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Hohhhhly shit. I was not mentally prepared for that //sweats))

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Help I'm trying to get Saeran's route for the DLC and I can't figure it out?!?

((YO I gotchu! It actually took me two tries to get his ending lol, so I actually got Seven’s ending twice because I did it wrong. Oops!

But I just finished Saeran’s route, so I can tell you exactly what I did to get it~~!

First. Don’t do any of the chats on day one. Ignore all of them, except for the last one before the game branch. The easiest thing to do would be to start at like 11 PM that way you already have all the chats there, so you can just get through them all without having to wait a whole day.

On day two, participate in all the chats, but try to get as little hearts as possible. So choosing neutral answers will help a lot! Eventually after a specific chat Saeran will send you a text like “Hey babe remember me yeah let’s get together” and respond with “I want to meet/see you”. Several chats later he’ll text you again and respond with “Send the address to the event” Do NOT pick apartment! Idk what happens if you do but it’s not the right answer from what I’ve heard. Thennn he’ll text you again after some time, tell him the event starts at 9 PM. If all goes well you’ll get a chat around 6 PM titled “Reached the goal” I believe? And after that all should go smoothly, there will be one more chat after and then the Visual Novel Mode where Sae comes to meet you and whisk you off to Christmas paradise.

I hope this helped! I myself really enjoyed this route, I got really excited when Saeran came to pick me up lolol. Hope you’re able to get it too!))


I waited all year to post this. Merry Christmas everyone.