christmas tree demon

Christmas Morning

You woke up to the sound of your four year old son’s tiny feet running down the hallway. The sound was vaguely familiar to you as you were up at the crack of dawn every Christmas morning just like him. Your son quickly opened the door to you and your husband’s bedroom and instantly jumping on the bed, waking not only you and Calum, but your puppy as well.

Calum decided your son was old enough to learn the responsibilities of taking care of a pet. But I think he just wanted an excuse to get one for himself. The pup wasn’t quite a year old yet and got too accustomed to sleeping in what is supposed to be yours and Calum’s bed. So naturally, your dog was just as excited as your son was on this eventful holiday.

“Mommy! Daddy! It’s Santa day!” The little boy exclaimed, now jumping on the bed.

“Buddy, it’s Christmas, not Santa day.” Your sleepy husband explained.

“I know but Santa brought so many presents!”

“Did he now?” You yawned.

“Yes, Mommy! Come look!” Your son grabbed your hand in an attempt to get you to follow.

You got up out of bed before looking back and smiling at Calum at your son’s excitement. The two of you ran downstairs (the dog following behind) to see all the gifts Santa had brought the night before.

“Mommy, Santa even ate the cookies we made special for him!” The boy pointed to the empty plate of nothing but crumbs. Yeah Santa almost ate the entire batch too. Your husband soon joined the two of you so your son could finally open his gifts that he had been dying to open since he first woke up.


One hour was all it took for little man to open every present under the Christmas tree. The speed demon must’ve tired himself out because he was laid in the midst of all the torn wrapping paper asleep cuddling his new teddy bear he named Teddy.

“Why do I feel like it takes less and less time each year for him to open presents?” Cal laughed handing you a mug of hot chocolate while taking a sip of his own. He joined you on the couch as the two of you curled up under a warm blanket. The dog was also asleep at the end of the couch. Too many presents in one day for her as well.

“Yeah but every year it gets more and more adorable to watch him. It’s moments like these that we’ll cherish when he’s older.” You said.

You and Calum laid in silence taking in the view in front of you. You looked out the window to see snowflakes beginning to hit the window and fog starting to appear on the windows. You loved your family and you loved your life. Everything you ever needed was right here in this room with you.

“Babe?” You asked Calum.


“Do you want your Christmas present that I got you?”

“I thought we agreed to not get each other anything this year.” Calum sat up starting to panic.

“It’s ok.” You laughed. “This one was kinda unexpected.”

Calum gave you a confused look as you pulled out an envelope from behind the pillow, handing it to him. He was unsure, but accept it nonetheless.

“What did you do? Win the lottery or something?”

“Something like that…” You couldn’t help but grin as your husband opened the envelope.

“Wait… Are you? You’re… pregnant?” Calum stuttered holding a picture of a sonogram.

“Merry Christmas, Calum.”

“I love you so much, y/n.”

The dog quickly awoke and noticed the excitement, trampling all over the two of you, giving you nonstop kisses. This is what you live for.

Why is it so easy for me to write Calum stuff???!!!???? I hate myself bye.