christmas present for my boyfriend


I FINALLY finished my Monster Hunter supply box!!!!!

It was supposed to be my boyfriend christmas present (last christmas) but some stuff happened and i stopped working on it BUT THERE IT IS!!! on time for our third year anniversary together!

The little pouches are handmade and so are the Poogie and Moofy(with socks from the dollar store super easy if you know basic sewing!).
The drinking horn is from LykosLeather, the Monster Hunter t-shirt I got him for his birthday (not shown here) are from SpaceBlah (super soft and really nice quality print) and inside the letter are two car decal from e2works.
Sadly i dont have any picture while making the box (lazyness).



It’s always complicated to choose what to give as a gift on Christmas to your significant other. This is our first year together as a couple, so I decided to give my beau something with a lot of meaning. First of all, I thought of making him brownies and a Christmas card from scratch (because the ones I found on stores were hideous) that enbodies the way I feel about the holiday and about him.

On the other hand I developed a memory jar for him. I took a mason jar and decorated it so it would look good. In the jar I placed lots of messages which were classified by color:

  • the yellow cards were lyric fragments that I’ve dedicated to him in these months we’ve been together.
  • the green cards were movie scenes or dialogues that make me think of our relationship or the way I feel about him.
  • the brown cards were songs or scenes from Broadway musicals that I’ve dedicated to him.
  • the beige cards were moments that we’ve spent together ever since we first met and that have a lot of meaning to us.

I also wrapped a couple of gifts (a men fragance which I’d love to him to wear and a Pokémon game he wanted) and arranged them in that basket so they could look decent. I spent some of my free time to get this thing done but I assure you it was worth it. You can see in his face that he is really happy with his present and I’m happy of being with him for the holidays. alexo26 I’m very thankful to have you as my boyfriend and I hope we can spend lots of holidays together later on. I love you :)i


Best Christmas Present from my Boyfriend. :)

He bought me this Micke vanity Desk from Ikea :) I love it so much, I’ve been wanting a white desk for a while now thank you baby<3

When I was dating and living with a girl my dad and stepmom had nothing to do with me, wouldn’t even accept my Christmas gifts or let me see my half brothers because they considered my sin an abomination.

Now I’m dating and living with a boy. My dad and stepmom actually come to visit us, tell me how proud they are that I’m finally going down the right path, and even asked me what size of clothing/etc that my boyfriend would wear for a Christmas present for him. We even got invited to my half brothers birthday party this year. I live with a guy, have sexual relations with a guy outside of marriage, and am trying to have a child out of wedlock.. But that sin makes them proud of me..

This is what’s wrong with the world. A sin is a sin, but why was one considered worse than the other? Why was I considered an abomination for one but am praised for the other?

The real abomination is the fact that “Christians” condemn one sin because they can’t relate, but praise the sins that they understand. They shouldn’t be more proud of me now because my sin is just as great as it was when I was dating someone of the same sex.

Christmas Present Exchange

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Your family was one of those families that went all out for Christmas.  The decorations were put up the morning after Thanksgiving with Christmas music blasting through the house 24/7.  

You couldn’t complain, Christmas was one of your favorite holidays.  You loved the atmosphere that surrounded the holiday season and the Christmas movies playing all day was a blessing.  But your favorite thing about Christmas was going out and buying gifts for your friends and family, and then seeing their reactions when they open their gifts.

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my christmas present from my amazing boyfriend. <3 the only one missing is volume 21 which doesn’t technically come out until tomorrow. i’m already halfway through volume 15. lol

hiiii whats up everyone :)) i have the day off and i got some christmas presents for my boyfriend in the mail today!!! how is everyone doing!! ♥(ノ´∀`)

grimmreaver  asked:


  • 27. Has someone ever written a song or poem for you?

ayyy thanks for sending a question.

the answer is yes. the last christmas present I got from my ex-boyfriend had a poem with it actually. he sort of sang impromptu songs but it was more like picking on me like “why do you hate meee” to the tune of whatever was on the radio and things like that

I have a problem and it’s called capitalism. I wanted to stay in Naples until the presentation of my boyfriend’s album, just before Christmas, but plane tickets at a good price are impossible to find and I wanted to be the least time possible from him and I wanted to be there for him when he sold his album.