christmas roundup

My Favorite 22 Melt and Pour Soap DIYs from truebluemeandyou. 2015 Spa Gift Guide Part 1. 

Why Melt and Pour Soap? It makes soap making quick and easy, so everyone can make soap that looks like it came from a boutique. 

You can combine DIY Boutique Soaps with sugar scrubs, candles and homemade beauty products for a wonderful spa gift. Check back for more Beauty Roundups.

For more DIY beauty and spa recipes including roundups from 2012, 2013 and 2014 go here.

Left to Right Below:  

14 Nightmare Before Christmas DIYs from HalloweenCrafts by TrueBlueMeandYou.

DIY Jack Skellington Gluten Free Cookie Cake Recipe from Sweet Nothings in the Kitchen here.

DIY Life Sized Jack Skellington from here.

BUY or DIY: $9 Jack Skellington Bow Tie from Magical Ribbons here.

DIY Jack Skellington Nail Art from Pshiiit here.

DIY Halloween Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Video Tutorial. If you don’t buy a wig you could make one from this tutorial here.

Transform a Dollar Store touch light with paint and a sharpie from Saki.Girl on Halloween Forum here.

Nightmare Before Christmas Bento from Neatorama here.

DIY Jack Skellington Dipped White Chocolate Apples from Wonky Wonderful here.

Free Pattern for Jack’s Paper Spider Snowflake from Instructables here.

DIY Zero the Ghost Dog Tutorial and Pattern from Polish the Stars here.

DIY Amigurumi Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas Free Pattern from Ravelry User Irene Strange here.

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Life Size Sally from here.

DIY Jack Skellington Nail Art Tutorial from Swatch and Learn here.

DIY Zero the Ghost Dog’s Grave Stone Dog House from here.

Advent Calendar Roundup...

Did you miss some candy?

Day 1: It’s Beginning To Look A Like Like Christmas…
Day 2: The Stockings Were Hung…On The Dwarf
Day 3: Visions of Sugar Bums- PLUMS..Plums.
Day 4: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?
Day 5: Five Golden Braids!
Day 6: Check Out These Guns!, Starring Thorin!
Day 7: It’s Cold Outside (this ones crappy, sorry folks.)

Christmas drabble roundup
  1. HeraxBoba :: There’s no going back if we do this
  2. Rexsoka :: Are you ticklish?
  3. RiyoxEcho :: Teach me to fight
  4. Rexsoka :: We might’ve accidentally gotten married
  5. Anidala :: I will never apologize for saving your life
  6. Rexsoka :: I want you and I know you want me too
  7. HeraxBoba :: I don’t hate you. I could never hate you
  8. Rexsoka :: Before you decide to murder me, let me explain
  9. KatoonixBoba :: Can I kiss you?
  10. Rexsoka :: I wish you could see yourself the way I see you
  11. AhsokaxBoba :: It’s always been you
  12. Rexsoka :: What do you want me to say?

✨9,079✨ words total. There were a few days where I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up with this pace, but it actually worked out in the end.

Seems like Ahsoka (7), Rex (6), Boba (4) and Hera (2) are kinda popular. If they’re all my blog is known for, I won’t complain one smidgen. 

12 Favorite DIY Bracelets. Part 1. Part 2 is here. Annual Gift Guide 2014. There are DIY Bracelets for every skill level and price range - from easy “stick and glue” bracelets to rough crystal cuffs. *For the 2013 Gift Guide of 72 DIY Bracelets go here. For the 2012 DIY Gift Guide of 72 DIY Bracelets go here.  

DIY Crimp Bead Crystal Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It.

External image

DIY 2 Easy Leather Bracelet Tutorials form El Cuaderno de Ideas.

External image

DIY Melted Perler Beads Braided Bracelet from Pink Stripey Socks.

External image

DIY Easy Nautical Knot Rope Bracelet from Etsy.

External image

DIY Leather, Crystal and Metal Wrap Bracelet from How Did You Make This?

External image

DIY Shamballa Bracelet from Happy Hour Projects.

External image

DIY Tiny Friendship Bracelet with Charm from I Spy DIY.

External image

Easy DIY Stick and Glue Torque Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It.

External image

DIY Cotton Ribbon Rhinestone Bracelet from A Pair & A Spare.

External image

DIY Leather Arrow Bracelet with Button Closure from Lebenslustiger.

External image

DIY Free People Inspired $12 Wrapped Rough Crystal Bracelet from Chic Steals.

External image

DIY Knockoff Aurelie Bidermann Braided Cuff from Honestly WTF.

External image



Top image: all the cards and goodies I got for Christmas this year! Most of them are thanks to my lovely Finnefamily/fandot friends!

Middle and bottom image: The Very Special Card Indeed! Signed by John Finnemore!

(Pardon the terrible quality of my webcam.)

Special thanks go to rooshappy, iwanttotieyourshoe, tonipfan, biancaicaras, awesome-tomato, deaflock, a-hidden-lemon, supermongersassemble, goalposthead, and my dear friend hamfax (who may or may not know I have this fandom blog, but well, now you do)

and, as I said yesterday, all of the extra special special thanks go to madnina and shappeybunny for giving me literally the best possible Christmas present that can be sent by post!