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Abby’s Favorite Blogs : { 2011 Edition }

— Friends —

These amazing people have made me happy, and made me laugh. And they’re just amazing, and they’re the best people.. ever. 

{Michael} {Dylan} {Kyran} {Renata} {Logan} {Sam} {Kayla} {Tori} {Megan} {Stacey} {Jade} {Mafalda} {Kyle} {Frankie

— Acquaintances —

These flawless people are amazing and just koala tea.

dumbledoreiscomingtotown l youtellthemreindeers l thewhomping-willow l fum0s l enchantedbookworm l nothingbuthorror l themalfoycandycane l crayonsandcastles l breakingthegalaxy l amortentia-lovegood l christmasinthetardis l narglesbutterbeerandbroomsticks l supergrint l accio-thegoldensnitch l tinselovegood l lumosthedarktimes l voldysgonemouldy7 l i-am-lord-trolldemort l gulpingplimpies l the-peverell-brothers l padfootswithmoony l ohyeahronhermione l davidpiperss l letsgopond l onwithchoosing l alohomora-the-heart l thetoneof-surprise l thegryffindorchaser l everslarks l youcantgotopigfartsitsonmars l padfootmagic l mistletoenargles l blameitonthenargles9 l pinkpygmypuff l idestroyhorcruxes l voldemortsreindeer l msrowling l thehutchersonarmy l fugitivekind l itssnowingsiriusly l assbuttangel l danrad-s l ohfleurdelacour l klainecreevey l captainterror l mattsmithsexual

— Hope-to-becomes —

These are blogs I absolutely adore, and I hope to become like them! (yeah it’s a bit cheesy, but honey badger doesn’t care.)

riddlemetom l the-last-enemy l theleaky-cauldron l the-threebroomsticks l valiantchild l oh-nargles l msgrints l lestrangevault l mirror-of-erised l theprisoner-ofazkaban l therabbitpatronus l my-ponchoboys

⁄⁄Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year!