“Every year, for centuries, these nauseating Earthlings get together to celebrate the holidays, but this year will be different…this year, I will take over Santa’s workshop, and force those good-for-nothing elves to make some real toys.  Behold!  I call this Lord Zedd’s hypnospin.  Any child who looks at this will become instantly brainwashed. I will put one under every Christmas tree and in every stocking.  The children of the world shall become my slaves, ready to do my evil bidding.”

-Lord Zedd, “Power Rangers”

Advent Art Day#11
“Be Merry”
The “Rise of the Guardian” Christmas elves are here to bright the day. Just don’t let them help decorate!. 

Day 1: A Christmas Moose,
(Supernatural: Sam and Crowley) 
Day 2: Christmas Elf #1, (Original)
Day 3: Bah Humbug Says the Water Rat (Marvel Invaders, Jim and Namor)
Day 4: Merry Christmas, Harry (Harry Potter, Harry and Ron)
Day 5: Peace on Earth (Supernatural, Death, Pestilance, Famine, War Day 6: For personal reasons, there was no art on this day.
Day 7: Christmas Scarves (Samurai Troopers, Touma and Shin
Day 8: We can argue about water later (State of Disunion, Nevada/California)
Day 9: Mother and Son Time (Marvel, Steve and Sarah Rogers)
Day 10: That is a Look, Sam (Marvel: Sharon Carter and Sam Wilson)


Magee’s Office from concepts to final product.

Magee’s home away from home, where she pursues her favorite pastimes all at once, including: promoting inter-department synergy, answering three phones at once, accidentally killing her plants, demanding hot egg nog lattes from Tiny, second-guessing her career choice, listening to her mother wondering why Magee hasn’t given her a grandchild, streamlining workflow, rolling her eyes at Wayne, choreographing new skating routines, designing new jingle bell jewelry, and not reading the deluge of inter-office memos.

(profile via the old P&L site’s Winterpedia)