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Operation Mistletoe

It’s Christmas Day and Henry decided to play a little match maker! 

Here’s a present from me to you, Merry Christmas guys!

Please no hate, more Christmas cheer!

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a random assortment of fic recs (part 4 has been a long time coming)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (With My Fake Girlfriend) by nakedrednailpolish

Summary:  When her girlfriend dumps her the week before Christmas, Regina Mills needs a date to placate her mother’s insistent badgering. Emma Swan, who’s never really spent Christmas with an actual family, steps up to the plate. Throw in a very pregnant woman, her two children, and a Christmas Eve party? Emma and Regina experience a Christmas weekend they won’t soon forget. 
WARNING: The tropiest of tropes, clichést of clichés, this fic will make your teeth rot with the most saccharine of fluff. If you’re not a fan of cheese, then this fic is not for you. (But I hope you read it anyway!) Based heavily off of the movie A Holiday Engagement.

Me: Perfect for the upcoming season. I love the fake relationship trope more than I like breathing, and this is done so well and is so much fun!


fate, the ultimate matchmaker by terribledorkness

Summary: Regina is determined to ignore all the signs- because there is no way that she is Emma Swan’s soulmate. Just because her phone number appeared on her skin after she wrote it on Emma’s does not in anyway mean they are soulmates.Because this is Emma Swan, and Regina Mills hates Emma Swan, and always will. That’s what’s written in the stars, not their supposed love. The universe has obviously made a mistake.Another soulmate AU where Emma’s oblivious and Regina is quietly freaking out, all the time.

Me: This weaves canon and a soulmate trope together just beautifully. It’s funny and well-written and exquisitely in character. I should stop saying I hate soulmate AUs because they always manage to get me. 


Right Here by starvinglunatic

Summary: Regina’s been sick and Emma has a theory. Regina’s pregnant. Regina thinks that’s ridiculous, but Emma turns out to be right. From then on, Emma and Henry try to help Regina make it through a pregnancy that she doesn’t seem very thrilled about. SwanQueen. Swan-Mills family moments. Reminders of OutlawQueen.

Me: This manages to deal with that complex horrible time of 3B and pregnancy in a really fun way. The pining is great and it does right by Marian, which is all I ask for in a fic.


grape-dark clouds and brittle frost by @coalitiongirl 

Summary: Written for Swan Queen Week, Mommy in Love. 

What I know about the day I was born, a list by Henry Daniel Mills:
1) I was born in Storybrooke General Hospital.
2) Mom adopted me right away.
3) It must have been a closed adoption.
4) Did the agency in Boston ever exist?
5) My birth mother is in Storybrooke somewhere.

Me: I mean, obviously I love everything Mari has ever written but also I am a sucker for Henry’s point of view and a nuanced approach to Henry and his mom making their way back to each other. This is such a stunningly good and beautiful narrative that reminds me of the best of ‘Someone Somewhere Must Know The Ending’, as well as being so very very coalitiongirl.


in search of silver linings (we discovered gold) by swansaloft

Summary: Sometimes, it’s not about the destination; it’s about how you get there. And in this case, their journey is going to take a turn through blind dates, Ferris wheels, and a really big boat. (Or, The One Where Regina and Emma go on a couples’ cruise as Totally Platonic Friends.)

Me: delightfully tropey in all the best possible ways, and just such light fun. Swansaloft has such a deft touch for friendship-to-love and light, sweet comedy.


Oh My God, They Were Roommates by @grevgrev

Summary: Listen, you know how sometimes you kind of want to push your roommate out a window, but sometimes you really want to kiss her and maybe live with her forever with like fourteen dogs and a baby or something? Yeah. Emma knows how you feel.

Me: Roommates is a good trope. This is cute and funny and manages to cram a whole lot of pining into a very short space of time.


you’ll never walk alone by @swatkat

Summary: Emma Swan’s Quidditch career, despite her brief and remarkable stint with the US national team, went nowhere. Hired as the coach of the hapless Storybrooke Sirens by none other than the Regina Mills (also known as the Evil Queen in certain quarters), Emma is expected to perform a miracle – or at least, ensure that the Sirens don’t end up at the bottom of the league yet again. It doesn’t help that she and Regina really don’t see eye to eye on most things, or that Regina Mills is really attractive.

The story of a ragtag team of underdogs, two women with pasts to atone for, and a fairytale.

Me: This is just so fun and the characters mold perfectly into their roles in professional quidditch and I love the way canon is mixed with the Harry Potter universe in such interesting, thoughtful ways. 


You, Me, We, Us by @zelena

Summary: “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she asked as she approached the Queen.

“Picking apples?” the Queen replied, a faux innocent smile on her lips. “Want a taste?”

Emma groaned. She couldn’t believe she was experiencing this kind of role reversal years after she and Regina had buried the hatchet. “Seriously? My house? Couldn’t you just have cut down one of my trees like a normal person?”

“But where’s the fun in that?” The Queen smiled and moved closer to Emma. “I think you’ll have a lot of fun after moving in with Regina. It should resolve a lot of… tensions.”
A Split Swan Queen fic written for Swan Queen Supernova Protostar challenge!

Me: Emmi manages to navigate a complex situation with grace and write something that does justice to all the characters, as well as being really hot.


free as the birds that fly by @insanetwin

Summary: emma gets herself into more trouble than she thinks is deserved. meanwhile, regina adopts a parrot and regrets it.

Me: This is the cutest, funniest, sweetest story about Emma the asshole parrot. I am Fond.


@sarahlancashire2 ❤️

Stayed at Shibden Mill Inn in Halifax, a few weeks ago.

Here are a few scenes from Last Tango in Halifax - Christmas Special. 😊

“Urgh my stomach hurts,” Regina grumbles as she stirs sleepily in Emma’s arms, “It’s all your fault.”

Emma raises a brow as she rubs her hands up and down Regina’s bare back comfortingly, “How so?”

“You insisted I try Halloween traditions and let me eat all of that candy…so…your fault.”

“I’m guessing it will be my fault when we try to explain to Henry that all of his candy is gone?”

Regina blushes before smiling, “We’ll say a bear ate it…”

Emma grins, “A super cuddly sugar toothed bear who I love.”

“Yes…are there any post-Halloween traditions I should know about?”

Emma shakes her head insistently, “Oh no Halloween is over….November 1st is officially the start of Christmas!”


“You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak You were my eyes when I couldn’t see. You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach, you gave me faith ‘coz you believed. I’m everything I am because you loved me…” - Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me

Merry Christmas May! (@regina-mills) - from your Secret Santa

anonymous asked:

Hey. I'm feeling really down and losing hope with Robron. Any chance you can help. 😢

We are gonna be fine. Robron are endgame. Don’t let the haters get you done.

Soon we will be free of the Whites (all of them)!

Soon we will have soft flirty Robron back.

We will probably have Christmas in  The Mill with Roblivion.

I mean, it’s probably gonna get worse, but how can it really get worse? 

Robert loves Aaron. Aaron loves Robert.

They are rubbish without each other.

We will be free of the Whites soon.

This whole garbage plot will be a forgotten memory. 

Canon what?

Just remember the soft Christmas kiss!

We are getting a second wedding.

The reunion will be lit.

It’s all gonna be okay.

Oh, have I mentioned all the Whites are leaving?