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Merry Christmas @tsuyuyuyu !! Surprise, I was your @bnhasecretsanta secret santa ! ( woah, what a mouthful sjdfj ! ) nvn)9 !! I hope today is filled with lots of warm fuzzy feelings, and plenty of tasty leftovers ! And thank you to the hosts for the fun opportunity !

Have a super fantastic holiday ! <3 And I hope you enjoy your gift ! 

Went looking for seasonal inspiration for the Christmas story I’m working on and found this festive, green gem on the racks. Nailed it! =D I got the fun idea to try to squeeze out a fresh, yule time horror classic for the freaks like me and thought that maybe I could get it done (in full, including uploaded to createspace (Amazon)) by Christmas. The chances of that are about as good as me meeting up with the the stud on my shirt for pancakes and crapes, especially while battling these fucking migraines (which is why I haven’t been blogging much the past 3 months). But at least it gives me something to do while I’m stuck at home most of the time. 

The story is based around a couple of somewhat oddball, stoner teens – small town kids who’re urban in dialect and flavor, or in other words, black. It dawned on me how few white writers have the balls to write black characters as main characters who actually talk like most African-Americans do (unless they’re doing some historical piece or something). Sure, there’ll be a token black character in most story lines, but if he/she actually acts “black” then it’s usually comedy relief.

I adopted the hip-hop culture in my early teens and all the general “swag” that came with it, which made it pretty difficult as a young adult to communicate with average white adults (still is, to be honest). When you speak with an urban accent you’re immediately labeled as ignorant and/or fake/poser, which can be worse. Wait… I’m getting off topic here… The point is, I have a lot of experience with urban or “hip-hop” dialog and there’s not a lot of use for it in novel writing, so when I was brainstorming on characters I thought, “Yoooo! Why not make one of my dudes black?” Then: “Wait… That’s what every ‘non-black’ writer does to seem ‘progressive’… Why not make the majority of the main characters black? Boom!”

You see, the reason us “scurry-ass” white folk typically don’t is that we’re terrified that some angry black woman is gonna jump up and yell out “Oh hellll, nah! Who you think you is, white boy?! Thinkin’ you can speak for us black folk like you know a thing about livin’ yo’ life bein’ a person of color… Pshh!” lol Or, even more likely “I’m am just so appalled and enraged by this. What does this…man…think? That all black people speak without pronouncing their g’s? That none of us have ever made it through grade school? I’ll have you know…” lolol Which, to be honest, is a definite possibility. But it doesn’t scare me. I’m too sharp to fall for that silly bullshit. Most people who cry out shit like that are just looking to try to make themselves out to be heroes when really they’re just perpetuating their own brand of ignorance fueled by shit they’ve seen on fucking soaps. Number one: this is fiction. It’s no different than me writing a story that takes place in the 1500′s, as far as whether or not I have the “right” because I have or have not walked in their shoes. Number two: Don’t be fucking stupid. That’s just a pathetic argument in attempt for attention. lol Number three: Being someone who is white but elected to represent a fashion and lifestyle that was predominately ruled by blacks and other minorities, while not being the “ignorant poser” or “violent cliché” I was commonly misjudged as, I really do know what it’s like for people to look at you like you’re trying to snatch their bag or stick them for their wallet when you would sooner jump in front of a bullet for them despite the fact they don’t deserve it. Shit… Off topic again. lol 

The point is, I’m having a lot of fun getting to unleash the hip-hop flavored beast in me, while still toning it down to stay true to the characters. I wanna Try to make this bloodied up holiday bonanza a goofy stoner comedy that walks the line between witty and skillful wordplay and downright ridiculous Christmas gore. So, fans of Christmas horror, keep your fingers crossed I can pull this shit off in time to make it available by Dec. 25th. I guess if it’s a few days late, that would be fine too, but, either way, get hype, people! Especially those of you out there who are a little like me and have some hip to there hop but never get any of that in the stories you read. This isn’t (well, still undecided…but…) necessarily gonna have any hip-hop in it, but the dialog is urbanesque (is that a word? …It is now…). It’ll be a breath of icy and copper wind with a minty bite that’ll pep you right up. So look alive, soldiers! Death is gonna be gift wrapped this year, and it might have your handle on the tag. \m/ 

Oh, and in case you miss any further posts concerning the story, it’s gonna be called A Christmas Caracassing. If you’re into to dark, bloody humor, you’re gonna love it. -cc


(updated the pic with a cool background called Shelled_layers_by_Worlockmolly. Prologue and first chap in the story nearly done. Head still hurts but trying to stay productive. Soldiering on.)

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Hello all! So, as everyone knows, Dan and Phil have some pretty cool merch. Especially with Christmas sweaters.

But here’s the problem, down in Australia, New Zealand, as well as the entirety of the Southern Hemisphere, we have Christmas in summer. With heat being above 30 degrees Celsius (even up to 40) around the Christmas period, the idea of wearing a sweater makes many of us want to implode in our own ball of sweat. So, Christmas t-shirts?

Perhaps the message is a little early, considering there are more than 300 days till Christmas. But merch can take a while, and we don’t want to interrupt anything closer to the tour.

Please, please reblog this and share the image on Instagram and Twitter with #phanheatmasmerch as we (myself and many other phans from down under) would love for this to happen! 💕

- The Southern Hemisphere

The Portal Before Christmas.Yet another t-shirt design. 

I think I now officially have a big enough backlog of rejected designs that I’m going to open my own store. Just trying to figure out which online store has the best print quality/artist friendly policies. You guys have any opinions? Society Six? Design by Humans? Input would very much be appreciated.

Christmas is coming and you know what that means: Ugly Sweater Time! But you can only wear those coarse itchy fabrics for so long before your skin becomes a patchy red disaster area. When you strip off your ugly Christmas sweater, what will you be wearing underneath? This comfy Rainbow Tree of Christmas Balls Holiday LGBT-Shirt! It features a series of rainbow ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree, so you can don your gay apparel in style this holiday season! 

Support a queer creator when you purchase the Rainbow Tree of Christmas Balls Holiday LGBT-Shirt from

Domestic Klance Headcanons
  • Keith and Lance love Mythbusters. They watch it together all the time and they bet on if something will be busted or not. Lance will often take a side he doesn’t necessarily agree with just to make the the episode more exciting (and despite his ego, to see the cute face Keith makes when he inevitably wins)
  • Hunk and Pidge like to watch it with them but after an incident where Monthly Mythbusters Marathon Monday coincided with Klance Makeout Monday, they always make sure to plan a different day to join in.
  • speaking of which, Lance loves to have theme days of the week. It changes every week to make it exciting but without a doubt, Keith wakes up every Sunday to a list of ideas for the week. Some themes have included, Taco Tuesdays, That thong th thong thong Thursday (one of Keith’s favorites might he just add, even with the horrific name of course), 
  • Despite the fact that Lance is a crazy driver due to his inability to handle the sensory overload that is driving Lance style (what do you mean, I could just not drive with music, Keef? that’s ludicrous I tell you!), Keith isn’t sure whether he prefers him in the passenger seat because he has no control over what his boyfriend will do
  • Lance is impossible to get out of bed however when he finally does get out, he is the sunniest of morning people, ready to take on the day. Keith on the other hand bolts out of bed the second the alarm goes on but is a grumpy robot zombie for a solid hour while being technically ‘awake’
  • Even though it’s not technically a theme or an alliteration, Lance’s favorite thing to do for Keith is make breakfast for him on Saturday or Sundays, anything he wants. It’s the only day when Keith doesn’t act like the world has betrayed him for being awake in the morning.
  • Lance is good at interior decorating, Keith doesn’t give a shit as long as he can find his stuff. 
  • When they first moved in together, Lance took Keith on an all day adventure to Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, you name it to let him pick out something big enough to keep said stuff, only to find out it literally only included like ten things other than his clothes. That day tested their relationship more than any thing they had yet to deal with. They are reluctantly stronger for it now and have tackled the obligatory Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Costco trips with ease.
  • Keith has a variety of weird collections, and builds on them now that he and Lance have their own place. 
    • said collections include: geodes that he started collecting in elementary school when his mom gave him a big amethyst for Christmas. 
    • band t-shirts. He has so many more now that he got Lance hooked on collecting t-shirts too and since they have a huge amount of clothing storage. He lowkey wants a t-shirt wall in their office like in a certain store that will not be named
    • knives, obvs. much to his friend’s chagrin. He also has a super expensive sword that hangs over their mantle that Lance gives the evil eye almost every time he walks in the apt. (I have a whole fic prepared to write about this, it’s a great story I swear). 
  • Lance is in charge of almost all the cooking when they aren’t eating Hunk’s tasty leftovers. However, Keith is the ULTIMATE SNACK KING™ . He always has the best snacks with him. He buys Lance special treats that he surprises him with on movie nights. Speaking of movies, Keith has very particular stances on popcorn and candy and he always has the hookups for anyone’s snacking needs. He practically grew up on road trip foods so its part of his nature to be Prepared™. 
  • Keith introduces Lance to a lot of great music, old punk bands, classic rock, alternative music, etc. (they also occasionally listen to his guilty pleasure music from his teens. Pop-punk was a good bridge between more hardcore stuff and what Lance typically likes). They blast Blink-182 when they clean the apt. They’re 80 year old neighbors love it. 
  • Lance introduces Keith to movies, classics and new. Sometimes they watch crappy sci-fi movies and have their own Mystery Science Theater.
  • Lance leaves notes and doodles for Keith everywhere. He’s a pretty talented cartoonist. Keith keeps all of them, even most of the napkin doodles that Lance packs him for lunch. Shiro sends Lance pictures of Keith at work, smiling like a dork when he unpacks his lunch. Lance saves those.
A FESTIVE Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily! // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, family fluff, parent!phan

Words: 3.6k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: YouTube Notification: AmazingPhil just uploaded a video: “A FESTIVE Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily!”

A/N: Okay, so I know it’s April and Christmas was four months ago (or five? I can’t math), but I felt like this was the perfect prompt for a Christmas story, so…here you go!

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A Smiinicat fanfic for the oh-so-lovely @dtk15!! Merry Christmas love. Also this is the last Christmas request so @anon who spammed me with requests about a week or so ago, I’ll be posting those starting fairly soon assuming the holiday season doesn’t suck every last drop of life out of me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, folks!

Mini was not at all ready for the Christmas party.

For one thing, he technically wasn’t even invited. Smitty had asked if he could come, since he was good friends with Nanners, the host. He’d almost turned down the offer for weeks after that, agonizing over social etiquette and his own social standing until his mom had insisted he go, if only so she could go shopping for him without him tagging along. And then he’d been worried; how the hell did one dress up for a Christmas party? Smitty had said Christmas colors, but all he really had was black and white t-shirts and a single god-awful sweater with reindeer humping each other on it.

Fuck it, he was gonna wear that. They were all college kids, they’d appreciate the humor. And if it got awkward he could just take it off, after all. He shrugged it on, grimacing as the wool scratched at his face before shoving his glasses on and running outside. Smitty was waiting, honking his horn to… was that the rhythm to “All Star”? His best friend was such a meme. Not that Mini minded, not that he really could given his crush on him. And not that he could act on that, because Smitty was dating Wildcat. But that was a train of though he preferred to not travel down.

“Hey man!” Smitty grinned cheerfully, and Mini couldn’t help but let out a laugh when he saw what his friend was  wearing. His usual baseball cap was colored red, white, and green, and he’d taped several ropes of tinsel and popcorn (a tradition Mini still didn’t understand) to his Christmas-tree t-shirt. To Mini, he looked simultaneously stunning and horrific. “What the fuck are you wearing?” he asked as they started the short drive to Nanner’s house.

“Christmas spirit, man. Are you really sure I should come to this thing? I’m hardly gonna know anyone.” Mini drummed his fingers on his leg.

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25 Days of Stray Kids - Day 18

Title: But—

Genre: humour, fluff

Member: Hwang Hyunjin

QOTD: Do you prefer tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

AOTD: coffee; im an addict


“Ta-da!” Hyunjin shouted, jumping in front of me, making me jump.

“Shit!” I shouted, trying not to spill my tea all over my laptop.

“Sorry,” Hyunjin chuckled, “but look!”

I looked up from my almost tea-disaster to see Hyunjin wearing a flashing Christmas t-shirt and a moving turkey hat with jazz hands to complete it.

I looked at him, death stare and all, but he just stood there, still doing jazz hands.

“No,” I said, sipping my tea, but keeping eye contact with Hyunjin.

Hyunjin carried on standing in front of me, a look of pure joy and hazz hands.

“Stop,” I said, holding my tea close to warm myself up, “right now.”

“But!” Hyunjin exclaimed, walking away and coming back with another dancing turkey hat.







“No Hyunjin!” I exclaimed.

He turned around and shoved his butt in my face, “butt.”