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Chapters: 1/1 (4.8k)
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron)
Series: Part 1 of Red Velvet Latte

: Most regulars stick to their name sake and get nearly the same thing each time, ie their “regular.” But no, Lance was a regular in the sense that he just regularly came in. His coffee choices changed each day, though stayed consistent in Keith’s horror of them. Whether it be four ounces of coffee to four ounces of straight espresso, with a dollop of almond milk (yes, he did say “dollop” and made very clear that it better not be a “splash”), to an ice coffee in a hot coffee cup with two creams, thirty sugars, shaken not stirred, Lance made sure Keith knew of his existence very well and also made sure to take a deep gulp of whatever concoction he had come up with that morning right in front of the barista.

Needless to say, Keith was intrigued.

Notes: I have to say, this way way cute. I adored the way pining Keith was written, and even though the story was relatively short, it still managed to paint the greatest picture of Keith and Lance’s characters and the way they interact. I really loved the writing style, and the ending made me smile super super big!!!!!

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Hey baby! Can you do #43 with matsuhanaiwaoi? *blows kisses*

A/N: *blows kisses back* Hey, sweet cheeks. Of course I can, I hope you enjoy this, dear Love yoouu ♥

Also! Thanks to precious Ginny (@otomiya-tickles), for helping me out with the plot! Love you♥

#43 “Shouldn’t we be helping?” MatsuHanaIwaOi

Words: 1,480 (no proofreading because it’s 4:28 am kill me), under the cut because loooong

The muscles on Oikawa’s back extending and contracting were capable to send anyone on their knees, that’s why he has forbidden to be shirtless around the gym at college, his team doesn’t want a bunch of fangirls screaming and dying seeing the captain like that.

However, that is at school, in home, with his three boyfriends around and a heater for winter weather, he can be shirtless as much as he wants, and of course, noone would say nothing against it.

Shouldn’t we be helping?”, Hanamaki asked, regardless of the slight worried tone on his voice, he put on his mouth a handful of popcorns, his hungry eyes running down the curve on Oikawa’s waist to the crescents of his hipbones, where his sweatpants hang obscenely low.

“Yes you should! Why am I the only one doing this?”, he looked back at the three men sitting in the couch, Hanamaki, who was in the center, holding a bowl of popcorns on his lap as the three of them keep moving their mouth, munching and swallowing. “Why are you there just eating while I’m doing this?!”

His arms were up, taking off the star from the top of the Christmas tree. The holidays were over and it was time to take everything back to the small storage unit of their apartment, until the next December. Matsukawa was, in fact, the one who interrumpted the warm and cozy cuddle session Oikawa was having with Iwaizumi to tell them that the Christmasity was gone and they need to take it down, as if it were some kind of enemy

And now… Oikawa was the only one working on it.

“We’re enjoying the show”, Matsukawa said in his sleepy voice, making Oikawa look up at him while his hands worked on wrap the cable around the star in a very messy form, making Iwaizumi cringe.

“What show?”, he arched an eyebrow and threw the star at Iwaizumi when the cable unwrapped itself.

“The Oikawa show~”, Hanamaki answered, wiggling his eyebrows. “You, all shirtless and hot, undressing that Christmas tr- ow”, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi laughed when Oikawa threw a red sphere hitting Hanamaki’s forehead.

“Stop saying stupid things and just help me”, he brushed his bangs back with a hand and pointed at Iwaizumi with the his other hand. “C'mere, Hajime. I need my cuddles”.

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, but he got up, grabbing spheres and throwing them to Makki and Mattsun on the couch. “How old are you, four?”

Oikawa looked down at him, hitting him on the forehead with yet another sphere just like Hanamaki, but then he blushed insanely when it jumped back at his own forehead. Iwaizumi cackled, kissing away the pout on Oikawa’s lips when he stopped laughing.

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“What happened?”

“I think the car stuck in the snow”

“Go make the car no longer be stuck”

“If the door open”

“No Signal” you said looking at your phone.

“I think we’ll spend Christmas here together”

“back off”

“Tell me Y / N why do you hate me so much?”

“I could ask you the same thing” you said looking out the window.

“I don’t hate you”

“Of course you hate, you’re just waiting for me to make a mistake to start laughing at me and you’re annoying me the whole time”

“Did you ever think that I might not hate you but otherwise, you ever think that I might have feelings for you and didn’t know how to express them?”

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