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It’s always complicated to choose what to give as a gift on Christmas to your significant other. This is our first year together as a couple, so I decided to give my beau something with a lot of meaning. First of all, I thought of making him brownies and a Christmas card from scratch (because the ones I found on stores were hideous) that enbodies the way I feel about the holiday and about him.

On the other hand I developed a memory jar for him. I took a mason jar and decorated it so it would look good. In the jar I placed lots of messages which were classified by color:

  • the yellow cards were lyric fragments that I’ve dedicated to him in these months we’ve been together.
  • the green cards were movie scenes or dialogues that make me think of our relationship or the way I feel about him.
  • the brown cards were songs or scenes from Broadway musicals that I’ve dedicated to him.
  • the beige cards were moments that we’ve spent together ever since we first met and that have a lot of meaning to us.

I also wrapped a couple of gifts (a men fragance which I’d love to him to wear and a Pokémon game he wanted) and arranged them in that basket so they could look decent. I spent some of my free time to get this thing done but I assure you it was worth it. You can see in his face that he is really happy with his present and I’m happy of being with him for the holidays. alexo26 I’m very thankful to have you as my boyfriend and I hope we can spend lots of holidays together later on. I love you :)i

When I was dating and living with a girl my dad and stepmom had nothing to do with me, wouldn’t even accept my Christmas gifts or let me see my half brothers because they considered my sin an abomination.

Now I’m dating and living with a boy. My dad and stepmom actually come to visit us, tell me how proud they are that I’m finally going down the right path, and even asked me what size of clothing/etc that my boyfriend would wear for a Christmas present for him. We even got invited to my half brothers birthday party this year. I live with a guy, have sexual relations with a guy outside of marriage, and am trying to have a child out of wedlock.. But that sin makes them proud of me..

This is what’s wrong with the world. A sin is a sin, but why was one considered worse than the other? Why was I considered an abomination for one but am praised for the other?

The real abomination is the fact that “Christians” condemn one sin because they can’t relate, but praise the sins that they understand. They shouldn’t be more proud of me now because my sin is just as great as it was when I was dating someone of the same sex.


Best Christmas Present from my Boyfriend. :)

He bought me this Micke vanity Desk from Ikea :) I love it so much, I’ve been wanting a white desk for a while now thank you baby<3

Christmas Present Exchange

Request: Can you do a Christmas one?

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Your family was one of those families that went all out for Christmas.  The decorations were put up the morning after Thanksgiving with Christmas music blasting through the house 24/7.  

You couldn’t complain, Christmas was one of your favorite holidays.  You loved the atmosphere that surrounded the holiday season and the Christmas movies playing all day was a blessing.  But your favorite thing about Christmas was going out and buying gifts for your friends and family, and then seeing their reactions when they open their gifts.

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my christmas present from my amazing boyfriend. <3 the only one missing is volume 21 which doesn’t technically come out until tomorrow. i’m already halfway through volume 15. lol


“Male kindness is so alien to us we assume it is seduction every time.”- Blythe Baird


My poor Christmas bunny somehow managed to severely fracture her leg overnight last night. I took her to the vet this morning and the only options we have are to humanely euthanize her or amputate her back leg. The vet said she’s a fighter and is very happy and healthy. I absolutely do not want to put her to sleep she was just given to me as a Christmas present from my boyfriend, I love her like a child. However the surgery is very expensive and I’m still paying off my own surgery that I had in March.

If I made a gofundme would you guys be willing to help reblog and spread the news ? Thank you so much it would mean the world. I love this bunny she does not deserve this.

This Love X

“It’s mommy’s birthday, Dan.” Adam smiled as he picked up his baby. “And we’re gonna cook her breakfast and treat her like the queen she is, yeah buddy?” He chuckled at how much Danny was paying attention, looking up at him with wide eyes. “She deserves it.” He murmured, making his way to the kitchen. “Alright, what are we making, buddy?” Adam pondered more to himself rather than Danny.

It was an hour later that Adam had finished making her breakfast, with a proud smile on his face, balancing the tray with breakfast on one hand and Danny on the other side, he made his way over to their bedroom.

He put down the tray on the bedside table carefully and smiled as he saw Taylor sleeping peacefully on her back. He chuckled to himself as he set Danny down on her chest and the little on placed his hands on Taylor’s face.

She stirred. “Adam, stop…” she mumbled making him laugh softly.

“Hey, wake up, birthday girl.” He whispered in her ear, pressing a kiss to her cheek as she began opening her eyes.

“Hi” she whispered, when she saw him looking down at her. “And hi to you.” She giggled, looking at Danny.

“Happy birthday.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

“Thank you baby.” She kissed his lips.

“I have breakfast!” He announced laughing as he went to get tray.

“Babe! You didn’t have to.” She puckered her lips urging him to kiss her and he did.

“You deserve it.” He grinned. “I also have a present for you! I want this day to be special!” He said after a while.

“Adam, it’s already special. I’m spending it with my favorite people.” She smiled, pressing a small kiss to Danny’s head and Adam rolled his eyes standing up from the bed so he could go get her present. He emerged from the closet with a small box in his hand and a big smile on his lips.

“Here, love.” He handed her the box and took Danny from her arms as she sat straight.

He watched as she opened it up, her face lighting up as she saw what was inside. It was a simple necklace with little baby feet along with her baby’s name engraved on it. Then there was a silver ring in the form of an olive tree branch, which made Taylor tear up.

“Ads…is this- is this an olive tree branch?” She mumbled and he smiled at her, placing Danny on the bed before taking her hand in his.

He slid the ring down her ring finger. “I know my promise when I planted that olive tree didn’t take long to be broken so I kind of wanted to promise you again. I want to give forever. A love that never dies so the ring symbolizes that and I want you to remember it every time you wear it.”

She pulled him to her, embracing him in her arms. “I love you.” She murmured, pecking his cheek. He smiled, taking Danny in his arms and put him on his chest as he laid down and pulled Taylor in his arms.

“You didn’t really break your promise though.” Taylor whispered, rubbing Danny’s back. “Our Love didn’t really die. You cut it down and it just grows back, that’s what you said. Look at us, we grew back up.”

“With an extra branch.” Adam joked, pointing at Danny and making them both laugh.

“You know, I sometimes we’d known you were pregnant with Dan and that everything was clear.” Adam admitted as Taylor looked through the baby clothes she was picking for Danny.

“What do you mean?” She spoke a little absentmindedly.

“Well, if we knew you were pregnant, we would’ve worked harder to be together. Also you’d look adorable with a bump.” He smiled softly, pecking her cheek.

“You mean fat and hormonal?” She giggled.

“Nah, you’d be pregnant not fat, babe.” He rolled his eyes. “Anyway, I guess I kind of wish we could’ve gotten those little moments, like finding out the gender and his first kick and cravings…” he rambled and she stopped mid action, turning to look at him, a little surprise at his confession.

“I didn’t know you…wanted that.”

“Well I…um I…” he scratched the back of his neck, blushing a little making her think of how painfully adorable he was. “It’s just that you know when we used to talk about having a family and getting pregnant, it was something we talked about future wise, not within the year and it all happened so quickly, I wish we had gotten the time to get ready for this. Now, we’re here picking up Christmas presents for our son after everything we’ve been through. There’s so many things that could’ve happened differently.” He told her and she leaned against him, leaning up to kiss his lips.

“Things could’ve happened differently, yes, I agree. It would’ve been easier but maybe it happened like this for a reason. Maybe there were lessons we needed to learn and I’ve learned a few, trust me. It made us stronger.” She smiled, placing her hand on his cheek. “Of course, it would’ve been nice to have some kind of warning but what matters is that we pulled through.” She looked into his eyes and he smiled, kissing her forehead.

“Let’s get this shopping thing over with?”

“Yeah.” She giggled.

“Mom, you know he’s three months old, right? He really doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas at all?” Taylor giggled, as she let her mom in the house. Andrea was carrying bags filled with presents and there was one huge bag that belonged to Danny alone.

“He’s my only grandson and I want to spoil him, honey.” Andrea argued as Taylor rolled her eyes.

“Babe, you can’t really say anything about that.” Adam teased, kissing her cheek as he moved past her.

“Oh shut up.” She laughed, following her mother into the living room.

“Where’s my boy?” Andrea questioned, grinning.

“Sleeping upstairs in his new nursery.” Taylor told her excitedly. “I got that as an early Christmas present from my dear boyfriend.” She glanced at Adam who had just entered the living room. He smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist, pecking her cheek.

“It was hard to keep it a secret.” Adam smiled.

“You two seem to be in an awfully cheery mood today.” Andrea pointed out and they smiled.

“It’s Christmas, mom!” Taylor grinned. “And the whole family is getting together! We’re excited!” Then as if she remembered something she turned to Adam. “Can you go check if Dan is awake? Bring him down if he is?” She smiled.

Adam nodded, pressing a kiss to her head before unwrapping his arms from around her. He made his way to Danny’s nursery.

It had been hard to keep it from her but he wanted to do this little thing and they needed Dan to have a room there anyway. He had hired people to do it, making sure it was all perfect and ensuring Taylor would like it. He had absolutely loved the look on her face when she saw the door with Danny’s name on it, wondering how it had gotten there. It was easy to figure out what it was as soon as she looked at Adam’s smile as he stood with Daniel in his arms. She adored the nursery, it was very simple yet beautiful.

Her heart fluttered at how many memories they would make in the Rhode Island house. 4th of July, parties, it was a house that Taylor truly loved being in. She had made many great memories there and she couldn’t wait to make some more. This was also the house her and Adam had said I love you to each other for the first time. It seemed that anywhere she looked, she was reminded of small moments that meant the world to her.

Adam had a smile on his lips as soon as he spotted his little boy squirming in his crib. He stepped closer and when he came into view, Daniel smiled, kicking his legs. Adam picked him up in his arms.

“Oh hello there. Are you ready to meet the whole family, Dan?” Adam chuckled, to be quite honest, a little nervous himself.

Adam felt as if he was in his perfect future, together with the love of his life and their little one, spending Christmas as a family. It felt amazing, it felt real and it was all his to enjoy.

He was sure he had never loved his life more. Not even when he was making music, when he was onstage. No, this was better. It was happier. What they had created in three months was pure. Three whole months of Daniel in his life. How had so much changed in a blink of an eye? He couldn’t even imagine not having Daniel anymore. He never thought he could love another human being so much, it still left him speechless how he and Taylor had made this tiny baby that brought so much joy to their world. It floored him how strong Taylor was, he had fallen in love all over again. And he wished to have her and Danny and the way things were for the rest of his days.

“Guess who’s awake and excited?” Adam chuckled softly, approaching Taylor in the living room.

“Hi, baby!” Taylor cooed, making grabby hands at him and Adam passed him to her. She grinned, kissing his little cheek. “Your family should land soon. Sophie called on your phone, I hope you don’t mind I answered.”

“Ah, no problem, babe!” He pecked her lips. “And Austin?”

“Oh he said he was running a little late. As always.” Taylor laughed, shaking her head. “Do want security to go pick them up or are you going?”

“I think I’ll go. It’s only right.” He shrugged with a smile.

“Oh, I’ve missed you!” Adam’s mom hugged him tightly as he chuckled.

“Missed you too, mum.” He held her in his arms then went on to hug his sister and her husband and then the kids who were eagerly awaiting him.

“Uncle Adam, Tay Tay’s plane is super cool!” His niece squealed as she jumped into his arms and his nephew attached himself to his leg.

“I know, right? And it has nice snacks!” Adam laughed, hugging her in his arms.

“They’re yummy!” She agreed, giggling. “Is she here?”

“She’s at the house! You’ll see her soon!” Adam told her, kissing her cheek. “And what are you doing down there, buddy?” He looked at his nephew who just smiled at him, always the least talkative unlike his big sister.

“Ed said he wishes he could be here and he sent you a huge hug.” Sophie told him and he smiled softly, a little upset that his brother couldn’t make it.

“We’ll call him later.” Adam smiled. “Now, how about we go? There’s someone who I really want you guys to meet.”

“Oh yes! I’m so excited!” Pamela, Adam’s mother squealed.

“Everyone, meet Daniel Swift-Wiles.” Adam announced bringing the baby over to his family, with Taylor standing closely behind him. There were soft gasps around the room especially from the little ones.

“He’s so tiny, Uncle Adam!” Adam’s niece ran over, leaning against Taylor who laughed lightly.

“You were this size when you were a baby, love!” Adam told her, smiling.

“But I’m a big girl now, right?”

“Yeah, you are.” Adam laughed.

“But he’s so cute!” The little girl giggled.

“He is pretty cute, isn’t he?” Taylor looked down at her, caressing her hair and Adam smiled when she glanced at him, so unbelievably happy to be with her, wishing he felt this happy forever. He wouldn’t change anything in his life in that moment because it felt perfect. Everything was perfect. He had the woman he loved right beside him, his baby boy and not to mention his whole family. Life was good. Life was so good.

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