christmas with abbas

incomplete list of christmas gifts given between the empty cup family this year:

- an obnoxiously fluorescent elf hat, from magnus, to hearth. it has bells. (followed by his actual present, a beautiful ornate box carved from wood, found at an antique shop)

- the most plentiful and smelliest lush bath bomb set for samirah, from ‘santa’

- a humongous fluffy plaid blanket, like really ten times bigger than it needs to be, to magnus, from ‘santa’ again

 - a bedazzler kit for blitzen, from alex, meant as joke but blitzen genuinely loves it

- a subscription to Ceramics Monthly magazine for alex from yet again ‘santa’. she thanks hearthstone and blitzen directly, already flicking through the pages of the first issue

- “you can’t ruin the illusion!” magnus gasps, hand dramatically on his chest. “it was from santa!”

Fin? Did I do something?
  • <p> <b>So I was just sitting there, listening to ABBA on YouTube, letting the autoplay do it's thing, skipping the occasional Spanish version, when a Christmas song comes on. Before I actually knew what it was, I joked to Norway (who was in the same room at the time) that Finland didn't want me listening to so much ABBA, but then I looked at the title and it was "Last Christmas" by Wham! and I'm kinda worried now. Finland? Did I do something? Just wondering.<p/><b>((And then "All I want for Christmas is You" came on and I about died because I thought of this: (Copy and paste, sorry. I'm still learning.) 😂😊))<p/></p>

empty cup family on christmas eve

- every year they make a point to get together on christmas eve

 - they say they are going to make a home cooked meal together. they are lying. they are going to give up and go have breakfast for dinner at denny’s. 

- this happens when they realize, again, that no one remembered to defrost the turkey, again

- “you don’t look surprised.” samirah says to alex, who just smiled when she was told that the plans had changed

- “magnus might have warned me.” alex replies. “i’m gonna get waffles.”