christmas spirit come back

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this is random but I just realized this and had to share it. Class 1-B also is living on campus too? like I remember seeing the class roster ish when Aizawa and All Might was asked to do parent teacher visitations? I know we don't get to see Class 1-B that often, but I just wanted to share this realization. like maybe some cross class bonding, with Tetsutetsu coming over for a movie night with Kirishima and etc? anyways, have a good day!

Anon, I love random. Did you ever see the completely random AUs  @izuqu  and I come up with? What I’m trying to say is: Give me all the randomness, I love it.

I actually didn’t think of that, but you’re completely right. We did have Nedzu telling Blood King – Class 1-B’s homeroom teacher, from how I understand it – that he should talk to his student’s parents about the dorms. So Class 1-B should also be staying on campus!

That would give a fantastic chance for some bonding-time! Like, I don’t know, Class 1-A preparing for Christmas (yes, I’m still in Christmas-spirit), coming back to the dorms with groceries and Class 1-B sees them.

Of course, Monoma can’t stay silent at that, and calls out to the kids carrying bags of supplies for gingerbread-men and Christmas-cookie, something along the lines of: “Well, would you look at that – do the future pros have enough free time for some baking?!”

Bakugou mutters something angry under his breath – of all the times the other could be there, it just had to be when he was wearing a silly Santa-hat that Kirishima had pushed onto him.

Izuku has a hard time not to snort at the angry mumbling, biting his lips as not to give Kacchan a reason to be angry at him.

It’s Kirishima who calls back, joyfully, “Hey there! You want to join us? We’re going to learn how to make gingerbread men!”

Monoma doesn’t even get the chance to retort something, because Tetsutetsu is immediately hooked, “That sounds awesome!”

“You wouldn’t mind if we join?” Ibara asks in wonder.

“Nah,” Satou laughs, adjusting his grip on the bags he is carrying. “The more, the merrier. I will show you how to do it, and together, we will finish in no time.”

Class 1-B is talking over each other by then, everyone more than willing to join, and it’s Itsuka who clamps one hand over Monoma’s mouth, dragging him with her, and decides in the name of everyone, “We would like that very much, thank you.”

It’s the start of one messy afternoon: A kitchen filled with forty people, too much flour, not enough gingerbread, and improvised substitutes. An afternoon filled with arguing as much as laughter, and by the end of it, nobody knows who made which cookie or which gingerbread man, so they just decide to eat whatever they can first their hands on. It all tastes wonderful, and there is more than enough for everyone.

It’s also the start of a very awkward, a bit bumpy friendship between the two classes – but bumpy or not, it’s a start nonetheless.