christmas treats for kids

Finished episode 2 of Samurai Jack
Man,the intro was quite the treat!Felt like a kid on christmas! XD
The rest of the episode was fantastic as well!The premise was a bit predictible at least imo but I was excited to see how it would happen.
Overall very solid episode
Anyway here is Aku,one of my favorite fictional villains .Im actually baffled that I have never drawn him before.It was a bit hard to work around the fact that I dont draw characters in pitch black colors,but Im fine with how it ended.

Kato was a lively puppy, who almost ate our whole house growing up :) Including pillows, shoes, and even the siding on the house! He molded with our family perfectly, and was treated like one of the kids. This past Christmas, he passed away. He will always be in our hearts. -Cassie Special thanks to our tumblr follower Cassie for sharing beautiful Kato. RIP sweet boy. You will always be remembered for all your beautiful quirks :-*
20/20 Laura x Carmilla fanfiction

read on ao3

words: 2208

Laura goes to an optical shop to get her eyes checked. The trip to said shop made her realize two things: first, her vision isn’t as perfect as she’s expected it to be, and second, the optician is really, really hot.

based on alwaysdrowningneverbreathing’s tumblr post.

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Merry Christmas, packleaderscottmccall!

”My Mother’s Recipe”

Derek dropped his head onto his kitchen counter where it hit with a thud, his cell phone still pressed to his ear. “Oh come on, Erica! You owe me for introducing you and Boyd.”

“Sorry, D. Boyd and I are on our way to Chicago. I’d help if I could. Did you try Isaac?”

He groaned. “Yes. Thanks anyway. Have a safe trip.” He sighed as he ended the call. Now, he knew he wasn’t the easiest person to get to know, but how the hell did he manage to have so few friends and family that no one was available to help him in his time of need?

His time of need being ten p.m. on Christmas Eve, standing in his kitchen, his mother’s prized cookbook open on the counter. The page had been turned to the beginning of the section of cookie recipes. He should really learn to say no. He wouldn’t be in this mess if he could.

Dr. Deaton had approached him on his shift earlier in the day, frantic –which was, in and of itself, something to take note of. Honestly, the man was never rattled–because the bakery they’d hired to make Christmas treats for the sick kids in the pediatric ward had a gas leak. Their power had been turned off as well as their gas lines. With neither, they couldn’t bake.

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i can’t stop smiling like they’re so fucking cute and this is the greatest night of frankie’s life and zach looks happier than he has since finale and it’s basically fact that they’re canon and #zankieween and #zankiekiss and what if we get a picture of a zankie kiss and i just i 

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Hello! Do you miss toddlers? Or are you indifferent towards them?

i miss them so much that i’m in denial about them ever existing in previous games. sims is all about family to me and legacies and watching your sims grow and change and have kids of their own and making a big deal of every big step like announcing pregnancies, engagements, birthdays, etc. the direction ea/maxis is going with this game is the opposite of what i want tbh. 

i want generations, toddlers, seasons, pets, farms, pre-teens, universities, family vacations to egypt and paris, school proms, oceans you can swim in, more vegan food, functional hairdressers, trick-or-treating, opening christmas presents, santa claus, parents walking their kids to school, and so much more. but if i could only pick one thing, it would be toddlers.

A Christmas Eve-Eve Treat: An Everlark Crane Wife Teaser

Hey kids! While I’m busting my little tail trying to finish Ch 11 (!!!), I thought it might be fun to share this with you. This is the opening of the Crane Wife fic that alonglineofbread requested of me (some hundred years ago), the completion of which will be my very first project after Ch 11 goes live! (It’s currently 26 pages/18K, and I’m so in love with it that it hurts!) Since the story opens on this very day (“the eve before the eve of Christmas”) and continues into an evocative (I hope) account of Christmas itself, I thought this would be an ideal time to share it. :D

Oh, and lest there is any doubt: this *is* Everlark. Katniss *is* in this excerpt. Look closely. :D


Many years ago, on the eve before the eve of Christmas, a baker and his sons were hard at work on their most festive breads and cakes when the baker’s wife, who was minding the fires that fueled their ovens, tugged the youngest out of place by his sleeve and pressed an axe into his hands.

“We need more wood, Peeta,” she said. “Pine boughs, to scent the loaves.”

The baker looked up from the dough he was rolling out: a fine crust, to be cut into many tarts and filled with mincemeat. “There’s a storm coming,” he cautioned. “Send Luka instead.”

He, in fact, meant this as a kindness. All three of his sons were strong lads, golden-haired and bright-eyed and comely, but his youngest, rising fifteen, was short and stocky of build with a crooked leg, though he worked twice as hard as his brothers to compensate for it.

“It’s no trouble, Father,” he assured the baker with a cheerful smile, exchanging his apron for a heavy coat, cap, and scarves. “I can be to the woods and back again in an hour’s time, well ahead of the storm.” He strapped on the basket that he and his brothers wore for woodcutting, then propped the flat of the axe against his shoulder and set off with a whistle.

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