Have a very sketchy iwaoi kiss meme (*¯ ³¯*)♡ This is part kiss practice, part expression practice, part i have too many feelings about iwaoi and can’t possibly satisfy the need with just one picture.

I like to think that Iwa-chan is as physical with his affection as he is when expressing other emotions <3 Oikawa is just obnoxious when it comes to pda.

Honestly my favorite thing about the holiday season is when Christians are like, “Yes, first we must ritualistically cut down a tree, bring it indoors, and decorate it with lights and symbols that are meaningful to us. Then, we will all light candles and chant and sing together. But don’t forget to leave out an offering the night before, so that the amalgamation of various folk characters will be pleased, and bless us with gifts! This is totally Christian, and absolutely what Jesus would have wanted, in a month not related to his birth!”

Please tell me I’m not the only one imagining Sherlock wearing a Christmas jumper, or perhaps even a turtleneck, and taking it off for sexytiems or just to change for bed, and his hair going all FLOOOOOOOF from the collar. We are talking maximum levels of floofiness here. And John can’t giggle because he knows Sherlock will take offense, but just…

Please tell me I’m not the only one.


tinsel (5E00-0012-5B75)

so i was looking for inspiration for new eggnog and i had been meaning to visit tinsel for a while anyway, im so glad i did! such a beautiful town- i really love winter towns and christmas ones are even better. everything is just right u know; couldn’t fault it. it definitely has the atmosphere i want to create in my own town, if you are a festive kinda person i would definitely recommend visiting tinsel! (the names so cute as well crying)

"What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: “Money.”

“Nooooo that’s not a thoughtful gift! Choose an actual THING 😊”

Me: “M-O-N-E-Y”

Money for a new tattoo.
Money for new clothes.
Money for some new weave.
Money for a new PS4 game.
Money for some Converses.
Money for some gas and an oil change.
Money for that one pop-up bill every month.
Money for some jewelry.
Money for some Chinese food.

Hi guys,

Just a quick little note to say that I’m not going to be around as much for a while. The negativity and stress in this fandom is getting to me, as much as I try and curate my dash to suit my tastes, it doesn’t always work. I’ve got some stuff going on in my life at the moment and the last thing I need is my escape place to be riddled with things that make me feel worse.

I’ll still be about, just not in the same way.

I still adore you all a bunch <3

At the library:
  • Librarian: Raise your hand if you celebrate Hanukkah.
  • (Three kids have their hands up.)
  • Silly girl: I don't know if I do or not.
  • Librarian: If you don't know, you don't celebrate it.
  • "Helpless" whiner: Hanukkah is a food parade!
  • Librarian: Nobody celebrates Hanukkah?
  • "Helpless" whiner: I do!
  • Me: No you don't.
  • "Helpless" whiner: We did when I was a baby.

Ok, so like… is anyone else running around internet looking for some Avengers Assemble 3x23 info? Only successfully?

Tinsel Problems (Joe Request)

(Going strong at Day 5 guys! A christmassy Joe one now) “Don’t worry babe at least we’ve got the Christmas decorating to do when you’re home” Joe smiles, arms loosely around your waist.
“Its the only thing getting me through the day” You sigh, pecking his lips once more.
You were about to leave the place you shared with Joe to head off to work. Usually, you loved your job but at the minute you hated it. Today you would have meeting after meeting with some of the worst people in the business, as well as presentations which you despised doing.
Though, your love for all things festive was keeping you slightly more positive as you and Joe would be decorating the place, most importantly putting up the tree, as soon as you were home and you were excited for an evening of Christmas tunes blaring full volume, dancing crazily around the lounge and mostly just having the best time with your boyfriend.
“Bye gorgeous” He smiles, waving you off from the door as you head off with keys and bag in hand.
Only 10 more hours. You’d be back by 8pm.
~~~Time Skip~~~
Your keys hit the door with a sigh escaping your cold lips. Finally you were home. The meetings had gone averagely badly and you had shaken too much when you were presenting, your fear threatening to take over. Your boss seemed only slightly satisfied and the tube had been packed on the way home, forcing your anxious self to get off a couple stops before and walk back to your place, not wanting to face a panic in public.
You could hear Joe’s voice inside which you had usually associated with him vlogging but evidently there was another voice there too.
“Ooh here she is!” He exclaims, turning to see you as you walk through to the warmth of the apartment.
“Hey babe” You smile tiredly, thankful to be home.
“Hey (y/n) right?” an American toned voice questions, which you quickly match to a brunette girl who walks into the entrance to the place.
“Yeah that’s me” You nod, dropping your keys on the side.
“This is Brit” Joe comments, “You know her don’t you?”
“Yeah Joe’s spoken about you before” You say, “Its lovely to finally meet you”
“you too” She grins, “You’re the girl he doesn’t stop talking about”
“Oh I don’t know about that!” You chuckle, “So how long are you-” You stop as you walk through to the lounge kitchen area. It is lit with only the lights of the Christmas decorations splattered around the room, all hung on walls or wrapped around poles. With the tree being the centerpiece of the room now, “You decorated?”
“Yeah well Brit got here this afternoon so we thought why not?” Joe responds.
“Nice” You smile through your disappointment.
It wouldn’t matter as much if you hadn’t had such a crap day. If this wasn’t what you were looking forward to the whole time. If this wasn’t something Joe knew you loved doing together. If it reminded you of family days at home. If singing along to the old songs was finally a time you could forget any stress building up.
“You alright babe?” Joe comes over to you as you pour yourself a drink of water.
“Just a long day” You shrug, trying to act as normal as possible.
You didn’t want to seem rude. Brit was a nice girl and you being blunt wasnt the impression you wanted to make but after a horrific work day and now this, faking a smile was proving to be a difficult task…
“I’m just gonna take a shower” You announce, walking out and heading to the bedroom.
Part of you wanted to curl up into the bed, hoping for a less stressful day tomorrow. But again, you couldn’t be rude.
And so, you opted for a long bath in the hope that would make you feel a little better.
~~~Time Skip~~~
By the time you get out of the bath and procrastinate for a little while, you head outside to only Joe being there.
“Where’s Brit?” You ask, watching as he pushes down the lid of his laptop.
“She’s gone over to Oli’s for a little while" He comments.
You nod in understanding and go to walk to the kitchen when he speaks again.
“I’m sorry about the whole decorating thing” He sighs, “I didn’t think and I know how excited you were”
“I was probably exaggerating anyway honestly. I just had a really shit day and I wasn’t in the best mood” You shrug, “I can’t blame you for decorating the house with your friend Joe”
“Welll” He wraps his arms around you, “How about we decorate the outside? Looks like we still have some more lights”
“Sounds perfect!” You grin and the pair of you go to grab lights, speakers and decorations for the small ‘garden’ area.
Within minutes you have the classic songs filling the area with your voices only matching the loud volume, you have trails of lights spinning round lots of the plant pots and even tinsel hanging from the benches.
And of course you can’t help but start dancing around each other, using tinsel as big scarves and coming up with crazy moves.
“I can’t leave you two for five minutes can I?” A now familiar accent sounds over the music and both of you turn round.
“Of course not” Joe grins, slinging his arm over your shoulder.
And you finally feel like your tough day is being washed away.

I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear
I know you love me, baby, that’s why you brought me here