christmas message 2012

Ahead of the holidays, here’s a little compilation of all Christmas-themed Mika videos :)      (add more if I missed some to spread some holiday cheer)

‘Let It Snow’ acoustic 2009

′Vive Le Vent’ (Jingle Bells in French) 

‘Happy Christmas (War is Over)’ live in London 2012

Christmas mash-up from Paul De Leeuw’s show 2012

Mika’s Christmas video diary 2008

Mika’s Christmas message to fans 2012

anonymous asked:

wait, merthur is canon?!

“basically canon” jsdlkjhaskjdhkdas

merlin freaking cradled arthur’s face in the end and arthur asked merlin to hold him while lacing their fingers together, and when he was gone, merlin brought their foreheads together and then proceeded to wait for him for over a thousand years (and still counting)

they’re soul-mates and yEAH THEY’RE ALMOST CANON IMO

“the man he loves is dying, so he’s holding him” - creator of bbc merlin