The Vegan Christmas Club

The holidays are all about the leftovers, right? Here is what I am snacking on today - our famous “Vegan Christmas Club Sandwich.” 

My mom & I created, & have perfected, this sandwich over time & now make it every year on Christmas Eve. It’s also my favorite leftover to enjoy the day after Christmas! It’s so, so good, & I crave & look forward to it every year. I blogged all about it last Christmas so you can get all the details & recipe here if you missed it. 

Boueibu Christmas Episode

Y’all, I think this is my favorite episode. Gora was great, everyone was like, “En, you okay?” and then come to find out the whole thing was because of that Christmas card, they just invited the monster to their Christmas party, and the BEPPUS!

The Beppus were on their A+ game today, no joke. They were dehydrated, I tell you. They were all set to Grinch it up, and the second Gora was like, “Hey, wanna Christmas?” they were like, “We would literally trade our firstborn children to have Christmas with you.” Somebody get them a glass of water. And then they they’re just like, “Cancel all of the shenanigans we had planned, Dad, we got invited to Christmas with that man!”

Dadacha be like, “O.o. Uh…okay?”

And then they way they just flat out Another Yumoto and pretend he doesn’t exist, and they’re super “notice me senpai” to Gora, I was dying. Especially since En was throwing so much shade. 

That frosting on the face scene was the single most thirsty thing I’ve ever seen.

Dadacha’s charades-style communication to the Beppus was great.

The Reindeer Monster just wanted to have a Kuripa! 

”Let’s just close our eyes for no reason.“ 

“Oh, no, my stomach, it hurts~”


“Everyone, this way, to the hospital!”

“No way, they fell for it…”

And someone ruining their plans to transform at every turn.

Those idiots are sharing a pair of gloves, and they made a giant sweater which was definitely for Gora, the Beppus were the MVP of this episode.

This post went on longer than I thought it would. -_- At any rate, long story short, the Student Council sent a postcard, and that cinched this as a great episode for me. I loved literally everything about this.

One last thing, En is so rude. :D


This year, my mom and I participated in Shiny Happy World’s Christmas Club. We got one ornament pattern a week for 12 weeks. These are the ornaments I made in it. I gave almost every single one of these away to my friends, but they were really fun to make. I’d have to say that the cat, stocking and rocket were my favorites.

anonymous asked:

And some people are genuine and are truly concerned about Louis as would anyone be if they dropped alot of weight so...

Louis apparently “drops a lot of weight” every time he gets papped clubbing in London. Could that, I don’t know, maybe be because he goes to clubs in an older city with poor A/C systems, drinks and dances, sweats, and then gets papped with blinding unflattering lights in a city with a very different lighting scheme than LA? Cause I’m pretty sure we did this dance with the clubbing around Christmas/New Year’s and he looks the same.