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Setting Up Your Altar: Yule

Yule is the celebration of the Winter Solstice and the return of the sun. This Sabbat is considered the longest night of the year, and following Yule, the sun begins its long journey back to earth. Here are some ways you can decorate your altar for the upcoming Sabbat. 

Colours of the Season

  • Reds
  • Whites
  • Golds
  • Yellows
  • Greens

Symbols of Winter

  • Gold Discs/Sun Wheels
  • Sun Candle
  • Evergreen
  • Sprigs of Holly
  • Pinecones
  • Yule Log
  • Santa Claus

Other Symbols 

Their is no limit (excluding space) to what can be placed on your altar. It’s your altar, place anything on it that feels right to you. 

  • Mistletoe
  • Snow
  • Candy Canes
  • Bells
  • Offerings to any Gods/Goddesses
  • Fruit and Nuts
  • Symbols of Fertility
  • Antlers

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Yule falls on Monday December 21st.

Blessed Be


Christmas DLC Call log 1st Day

Here is who picked up when I called on the 1st day :) I probably missed some calls. Here is the link for call log 2nd day + Jumin, 707 route here

Call after the chatroom

Chat room: 00:01 “Christmas Eve…”

Incoming: 707

Outgoing: Jumin, Zen, Yoosung

03:03 “Overloaded Jaehee”

Incoming: Yoosung

Outgoing: 707, Jaehee

06:48 “707 on Eve”

Outgoing: Yoosung, Jaehee

09:17 “V’s Participation”

Outgoing: Jumin, Zen

11:24 “Spend X-mas with Someone”

Incoming: Jaehee

Outgoing: 707

13:42 / 01:42 “Jealous Zen”

Outgoing: Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee

16:15 / 04:15 “Dreams for Christmas”

Incoming: Zen

18:06 / 06:06 “Cold Jumin”

Outgoing: 707, Yoosung

19:18 / 07:18 “Can’t Rest on Christmas”

Outgoing: Jumin

20:53 / 08:53 “Preparation”

Incoming: Jumin

Outgoing: Zen

23:01 / 11:01 “Christmas soon”

Outgoing: 707, Yoosung, Jaehee

Help me with Christmas presents for my sisters?

Hi everyone!!! Christmas is coming up and I could use a bit of help to buy some presents for my two little sisters! This time last year and the year before, me and my sisters were in a really tough situation and we didn’t have christmas. This year, after getting custody of them, things are a bit bitter but I’m on a very tight budget with rent and bills (Plus I’m on my own), so I can only afford to get a few things for them. But I can’t get them much, even though I really want to!!

I created an Amazon wish list for my sisters! Linked below! It would mean a lot to me if you would reblog this. Or maybe even find it in your heart to get something for them? They could use a bit of happiness after all this turmoil. Thank you!! ❤❤

Below is the link to their list!

Yes, I’ll explain this Catalan Christmas tradition every year

The Tió de Nadal is a pre-Christian tradition that basically consists on a log that   poops presents for children on Christmas. The log has a face drawn, wears a barretina (the traditional Catalan hat), and is covered by a blanket so that he doesn’t get cold.

We place him in a visible place, such as the living room (if it’s close to a fireplace better), at the beginning of December, and children leave food (usually fruit peels, nuts…) to feed him.

Then, on Christmas Day (or, for some families, Christmas Eve), children hit him with long sticks while singing a song that asks him to give them presents. At the end of the song, the blanket is removed, and it reveals all the presents that were hidden under it, representing that he “pooped” them.

And it doesn’t seem weird to us until we have to explain it to a foreigner.

Five (5) Easy Yule Decorations

Yule typically falls anywhere between the 20th and 22nd of December. This year it falls on December 21st, here are a handful of decorations that you can use around your home this Sabbat. 

1. Candles and Lights

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Yule is the celebration of light and suns return to Earth. Candles and lights are a fantastic way to bring the light back into your home, and if you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day, open those curtains wide and allow natural sunlight into your house. 

2. Sun and Solar Symbols

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The sun has returned!! Hang some sun symbols or place them at your altar. These don’t have to be fancy store bought things, they can easily be made at home and something you can get the kiddies involved into as well. 

3. Pine Cones, Greenery and Wreaths

Once again, you don’t have to buy this. Go outside and grab what Mother Earth has given to you and decorate your wreath that way. Grab some pine cones and make snowmen or tiny sparkling trees. Great way to get the kids involved and have a bit of fun. 

4. Yule Log

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When people say Yule Log nowadays, you might think of that very tasty chocolate desert. However, Yule Logs themselves have their origins in the cold winters of Norway. On the night of the winter solstice, where it was common to hoist a giant log onto the hearth to celebrate the return of the sun each year. You can make a Yule Log display for your home.

5. Fruits, Nuts, and Berries

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It’s the dead of winter and the food stock has run low, at least for our ancestors. That’s why fruit, berries and nuts were so vital because some of them were still around in the dead of winter. Fill pretty bowls and baskets with clementines and oranges, pears and bright red apples, nuts and dried berries. Tie on a ribbon or some seasonal fabric, place them around your home, and you’ve got a seasonal decoration that you can snack on! These also make awesome gifts to friends and family. 

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