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Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson), co-stars of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims, recently took a well deserved selfie.

Meloni shared the picture of him and Hargitay on his Instagram with the appropriate caption “Friends at Xmas.”


Dan + charity singles:

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (December, 2014, for victims of the ebola crisis)

Artists For Grenfall - Bridge Over Troubled Water (June, 2017, for victims of the Grenfall Tower inferno)

Penguins, Tigers, and Elephants

“Everything alright, pet?” Frowning, he strokes over your aching back. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and no clouds are in the sky. It’s the first time you can go out with a blouse and ballerinas. But you’re wearing your old sneakers because you want to walk comfortably even if you don’t feel comfortable at all.  

You’re glad that the weather allows you to go out with your daughter; the winter time was exhausting. Playing inside is not the same as playing with the other kids on the playground. You were delighted as Harry took her out for some fun in the snow. The two built a snowman, drinking hot cocoa afterwards,  and she was sad as the carrot was missing the next morning.

She’s a little whirlwind and nobody is safe, not even your vases and the Christmas tree. One Christmas ball fell victim to her. Thank god you used the old Christmas balls and not the pretty ones which your mother gave you once.

You hold your daughter’s hand as she starts to pull you forward.

“Just a little tired,”  you smile at him, closing your eyes. He kisses your forehead, sliding his hand down your arm until he grabs your daughter’s hand. She looks with surprise up to her dad as he takes her hand.

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The After Party

An alternate take on Cheryl’s after party in Episode One “The River’s Edge”. Betty sticks around after Veronica and Archie enter the closet. Jughead makes an appearance and Cheryl decides to have some fun.

Hey guys, this is going to be a three to four part fic, which will be a little different to my other fics so far. More angst-y then fluffy. I hope you enjoy so far. 

Now completed : Part 2   Part 3

Part One:

Betty did her best to try and make sure the hurt was not showing on her face. Cheryl had made the decision that the bottle was not pointing at her. She was trying to get a rise out of her and Betty was determined to not let her win this one. She continued to smile sweetly, listening to the conversation around her.

“Reggie.” She piped up. “Could you get me one of those shots.” She motioned to the drinks up at the bar.

“Sure Betty.” Reggie nearly fell over himself in his haste to get to the bar. He knew that her drinking at one of these parties was a no-no. Getting Betty Cooper to let her hair down for once would be an interesting little experiment and while spoilsport Archie was otherwise engaged. He returned to the group with a plate of the shots offering to Betty first. She took it from the plate and downed it quickly. A part of her hoped that it would help her forget what may be going on in the broom closet a few steps away from where she was. “Whoo way to go Cooper.” Reggie shouted in congratulations before taking one himself. She could still feel the alcohol burning her throat as she gave him a nervous smile.

It was at this moment that the perpetually moody Jughead Jones came through the front door, skulking as he made his way around the periphery of the group. Betty was surprised to see him, he never came to these things. Archie and herself had begged him on numerous occasions to come with them, back before Summer break. Something had changed between them since then, she had noticed it when she returned home from her internship. Jughead had distanced himself, no longer part of the group. They hadn’t spoken since before summer when he had hugged her and wished her well. Before pulling back, rubbing his neck as he stood there awkwardly embarrassed by his own actions.

“What are you doing here Donnie Darko?” Reggie called out to him. He must have thought Christmas had come early his favourite victim in his domain. Jughead continued to move around the group ignoring Reggie before taking a seat next to Ginger Lopez. “Yo, Wednesday Adams.” Reggie persisted. “No one is going to want to spend 5 seconds in a closet alone with you.” Betty was about to tell Reggie to shut up when Cheryl spoke.

“Reggie don’t be such a spoil sport. If Jughead wants to play, let him play.” She said as she eyed him with curiosity, then something else flashed across her face. Betty knew that look, it was the same look she had given when she suggested the game in the first place and then suggested Archie go first. She was up to something.

“Oh times up.” Cheryl announced. “Oh would you look at that, guess we ran over time. Doesn’t look like they minded.” She smiled sweetly at Betty, goading her for a reaction. Betty subconsciously dug her nails deep into the bed of her palm. Cheryl bounced happily over to the closet, opening the door to find Veronica and Archie in deep embrace. “Would you look at that.” She spoke triumphantly as the couple broke apart at the harsh light entering the small space. Betty knew what they had been doing she had known it before the door had even opened. Of course it was Veronica. She was everything she wasn’t confident in herself, unique and passionate.

Betty took a deep breath to try and quell the emotions surging up, threatening to break to the surface. She could feel her eyes well up, and cursed her inability to be able to hide her feelings at times. Jughead caught her eyes from across the room. She turned away quickly as she grabbed another shot from the coffee table in front of her and downed it. The physical pain burning in her throat took away the pain in her heart if only for a moment.

“Now who should go next.” Cheryl mused, looking at the others sitting around the table. “Betty.”

“Cheryl.” Veronica had an edge of warning in her voice.

“What new girl?” Cheryl snapped back. “Now Betty you want to play don’t you?” Betty nodded barely looking up to acknowledge her going over in her head what had just happened.

“Good. Now Betty give that bottle a spin.” Betty reached over and spun the bottle, leaning back, passive as she watched it. She didn’t notice Cheryl moving behind Reggie and whispering in his ear. He looked confused until she whispered again, running a finger delicately across his cheek and he got up and left the room. Betty watched the bottle as it stopped at Valerie. Well it could have been worse she though as she looked over to where Reggie Mantle was no longer sitting. Confused she got up to move to the closet, at least they could talk she guessed.

“Well we can’t have that can we?” Cheryl advised, Betty stopped her movement.

“But it landed on.” She started to explain her voice meek.

“Well I think in the true spirit of fun it should really be a boy and girl.” Cheryl’s saccharine smile never faltering.

“I don’t think that’s fair.” Betty started to argue.

“Well I am the hostess and I make the rules.” Cheryl stated simply signalling that the argument was over.

“Fine. I’ll just.” She huffed as she reached for the bottle.

“No need.” Cheryl grabbed the bottle from the table. “There is only one boy left.” She moved the bottle to point at Jughead. He felt everyone’s eyes on him and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Betty took a deep breath, knowing now why Reggie was no longer in the room. Apparently Cheryl wasn’t finished playing her games yet.

Rafael Barba // Christmas Magic

There were a few Christmas w/ the Barbas requested in my inbox, but this is also just a general Merry Christmas go~

Originally posted by allthingssvu

Late, on Christmas Eve;

“But how does Santa know what I want for Christmas?”
“Because Mami and Papi send the letters you wrote.”
“My handwriting is really not good, though-”

Antonio rolled his eyes, and spun his little sister by the shoulder blades. “Santa Clause won’t come at all if you don’t go to sleep,” he fussed mechanically. Of course, he was well aware there was no such thing; but he wouldn’t be the one to ruin it for a six year old, and he’d be damned if he didn’t take advantage of the benefits that came with the pre-established trickery. “And Papi’s gonna kill me if he finds out you’re up so late.”

“But how does Santa get in the chimney?”
“Papi puts the fire out before we go to bed, you saw it.”
“No, Tony, how does a fat man fit?”

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Imagine the Christmas Shift with Carisi

Imagine the Christmas Shift with Carisi 

You were humming ‘Santa Claus is coming to town” as you strode into the almost empty squad room. There were only a few straggling uniforms hanging around but you were the only detective. 

It was about 7:00 am on Christmas morning and you were the only detective on shift. Ever since you had become a cop you had always offered to take the Christmas shift. 

This was the first year at SVU. Everyone was shocked when you offered to take the shift from Fin because you had such great relationships with your family, especially with your nephews and niece. You were incessant though on taking the shift despite Fins objections. Telling him to go spend time with his son especially because he had grand-baby on the way. You smiled at the memory of his protests as you started the mountain of paperwork at your desk. 

“Hey Doll” an all familiar voice called out. 

You lifted your head to be faced with partner Sonny. Wearing a large beige coat and a bright red scarf wrapped around his neck. He was holding a brown bag and had a large smile on his face. 

Sonny had been your partner ever since you had joined SVU at the start of the year. You two had grown extremely close. He was by the book and you were more outside of the box. He kept you in check and you pushed the boundaries. You were a great team and bonded over your shared love for kids. He was as close to his nieces and you were to your own and nephews. You also had developed a small crush on him. You tell yourself it’s a school girl crush and even it was something more you would never act on it. 

“Hey, What are you doing here?” you beamed, dropping your pen and leaning back. 

“I thought you might need some company.” He shrugged sitting down at his desk, taking off his scarf, coat and putting down the brown bag on his desk.

 His desk was right opposite yours so you were now facing each other. 

“What are you doing? Go home spend time with your family. They’ll be missing you.” You argued.

 “And so will yours.” he retorted.

 “That’s different,” you replied going back to your work.

 “How so? You know you never did explain why you took this shift.” He commented taking out some Eggnog from the bag along with two cups, pouring it and handing you a cup. 

Taking the cup you smirked, “Seriously? This early?” 

“You’re avoiding the question.” he singsonged taking a swig. 

“Family tradition.” you started, dropping your pen once again and putting your feet up on your desk,“My Grandpa always said until you have kids you take the Christmas shift because when you do that’s one more officer that can spend Christmas with their kids.” 

“Your Grandpa is a good man.” he said, “Though, I’m sure this tradition doesn’t mean you can’t have a gift right?” 

He pulled out a gift from the bottom of the bag. You could feel your face lighting up. 

“Hell No!” you chuckled taking the gift cheerily. The present was small wrapped up with a bow. 

It was no bigger than a ring box. 

“Better not be an engagement ring.” you joked. 

“And if it was…” He teased. 

“I’d say no,” you answered bluntly. 

“What you don’t like me?” he said raising his arm in mock annoyance. 

“No, I always thought getting engaged on Christmas was cliche,” you responded as you started to unwrap the present. 

“So, any other day you’d say yes?” he asked almost curious. 

“Sure.” you smirked raising your eyebrows. 

You unwrapped the present and opened the box and saw a small charm laying on a tiny red satin cushion. 

“Wow.” you breathed. 

“It’s for your charm bracelet.” he explained, “Remember you were looking at it when he had to go the jeweler.” 

The charm bracelet was your mothers. It had a charm for every member of your family. She left it to you when she died.

“That was months ago.” You cried still shocked. 

“I remembered.” he shrugged. 

You looked up and he was staring right at you with a big beautiful smile on his face.

 “Thank you.” You said standing up and going over to hug him. 

He stood up to meet you. He engulfed you into his embrace. He was warm and you clung on as if you were holding on for dear life. You broke away and wiped a tear from your face. 

“You alright?” he asked noting your tears. 

“Yeah, just something in my eye.” You said nonchalantly rubbing your eyes and looking up. 

You looked at him again and knew he knew but he wasn’t going to say anything. You kissed his cheek before returning to your desk.He stood their shellshocked staring at you. 

“Mistletoe.” you said motioning upwards at the direction above his head.

 He looked up and laughed before sitting back down. 

A/N may have or may not have been listening to Christmas music. What can I say I love Christmas!

The Mistletoe Curse

So it’s around December in Albus and Scorpius’ 6th year, probably about 2 weeks or so before the Christmas holidays start.

One of the 7th year students in Slytherin has been dabbling with some soft-core curses and creates one especially for Christmas dubbed ‘The mistletoe curse’ which basically makes the victim compelled to kiss the person a particular someone every time they see them.

One night while Scorpius is in the library, because he’s an adorable nerd, the 7th years get Albus to play truth or dare with them. When it’s Albus’ turn he chooses dare. So they dare him to suffer a curse they’ve come up with for 24 hours, not telling him it’s the mistletoe curse. They kind of see that Albus and Scorpius are really close so they just want to embarrass them both a little bit and start spreading rumours that they’re actually gay for each other. So because Albus blindly accepts his fate, the mistletoe curse is cast on him.

The next day when Albus runs into Scorpius at breakfast, Albus naturally kisses Scorpius because he’s under the curse. Scorpius is naturally befuddled, breaking out in a sweat and verbally bashing him for doing such a thing. This carries on throughout the day whenever Albus sees Scorpius. Albus begins to understand that this is the effect of the curse put on him, but at this point he doesn’t really care. The other Slytherins are having a good laugh about this whole thing and feel very happy with themselves.

After the 24 hours was finished, the curse is reversed and Albus won’t feel compelled to kiss Scorpius again.

But the next day, the same thing happens! Whenever Albus runs into Scorpius he gives him a kiss. Scorpius continues to feel disgruntled by this. Albus claims that he is still under the mistletoe curse as an excuse when the truth is he just wants to kiss Scorpius’s sweet little face all the time. The Slytherins just sort of see all of this and are just like ‘What the fuck…’

This carries on for the rest of the week. Albus continues to kiss Scorpius. Scorpius eventually gets used to this. He still feels a little embarrassed but truthfully he likes it when Albus kisses him, and eventually the whole thing just becomes a habit. 

At the beginning of the week after this all started, Albus sees Scorpius at breakfast, begins to start kissing him, but Scorpius kisses Albus first. Then it starts to become this huge thing where every time they see each other they have to kiss each other. Whether on the cheek, the lips, the head or the nose, it doesn’t matter, they just kiss. And it was one of the most adorable things Hogwarts ever saw :3

Rose keeps insisting that they might as well just get married because they couldn’t get gayer, James just keeps telling them to shack up, Neville smiles at this all day because he thinks they’re perfect for each other and admires their bravery. McGonagall is looking forward to seeing the look on Draco and Harry’s faces when she tells them what’s going on.

I started watching The Met: Policing London and I really want a fic that’s ‘a day in the life of’ type documentary following Lestrade and the whole time he’s just so. fucking. tired. of the zoo and just wants to do his job.  Like, Sherlock is being himself turned up to 11 *and* doing everything he can to avoid the cameras, Sally’s running the whole show from the background, John is hitting on the producer/ director/ whoever, Molly’s just casually walking around the morgue with the severed arm of the victim like it’s a Christmas ham or a cricket bat and making really horrible jokes in between using medical jargon that even Lestrade, who’s been on the murder beat for like 20 years, has a hard time following.

Or Molly gets offered a series like Dr. G and they’re shooting the pilot; Sherlock and crew don’t make it easy.

(I think there were fics like this many moons ago, but I can’t remember any specifics, if anyone does, please link me.)

100. There are a few Slytherins who don’t come from either rich families or all-slytherins families. Those who do are mortified by the strange, inaccurate table manners that the students aforementioned demonstrate at the meals. So everyone in Slytherin decides to carry out an experiment when Christmas comes around. The elite students will present their parents with the most horrendous way of eating possible, while those who aren’t expected to have perfect table manners will eat as elegantly as possible with their families. Parents’ and family member’s shocked expressions must be recorded. As a result, the Slytherins have an album dedicated to pictures of the most comical expressions and records of threats from the victims of their Christmas experiment.