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It is the Bokeh Time of Year :) by Milica V
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Phryne Ficathon 3 -- Carols By Candlelight

As I’m sure some of you are aware, posting of fics for the third Phryne Ficathon will begin on January 1st. The lovely aurora_australis, however, wrote a fic so delightfully seasonal that we decided to give it to you early–a celebration of the holidays and a sneak peek into the wonderful things January has in store for us!

Carols By Candlelight by aurora_australis, for @zannadubs23

Summary: Music and memories on a park bench one Christmas Eve. Fluffier than angst. Angstier than fluff.
Rating: G

The Countdown to Christmas (Chapter 2: How Do You Present?)

Parings: This chapter is ALL Marichat XD 
Rating: Still K for some reason (if you feel I should change it just message me) 
Description: Marinette helps Chat Noir buy a present for Ladybug XD

A/N: @pisces-royalty ILY <3 thanks for editing even though you’re busy :D 

This chapter is nearly 6,000 words guys, so I hope you like it XD

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Adrien had no idea what he was doing.

He’d been able to buy his friends gifts before, no problem, and so he had promised himself he’d be able to buy a present for Ladybug, no problem. But now that he was in an actual mall, with actual stores, he wasn’t so sure.

With the Lady he’d always managed to second guess himself, after all.

He sighed and looked at the Christmas tree near the bench he was sitting on, trying to think of how fun Christmas had been when he was younger, when his mom was still around:

The décor had always been inviting and homey. There had always been freshly made cookies. And he had always gotten actual presents that he had actually wanted.

Now all he had was his father, who surprisingly loved Christmas…in his own twisted way.

Christmas meant his father’s holiday line release. And that dreadful fact made it almost hard to go home. Every time he’d open the front door he’d have to see the halls decked like a fashion magazine. Adrien wasn’t sure what was more off putting: the Gabriel™ Christmas tree adorned in Gabriel™ ornaments or fake gifts under it that had been wrapped in Gabriel™ wrapping paper.

He made a mental note to never get his Lady Gabriel™ anything.

That was, if he’d ever be able to get her anything.

If he’d wasted nearly an hour just walking around this mall, how was he ever going to find the right store, let alone the right present?

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