christmas tree bonfire

50 reasons to stay alive
1. learning to play an instrument

2. conversations at 4 am

3. when little babies grab your fingers

4. getting butterflies

5. holding hands

6. taking cool pictures

7. painting

8. seeing your favorite band in concert

9. going on car rides late at night

10. christmas trees

11. bonfires

12. reading a really good book

13. helping people

14. there are days to look forward to.

15. you are good enough

16. there will be people who make you feel good enough.

17. feeling proud of yourself

18. there are so many places you haven’t been to yet

19. people care about you.

20. fireworks

21. you are not alone

22. you could mean the world to someone.

23. leaves when they change color

24. how the air feels at 5 in the morning

25. things will change for the better.

26.funny movies

27. there will be bad days but there will be really good days too.

28. feeling confident.

29. there is so much to look forward to.

30. snow days

31. how it feels to shower and sleep in blankets you just washed

32. going to carnivals

33. parades

34. baking fun things

35. going on walks late at night

36. sleeping in tents

37. kittens falling asleep on you

38. getting a good hair cut

39. walking on sand barefoot

40. think about the stretch marks you gave your mom when you were born, think about how she would see those if you were gone.

41. opening windows and letting in the light.

42. car rides in the rain

43. buying new clothes

44. sweaters

45. good hair days

46. saying nice things to people.

47. traveling

48. the smell of old books

49. I care about you enough to make a list of reasons why you should live. you will feel better eventually.

50. someday you’ll wake up and be glad you did. you just have to get there.
Ten Reasons I love Winter (In no order)

1. Brisk air

2. Snow

3. Christmas

4. Beautiful fog

5. I love wearing jackets

6. The smell of Christmas Trees and bonfires.

7. Ice Skating

8. No bugs

9. Giving the family an excuse to come together

10. Time off from school/work