, hyung kink. 

Every Morning (and Night) is Perfect With You That Christmas Evening Eros and Perfectly Imperfect AO3, Oneshot, yes shameless self-promotion but all of them are legit just bottom kook smut with feelings and tiny bit of plot.

Animal House AFF, Ongoing, Members-Only, Jungkook is the bunny cop that meets Fox Jimin, they room together and feelings develop but there’s something evil going on.

The Way You Move It (I Can’t Believe It) AO3, Oneshot, Jungkook is failing his Cha Cha class because his hips are stiff, Jimin shows him how to sway those hips and maybe more.

One Page Pornography Ch. 28 AO3, Oneshot, I was honestly craving hurt/comfort Jikook plus smut and dang did this provide. I loved the angst and it hurt so so good all the way up until Jimin comforted him and then the phone sex and actual sex was A+.


Golden Boy AO3, Complete, VOLLEYBALL AU, also angst and smut (hot smut) but angst, it’s a wild ride. 

House Made of Cards AO3, Oneshot, you’d think it’s just smut but wow the underlying emotion is whew.

Got Me Baited and Bruised AO3, Oneshot, Awkward flirting guys lol.


I’ll Give You Love (You Wanted Nothing) AO3, Oneshot, Junghope discuss marriage and I love the written dynamic here. 

There and Back Again AO3, Oneshot, okay this is really cute, college au.

While You Were Sleeping AO3, Oneshot, Kook has a wet dream and Hobi takes care of it for him while he’s asleep, totally consensual, this it pretty hot. 

Joke AO3, Oneshot, Kook is a complete brat to Hobi (because he’s an extreme tsundere) and Hobi shows him that he is very capable of fucking Jungkook up. 


Bittersweet AO3, Complete, this was a smut/angst ride too, darker themes but wow it’s good, mafia au. 

Sweet Baby Boy AO3, Oneshot, yup just pure smut indulgence.

Tied Up AO3, Complete, I suggest you read the whole series by Rosiex.

White Lines, Pretty Baby AO3, Oneshot, Yoongi is Kook’s boss (well he’s a drug dealer) and they develop an unconventional relationship. 

Good Boy, Baby Boy AO3, Oneshot, Daddy kink, lace panties, you get the idea.

Pretty Boy  AO3, Oneshot, Daddy kink, crossdressing, Kook tries to prove that he’s not pretty using shock factor but it doesn’t really work out.

Whenever You Smile (I Smile) AO3, Oneshot, Hogwarts au, I love this, it was so cute and gahhhh it’s a great example of how fluffy sugakookie can be. 

Mingling AO3, Complete, Werewolf Kookie meets ancient vampire Yoongi that’s actually a huge flirt.

The Assistant AO3, Complete, I honestly love this so much because it’s not just an interesting au with good smut, but the depth of the feelings. It’s a really healthy relationship between Sugakookie of course but also Kook and Jimin’s friendship. 


You’re So Beautiful That I’m Scared AO3, Oneshot, indulgent smut with light dom/sub undertones, soft feelings. 

So Nice and So Cool (So Good and So Hot) AO3, Oneshot, Seokjin the TA accidentally fucks one of his students


Pastel AO3, Ongoing, I think you all know this one by now but just in case you don’t, Kookie likes feeling pretty and he likes being taken care of, his hyungs find out one by one.


Crushed Lungs AO3, Ongoing, it’s kind of a love triangle but without the whole “i hate you” thing which I like. 


a sleepless night again today AO3, Ongoing, I love this ot3 and the relationships are developing right now but it already looks amazing. 


Accidentally Right There AO3, Ongoing, this does have jihope with bottom!Jimin but it explores Jungkook’s one-sided love (it really isn’t that unrequited) and the hurt/comfort is great, Jungkookie is a sub and he wants to be loved, I just really love it okay?


oh baby (what’re you doing to me?) AO3, Complete, there’s a big of angst because unrequited love and stuff but then Jimin and Joon take care of him and the FEELS.


Loving You (Is Not a Mistake) AO3, Oneshot, this is really really good and what I’ve been craving, Valentine’s Day but it’s different, hurt/comfort and oh god the Yoonjinkook ot3ness was amazing.

I Play To Win AO3, Oneshot, Alpha!Yoongi/Omega!Seokjin/Alpha!Jungkook, they all play Overwatch and Kookie sets his eyes on Yoongi (who basically hates him at first lol). I love the clash between fiery explosive Yoongi and Tease of the Century Tsundere Jungkook but things work out because you have Seokjin the peacemaker. Basically Yoongi fucks the submission into Kook.

Yup, this is all I could find for now so happy reading? I’ll update this when there’s more fics. HERE is the first fic rec I did in case you missed some of these.