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The Party: part 15/?

K: I mean seriously

K: Why don’t you ever listen to anything I say

K: If I tell you I don’t need help then I don’t need it, It’s like your ears broken 


K: are you even listening to me!?

L: …

K: *Throws burn cream tube*

L: OW!

L: What was that for!?

K: You weren’t listening to me!

L: Just because I’m not answering doesn’t mean I’m not listening Keith, god

L: You don’t have to be that upset about it

K: That’s NOT what i’m upset about.

L: *Sigh* I know.

K: What.

L: Look, I know you’re angry with me and you obviously have a lot to say so say it

L: I don’t care how bad it is, just tell me

K: ….

K: Okay.

If today, Christmas, is going to be a struggle, whether it’s difficult relatives, loneliness, anxiety, depression, eating disorder, arguments, and so on, remember this: you are loved, you are cherished, you are adored, by the Father. His Son was born today and the same love He has for His child, He has for you too. May you all be blessed today. 

Scrooge Howell

Summary: Dan Howell absolutely hates Christmas. Although maybe he should’ve warned his new roommate before Christmas came, as now he was in the metaphorical equivalent to Christmas Bootcamp.

Word Count: 3.3k

Contains: Christmas

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Our girl went to the doctor and they said she had a bad sprain and severe bruising. Pray for a speedy recovery for Normani! And pray for 5H at the Jingle Ball because without her being able to outperform everyone those performances will be lackluster


First time I saw You
I knew I had to have You.
I didn’t, “like You a lot”


For You,
I had a deep stomach
Turning infatuation.

In my eyes,
You belonged to me.
So all I needed
To be…

Was stuck on
Your mind.

The same way
You were Ingrave
In mine.

See from time to
Time, I picture You
As a fish.

Majestically swimming
Around my head,
During my insomniac

Yeah I miss out on some
Needed sleep time.

But I’d much rather
Dream of what might
Potentially happen
Between You and I…

In our not so distant

I don’t see You being
The girl who sends
Please call mes’
Just so You can hustle

Airtime as soon as I
Call You back

So You can then
Call another man
And make plans to
Meet up and get freaky


In You, I see
Beauty personified.

I don’t wanna
Believe in Greek

But You resemble
The goddess
Aphrodite too much
For me not to.

Each time I see You,
The bullshit flies out the window.

And all that remains,
Is the love and romance
My heart yearns to
Pour out into your soul.

They say the night
Is full of miracles

I assume it’s cause of how
Beautiful the firework show
Look when the sun disappears.

Step into my world.
Cause inside it,
The sun never rises.

But the show can’t
Start without You.
And I’m in need of
A few miracles.

History’s taught me
That everyone’s got

And that baggage
Usually comes with
Trust issues

I’m not gonna ask You
to hope I’ll catch You
As You fall


All I ask for is a chance
To show You how
My world has been
Aimlessly drifting through

Space and time

Needing a sun to
Orbit around

I want You to be
The reason why
My world has

And the reason why
Each day begins with
A beautiful Morning glow
As You rise

Even after the darkest of nights.

When You don’t feel
Like shinning as brightly
During cold winter days
You can join me in solitude

Let’s forget about
Anything and everything
That’s irrelevant in life

Cause life would be nonexistent
In this world of mine without it
Revolving around You.

I simply wish to keep You
To myself each time your
Soothing rays light up
Whichever room You smile in
I want You to…

Stay with me
To lay with me
Pray with me
Hell, slay with me

Let’s go to bed at night
As better versions of
Ourselves when we
Woke up in the morning

As your glow painted a smile
On my face which left me
Looking like a child on
Christmas day

As soon as he realised

That Santa had come
And left him the toy
He’d been on his knees
Praying to God for
While hoping he gets heard.

See I’ve spent some time
On my knees as well.
And had multiple conversations
With my Heavenly Father

And the ushering in
Of You into my life
Bears testimont
To the fact that

No prayer goes unanswered

Although they don’t
Get answered to the
Punctuation mark.

Thing is,
I can’t complain this time

Cause the woman
I spent hours in my
Prayer closet for
Doesn’t come close to You.

Not even by the craziest
Stretch of even a mad man’s

- Lwethu Domingos Poswa