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“La den gå” (Let it go), Norwegian version by Lisa Stokke. 

So, I never really liked Lisa Stokke’s top notes, not in “Mamma Mia”, not here*. They always sounds restained. But I like the acting in her singing, and she brings a youthful energy into her songs, and in particular this one. Furthermore, this clips is from Lisa Stokke’s own account, and she’s made various comments throughout both on this clip and others which I found interesting: 

*The translators has tried to keep as many of the similar English/Norwegian words as possible, so the dubbing would be seamless. Of the many dubs I’ve seen, it’s indeed one of the most well adapted versions in terms of words matching Elsa’s mouth AND the lyrics working on their own. Only the last line seems a bit unsynched. 

*Now, English grammar doesn’t really deal with gender. Norwegian grammar does. The title is translated to “La den gå” instead of the more obvious “La det gå”. The latter would mean something like “nevermind it”. But the translator is referring to Elsa’s powers (it/den), hence “La den gå” in the sense of “release the power”. It’s a tiny, but beautiful detail. 

So… enjoy Elsa in her “native” language. 

*Ironically, she sings the end of the song better live than in recording: