christmas swaggie

Okay but since Calum dissappeared let’s take a moment to think about what he’s doing rn like he’s probably chillig with Mali listening to her talking about all the beautiful places she visited and then he tells her about all the inspiring artists he meet and yeah I’m really happy they’re home with their families pls don’t disturb them and let them have nice holidays :)

so im just gonna start off with that i suck at these follow forevers, and this is my first one. but im really close to my goal just 25 more but i decided to make a early follow forever since ive got nothing to do. so i just want to thank you for being on my dash, being so nice and reblogging my faves and stuff. my blog would be probably shitty without you guys being on my dash, and if i forgot someone on this follow forever im really sorry but i love you and thx for being very swaggie. merry christmas #hoehoehoe

(its not in order cause im lazy as fuck and i wont insert ur url on ur url cuz aint nobody got time for that, im sorry lol)


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