"You only saw 1 yellow dress.."

Omg I think I just figured out something major! 

 We’ve all been confused and theorizing on who the 2nd yellow dress was for, like what “girl” did Jessica give gifts to? Did Charles want the dress? Was it CeCe? Etc.. 

 Haha it was right in our faces. 

 Alison’s dream WAS NOT a flashback. It was a dream. 

 The fact that Mona was her “Ghost of Christmas past and future” when she wasn’t even actually dead is our first clue that THE DREAM WASN’T REAL!

 It was SYMBOLIC. 

 When Jessica told Alison in the dream that she didn’t find “2 yellow dresses” she only found “one yellow dress”, that was Alison’s subconscious mind!!

 Subconscious thoughts appear in dreams through symbolism. 

 The dresses symbolize her 2 brothers!!! Think about it. 

 "You didn’t see 2 brothers" you only saw “one brother" 

 Maybe the real memory that Ali’s  dream was based on, was Alison finding a photo of Charles. Or… Alison looks about 9 in the dream. Charles would’ve been 16 or 17 when Alison was 9. Perhaps Alison actually SAW Charles at some point around then and her mom made her lie to herself and forget.

 Alison probably won’t lose her legs either or die. I think that was symbolic of not being able to run anymore, and being scared to death of A.

 Idk, it feels right to me. Good writing for sure. 

 Well played Marlene, well played. 

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etsyfindoftheday | HOLIDAY DRESS FINDS | 12.5.14

featured dress: ‘jubilee’ gold shimmery taffeta bow party dress with white tulle by fleetcollection

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etsyfindoftheday | HOLIDAY DRESS FINDS | 12.5.14

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etsyfindoftheday | HOLIDAY DRESS FINDS | 12.5.14

featured dress: the odette by dulcieldesigns

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