christmas ornament craft


So my best friend has been making different ornament sets for all the fandoms on etsy and you guys should TOTALLY CHECK EM OUT! :D

Here’s some examples:

She’s also currently working on making a Pokemon set and more Supernatural sets (they all sold out already so she’s making more!).

Sets typically have 6 ornaments and they’re 5 bucks a piece so overall the sets are around 20-30 bucks.

She also takes requests and can make an ornament or a set of your choice :)

if you would like to check her out you can go to her Etsy here:


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Christmas ball with little sea dragon.

Christmas will not be soon, but I want to prepare in advance. In addition, summer is a good time to buy gifts and hide them for the holidays. No need to worry that the parcel did not have time to come for Christmas.

Now I do these balls with pleasure. I remember my childhood and I think that would be happy to have such ornaments for the Christmas tree.

My Etsy shop:

This dragon for sale: