christmas photosets


1 - Baikal ice emerald

2 - Frozen lighthouse on Lake Michigan shore

3 - Frozen bubbles

4 - Frozen flower buds

5 - Frozen lakes

6 - Ice blossoms

7 - Frosted lace (frozen spider webs)

8 - Folded snow

9 - Flowers after ice storm

10 - Frozen tree

11 - Frozen pond

12 - Frozen leaf after freezing rain (China)

13 - Frost crystals

14 - Frozen berries

15 - Frost flowers in the Arctic Ocean

16 - Frosted pine

17 - Icicles on a blooming apple tree

18 - Frosted grass

19 - Snow roller

20 - Grass after ice rain

21 - Frozen flowers

22 - Frozen bush

23 - Leaf after ice rain


It’s Christmas so it’s time for season sweaters!!!! 

I actually had this started for quite a while but between finals and my laptop’s screen breaking i haven’t had the time to post it. (i also had allura and coran but i couldn’t finish them and im sending the computer to repairs today so yea)

Anyways, I won’t update for quite some time but at least i wanted to say first, Merry Christmas! 


diego luna appreciation week: day one

(favorite) role - captain cassian andor

“He’s a complicated man, he’s a man full of contradictions. He’s an intelligence officer, a spy for the rebellion, and spies are weird, you know? They’re not allowed to engage emotionally, they’re always thinking something else. They’re saying one thing but thinking about another. It’s interesting to play this role because it’s very different from everything I’ve done and definitely very different from me. I can’t stop speaking, and this guy is the opposite. He’s quiet, he’s all about listening, strategy or what I can get from this, and he’s in charge of a very important mission, so there’s a heavy weight on his shoulders.”


“Producing a dark Christmas album in the middle of the summer is a very interesting process, especially if you are doing it by the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Significantly different from the snowy Christmas that I am used to in my home country Finland. Another proof that the darkness comes from deep within. On this album, I explored the other side of Christmas. The Christmas of the lonely people and the missing ones. The Christmas for those that do not find joy in the blinking lights and the jingle bells.”