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Operation Mistletoe

It’s Christmas Day and Henry decided to play a little match maker! 

Here’s a present from me to you, Merry Christmas guys!

Please no hate, more Christmas cheer!

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A Winmills Christmas- Day 1

Welcome to A Very Merry Winmills Christmas!

This is a challenge hosted by @waywardlullabies! I was given 12 prompts, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. I have taken the prompts and turned them into a fluffy, smutty, feels-y love story about Sam Winchester and Jody Mills, and I hope you love them as much as I do! (Also, shout out to my loves @unadulteratedstorycollector and @littlegreenplasticsoldier for their general wonderfulness.)

Day 1 prompt: Wreaths and fuzzy socks (gorgeous header done by @hideyourdemoneyes)

Warnings: None (yet)

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated on this one, guys! I hope you enjoy this Christmas gift from me to you! XOXO

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Besides the many Christmas presents all over the floor making Emma write a mental note to ask Henry to put them somewhere else later, another thing catches her attention.

- What’s up with the Santa hat, Killian?

- Henry said it was tradition in this realm, Swan.

- Oh, did he?

Emma makes a huge effort not to laugh at her pirate, but he looks so cute, it’s impossible not to smile at how adorably clueless he is. And why not make up for the little prank her son pulled on him…

- And did he also told you about mistletoe?

- Mistle… what?

- That little plant over our heads. Well, it’s common knowledge that if two people stand together under the mistletoe they must kiss.

While Killian looks up at the ceiling, Emma pulls him to herself and they share a loving kiss and before it gets out of hand, Emma breaks the kiss.

- Easy, tiger, we got company… for now.

Emma winks at him, while he stands there smiling at her.

- I quite like that tradition, love.

- Oh, if you like that, wait until you see your present.

They press their foreheads together, enjoying their quiet moment.

Meanwhile, Henry and Violet are too immersed in their own conversation, not even noticing the two silly adults who look more like teenagers than themselves.

Merry Christmas to all my followers, friends and shipmates. May this be a blessed Christmas to all. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a beautiful day!

The Girl Across the Hall {A fic for my 1000th follower}

Hey guys! A few days ago I reached the 1000 followers milestone! @dee-thequeenbee was my 1,000th follower and to help me celebrate she gave me this prompt of OQ as a pair of neighbors in the scenario where one of them is sick and the other has to take care of them. And because I am being influenced by the season and college nostalgia it turned into a college Winter Break AU meet-cute that I hope to add more installments to. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you all for sticking with me!


Robin saw her nearly all the time. Caught glimpses of her all across the campus. His neighbor from across the hall.

Her didn’t know her name – had probably heard it once and long forgotten it – but he did know her hair. Dark, short and feathered. Her eyes – deep, chocolate and always looking straight ahead. But most recognizable was her walk. His across-the-hall neighbor didn’t stroll or amble. She marched and stalked. In all the short glimpses of he’d had of her she always seemed to move as if she knew exactly where she was headed and was eager to get there.

So of course, at the first sight of her walk he knew that something was wrong.

It was a week after the end of finals and the dorm was barren. All the students had fled home for Christmas break, eager to back to their families and friends in time for eggnog and presents. Robin, himself had opted to stay behind this year. He had been sure the entire building was empty until he saw her coming down the hall.

His sheer shock at the sight of another living soul in the building quickly turned to concern when he saw the state she was in. She was bundled up in jackets and scarves and her skin was unnaturally pale. On a normal day her skin was olive-toned but on this day all of the color seemed drained out of her cheeks leaving her with a sickly pallor. In fact, the only spot of color on her face seemed pinpointed on her nose, which was bright red. But more noticeable than all of this was her walk. She was shuffling. Walking slow and calculating each step before she took it. He could hear her heavy breathing from down the hall.

It was clear she was sick.

He mumbled a soft, “Hey” in her direction. Her eyes widened when she noticed him. Clearly she didn’t think anyone else was in the building either.

She didn’t answer him. Just shook her head and continued shuffling to her own door. He tried not to take that personally. For a moment he considered being more direct with her but thought better of it. In the state she was in she probably didn’t want to talk to anyone right now.

He turned his back to her and locked the door to his room, the whole time listening to the sound of her feet shuffling against the hallway carpet. He heard her reach the door across the hall and dig through her purse for her keys. Good for her she made it to the room. He started to head toward the elevator but no sooner had he taken one step then he heard a thud from behind his back.

He whipped around to see her laid out on the ground keys still in hand.

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“You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak You were my eyes when I couldn’t see. You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach, you gave me faith ‘coz you believed. I’m everything I am because you loved me…” - Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me

Merry Christmas May! (@regina-mills) - from your Secret Santa

CS Christmas fic: Captain With Your Ship So Swift

Pairing: Captain Swan (with appearances by Henry and Mr. Smee)

Rating: PG (a bit o’ salty language)

Word Count: 5570

Summary: A person from Killian’s past brings a little Christmas spirit and a whole lot of trouble with him.

Notes: I don’t normally have time to participate in any of the Secret Santa exchanges, but this idea for a little CS Christmas adventure popped into my head, and I wanted to write something for my shipmates as a little thank you for your friendship and support this year. @scribblecat27 that includes you. ;) It probably doesn’t have the amount of snow you’d like, but it’s in there if you squint. 

Links: AO3/

I do apologize for the unbeta’d state of it. I wanted to get it out before time ran out.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

Wind howled outside the old Victorian house as sleet pelted the windows in a furious rush with each gale. Killian awoke when the house rumbled and shuddered, reminded of a particularly bad hurricane aboard The Jolly Roger so many years ago. He hated the feeling of anxiety bad weather always caused sailors on a ship. Sometimes it didn’t matter how well prepared, someone still ended up overboard. It was always more of a matter of whose turn it was. He’d gotten through every single storm he faced, but it never seemed to lessen his apprehension.

Emma’s drowsy voice brought him back to the present. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, grateful to not be pitching about on the choppy seas.

“Don’t ‘member a storm in the forecast,” she mumbled.

“Because there wasn’t one,” he answered, placing a kiss to her shoulder before pulling the blankets up over it.



Earlier in the evening, Emma’s parents and brother had been over for dinner, but when they’d walked out onto the porch to bid them farewell, the sky was clear and starry. Hundreds of years at sea made him attuned to changes in weather, and this storm was just wrong. He never felt it coming.

Emma snuggled into him, her hair escaping from the loose bun at her neck and tickling his nose as she shifted to get closer to him and deeper under the covers at the same time. Killian waited for her to settle before resting his arm on her hip and settling in himself. Safe as he felt, he was awake now, the storm too loud to ignore.

Well, for some maybe. Emma snored lightly and Killian smiled into the crook of her neck at her ability to sleep through such noise.

A tree branch scraped and squealed across the window, making Killian grimace as gooseflesh rose on his arms and back of his neck. Along with splintering wood after the report of cannon fire, it was a sound he could live without. He’d see about trimming that tree away from the house tomorrow if it was still standing.

Killian was finally starting to drift off to the sound of Emma’s steady breathing, when he thought he heard a shout from far above the house drawing closer, followed by the heavy thud of something slamming into the roof then tumbling off.

Both he and Emma bolted out of bed, Emma wild-eyed and reaching for a gun that wasn’t there.

“Bloody hell!”

“What the fuck was that?!”

They looked at each other, Killian shaking his head with a shrug. He grabbed Emma’s robe from the bottom of the bed and tossed it to her, and pulled on his jeans and shirt that he’d left on the chair in their room earlier when they got ready for bed. He dressed quickly, and they made their way down the stairs just in time to hear someone banging weakly on the front door.

Killian’s longer stride got him there first, and he hesitated for a moment, hand over the doorknob. He glanced over at Emma. Her look of determination was something he loved to see on her face, but right now, he’d rather be in bed enjoying a far more rapturous expression. Killian nodded once to make sure she was ready, and she returned it, her magic sparking in both hands. He raised his hook at the ready and flung open the door.

Standing on the other side of the doorway was a face Killian hadn’t seen in at least a couple hundred years. The man, swaying on his feet, was bruised and had a scrape across his cheek and more across the knuckles ready to knock on the door again, but Killian would have recognized him anywhere.

“Kringle? What in bloody blazes are you doing here?”

“Captain?” the man questioned, surprise and confusion mirroring Killian’s own bewilderment. Before Killian could respond, Kringle’s eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed into Killian.

As Killian caught the man, he noticed the storm had ended and a gentle snow fell instead.

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