christmas with the inlaws


Been busy with life… have some photos and a taste of what Christmas is like this side of the world…
1) Iceblocks at the gardens yesterday
2) Feeding the ducks
3) making a maze out of blocks on the table
4) At the beach on 27th December
5) Max and his big Christmas present
6) Wax and Max playing at the beach on the 26th December
7) Christmas dinner table
8) Where we spent Christmas - my father-inlaws ‘beach house’. We were in a tent in the front garden
9) Set up in our tent. Not quite the four person tent it said it was but we made it work. No rain at all for four days so it was perfect.
10) Breakfast on the deck Christmas morning

Does anyone else find it curious that the two men Jen has been “connected” to in the media have ended with the men being in serious relationships with other people?

Like isn’t that odd?

Like take CM and Annabelle, she sings on Coldplay’s newest album, which he was quoted as saying only important people in their lives sang in the chorus, which included his ex-wife and his children along with the other band members kids. They spent the holidays together. There are literal pictures of CM and Annabelle with each other’s families.

This isn’t a brand new relationship, putting aside Christmas with the inlaws, she sang on his album, lol, like that’s a big deal.

And then Liam, which was the other big rumor, Miley is back and it appears like she’s been back for awhile and they moved in together and are maybe engaged again?

It’s almost like…distractions, distractions all around.

Do you live on the US east coast?

Are you home mid December or early January?

Want to meet up? We are coming to NYC to meet up with the inlaws for Christmas! We have a Airbnb booked for the first week and then we are house sitting for the wonderful Artedish. I’m very excited.

We figure we’d try to combine it with some tumblr teacher visits! We are flying from Colombia to NYC and then probably from Florida back to Colombia.

So far we planning on visiting @unabridged-tomes, @postsfromthemrs, @pablophonic and @antdonut and artedish (can’t get tumblr to tag you, sorry!

Anyone else? Bonus points if you have a spare bed 😉

If you’re keen, reply here or send me an email at and we’ll work something out!.