christmas sherlock

A Christmas Drama
  • Person A : *takes a deep breath* I can't believe you did this to me!
  • Person B : I didn't mean to! I-I just...
  • Person A : WHY?! I TRUSTED YOU! I can't believe you betray me like this!
  • Person B : Please, listen to me I just- *tearing up*
  • Person A : I can't believe you would...I thought you LOVE me!
  • Person B : I do-
  • Person A : THEN WHY?!
  • *silence, heavy breathing
  • Person A : Then why...why would you eat all the Christmas cookies? *sniff
  • Someone I know: Hey, happy holidays! What have you been up to?
  • Me: *sweats nervously* you know... Chillin' and stuff...
  • Me actually: *in my room all day, reading fluffy Christmas fics about all 27 of my definitely not heterosexual OTPs*
Jingle Bells

Scrolling through my dash
On fourty eight cans of redbull
Deep through tumblr we go
Crying cuz the feelz

Fandom trash posting
Shipping till I die
What fun it is to say goodbye
To your whole social life


Fandom blogs
Fandom blogs
Sherlock all the way

Oh what fun it is to cry
When the doctor regenera-ates!


Fandom blogs
Fandom blogs
You cannot escape

Oh what fun to go binge watch
All the animes


Fandom blogs
Fandom blogs
Hunters get your guns

Oh what fun to run these blogs
Carry on my wayword sons!