Christmas ID 2011

SPi Global - Manila

'da best' behind the scenes :D

Just some behind the scenes while filming our college christmas id “Da Best ang Pasko ng CICT”

xempre wala kmi nung pre production stage :))) so let’s start na on the production stage ^^

our original plan is to finish the filming in just three days, but it took us 5 days to finish everything. each day, 10pm is the earliest going home time. every day, we’re exhausted, we travel from different places. but in the end of each day, we know, we learned new things and actually we did enjoy filming this short christmas id. every day, new cast, new actors and actresses. one thing i will not forgot while doing this project is when i waited for a jeepney till december. lol literraly, it took me till december, ah and when it’s just me who know it was birthday hahaha.

because of this project, we learned many things and gathered many experiences. it’s really fun to this kind of a project even it’s the most tiring (lalo na when bringing these heavy equipments) :)

thanks to all who supported us and because of it, we make hackot of awards. and got the Best Christmas ID.

post production stage :) while editing the end tag


watch our christmas id here :)) no need to like hahaha

Watch on

bored naba kayo? panoorin nyo muna to :)) andito ako hahahaha like nyo na if gusto nyo ^^

no but like i REALLY love labyrinth that was one of the videos id make my older sibling take out of the library for me so i could watch it a bunch of times (along with nightmare before christmas) and id watch it so much she started telling me sorry they dont have it

eventually she bought it (she liked it too but i dont think she was obsessed like me) and when she moved out she left it at our house and im like fUCK YEAH MINE THIS IS MINE and i watched it so much the dvd broke

I BROKE A DVD I WATCHED IT SO MUCH LIKE WHO EVEN THOUGHT THAT WAS POSSIBLE and i didnt figure this out until maybe college?? and i was so sad i found the entire thing on youtube and bookmarked it and watched it from there until they took it down and then i got a job at school and my first paycheck i went to the video store and bought a new copy

like i dont think people understand just HOW MUCH I love this dumb movie

ugh a microsd is like. 25 bucks. and if pokemon academy is like 38-50

uuuUUGGGH im not carrying 70 bucks with me like. 50? yes. 60? pushing it. 70? nope. wait does coles myer cover jb. nope. fuck.  uh

ok im. gonna need to find a time to get my mum to take me to knox. i need to buy this shit

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