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Yule - 21st of December

The shortest day with the longest night, the sun shall slowly rise higher and higher. It’s the celebration of light, rebirth/renewal and transformation.

Element: Earth

Colours: Red, green, gold, white, silver, yellow and orange.

Flowers, plants and trees: Ash, thistle, evergreen,cedar, frankincense, holly, ivy, juniper, mos, mistletoe, oak, pine tree, sandalwood, yew, yellow cypress, fir, comfrey, elder, appletree, birch, chestnut, myrrh.

Food & drinks: Laurel, chamomile, rosemary, cinnamon, clove, (dried) apple, turkey, spiced wine, cranberries, eggnog, pork, nuts, cider, ginger, hibiscus tea, lamb, peppermint, venison, yule-log.

Decoration: wreaths, lights, stars, candles, fire, snowflakes, bells.

Crystals & metals: Gold, silver, bloodstone, quartz, diamond, emerald, garnet, ruby, chrysoberyl, blue topaz.

Animals: Bear, stag, squirrel, moose, pig, tiger, eagle, wolf, kingfisher, lapwing, owl, robin, snow goose, wren, hawk, boar.

Activities: cleansing, making plans and looking forward to the year ahead, carolling, decorating a (christmas) tree, burning candles, making fires, divination, having a feast.

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Merry Yule everyone !

How to make the most of the holiday season

❄watch the christmas episodes of your favourite television shows. You can find a very long list of tv christmas episodes for every series on Wikipedia.

❄get your favourite holiday drinks or DIY them. My favourite is irish coffee and caramel Mocha and it can be made at home easily for very low cost.

❄drive around and look at the lights.

❄decorate your home with seasonal decor.

❄make your home smell like christmas: if you have a diffuser you can add a few drops of essential oils that smell like the holidays, like cinammon, nutmeg, orange, fir, ginger, orange, clove… If you don’t have a diffuser just add all the above ingredients to a pot of water and let it simmer.

❄ If there Christmas markets near you go visit them and get into the mood.

❄shop for gifts or DIY gift kits for your loved ones. put extra effort into the wrapping and the card to personalize it. Ill make a post with a list of DIY gifts that won’t cost much.

❄wear something cozy and warm, light a fireplace, sip on something hot and watch a christmas film.

❄eat lots of candies and desserts. you can always burn the calories and have a carrot for a dinner but this magical time comes around once a year, so allow yourself to indulge in the sweetness of december.

❄fill your room with fairy lights

❄go ice skating

❄don’t skip on the holiday parties.Its a great time to glow and shine and have fun

❄spend time with your loved ones and family.

❄listen to christmas songs on repeat.

❄❄I wish you all very happy holidays full of nothing but joy and warmth❄❄

In the era before electric Christmas tree lights, people used candles on trees. These ones are held in place with early 20th century spring clips. 

They wouldn’t leave the candles lit the way we leave string lights illuminated, but would light them for brief times, like while the children were opening their presents, while the tree could be watched.