christmas puppys

What is coming up?!

Note: An anon requested that I make a list of what stories are coming up (I haven’t started any of these but I’m hoping to write a little after class this afternoon!!) 

Leon Draisaitl— he buys you a puppy for Christmas. (Fluff) 

William Nylander– being childish (Fluff)

William Nylander— Christmas (Smut)

Drew Doughty– Strip Poker (Smut)

Miles Wood– Christmas (Fluff)

William Nylander– Fluffy Smut :P (Not sure what to call it..)

Pierre-Luc Dubois–Smut

Ben Hutton– Fluff

Jake Virtanen–Smut

Ben Hutton – Smut

Nikita Kucherov – Open to writer. 

Dylan Strome – Prompt ““Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

Nolan Patrick – Pregnant 

Leon Draisaitl – “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

William Nylander - “Please don’t leave.”

David Pasternak - ”Are you out of your damn mind?” and “Wait a minute, are you jealous?”

Colton Parayko - “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

Gabriel Landeskog - smut after series against Ottawa in Sweden. 

Tyler Sequin - Writer’s Choice 

Brendan Gallagher - Smut

Drew Doughty - “Are you cold?” and “I’ll keep you warm.” 

Colton Parayko - ”You did what you had to do.” and “I love you.”

Feel free to keep requesting :) I plan on keeping requests open all the time. I am only one person but I will try to have it up as soon as possible! Any player, any team and either fluff or smut. (Preferably no Flames players but…I’ll be nice and write about them anyway!) 

this is your yearly reminder that animals are not toys. they are a huge commitment. even small pets like hamsters and fish can be expensive and require a lot of work. if you’re planning to get someone a pet as a gift this holiday season, please only do so if you’re 100% sure that they are willing and able to take responsibility for the well-being of a living thing, potentially for years or even decades.

Holiday Spirit

Sirius: *looks around, eyes widening* James…. JAMES! *flies out of his bed and into James’ room*

(( OOC: So I just found these… apparently I filmed this and never did anything with it, which is a shame, because I’m enjoying it immensely. So here it is now… really REALLY festive Sirius… totally out of season. 

Merry Christmas… in summer. ))