Meet Santa and the Elves @santaclausoffice

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With all those letters to read, it makes sense that Santa Claus would need an office. And you can go visit it in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. The office is run by a privately owned company, which welcomes visitors to meet Santa every day of the year.

“Santa Claus lives at a place in Finland called Korvatunturi, which translates as Ear Mountain,” says Minttu, the head elf at Santa Claus Office (@santaclausoffice). “That’s where all the Christmas present-making happens. It is so secret that only Santa Claus, elves and reindeer can enter— which is why Santa decided to have a public office by the Arctic Circle in Finland.”

If you can’t make it to Finland before Christmas, check out @santaclausoffice, where the elves share their daily lives at the office with the big man himself.

“We have 10 elves working regularly throughout the year, but in December there are about 35,” says Mintuu. “This month, we’ve been introducing each of the elves every day on our Instagram account.”

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CHRISTMAS ELVES in bad sweaters! 

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Merry Christmas, World.

Have fun doing whatever it is you do this time of year. Be Jolly doing it. Tis the season afterall (the season to be jolly

If you missed them, this is how jingling bells go in other languages too. Super festive.

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the signs as Christmas things
  • Aries: feelings of nostalgia and youthfulness
  • Taurus: Christmas trees
  • Gemini: presents
  • Cancer: family bonding
  • Leo: Christmas movies
  • Virgo: Christmas lights
  • Libra: mistletoe
  • Scorpio: Santa Claus
  • Sagittarius: elves
  • Capricorn: candy cane
  • Aquarius: gingerbread houses
  • Pisces: snowmen

“Every year, for centuries, these nauseating Earthlings get together to celebrate the holidays, but this year will be different…this year, I will take over Santa’s workshop, and force those good-for-nothing elves to make some real toys.  Behold!  I call this Lord Zedd’s hypnospin.  Any child who looks at this will become instantly brainwashed. I will put one under every Christmas tree and in every stocking.  The children of the world shall become my slaves, ready to do my evil bidding.”

-Lord Zedd, “Power Rangers”